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The entire area was covered in darkness. It was pitch black and desolate everywhere apart from the Radiant City of Death.

Chu Feng searched attentively in hopes of finding Qin Luoyin.

He knew that the other party had the same idea and was out to kill him. He would rather act proactively and deal with this Dameng Pure Land scion instead of waiting to be ambushed.

Chu Feng didn't dare to be careless at all because, despite his preparations to restrain the other party, she was still a great realm above him.

Although his domain methods were quite powerful, it would be difficult to hunt the other party down again if she had found a loophole and escaped.

Chu Feng, like a specter, traversed the desolate land through the dark night. He looked up by chance and saw the various meteorites floating in the air.

He broke into a frown. Could Qin Luoyin be among them?

At the same time, he was pondering why these small meteorites were able to fly despite the suppression on the evolvers.

Chu Feng became more and more serious as he moved quietly on. In the end, he found some clues on the meteorites in addition to the ground. There were Violet Heavenly Thunder Crystals.

"This daydreaming lass is too ruthless!" Chu Feng's frostiness grew denser. He felt that this was a formidable opponent that required him to go all out once encountered. He couldn't be too optimistic about capturing alive.

After all, she was a heaven-bestowed genius ranked among the top in the universe.

"He had robbed her during the battle on Mount Kunlun, so how did she have these things on her? Where had she hidden them?" Chu Feng revealed an odd expression.

He felt that he had miscalculated. He should've searched thoroughly with his Fiery Eyes. This woman must still have a spatial treasure that he hadn't discovered.

Chu Feng was like a spirit as he flew around without touching the ground, but he never found Qin Luoyin's traces all this time. This caused his expression to turn serious.

The other party was certainly alive and had hidden herself well. He actually failed to discover her.

He leaped up with great force and charged hundreds of meters into the air. He landed on a giant rock before vaulting up once again toward the sky.

He felt that Qin Luoyin might be above. If she was indeed waiting to be rescued, she should be where the sky had been sundered back then.

He had the black talisman so he could fly through space here, but that glowing item was too dazzling and would make him an easy target.

Finally, he climbed up halfway and found a faint trace she had left behind.

"I'll see how far you can run!" Chu Feng had grasped the other party's thoughts. The two were probably about to meet each other if she was hiding between the rocks high in the sky.

He felt that Qin Luoyin should've relaxed quite a bit after his month-long absence. Perhaps she even thought he was dead.

"If I can't find you this time, I'll reveal myself and draw you in." He didn't want to rashly reveal his whereabouts and attract the other party because the one in the darkness would have the advantage.

Naturally, if he were to reveal himself first, he would lay down a trap first. There would only be one chance to capture her and probably no second time.

That was why he didn't want to use himself as bait to draw out the other party.

Suddenly, Chu Feng felt his hair stand on end. He found something wrong with a meteorite as he leaped up. Any other person would've overlooked this, but Chu Feng was a domain researcher and his perception towards the aura of the land was extremely sharp. He felt his blood run cold.

Finally, he discovered something in a gap between the meteorite. He opened his Fiery Eyes which tore through the surface and noticed a small bow.

It was buried within and normal people simply couldn't see it.

Chu Feng's eyes lit up and saw through the essence of things. This made him shiver.

That small bow was merely the size of a palm. It was made of jet-black wood and had a small, scarlet arrow nocked in it. The projectile looked as though it had been stained with blood.

Chu Feng had already landed on the meteorite, but he leaped down immediately and ran after finding something wrong.


The void trembled with the sound of energy tearing through the skies. Chu Feng's senses were especially sharp with regards to such energy fluctuations. He knew that he was in trouble when the arrow shot out.

At this moment, he was like a primordial ape as he leaped among the meteorites hanging in the air. He jumped from one to the next at great speed and quickly approached the ground.

A beam of dark red chased after him. It was actually changing directions and homing in on Chu Feng's direction.

"Just what is this thing?!"

Chu Feng was astonished. The Dameng Pure Land had too many treasures. He hadn't even found Qin Luoyin herself, but the weapon she had set up could actually chase down enemies. It was truly nefarious.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh...

Chu Feng was like a beam of light darting through the meteorites and changing directions continuously. In the end, he successfully arrived back on the ground.

However, the scarlet arrow behind him followed close and arrived before him.

Chu Feng was greatly astonished. He brought out the diamond chakram and threw it out behind him while holding the stone box in the other hand, ready to smash out.


Unexpectedly, the diamond chakram erupted with powerful white brilliance. It smashed the scarlet arrow into pieces and caused a rain of red light to scatter in all directions.

"Its power is just so so." Chu Feng was suspicious. He felt that this arrow was more bite than bark.

However, he staggered back and almost fell to the ground. Dizzy and eyes were blurry, he knew the situation wasn't good.

Afterward, he saw a vague scene where the rain of bright scarlet had dispersed. It was a scene of ancient beings offering sacrifice.


Chu Feng cried out oddly and ran toward the Radiant City of Death as he felt that things were looking bad for him.

He knew what had happened, so he wanted to leave this place as soon as possible and find a place where Qin Luoyin couldn't reach him.

It was an ancient curse!

The palm-sized read arrow was a primordial curse instrument. He had read much about them through the photon computer.

Additionally, he had also heard Yellow Ox mention certain indefensible methods from the outer realms. He was afraid Chu Feng would suffer without knowing about them.

Among them, the curse instruments were the most terrifying. The curse from these sinister weapons simply wouldn't let one go.

This small arrow was related to the witchcraft of ancient people. It could also be considered a tool refined from curses. Once shot, it could kill the enemy just like a curse.

Currently, Chu Feng's spirit was unstable. The arrow hadn't struck him, but the curse was already taking action after entering his body.

Reportedly, this kind of item could kill even a saint in the hands of an expert.

In truth, its physical attack was also terrifying. It could pierce through metal, stone and evolvers' bodies. But the diamond chakram was extremely powerful after its transformation and managed to shatter a part of the curse's power.

"Qin Luoyin actually has this kind of item!" Chu Feng gritted his teeth. It was quite a waste to use it on him.

That was because this kind of ancient item could even nail a golden arhat to death with ample preparation. Now it was actually used to ambush him.

He grew lightheaded after running for some time. The ancient curse was completely indefensible due to its difference from his current cultivation system. It almost caused him to fall unconscious.

He knew that it was injuring his spirit.

At the same time, he opened his Fiery Eyes and saw a certain figure chasing after him from a hundred kilometers away.

The other party might not have seen him, but the other party had sensed the arrow's activation and was chasing after him.

Chu Feng produced the black talisman and charged toward the Radiant City of Death in a beam of flowing light.

Doubtlessly, his current speed was fast, and he managed to leave his pursuer behind.

Before long, he had charged into the city area. It could be considered safe because Qin Luoyin couldn't approach.

Chu Feng collapsed on the ground outside of the city, sweating and gasping for breath. His head was about to split open, but he knew he had to hold on, lest he died here.

He gave it some thought and understood that it wasn't easy to utilize this ancient curse instrument. The other party had to have his blood essence and refine it for several days. Only then would the weapon activate upon his approach.

Apparently, the other party had retained some of his blood when they kissed last time. She had applied it to the arrow and then used it against him.

There was no particular way to counter this type of ancient curse technique. The only way was to endure through it, then he would be immune the next time.

But it was easier said than done. One had to know that these weapons could kill a golden arhat or even a saint if operated by one.

This weapon was likely the most valuable secret weapon she had. She had actually used it on a visualization level evolver.

The only fortunate thing was that the diamond chakram was extraordinary and managed to shatter the arrow in time. If he were really pierced through, the curse would erupt in his flesh and blood. That would lead to inevitable death.

"Logically speaking, I only caught a little bit of the curse. Moreover, it was operated by Qin Luoyin and not those old saints. I should be able to get through it."

Outside of the Radiant City of Death, a beautiful figure was glowing with a faint light. She was like a perfect work of art, so beautiful that she was almost ethereal. Her purple hair danced in the wind as she removed her mask and glanced toward the city. Her countenance was peerlessly beautiful and possessed the power to make people go crazy over her.

"I sensed him running this way. Could he have run into the city?"

Qin Luoyin couldn't believe it. She traveled around the city in search of a path.

Chu Feng lay on the cold ground, feeling hot and cold flushes. In the end, he turned stiff and nearly died. An entire three days he couldn't move as his spirit came to the verge of collapse.

And this was the result of him practicing fist arts, comprehending breathing techniques, and receiving enlightenment in secret arts. If he hadn't walked the path of reincarnation yet at this point, he might've died on the spot.

Chu Feng sat up on the fourth day like a corpse returning to life. His expression was extremely ugly because he had nearly died! He had gone to capture Qin Luoyin at first, but this was the end result!

He looked down at the golden threads on his wrist and then at the diamond chakram and stone box. These things didn't defend against the curse on their own. It seemed his understanding of this field was too shallow. He would need to study it more in the future.

"Qin Luoyin!"

Chu Feng revealed a frosty intent as he circulated his breathing technique. He sat here for a half day before standing up and moving into the distance with large strides.

He took a deep breath with great resolve. It would be too humiliating if he couldn't capture or kill this woman. He was actually counter ambushed by the enemy and nearly died.
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