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It could be said that the black talisman had inherited the fortune of the ancient army and could choose its own future path. Once reincarnated, it would possess an incomparably terrifying starting point and be born as a Heaven's Child or Immortal Child.

Chu Feng was fairly satisfied. Even if he couldn't use it right away, having such a worldshaking item, in and of itself, was a source of confidence. This was an unimaginable trump card.

He was in a fairly good mood as he walked through the dust and traversed the Gobi desert while singing a love song on the path of reincarnation. It was rather romantic.

However, that young daoist on the other shore of the abyss was crying and cursing out loud.

"Damn your grandpa and uncle, that bastard robbed me of my fortune! Oh boundless deity, I'll beat up your grandfather! I recite your name every day, yet in the end, you didn't protect me. Goddammit, I'll turn myself into a demon soon. F*ck you, Boundless Deity!"

The daoist spewed out a series of profanities but broke down in tears before he could finish.

Moreover, he was prepared to remain here without leaving. He wished to find his own fortune on the reincarnation cave!

Chu Feng flew all the way, humming a small tune as he traversed the air. He was extremely fast with the black talisman in his hand. He also found that those withered creatures with blades on their back completely ignored him.

No accidents occurred. At first, he was prepared to head back to the end of the reincarnation path if things didn't work out, but now it seemed he had been unnecessarily worried.

"This is the netherworld pass that allows one to move unhindered, much more reliable than the wormhole express!" Chu Feng sighed emotionally. At the same time, he wondered which terrifying existence had actually produced these talismans capable of protecting one in the afterlife. It was simply too heaven-defying.

Then, he slowed down his pace. He was somewhat regretful and felt that he should've collected a couple more of these talismans. Every one of them was a peerless treasure that couldn't be obtained even in exchange for one's life.

"In the end, I'm too kindhearted and couldn't bear to deal an underhanded blow."

He wasn't in a rush to go forward. Instead, he observed the majestic army of spiritual bodies along the way. These creatures were all experts during their lifetime because normal creatures had no right to step onto this path.

He could be considered to be moving upstream, and these powerful, arrogant creatures would always attack him out of a certain instinct.

"Mm, I guess I'll just recognize more relatives. Who knows, maybe it'll be useful in the future." Chu Feng thought to himself.

Afterward, he saw an especially fierce super soul—or at least it was very close to one. He charged up immediately and carved some words on it in an unrestrained manner.

This type of familial relationship wasn't complicated at all because everyone called hin uncle.

All these creatures had been carved with the words, "Chu Feng is my uncle!"

That was except for those he had a favorable impression of and those he thought looked good. For instance, there was a female undead bird with resplendent wings on which he carved, "Chu Feng is my brother."

If people knew how Chu Feng had dared to take action against creatures that looked to be undead birds, true dragons, and vermilion birds along the path to reincarnation, they would surely be dumbfounded. There was only one curse word for him—evil!

In this manner, Chu Feng paused several times as he left the desert and entered the small path through the starry skies. Then, he approached the city of death wherein lay the giant millstone.

He wasn't idle along the way. His carving skills had grown exponentially and reached a state of excellent proficiency.

Chu Feng was much faster on his way back despite recognizing a horde of nephews along the way. That was because he had the black talisman in hand which saved him much time on the path.

Afterward, he passed upstream through the unending crowd of spiritual bodies and stepped into a door. He had returned along the ancient path and once again arrived in the presence of the grinding stone.

At this moment, he was in the Radiant City of Death once again.

"If I can't find a way out, then I'll head into the next life!" He didn't want to do this, but it was certainly an option if there was no other choice.

The millstone moved slowly, causing blood and flesh to flow out continuously below. This was simply a giant pool of flesh which would then separate into energy sources.

Large groups of spiritual bodies were emerging and walking toward their destined path. They heard the spiritual tune and accepted the beckoning toward the path of reincarnation.

Chu Feng was greatly distressed because he discovered that he couldn't leave this place from other sides because there was a light screen blocking his path. He could only go back along the original path.

This meant that he had to pass through the pool of blood and experience the grinding stone again.

This gave him all kinds of bad feelings. Soaking in a sludge made of the flesh of various creatures was too hardcore, not something ordinary people could handle.

"Fortunately, I now have the black talisman. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to fly or even rush up the millstone." Chu Feng muttered to himself.

He pinched his nose and flew into the air with the help of the black talisman. There, he shot between the two stones, watching as saints were crushed into mush and their bone drags sprayed out in all directions.

At the same time, he saw a golden arhat level creature spewing out flowers of blood and crashing into the fluid like a crushed soybean.

Finally, Chu Feng charged out of the hole in the millstone and started to retch upon looking back. Afterward, he ran quickly without a backward glance.

With the black talisman in hand, he successfully left the area and vaulted over the wall, escaping the Radiant City of Death.

"This reincarnation journey was really not bad!" Chu Feng's expression was pale as he looked at the black talisman in his hand and vomited once again. He left the city of death far behind; he had had enough!

Moreover, he ran out of the warzone in one go because he wanted to vomit upon seeing any type of rare beast or bird.

In the past, these rare birds and spiritual beasts were all delicacies to him, but now, he would always recall their blood and flesh being ground like soybeans.

Chu Feng was simply about to cry. In the future, he would surely lose all appetite when it came to these delicacies because he would always connect them to this scene. This was too damaging to his life!

At this moment, the young daoist was also crying in the reincarnation cave, resonating from afar.

After finally escaping the city, Chu Feng placed the black talisman into the black bottle and stood hundreds of kilometers away. There he let out a long sigh.

The surroundings were all dark. Everything was filled with pitch darkness apart from the Radiant City of Death.

"Eh?!" Chu Feng's eyes suddenly overflowed with divine light and revealed an astonished expression. He had set up this area before he left and could thus sense that a living entity had passed by here.

There was a simple but well-hidden domain here. He could see that the domain was transforming as though some creature was about to emerge from it.

"Qin Luoyin!"

Chu Feng revealed an astonished expression. Had this woman not died yet?!

Within this deathly silence of this space, he could almost confirm that there was no other living entity except Qin Luoyin.

He stood there and calculated the time. He had walked to the end of the reincarnation path and sat for many days at its end before stepping on the path back. It must've taken over a month in total.

Doubtlessly, Qin Luoyin would die if she were to approach the city.

But he was certain that she wouldn't do such a dumb thing. The city's aura could tear apart all corporeal bodies even from afar, a warning to the powerful evolvers.

Chu Feng had the stone box on him so he wasn't quite affected.

"Operation Goddess Hunt officially begins!" He announced to himself.

The land was vast and suffused with a dark red glow. It was incomparably silent as though no life had proliferated here since antiquity. Chu Feng walked alone on this cold, boundless land.

Any ordinary person would be in a panic by now.

Chu Feng, however, was quite calm. He had already walked the path of reincarnation, so some silence was nothing to him.

He began searching for Qin Luoyin's whereabouts as he looked for a way to the outside world. Hew as prepared to hunt down this peerless lady thought of by many young evolvers as the symbol of perfection.

This was the continuation of their battle at Mount Kunlun.

Chu Feng began setting up domains to capture her alive.

However, Qin Luoyin never showed so much as a shadow.

During this process, Chu Feng had to endure the urge to vomit while searching for the way. He went back many times to the battlefield in front of the Radiant City of Death to comprehend fist seals and cultivate various secret arts.

There was a peerless fist intent here with traces of matchless sword daos. The was fairly suppressive but was able to improve his comprehension, an effective way to raise his strength.

This might be a murderous ground for outsiders, but the grave of death, to Chu Feng, was a land where he would rise to power.

In the outside world, the Dameng Pure Land saints were working together with several experts and holding a secret meeting. All of them were powerful saints of their respective races who had come together to open up the purgatory once more.

Before this, they had made multiple attempts to no avail. That was because the purgatory space wasn't something that could be opened as many times as one wanted. Earlier on, they had offered sacrifices and the blood of the saints of numerous races just to open a crack.

Now, the required sacrifices were evidently greater.

"We don't have much time. Even if Qin Luoyin has a life-saving talisman and a spiritual seed, they can offer her two extra lives at most."

The Dameng Pure Land saintess was anxious and restless. She had gone all-out together with everyone else in a bid to open the purgatory at all costs.

Inside the purgatory, Chu Feng had walked out of Radiant City of Death area. He was making effort to deal with this troublesome Qin Luoyin.

There were pre-carved magnetic stones on Chu Feng's body. Upon sight, he would cover the skies with them and complete a mid-tier domain in the blink of an eye. He believed he could restrain that Dameng Pure Land goddess and capture her alive.

"Aha, traces!"

Chu Feng found some faint clues as he carefully observed the area where they had first fallen in. Qin Luoyin had moved about for quite some time here and left some marks.

This was just as he had guessed. The other party was roaming around the original location, very likely waiting for a rescue. She apparently believed the ancestor-level characters of the Dameng Pure Land would help her out of this predicament.

"This woman is also searching for me. She wants to kill me!"

Chu Feng revealed a cold expression as he found some traps. For instance, Violet Heavenly Thunder Crystals. He might be blasted into pieces if he were to rush onto them and activate them with his energy.

The Dameng Pure Land crystals weren't ordinary items. They were likely capable of blasting a top-tier genius to death. This scion wouldn't have mediocre items on her.

"This time, I'll see where you can run!" Chu Feng revealed a cold smile. He believed he would get the last laugh in the end and that he could capture the other party.

Before long, some words appeared on the ground. All of them were written in the universal common language which he had learned from the photon computer back on earth. He could recognize most of them.

"Chu Feng, you evil creature! You notorious bandit, die!"

Doubtlessly, this was Qin Luoyin's doing. She was expressing her hate and killing intent.

Chu Feng's eyes were cold. "I'll have you prostrate on the ground. By then, let's see how you'll maintain your dignity and keep being a goddess!"
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