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The mountain and river diagram atop the stone box was full of vigor and magnificence!

Originally, Chu Feng hadn't sensed anything, yet after he carefully gazed at it, he was scared silly. In just this single moment, he started to grow skeptical of life.

This was because he had investigated from the perspective of a domain researcher. This terrain was too mysterious; it seized the divine elegance of heaven and earth, and nurtured a strangeness unprecedented in both ancient and modern times!

For example, he saw a corner of land that was surprisingly a relief of a leaning phoenix. It looked like a real phoenix was leaning over and struggling to lay eggs, yet it clashed with the terrain and died there, leaving behind an immortal egg.

This kind of terrain was too heaven-defying. An undying bird had perished violently and was on display at the center. An aura of grief and death should be surging toward the sky, yet there was a newborn creature waiting to be reincarnated, its body replete with strong vitality.

That section of terrain was abnormally complex, and it needed to be thoroughly studied in order to learn some things about it. Though Chu Feng was already a domain master, even he couldn't see clearly in a short period of time.

Yet the so-called phoenix terrain was only one corner of the stone box. Relatively speaking, there was still a large area of mountains and rivers, and the structure was rarely seen throughout time.

For example, Chu Feng looked at a random corner and found a cave burning with rage; however, upon careful inspection, it was a hole in the ground that matched with the surrounding landscape to form a true Revered Eight Trigrams Furnace!

Chu Feng was shaken. Nobody was clearer than him about just how heaven-defying this was!

What was the Revered Eight Trigrams Furnace? It could smelt ultimate weapons and nurture legendary medicine. It was truly a place that seized the creations of heaven and Earth!

How did Chu Feng's Fiery Eyes come about? They were enabled at a small, counterfeit Revered Eight Trigrams Furnace!

There was a small, man-made furnace at Mount Zijin in Jiangning. Chu Feng had previously called it the Revered Eight Trigrams Furnace, yet he knew that it was only a counterfeit, a small man-made one.

There were light years of difference when compared with the real Revered Eight Trigrams Furnace. They weren't on the same level at all!

How could Chu Feng not feel startled upon seeing two types of terrain at a casual glance? Because these types were truly ultimate terrains, and any one of them was stuff of legends, rarely seen in reality.

As soon as this type of terrain was formed, the planet it was on would survive myriad tribulations. It would nurture a supreme fortune or oddity. It was enigmatic and impossible to predict.

Yet how could Chu Feng not be shaken upon unexpectedly seeing these two types of ultimate terrains in the two corners of a landscape!?

One must know that even the sagemaster, who had left behind so many books regarding domains on the moon, as well as the silver paper—that ultimate inheritance—had only briefly touched upon those ultimate terrains. He hadn't even spoken more about them.

One could imagine that even if the sagemaster came, he too would be shocked!

Then Chu Feng looked again out of curiosity. One after the other, he discovered an Immortal Punishing Terrain as well as a Corpse Nurturing Terrain in an adjacent area, and this startled him.

The surface of the stone box was too heaven-defying. With a random glance, he discovered unique and terrifying terrains. This would truly startle both ancient and modern worlds.

It was only a small stone surface, yet the landscape on top was so terrifying. How many types of ultimate terrains did it actually contain?

What was more, these ultimate terrains were unexpectedly together in the same image!

Chu Feng looked a few more times. There were some terrains that he simply couldn't understand. With his current academic attainments in the field of domain research, he couldn't even recognize them, let alone explain them.

He was confused at even those areas that were located slightly toward the middle, to say nothing of the center areas. It was an exceptional, supreme terrain, but it was unrecognizable.

Chu Feng took in a breath of cold air. Previously, he didn't care about the landscape on the stone box and only paid attention to the tadpole marks, yet now, he was subdued.

"Heaven-defying" wasn't sufficient to describe this so-called landscape!

Now, he was starting to doubted life. Was what he had seen real? Was there really such a place in the world? He reckoned even the ten great worlds didn't have this kind of landform!

He even thought that even if two of such places were to exist in the universe at the same time, they ought to be separated!

Ten heaven-defying gold symbols had been counted on the millstone, and now they had appeared on the stone box. Now, adding this type of landscape image made Chu Feng's blood run cold. He realized, for the first time, that the stone box was even more mysterious than he had imagined!

After a long while, Chu Feng finally came to.

Then reality lectured and told him once more just how cruel the present was.

The huge millstone turned, and each time, it pulverized millions of corpses. Chu Feng followed the surface as it turned. He witnessed it from beginning to end and touched it from a close distance, separated by only one layer of light. The shadow in his heart was boundless.

Finally, the millions of corpses were crushed into a bloody pulp and turned into a dense fluid. Chu Feng fell along as it flowed out from the millstone.

There was a plop as he seemingly dove below the surface, and for a moment, the "mud" splashed in all directions. One need not imagine how terrifying this was for many people; it made even muscleheads want to vomit.

This place was like a lake of guts and blood plasma. Next, he saw these things being decomposed and changing into energy. They drifted among heaven and earth, and it was incomparably intense.

Chu Feng was simply disheveled in the wind. Could it be that this was the origin of the energy he ordinarily absorbed? He told himself, it's impossible! Otherwise, he would become increasingly nauseous.

Finally, he drifted along with the current until he reached the place where the blood had dried up. One by one, spiritual seeds came into view. Their interiors lacked imprints and were completely empty.

The energy imprints and unextinguished obsessions or overflowing resentment left behind by the corpses were cleansed after being pressed by the millstone.

Just like a disk that had been formatted, nothing remained!

Then, Chu Feng saw several empty shadows, which were all souls. It was like an out-of-body experience. They were blank and ignorant as they walked toward one direction.

There was a quiet and strange ancient road in a direction of the millstone. It attracted all of the spirit forms and brought them forward as if it were summoning them to be reincarnated.

"Don't tell me reincarnation exists in this world… People can really be reborn!?" Chu Feng had never believed in reincarnation, yet his current experience somewhat subverted his values.

This was especially true because he had witnessed the millstone's work process with his own eyes. This was truly a secretive yet extensive instrument performing the duties of the underworld.

Chu Feng clenched his teeth as he followed the souls on their path. He wanted to see where exactly they were going and how they were reincarnated!

He convinced himself by telling himself that in any case, he had come this far, so there was little difference in going a bit further.

In reality, he was too curious because now this wasn't some normal little secret, but rather the ultimate, huge secret to life that humans and all creatures had been doubting and discussing since ancient times!

Yet he only needed to follow this road forward to clearly understand, so Chu Feng couldn't contain himself. He couldn't suppress his curious heart.

He followed on his way. In a group of vacant souls that had lost their willpower and been branded, he was very special. He was the only creature with flesh and life, mixed in the middle.

This ancient road was quite long. He passed through gate-like sites that seemed to enter another world.

Chu Feng clenched his teeth and finally entered!

Where was this place? He looked around and found the heaven and earth to be dusky. He couldn't see the sun or the earth. He seemed to have stepped onto a layer of dimly-colored energy matter.

He turned around to face a long line behind him. He followed the sea of souls forward and surveyed the scene ahead from an elevated position, yet he couldn't see the end. It was as if a reborn army was lining up to go forward and walk toward the end of their karma.

To hell with it! Chu Feng felt upset.

However, he carefully thought it over. Right now, he was still mixed in the group of souls, and now he was lined up to walk toward the arranged endpoint of destiny.


He staggered after he felt someone bump into him from behind with great strength. He looked back and saw a beast with nine large opened mouths. It was absolutely terrifying, yet it was also a spirit form without flesh. It was terribly fierce-looking.

Chu Feng felt a deep sense of unexpectedness and thought this wasn't any simple monster. A vague bit of its spiritual essence was still left over, but it didn't have any memories—all that was left was its ferociousness.

It could only be said creature had been too ferocious in life, and after it died, it remained that way. However, he hadn't seen this kind of race before. Its nine large opened mouths covered its whole body, but it hadn't grown nine heads.

Chu Feng stared and said, "What are you so violent for, and what's with you bumping into me? Are you in a rush to be reincarnated!?"

Then he was speechless. This thing seemed to be really rushing toward reincarnation.

"Don't you know you have to line up?" Chu Feng cast a sidelong glare at it. Fortunately, this beast didn't realize it at all. Only a sort of instinct was left, and he knew with one look that when alive, its flames of fury surged toward the sky.

Chu Feng passed through this dusky area and entered the soul army's long line. He continued walking and immediately entered a starry sky.

This stunned him. Was he really going to be reincarnated?

He raised his head and saw a vast sky full of stars. He looked around and saw emptiness as well as the occasional drifting meteorite. There must have been millions of souls in the queue! This was truly strange.

Where was he going? Chu Feng kept silent and followed.

He thought he should be able to find the way back because it wasn't a complete void beneath their feet, but rather a road made of black stones. There were many bloodstains similar to livid stains, which was both very strange and a bit eerie.

The group of the dead, formatted souls formed a grandiose and magnificent sight. Just like that, they crossed the starry sky as they walked toward an unknown location.

This was the pre-planned path of their destiny. Chu Feng increasingly wanted to get to the bottom of the matter. How were they reincarnated? How were they reborn? Where was their ultimate destination?

"Is this really the path of reincarnation?" Afterward, Chu Feng felt a bit of doubt; after all, he had seen the heavens.

However, he had previously seen the giant millstone, and the scene there had been quite strange. It was as though it were carrying out reincarnation and sending people toward their destinies.

For a moment, he had some doubts.

Was this really the path to reincarnation, or was it controlled by someone?

If it was the latter, then that was truly frightening.

"This group of dead have been formatted, and I'm the only living one remaining. How weird! When the time comes, please don't let anything strange happen!"

Chu Feng was letting his imagination run wild, and he felt a bit unsure of what would happen next.

However, since he had already started on this path, he didn't have any other choice.

Afterward, Chu Feng's heart stirred. Was this truly the starry skies? Or was it the universe he was originally in? If it were like this, maybe he could call the interstellar express delivery company and have them pack him up and send him back to Earth.

"First I'll go to the final destination of rebirth and finally see how reincarnation works!"
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