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This place was simply too peculiar. The giant grinding stone spun slowly, crushing even those so-called immortal saint bodies that could endure an impact from a meteorite. In the end, they were turned into pools of blood and disintegrated into energy.

Just what was the origin of this coarse grinding stone? It was unimaginable!

Naturally, Chu Feng couldn't care about so many things. He was currently being dragged in and was about to be dropped onto it. He truly felt that he had been too rash.

At first, he was protected by the stone box which prevented him from being crushed by the killing intent and saint blood outside of the city. But things were different now as he floated up against his will.

A certain power was moving the corpses in the city and him along with them. Everything was then thrown into the grinding stone.

"No!" Chu Feng cried out. He struggled with all his might at the juncture of life and death but to no avail.

He thought that, with the stone box, he would be able to safely enter this land of death, but the truth had proven him wrong. Curiosity had truly killed the proverbial cat, and there was simply no medicine to treat regret.

In the end, the pile of corpses was moved above the grinding stone. They numbered in the millions and contained creatures from various races, from little ants to great golden rocs. All of them fell down pitter-patter like dumplings.

There were so many corpses in just one batch, but a second soon followed and everything smashed onto the grinding stone.

There was a hole above from which the items to be ground were inserted. They would then be ground into a paste or fine powder between the two stones.

Now the objects being crushed were corpses. The scene being experienced by Chu Feng was simply too terrifying. It caused his entire body to be filled with goosebumps as though he had been electrified and chilly winds rose up all around him.

There were also some plants among the millions of corpses on the giant grinding stone. Now, they were all being dragged into the hole by an odd energy.

Chu Feng was greatly stirred as he experienced everything personally.

A vortex appeared within that hole which sucked in all of the falling corpses. He had watched how those corpses had turned into pools of flesh with blood splashing out in all directions. This feeling was truly difficult to express. Calling it horrifying was a great understatement.

When it was his turn to fall, he happened to see a golden Bodhisattva within the pile of corpses. His countenance was dignified even before death, and his body was still emitting powerful vitality. But it was no different from the other corpses after falling in—golden blood spurted upwards with a pfft and nearly splashed onto Chu Feng. This caused his scalp to go numb as though cold winds were blowing past his head.

"Goddamit!" Chu Feng was truly nervous and overcome by the greatest fear of his life. This was death, and a miserable one at that. He was about to be dismembered in the most miserable manner. This filled his heart with shock.

Rather than undergo this fate, it would be better to slit his own throat and avoid this fate.

But he gave up soon after the notion appeared in his mind because it was too easy a way out. His present situation would doubtlessly lead to death and choosing to survive was all too difficult.

As such, he chose the difficult latter option.

"I must live!" Chu Feng cried out. He then watched as half a true phoenix corse emitting a dense aura of brilliance appeared. It was immensely terrifying as the immortal mist and divine rays spilled out from its body. Even with the protection of the stone box, he could feel his body wracked with pain and about to fall apart.

He was certain that he would've exploded into a bloody mist if he were to approach this corpse without the stone box. The energy within that corpse was simply too terrifying.

Even this divine bird with garish colors, white mist, and immortal light was crushed into a pool of blood.

Chu Feng quivered in both body and soul. Even his spirit was shaken because that divine bird's realm was unfathomable and there was no telling just how powerful it was.

"Are you trying to shock me? Your daddy's here to take a stroll on the path of reincarnation. 18 years is too far, I became a man at 14, a true man! I swear that in my next life, after capturing so many saintesses, I'll first… Ouch! Goddamit, let me finish... ahh!"

Chu Feng was flung off like a rolling gourd and fell into the vortex within the hole. He saw many bone dregs around him.

Some were golden, some were flaming red, and others surrounded in immortal qi. They hadn't yet disappeared completely. Naturally, there were also many creatures at the golden arhat level which simply shattered after falling in. Flowers of blood blossomed one after another in a dazzling display of terror, drenching Chu Feng and scaring him silly.

Experiencing the cruelty at such a distance cast a boundless shadow in Chu Feng's heart.

"Damn your grandpa, here I come!" Chu Feng cried loudly. He simply couldn't resist as he was drawn into the crushing force along with all the bone dregs and blood.


Blood sprayed out in all directions as Chu Feng's cries shook this radiant city of death. He was the only creature capable of making a sound, the only one who was alive.

He threw caution to the wind and opened his eyes, hoping to observe how miserably he was going to die.

There was blood everywhere, but he found that he hadn't been pulverized and was still alive. At this time, his chest lit up as the stone box protected him.

What situation was this? Chu Feng's eyes were wide after finding himself alive. How had he survived such dire straits?

Upon closer inspection, he found that the flowing bone dregs weren't actually touching his body; there was a barrier of light between them.

Chu Feng found that the stone box was reacting fiercely, becoming more and more extraordinary. Chu Feng found that the light was expanding from all those lustrous corners.

There was an odd domain warping the space around him and preventing him from being crushed to death between the two grinding stones.

At this moment, Chu Feng was still alive and feeling quite comfortable.

The bright blood and bone dregs around him were flowing like a landslide, while he himself was being baptized time and again within them.

The disgusting scene of flesh and blood made even someone as strong-willed as him want to vomit

There were roc claws, monkey heads, white elephant snouts, dragon bones, and even phoenix wings. He had seen everything and watched as they became a soft mush.

Chu Feng swore that he would never eat these things again if he were to escape. These so-called delicacies were being stirred into a paste here. It was simply sickening.

"Are you doing this on purpose?! Half of my life's enjoyment is gone hereafter! I still wanted to taste all of the delicacies of the world, but now I want to retch whenever I see them!"

Chu Feng couldn't move at all. Although he didn't die, he still couldn't escape this place and simply kept on spinning and watching as the other corpses were crushed amidst a spray of blood.


During this process, Chu Feng made some astonishing discoveries. He activated his Fiery Eyes and observed carefully.

As the grinding stone moved, there were some especially sturdy bone drags emitting a faint glimmer that were rushing upward. For instance, there was a bone from that undead divine bird emitting a faint light.

Even saints didn't have this kind of glow after being crushed.

He made even greater discoveries later on. There were some runes in the grinding stone and those glimmers flew into them.

Chu Feng's eyes narrowed as he realized that this was a peerless treasure. Only beings like that undead divine bird could vanish into them and become assimilated. It was absolutely heaven-defying!

After closer inspection, he found that it was a row of ten brilliant runes. It was flowing with light in this place with great divinity.

Chu Feng's eyes erupted with flames. He wanted to see the golden runes and memorize them.

But afterward, he let out a miserable scream as his eyes were stabbed by intense pain. He quickly closed them with tears rolling down from the corners. It seemed like a forbidden object that couldn't be looked upon.

Chu Feng was shaken. Just what was that?

He truly yearned to obtain it. Could it be that there was a scripture inside this grinding stone? Just how heaven-defying would it be?

But it was only made up of ten words.

After a long while, Chu Feng opened his eyes but they were still tearing in pain. It was fortunate that he wasn't blinded because it was simply too dangerous just now.

Afterward, Chu Feng produced a strand of consciousness and peeked at it with great caution. In the end, his consciousness was scattered with a boom. His entire body trembled and he was sent into a daze for a long time.

It was too dangerous. He had only sent out his consciousness to explore but was almost killed therein!

Absolutely terrifying!

Chu Feng had a feeling that he had come into contact with the most important secret, something that couldn't be leaked. He would encounter grave consequences if he attempted to comprehend it.

He produced a bottle of medicinal liquid. This fluid capable of healing spiritual damage belonged to Qin Luoyin. Luckily he was protected by the stone box just as he was about to be killed and didn't suffer much damage. He recovered quickly after taking the medicine.

Chu Feng soon discovered some changes in the stone box. The lustrous lines at its corners were expanding and finally covered the entire surface with patterns and diagrams.

Chu Feng was revelated at that very moment. He had completely understood that the changes in this box had something to do with this place.

Only after entering the Radiant City of Death was he able to touch upon the origins of this stone box.

Later on, Chu Feng discovered several dozen golden specks of light emerge within that mountain and river painting on the stone box.

He became serious as he activated his Fiery Eyes and stared fixedly at the box. Afterward, he discovered that the dozens of golden light specs were dazzling and complex runes.

"It almost looks identical to the ten words on the grinding stone!"

Chu Feng was stunned. Had the heaven-defying runes carved themselves onto the stone box? Perhaps the words were already there on the stone box and appeared after resonating with the ones outside. He didn't know which it was.

It was unknown which landscape was being depicted in that mountain and river diagram on the box. It was originally formed of complicated and unintelligible patterns, but now it had become even more mysterious with ten more golden runes added to their midst.
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