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A dark world and a bright city—it was indeed a stark contrast.

In this vast and boundless pitch-black space, the earth was lifeless and filled with a deathly stillness. It was like the desolate Gobi desert filled with pitch-darkness everywhere else.

Only here, it was as though the sun had fallen on this place—the city was majestic and the lights shone upon the heavens, even the meteorites lying across the heavens could be seen clearly.

Chu Feng was puzzled. What kind of place was this? He did not approach rashly but he observed carefully at a distance because it was beyond strange to find such a dazzling light in this world of pitch darkness.

He went around the city at a distance and used his Fiery Eyes to peep at the scene in front of the city.

Very soon, his pupils constricted as he came to a position filled with incomparable gruesomeness—there was blood everywhere in front of the city and the ground was covered with countless bodies.

So many dead creatures?!

There were human bodies and also skeletons of various kinds of terrible beasts and bird of prey. Some of them were the golden rocs which were still bleeding, some of them are crows that looked like the black sun which were still standing straight even after they fell, and there was black light emitting. There were also a lot of extremely rare and unprecedented races.

The countless corpses must have been left behind countless years ago, but they were still not rotten and were still shedding lustrous blood.

Some of the individuals were as big as asteroids, and others consisted of only a huge claw even higher than mountains. If even the claw was thousands of kilometers long, it would be unimaginable if the entire body were to appear.

There were star beasts and cosmic beasts struck dead here, all of which possessed figures bigger than the stars. They had been blasted apart on this land.

This was simply a mountain of bodies and a sea of blood, a frantic massacre!

Chu Feng's sight was solemn because he realized that among them were divine beasts and sage birds. These were all very rare and extremely powerful races of the universe, but some of them were actually dead here.

And then, he went to another position. This time, he saw various kinds of plants—a black dandelion taking root in the flesh was swallowing brilliant rays to distort the space, an enchanting jade green peach tree absorbing blood, a silver-colored withered walnut tree with astonishing fruits. The silver walnuts had produced nuclear explosions and even now, the radioactive substances in the surroundings were still terribly rich. There was also a pretty flower of unknown species with half of a dragon's body lying among its petals. It had digested most of the flesh, only parts of it weren't dissolved…

It was very frightening here because there were corpses everywhere, but those plants were the weirdest thing!

After Chu Feng attentive sensing, he found out that although the plants seemed to be as lustrous as before, all of them were lacking in vitality. They were only preserving their appearance.

Among those plants, he didn't know 90% of them. Some of the flowers had actually devoured half a dragon's body. this was quite frightening.

Chu Feng paid rapt attention and felt cold air rising from the bottom of his heart. That was because this was beyond ordinary. He circled around a little and saw, near the center zone of the plants, there was a hanging-orchid-like plant as high as a small mountain, every stem was incredibly thick and they extended up to hundreds if not thousands of meters. And at its lance-like tip was a penetrated entity.

"A saint!"

Chu Feng gasped. Because every of the hanging orchid's long stems had killed a sage level entity. Blood was dripping and the aura was abnormally terrifying.

For instance, there was a bird of prey that looked like a golden crow hanging on the orchid. It possessed three feet and its wings were shining like the sun. There was also the peacock; its sagely prestige was earth-shattering and when it unfolded its wings, it was exceptionally splendid and beautiful. There was a golden deng-dragon too, dripping in blood. They say that it was a golden body Bodhisattva's sage-level mount. These entities all belonged to different races and there were dozens of them penetrated and killed by the hanging orchid.

Chu Feng was frightened to see saints crucified all over the place. It was extremely dreadful.

After that, he came to the third position and all he could see were skulls, nothing else. There were peacock's skulls, white elephant's skulls, taotie's skulls… There were even human skulls. The scene was disastrous. Numerous skulls were piled up close together, several millions of them!

This was only a city and there were already so many skulls beheaded in just one part of it. It was like an exhibition.

At last, Chu Feng returned to the first position. He fixed his eyes attentively on this land, it wasn't spacious and empty, the scarlet red land was actually caused by the condensation of blood and mud.

The bright city in the dark was not at all so beautiful. Merely the outer part was already thus covered by corpses and bloody mud. This was simply a city of flesh—the experts had transformed into mush, forming this danger zone that was the radiant city of death.

Chu Feng stood where he was when he had first arrived and sighed. There were so many experts and all had died tragically. This was only one city and there could easily be millions of it.

When compared with the endless years, the evolvers' lives were indeed not worth much!

And then, he felt a special reaction from the stone box in his body. One of its corners had already lit up.

Chu Feng held it in his hands and observed it carefully. A sparkling and translucent luster had appeared therein. It was very strange because the rest of the box hadn't changed at all.

The stone box was in the shape of a 3-inch tall cube and very regular. It was originally made of ordinary stone, but now, there was a luster in that corner.

Chu Feng used his Fiery Eyes to watch carefully and he found something unusual. He then discovered some secrets—the so-called sparkling and translucent luster was actually a densely packed pattern. He fixed his attention once again and saw something like a group of extremely small tadpoles swimming around, quick-witted and mystical.

His pupils erupted with a golden flame which grew more and more brilliant as he stared intently at the corner of the stone box.

Chu Feng firmly believed that if it were any other person they wouldn't even be able to see the intrinsic quality of the pattern unless they had cultivated the clairvoyance. It was actually... some kind of ancient writing.

An evolver's spiritual eyes simply could not see it!

Chu Feng paid rapt attention and his eyes emitted tangible light beams towards the stone box. He had all kinds of uncertainties—those tiny symbols that only could be seen with Fiery Eyes, were they really writings? Because when he looked at it as a whole once again, the pattern they had formed was akin to the rise and fall of the mountain ranges.


He knew that this stone box contained a huge secret.

Unfortunately, there was only one corner lit up. If the entire box were illuminated, perhaps he could see a more complete pattern.

Could it be that only this corner had a pattern?

Chu Feng raised the stone box high up in the air with his right hand, faced it towards the radiant city to shine light upon it and further observed. Suddenly, he felt an ache at the left side of his stomach as though it was about to be ripped apart.

"What's going on?"

Chu Feng was shocked; he sensed a deathly aura filling the air as though it was going to swallow him up.

He put down his arms and put away the stone box to surveyed scenery around him. he found that the flesh twisting pain had immediately disappeared and he was far from death.


Soon, Chu Feng understood that it had something to do with the stone box—when it was a certain distance away from the body, the body would feel an illusion of death.

"This city is emitting killing intent!"

Soon afterward, Chu Feng understood the situation. This was a Radiant City of Death, once entered, every creature would be crushed to death or destroyed in both body and soul.

Because those entities that died here were very terrifying, most of them being at the sage-level or greater. After their death, the blood hadn't dried up until this day and it had formed a heinous killing intent. Even an evolver like Chu Feng would immediately be transformed into a bloody paste here. There was simply no way to survive.

He could only come here because of the protection of the stone box.

Chu Feng tested repeatedly—his body would suffer severe pain after walking several hundred meters without the stone box. Yet he could only see the lights above the horizon.

He gasped. This place was indeed terrifying beyond compare!

He immediately understood that once the blood energy of the expert had dispersed, it would form a destroyed land around him, let alone those divine birds and sage beasts, half of the dragon's body, and the sage level entities. There were dozens of dead bodies hanging on the orchid.

Radiant City of Death!

This was a dangerous zone akin to purgatory. Once an entity had set foot here, it would die immediately and transform into a muddle of putrid blood.

According to the current situation, it was true that even a Golden Arhat would be crushed outside this city.

Chu Feng had suspicions that even saints couldn't remain unharmed.

After all, a lot of saints had died here!

Soon afterward, Chu Feng thought of the flower bud that devoured and digested half of the dragon's body and the hanging orchid. He doubted even more and he said to himself: "Don't tell me that that was a heaven-illuminator!"

If so, this place was indeed unimaginable, a true purgatory. It was possible that even some forbidden existences like heaven-illuminators had died here.

In an instant, Chu Feng felt his blood run cold. He felt that he had seriously underestimated this place.

Then, he held the stone box and attentively observed it once again. What exactly was this? It had suddenly awakened and become different—it could actually protect him even in this kind of place.

It was very mysterious. This stone box was extremely odd!

He had picked it up at the bottom of Mount Kunlun. He once asked Yao Yao but was told that there were no records of this stone box and the three seeds during the ancient era.

The stone box and the seeds weren't included in the list of most important inheritances and tools on earth.

It should be known that the inheritances such as the Robbery Induction Breathing Technique were lusted after by the top-ten Deity Race of the outer domain.

"Could it be that this stone box was older than the most splendid and glorious times of earth, or will there be other origins?

The thoughts emerging in Chu Feng's mind caused him to become slightly entranced.

And then, he approached the Radiant City of Death with the stone box and set foot onto the dangerous battlefield. He was startled suddenly. In an instant, he felt all kinds of ineffable fluctuations.

He involuntarily stretched his body, deployed his fist seal, and operated the Robbery Induction Breathing Technique.

He found, to his shock, that this vast, formidable battlefield was filled with all sorts of fist intents, pouring down upon him like a deluge and suffocating him.

Without a doubt, if there was no stone box, he would immediately explode without even leaving a bloody mist!

However, it was different now. He actually had an indescribable feeling. of being honed amidst the surging sword intent and pressuring fist seals. It was as though he was refining his corporeal body with the samadhi fire.

Chu Feng had a feeling in his heart. He put his spiritual power to use and revealed the inheritances of his corporeal body. Under the suppression of those killing intents, sword intents, and fist seals, he was seemingly being baptized and forging ahead.

He was born in the secular world, therefore, he hadn't received any systematic guidance. In a lot of aspects, he was different from the disciples of major races. Right now, this kind of suppression and honing was granting him great benefits.

He had no idea how restless the starry skies were in the past few days.

Just as people were discussing Chu Feng and Qin Luoyin's death in Kunlun, a new hot topic appeared in the universe which caused every star system to tremble.

"The Origin Magnetic Physique had come into being. Who could have thought that this kind of exceptional constitution would actually appear in this generation? Reportedly, once the Origin Magnetic Light emerges, experts all over the world will be forced into submission. It was invincible!"

"I still remember that once there was an era when an Origin Magnetic Saint Physique had dominated the universe. It swept across the enemies of the world but still couldn't find a match. And at last, he stormed into the broken universe deep inside the primal chaos and disappeared from then on."

The various races couldn't keep calm now that such a character had appeared. Once he had grown to his late stages, he would certainly illuminate the heavens and become unrivaled. He would genuinely become invincible.

"You all are ignorant, not only the Origin Magnetic Saint Physique was born, the Divine Glass Golden Physique, Destiny Immortal Physique, and other dreadful bloodlines have also appeared. Some are already challenging the Dao child, young Buddha, Ying Wudi and other of the top-ranking young generation of the universe. They're poised to devour the world!"


A lot of people were terrified. These unmatched bloodlines had appeared? This was certainly going to cause a terrifying disaster.

"It is a pity that the Dao child and Ying Wudi weren't in the clan at that time. They were on earth and therefore this battle couldn't start, otherwise, it will be quite a lively show. However, I've received some uncertain information saying that there are some unequaled bloodlines rushing to earth. They are going to challenge the top-ten experts of the younger generation because they wanted to overturn the rankings. It is truly exciting."

Everyone was shocked after they heard what was said. Those unequaled constitutions were coming to earth to contend with the Dao child, Yuan Shicheng, young Buddha and Ying Wudi?!

That was because Luo Fu of the Deity Race and Ying Wudi of the Quasi-Immortal race hadn't left, they were still being detained on earth. Didn't this mean that there would be a huge contention between the various sages and that a brilliant war would break out?

At the same time, a lot of people were bewildered. To know that Yuan Shicheng, Ying Wudi and Luo Fu of the deity race came from the most powerful descendant of the top-ten star world of the universe, what ordinary person dared to stir up with him? No one had the courage to challenge him because they were scared to be exterminated by the ancient person behind the constant top-ten star world of ancient times.

"Some say that the Origin Magnetic Saint Physique and Destiny Immortal Physique might've come from the broken universe deep inside the primal chaos. Therefore, they have no fear and are not afraid of revenge."

And then, someone spread the news that the Levitation Divine Physique and the Dayan Battle Physique were suspected to have made an appearance. This shocked every race. What was happening?

Why did all these bloodlines suddenly appear?

Were they going to overturn this era?!

Everyone knew that the ranking at this present stage would be immediately revised. A brilliant yet frightful era was coming!

"Unfortunately, Chu Feng was dead in Kunlun and taken by the purgatory, otherwise, he might be able to shine in this era."

"That is not likely, because I never heard about his constitution. All those who appeared at this stage are unequaled bloodlines proven by history. In this gathering of kings, in this brilliant era, Demon Chu is probably not so remarkable. Relatively speaking, he might even be utterly ordinary."

"He is already dead, there is no use talking about these. Let's wait and see what kind of dazzling radiance those people will make. Maybe the person who had come out from the ancient broken universe might bring some sort of unique forbidden breathing technique!"

Heated discussions were going on in the outside world. Everyone from every major galaxy had a premonition that an unimagine era was coming, bringing with it a stifling aura.
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