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Even that saint of the Dameng Pure Land in outer space felt like vomiting blood, let alone the others.

"This demon was extremely hateful and should be killed!" This was the most direct thought of the saint. He wanted nothing more than to swoop down and strike this bastard for Qin Luo Yin.

Earth, Kunlun.

Everyone was stupefied and stunned. How shameless was this person? His skin was so thick that it could be used as a shield in battle.

He had bitten the sixth beauty under the starry sky and yet he made a bogus accusation and said that she had kissed him. He even said something about being profaned in both mind and body.

He was truly… a shameless scourge.

Xu Chengxian the Myriad Star Physique had an ashen expression. He clenched his fists as his entire body trembled and starlight erupted from all his pores. He was like a god standing in the midst of the starry skies.

He had regarded Qin Luoyin as his partner since long ago. Therefore, he was so mad that he wanted to kill Chu Feng after witnessing this scene.

The Undead Silkworm Prince, Ji Cheng, the saint of the Peacock race, and the others felt their spirit tremble. Their battle robes flew up amidst metallic sounds.

Not to mention them, even the smiling Young Buddha with a mind as clear as water saw the halo behind him tremble thrice. It was almost extinguished.

As for the guardian vajra next to him, his eyes erupted with Buddhist lights and were shooting out thunderbolts.

"Hahaha, the human trafficker is too shameless, but he's more straightforward than some unctuous people. He was just so real. Let me give you a kiss, muah, muah!" the silver-haired little girl of the Quasi-Immortal Race shouted. "Come on, one more kiss!"

A lot of people were stunned and revealed speechless expressions as they turned to look at her.

Ying Wudi quickly covered her tiny mouth. He was very irritated and annoyed by his own sister. At the same time, he was greatly distressed because she knew nothing but to heckle. She didn't even understand the situation—Fairy Qin was going to explode.

Ying Zhexian too tried to suppress her sister and stop her from talking drivel. She glanced at the people of the Dameng Pure Land with an apologetic expression.

At this moment, Qin Luoyin was so angry that her spirit had almost broken down. The expression "one Buddha coming into being while the second passes away" wasn't without reason.

She was in this kind of situation right now. Her body was rumbling, and her spirit was aboil, almost leaving the body.

She quickly suppressed it by stabilizing her spirit.

It was indeed ridiculous. She was kissed by that bastard—he had bitten her lips and she suffered from shameful things, but in the end, he had said he was being profaned. How shameless!


She coughed out a mouthful of prismatic blood. It was very sacred and it even fragrant. This shocked everyone.

"Fairy Qin is injured, even her spiritual flame has grown slightly dimmer. Oh no!"

"This Chu Feng demon is indeed despicable. He actually distorted the truth deliberately after doing things like this. It is indeed ignominious. He can be considered the scum of the universe."

Mount Kunlun was in disarray. Earlier, the people here were stunned and couldn't recover for a long time. Now, it had completely flared up—they were all furious and quite a few of them even wanted to attack immediately.

Naturally, they were mainly young men. These people were burning with righteous ardor because they couldn't accept what had just happened.

One had to know that she was the Qin Luoyin. She was the few of the most famous female in the universe, a genuine goddess level character and also a pop star. How could she be profaned?

"Chu Feng, you human trafficker. You have indeed no sense of shame, I am ashamed to be associated with you. You're indeed a shame to all men!"

One of the young experts ranked twenty-something among the young generation shouted. His face was distorted and pale. It was discernible that he was incredibly angry. He had adored Qin Luoyin for a long time, but in the end, he had witnessed such a scene.

However, next to him, someone sighed deeply. "What shame? What scum? All of this is nonsense. An experience like this, I only regret that I couldn't be a substitute for him!"

Some people turned their head to berate the man.

"The people of the demon race is indeed not bad. How dare you say such a thing?"

"Shameless, the people of the demon race have no bottom line. Be careful or we might kill all demons together!"

However, these words were stopped suddenly because the prince of the Origin Demon Race cast a sidelong glance from a distance. His gaze was akin to a terrifying bolt of lightning which sent a chill down everyone's spine.

And then, this group of people stopped talking about the demon race.

"Everyone, can you bear to see Fairy Qin being taken liberties of and suffer such humiliation? We need to act together and kill the root of all trouble. My chest is filled with anger and about to explode. That is the most perfect woman in my heart!" 

Obviously, Qin Luoyin had very high popularity. No matter where she went, there would be countless of fans revolving around her. And now, a lot of people were shouting and revealing indignant expressions.

In fact, right now, even the prince of the Origin Demon Race wasn't very happy, because he too had thoughts towards Qin Luoyin. Once, the old demon Zhao and the purple old demon even thought of kidnapping her as a present for Yuan Shicheng.

Let alone the others, even the orthodox expert of the Quasi-Immortal Race, Ying Wudi, sighed. He felt that the peerless fairy of the Dameng Pure Land suffering a forceful kiss was truly a regretful thing.

As for the others, one could well imagine their anger.

All of this was because that Qin Luoyin was too sacred in recent years. She enjoyed incomparably high popularity and was already honored as a goddess with a brilliant halo. To see her suffer this kind of misfortune caused many people to feel wronged. It was like looking at a flawless piece of art with a little bit of mud on it.

"Hey hey hey, it was a fair battle. Do you want to launch a collective attack? Doesn't it just set off Chu Feng the human trafficker as even more powerful?" the silver-haired little girl said thus. Her words and actions were very abrupt and unconventional.

Everyone glanced at her with unkind expressions.

But there were some who thought that it made sense because this was indeed the battle between the two of them. If everyone attacked together now, it would be really inappropriate.

Ying Xiaoxiao then added, "If you all want to fight for justice, you can easily give him a taste of his own medicine. There are so many men here. You should all rush up there and kiss the human trafficker one by one."

Chu Feng was still revealing an expression of admiration just now. But after hearing what she said later and seeing all those male evolvers around him filled with killing intent, a cold shiver ran down his spine. He immediately glared at the little girl.

This little girl was clearly enjoying the show and didn't mind things getting worse.


Qin Luoyin erupted in the air. Divine light surged around her amidst a flare of killing intent. She threw a punch which shook the world; even Mount Kunlun was trembling.

If this were any other place with no domains, the mountains would certainly have exploded and crumbled. That was because her punch was extremely terrifying and possessed unequaled spirit in this generation.

Even the expressions of Ying Wudi, the Dao child and the vajra guardian had changed because they felt her dreadful combat power. It was indeed peerless.

Chu Feng immediately avoided it without taking it head-on because he had sensed the seriousness of the situation. His opponent was one level higher than him, and it was an overwhelming advantage that could not be reversed!

Without a doubt, he would've been split into pieces if he had met her head to head.

This was a crisis that Chu Feng had never encountered in the battle of the same generation. Now, there was actually someone suppressing him and he couldn't surpass a level to battle!

Qin Luoyin was, after all, a universe level genius and her innate skill was very high. She was already a formidable opponent to Chu Feng even in a battle of the same realm, let alone cross-realm.

Chu Feng believed that in the battle within the spirit domain not long ago, he would have died if he hadn't tossed out Luo Hong's spiritual seed.

Qin Luoyin's entire body was shining. Her brightly-colored clothes made her look like a fairy of ninth heaven who had descended to the world—powerful, sacred and invincible.

She once again waved her fist in a forthright manner, and it erupted brilliant rays that could submerge heaven and earth. It was extreme frightful and would kill both gods and demons who stood in her way.

Chu Feng utilized the World's End Near at Hand as he moved kilometers through the air to avoid this attack.


Some mountains outside of Kunlun that weren't protected domains exploded. It was as though doomsday had arrived.

In a swoosh, Qin Luoyin rushed over with her entire body covered in light, she immediately soared into the horizon. Right now, she was like a Valkyrie, extraordinarily beautiful and peerlessly powerful at the same time. She was very hard to contend against.

After the present developments, she neither caused a ruckus nor even uttered a single world. It was just that her every action sought to take Chu Feng's life.

"Why isn't it time yet?" Chu Feng frowned and wiped off a thread of blood at the corner of his mouth. Even though he did his best to avoid it, he was still injured.

Some of those fist lights were so majestic that they could blot out the heaven and earth. He suffered an impact akin to a crashing desolate divine beast as its swept past him.

At this moment, the starry skies had boiled over.

Those people who were watching live broadcast through the origin beast platform were even more clamorous.

"The goddess in my heart has been taken advantage by a human trafficker. Curse you!"

"Why did Fairy Luoyin miss just now? For her to suffer such profanity is a true injustice. I wish to substitute for Demon King Chu and experience all of that!"

"Oh, Fairy Qin has reversed the situation. Now that she has an overwhelming advantage, it's time to slaughter the demon!"

People everywhere couldn't remain silent. Qin Luoyin had been kissed under the watchful eyes of many people and the consequences it caused was like a level 18 cosmic hurricane. It engulfed various regions and races, inciting earth-shattering debates.

Even some of the old demons were voicing their grievances.

"What a waste of natural resources! Thief Chu, you are indeed shameless. However… you still need to work harder to defeat her, because this time, I am going to squander all my money to bid for Qin Luoyin!"

"This time, this old man has also come into being. Back then, the Dameng Pure Land hunted me down, so today, I'm waiting to bid for their first descendant!"

However, they were discontent that Chu Feng was avoiding and escaping to the outer parts of Mount Kunlun. Clearly, it was very hard to resist Qin Luoyin's unequaled punch.

At this moment, in the outer parts of Mount Kunlun, the scene of the battle was truly terrifying.

Mountains were collapsing and rivers were evaporating. Qin Luoyin had divine light covering her entire body and while her colored clothes danced in the wind. She swept away all the obstacles in her way, and nothing could withstand her.

Great rivers were evaporated by her fist light, lakes were disappearing and mountains were collapsing constantly.

She was as though the fairy of the ninth heaven had descended to the world and was possessed by the Martial God—she walked through the air to chase down Chu Feng. This was the unequaled graceful bearing and genuine strength of one of the top-ten young experts of the universe.

In fact, to be ranked at the 4th or 5th among the young generation in the universe with her strength, she was indeed underrated by the outside world!

Right now, despite her injuries, she still managed to sweep through the Tibetan Region and suppress the opponent with her divine light.

Chu Feng's body was covered in blood because he had suffered serious injuries. If it were someone else, he might still have the strength to battle cross-realm, but he held no advantage against a universe level peerless genius!


He was coughing blood and his body had almost broken into two. And this was only the result of him constantly avoiding. If he had confronted her directly, there would be no need to think more about the consequences.

His expression was swift and fierce like the point of a knife. He sighed secretly and felt that all of this was caused by a mismatch of information—she had investigated him thoroughly, but he had no idea what realm she was at until the battle had begun.

It was said to be a fair battle, but there was a huge realm difference. How could this battle go on?

Obviously, the Dameng Pure Land wanted him to die. Maybe the order Qin Luoyin was executing didn't only come from her own orthodoxy. There were also the deity race, netherworld race, and Xilin race, so maybe she had been entrusted.

It was exactly as Chu Feng had guessed. A group of saints from those races with terrifying auras had gathered in the outer realm. Presently, they were all looking down at the battle.

"Want to kill me? Impossible! I'll capture you today!" Chu Feng's gaze was cold. He glimpsed at the sky and Qin Luoyin and then fled once again.


Suddenly, Qin Luoyin's body trembled and the light on her body became unstable. Her figure ground to a rapid halt.

Chu Feng turned around and immediately stopped his flight. He revealed a grim and said, "It's time!"

And then, he spat out some blood and murmured, "No wonder it hurts so bad. Miss Qin, you actually bit my tongue, so ruthless. I'm going to get revenge."

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