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Surrounded by absolute silence, everyone was like clay statues and wood carvings. They stared blankly at the air in disbelief.

One of the top ten strongest experts of the younger generation was also the sixth most beautiful woman under the universe's starry skies. It could be said that she was exceptional and graceful, and could be called a goddess.

What could they see now?

Qin Luoyin and Chu Feng had originally been fighting to the death, but now, they were, to everyone's surprise, mouth to mouth, intertwined around each other?!

"How could this be?! That's the Fairy Qin!"

Someone shouted, their voice wavering as they didn't dare believe it.

"Demon Chu, are you looking for death?!" A purple-haired youngster burst out with overflowing valor and impassioned killing intent. He rose into the air like a dragon in human form and pounced across.

People recognized that this was someone who could be ranked among the top 30 experts of the universe's younger generation. He could be considered as an expert of the generation, and in the starry seas he resided in, he was absolutely the best out of those the same age as him.

One could see just how charming Qin Luoyin was from this. Many exceptional geniuses fell for her and became her admirers.

Immediately, the black yak, Ouyang Feng, and the old donkey steered their broken airship to block the way and said, "Aren't you the one looking for death?!"

They were brimming with murderous intent, ready to stop him at any time. They were fearless even when confronting one of the younger generation's exceptional experts as they had a battleship from Mount Eternal in their possession.

"No, this must be a pretense. It can't be real!"

"What is this I see! That's my goddess! How could the pure and holy fairy Qin Luoyin be disrespected!"

People shouted in wonder. The place then erupted.

No one dared to believe that they were seeing such a scene.

At this moment, it was as if there was going to be an explosion within the starry skies. Many hadn't been able to spectate Chu Feng and Qin Luoyin's fight in the spiritual domain, but now their showdown in reality was there for all to see.

A huge volume of living creatures and experts from various races were all flabbergasted.

Dameng Dream Land's descendant Qin Luoyin was extremely popular throughout the universe. One could say that she was currently a top-notch celebrity with countless admirers.

If one was to discuss and select goddess-leveled individuals through public appraisal and summing up their strengths, she was definitely within the top four. This was because she was exceptional in both looks and abilities, and could be counted as magnificently unmatched.

In the hearts of many Qin Luoyin was a perfect woman, flawless and pure. Wherever she went she would trigger tremendous disturbances on those local planets. Now people paid close attention to each and every move of her fight with Chu Feng.

"Chu Feng you demon, what an evil creature you are! I'll kill you!"

Someone bawled, their eyes red as they itched to cross the universe and charge onto that declining and uncivilized planet to stake all against Chu Feng.

"How could this be? Fairy Qin, your strength is absolutely immense and you're almost unequaled amongst the spiritual domain. You shouldn't let him gain anything!"

Clearly, a huge ruckus was evoked throughout the starry skies. Such a matter had actually occurred under everyone's watchful gaze.

People across all races were considerably shocked.

Some ardent youths yelled out one by one and cold gleams flickered in their eyes. Without a doubt, Chu Feng was quickly turning into the universe's common enemy now. At least, a bunch of youngsters was desperate to kill him at once.

At Kunlun, Ying Wudi, dao children, young Buddhas, the Origin Demon race's crown prince Yuan Shicheng, and the Deity race's strongest descendent Luo Fu were stunned as they watched on. Then there was chaos on the spot.

The gold silken clothing on the Undead Silkworm race's prince whistled and rang as he exuded a dashing brilliance. One could imagine how unsettled his mind was.

The Myriad Star Physique Xu Chengxian's gentle demeanor had also shifted. His entire body was bathed in starlight as he gave off a terrifying aura, as if tearing through space. He was furious as his Soul race had intended to form an alliance with the Dameng Pure Land. Now, the relationship between the two races was rather intimate, and he had already regard Qin Luoyin as his dao companion.

Yet now what could he see?

Even Ying Zhexian and the other women closeby were stunned.

"Wa! My eyes are burning! I saw nothing!" The little silver-haired Lolita covered her face with her hands as she put on a look of embarrassment. But, in fact, her big eyes were rolling about, looking out of the spaces between her fingers with great interest.

At this moment, Qin Luoyin was simply stupefied, then she blacked out and almost fainted. Being respected as a goddess, how could she tolerate something like this occurring?

She had charged towards Chu Feng with spiritual attacks long ago, itching to immediately obliterate his sea of consciousness.

However, Chu Feng was fully prepared and had grasped the opportunity to start the fight when she was feeling both shameful and infuriated as well as distracted. He took action first, and this was also the second wave of fierce attacks.

His forehead shone while all kinds of small weapons flew out together, bombarding toward Qin Luoyin. These were all spiritual weapons.

At the same time, the metal within his body vibrated incessantly. The sound of spiritual armor colliding resounded. He was fully armed to protect himself.

In the process of selling more than two hundred divine sons, he had extracted the spoils of war from his captives' bodies. Indeed there were many good things.

Naturally, he had selected through them very carefully and brought many along for this big fight.

Now, he launched some of those spiritual weapons to fight to the death with Qin Luoyin, so much that he didn't hesitate to destroy good and bad alike. This was because he could clearly see that the enemy was in a realm greater than his, and so he could only use uncommon methods.


From time to time, there was an eruption of divine light near the two people's faces in front of their foreheads. They were using not only their spirits to fight, but also various spiritual weapons.

Thankfully, they both had spiritual armor, shields, and other forms of defense, otherwise, they would've certainly endangered their lives.

Ordinary people couldn't see spirits as they were rather mysterious. Spirits were close to nothingness, yet they did truly exist. A gaudy, dazzling bundle of spiritual energy exploded now, stunning all the evolvers in the proximity.

Chu Feng's physical body was also advancing in the process of all this. Both of his hands were clenched into fists. He constantly attacked Qin Luoyin's head using the resonance and spiral techniques.

This was a fatal attack. Had it been anyone else, even if he or she was of a whole realm higher than Chu Feng, his or her head would've certainly been split open like a watermelon long ago.

But Qin Luoyin held/possessed secret treasures. These were strong enough to block such a fatal blow.

At the same time, the scrolls the two people had unfolded were rumbling as they collided against each other in desperation.

Chu Feng's advantage was that he could return to his body before Qin Luoyin's spirit. He seized the upper hand and took the initiative at every step, always attacking first.

In addition, he produced a Spirit Binding Cord at the first instance and bound Qin Luoyin's arms and body. This was equivalent to pulling out a ferocious tiger's claws and teeth, and her potential for attack was greatly reduced.

Were it not for this, Chu Feng would be in grave danger.

"You… are courting death! Go away!"

Qin Luoyin's voice was aloof. She had exhausted all kinds of methods and her spirit flame jumped out from her forehead. This prompted small spears and divine daggers, which only measured as long as a fingertip, to assail onto Chu Feng.

However, there were even more emerging on Chu Feng's side. Dozens of spiritual weapons burst out constantly and bombarded towards her. This move, self-destructive and not scrupling to use up all kinds of secret treasures, gave the powerful Qin Luoyin a headache.

Furthermore, in this course of events, Chu Feng had smacked his lips down rather fiercely in order to distract her mind. He bit her lips until they bled. At first look, it seemed charming and gentle, but on closer inspection, it shook people to their cores.

When the two were mouth-to-mouth, their words became unclear. They looked loved torn, but we, in fact,ct brimming with unfeeling murderous intent.

"You're the one who's courting death! Tell me how to get lost!" responded Chu Feng before biting down even harder.

"Ah…" Qin Luoyin cried out in pain. At the same time, she was incomparably furious. How long had Chu Feng been biting on her bright red lips under everyone's watchful gaze?

Even now, he had not loosened up. How could she endure this!

It was also because of this that her mind couldn't still. She was severely disturbed, and so even her own spiritual attacks weren't perfect. She was simply somewhat suppressed.

Nearby, disciples of the Dameng Pure Land were first stunned before their complexions grew ashen. This was their orthodoxy's goddess and one of the universe's future overlords. How could they permit her to be profaned in this way when she was young and still growing?

How would she feel if she recalled today's events when she, in the future, stood at the peak of the universe?

And so they couldn't bear it any longer. They didn't want Qin Luoyin to feel disgraced because of today, so they all wanted to charge.

"You want to attack as a group? Have you asked us?" Ouyang toad, Yellow Ox, and the old donkey called out.

"You Dameng Pure Land… how shameless! You want to besiege me," said Chu Feng indistinctly, blood dripping from the corner of his mouth. Not only was he biting Qin Luoyin, but the goddess was also pressing. She flew into a rage out of humiliation and bit him back.

At this moment, Qin Luoyin blacked out from anger as she heard his words. Who was really the one who was shameless! How dare he bit someone so unabashedly! Even now, they were still mouth to mouth.

"Get out, you!" Qin Luoyin yelled.

Yet she was very passive. The high-class Spirit Binding Cord held her firmly and were it not for her strong spiritual powers Chu Feng would've killed her long ago.


Chu Feng roared in a low voice. He puffed his breath through his mouth and nose directly into Qin Luoyin's mouth. Immediately she, being noble and rather obsessed with cleanliness, was driven mad and strived to return fire.

Now, many magnetic needles flew out from Chu Feng's hands and pierced through Qin Luoyin's body, pinning her down.

Moreover, energy burst out from his entire body. He wanted to rely on his mobility to strangle the now bound, immobile beauty.

"I'm going to kill him!" In the starry skies, the Dameng pure Land's saintess bellowed. Her complexion was gloomy like water and she couldn't bear it any longer.

Chu Feng's bite had dented their Pure Land's fine reputation and their glory quite a bit, and she found this spectacle hard to endure.

"That man must die!" shouted the saintess of the spirit race Mu Qinghan coldly. She had once targeted Yaoyao a few days ago, but in return, Yaoyao had despised her up on the divine vine.

"Of course we won't let him leave this place alive!" One of the saints from the Xilin clan nodded.

Simultaneously, the Deity race's saint, the netherworld's saint, and the others were all cold and indifferent as they stood in the outer realms, looking at the fight down on Earth.

Bang, bang, bang!

Now, Chu Feng was frantically attacking with his fists, producing rough stone balls of energy form and throwing them forward. Furthermore, he spread out his scroll, desperate to kill Qin Luoyin immediately.

As expected, the Dameng Pure Land's fairy became increasingly passive as she was bound. Although she kept using her extraordinary spiritual powers, she was still wounded.

Many of the secret treasures she held were destroyed by Chu Feng's resonance technique, and now she finally started to cough up blood.


Qin Luoyin's mouthful of unusual blood, which was brightly colored and slightly fragrant, poured into Chu Feng's mouth and almost choked him. He coughed incessantly and their lips finally separated.


It was at this moment that Qin Luoyin erupted. Rainbow divine aura covered her whole body as extremely terrifying energy overflowed from her body.


The Spirit Binding Cord which was locking her down exploded and completely snapped. Multi-colored vortexes appeared around her, spinning around her at a high speed. Her aura was soaring and formidable.

She even shook Chu Feng and he flew out with a bang.

Now, she rose and stepped out her chariot. She stood in space, her colored clothes flapping about as she was bathed in a brilliant radiance. Her rainbow mask glowed and her pupils dazzled and glistened like purple gems.

Then she was back to her model of a goddess as she looked disdainfully at the world. She swooped down chillingly towards Chu Feng to deal the fatal blow.

Her powers were too terrifying!

In a split second, the space around her seemed to warp. She was incomparably divine as brightly colored splendor curled around her. The radiance she exuded was ever more dazzling.

"Wait a moment!" Chu Feng shouted. Qin Luoyin stopped in her tracks, halting for the time being.

"How do you want to die?!" Qin Luoyin stopped there and the sleeves of her clothes danced in the breeze. She was extremely graceful.

Chu Feng wiped the lustrous unusual blood from the corner of his mouth. He tasted it and said, "Actually, you dragged me into a dream, responding to my spirit. Then you kissed me, making both of us bleed. In short, this can be considered as an exchange of spirit and blood. This was intimate to the extreme, from spirit to body. So actually… you profaned me!"


Nevermind other people, even the Dameng Pure Land's saints standing outside Earth vomited blood.
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