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In that split second, Qin Luoyin was completely disheveled. Even someone as graceful as her couldn't help but stagger back on her blue chariot, almost falling down in the process.

This impact was simply too difficult to express. She almost started to doubt life itself. Once she had entered the dream and sneaked into another person's spiritual domain, she could kill almost any expert with relative ease.

But what had she seen just now? What had she just experienced?

This was completely different from before!

Was this still the spiritual realm of an evolver? It was completely different from an ordinary expert. She almost suspected that she had become possessed.

She normally enjoyed a supreme status as the goddess in countless people's hearts. She was pure, holy, and unstained by the moral dust. How could she have ever experienced such a thing?

She had initially adopted a superior stance toward this planet located in the outskirts of the universe. But now, she was flustered and had lost her composure.

During the split second that she was dazed, Chu Feng grasped the opportunity to utilize his spiritual arts. A blob of spiritual energy took the shape of a human as he utilized his Robbery Induction Breathing Technique and shot forth for the kill.


The spiritual energy in front resembled Qin Luoyin and was no different from the actual person. She was struck mid-air and sent flying outwards.


The heir of the Dameng Pure Land, Qin Luoyin, had suffered grave spiritual injury. This kind of showdown was the most dangerous. It was easy to suffer a counterattack if one couldn't kill the enemy immediately.

She was both wounded and flushed. She felt that Chu Fen was too shameless and vulgar. He had actually dealt with her in such a manner. In her embarrassment and anger, she quickly deployed the Dameng Pure Land's dream entry methods to slay Chu Feng's spirit.

Doubtlessly, the Dameng Pure Land's methods were indefensible, especially since Qin Luoyin was the most outstanding disciple. She went all out and dragged Chu Feng into the dream realm spiritual battlefield.

Chu Feng was fairly calm because he had already made sufficient preparations.

He shouted loudly, "True Sixth Reincarnations First Move, Sky-Engulfing Well"

An ancient well appeared through the skies, devouring the air and absorbing the moonlight in an eerie manner. Then, it erupted with spiritual energy.

Qian Luoyin became alert and combat-ready after sensing the spiritual pressure. However, the next moment, she heard sounds of obscenity from numerous spiritual fragments. The scenes were so preposterous that she could hardly endure.

Chu Feng's true killing move was combined with his shameless trick as advised by black yak, the Manchurian Tiger, and the old donkey.

Apparently, those "action scenes" had been converted to spiritual fragments which then exploded near Qin Luoyin like thunder. This made her absolutely furious.

The most hateful part was that she was within those scenes performing utterly improper things.

"I'll kill you!"

This was the utmost blasphemy for her. Chu Feng's spiritual projections were ridiculing her. It was too… shameful.

In the spiritual dream realm, Qin Luoyin's face was alternating between green and red. She was completely livid after encountering the most despicable of opponents.

Chu Feng's spiritual power was fairly strong and far surpassed an ordinary person's imagination. That was because he had slaughtered a saint on the Heavenly Vine and absorbed some of Luo Hong's spiritual energy via the Robbery Induction Breathing Technique, refining it into source spiritual power.

That was why, although he had only evolved to the visualization realm, his true spiritual power was far above other evolvers of the same level. It was extremely terrifying.

A dozen or so spirit lances flew out from Chu Feng's spiritual body and shot toward Qin Luoyin.

At the same time, he quickly escaped from the spiritual domain.

"Chu Feng, hand your life over!" Qin Luoyin's voice was clear and crisp, but it was completely emotionless. She was surging with killing intent and emitting bright lights as she moved to slaughter Chu Feng. She was formed of spiritual power but looked just like a real person. Her multicolored skirt fluttered through this space in a peerless style.

Thump thump thump!

The spirit lances exploded before her body, broken by those slender fingers.

This astonished Chu Feng. The people of the Dameng Pure Land indeed held the advantage in the spiritual domain. It was somewhat terrifying.

He was deeply astonished because he suspected that the other party had already exceeded the visualization realm.

"True Sixth Paths of Reincarnation Second Move, Martial Intent Fills the Sky!"

Chu Feng roared loudly as a martial essence qi surged one after another akin to beacon smoke rising straight into the skies. It blotted out the earth and sky as it blanketed forward in the form of a cage with which to restrain Qin Luoyin.

The Dameng Pure Land heir was both shocked and furious. The other party's spiritual attacks were truly extraordinary. Was he going to fight a decisive battle with her in her most proficient field?

Some peculiar things appeared around her again while she was sneering. The spiritual fragments Chu Feng prepared according to the advice of black yak and the others blasted out yet again.

Qin Luoyin was so angry that her entire body was trembling, her snow-white neck was flushed red, and the killing intent in her eyes was threatening. She wanted nothing more than to slap Chu Feng into mush.

She sensed the other party's strength, but he was so shameless and despicable. He was a hateful opponent, the likes of whom she had never seen before.

The beacon-like spiritual power covered Qin Luoyin amidst the interference of unbearable scenes. However, the spiritual cage still failed to capture the Dameng Pure Land's heir. She broke out and almost counterattacked.

Chu Feng's expression was solemn. He felt that the other party had truly surpassed the visualization realm. This was quite the troublesome conclusion.

There seemed to be a discrepancy in information. The Dameng Pure Land had been collecting information about them all along, while didn't even know what level Qin Luoyin was at

"Kill!" Chu Feng shouted.


Everything in this spiritual dreamland was similar to reality. He couldn't break free immediately so all he could do was go all out. His spiritual fist seal erupted with light and golden blood qi—everything became vivid and lifelike.


A sound akin to the breaking of the void was proven for eternity.

Chu Feng's fist seals almost blasted through the spiritual dream realm. This absolute power shocked Qin Luoyin who responded hurriedly with cold eyes and prepared to use her ultimate killing move.

"Tsch tsch tsch…"

The next moment, several sword lights flew up in the battlefield and shot forward like flying immortals. The numerous Qin Luoyins were like numerous immortals tearing through the skies as they charged toward Chu Feng in an indefensible manner.

Chu Feng was immediately injured. His spiritual body staggered backward with blood over its body.

"You've surpassed the visualization realm!" His expression was unsightly. The other party was known as the number one expert of the younger generation. It would be fairly terrifying if she had surpassed the visualization realm.

That was because Chu Feng could cross realms to kill other evolvers, but it would be too difficult to cross realms against a similar heaven-bestowed genius.


His spiritual energy erupted as he activated the Resonance Technique. He was deploying the Spiral Technique, a peerless art used to kill enemies stronger than oneself. He was about to go all out.

At the same time, coarse stone balls took spiritual form and the peerless painting scroll appeared behind his back. He was going to fight to the death.

Naturally, he didn't forget to shout at this point, "True Six Paths of Reincarnation, Chu-Qin Showdown!"

The name was crude and unrestrained, but in truth, he was activating the resonance art and the spiral technique along with vast amounts of spiritual fragments. It wasn't the same this time because the figures tangling up in the scene were Chu Feng and Qin Luoyin.

"Chu Feng, you shameless and despicable person! I'll cut you into eight pieces today!"

Qin Luoyin's emotions were too intense because this was something she had never experienced before. The man before her had actually projected so many terrifying scenes. Such blasphemy was truly difficult to bear. Her heart was simply about to explode.

Chu Feng said in an unconcerned manner, "You secretly pulled me into the dream amidst a spiritual battle and forced me to join your tempo. I haven't even accused you of being shameless. You sneak attacked me like this, yet you have the nerve to blame me? It's a spiritual at the spiritual level, so what inherent difference is there?"

Later on, he shouted once again, "Chu-Qin Showdown!"

"Myriad Flying Blades!" Qin Luoyin muttered softly. Her face was beet red, but her attacks were cold and merciless. She utilized the most powerful method to kill this person in the dream.

At this moment, the spiritual realm surged as tens of thousands of immortal swords shot over to crush Chu Feng.


Chu Feng ignited some coarse stone balls. The scene was carved with domain symbols. This was his killer trump card capable of defying the heavens and turning the tables.

At this point, his spirit had suffered greatly and his spiritual body was coughing up blood. That was because he was almost certain that the other party was beyond the visualization realm. Her strength was simply too terrifying.

It wasn't that his talents and skills were inferior, but the gap in realms was simply too great.

However, that lethal blow was forcibly blocked. The Myriad Flying Blades didn't manage to cut down Chu Feng. From this, it was clear how terrifying the coarse stone balls engraved with domain symbols were!

Even Qin Luoyin was shaken. Any other visualization realm cultivator would've been killed already!

How much difference could there be between the top geniuses in the cosmos? It was almost impossible to fight across realms. Her heart fluctuated wildly and could hardly calm down.

"You're very strong, but I'm the ruler in this dream world. You have no chance at all!"

Qin Luoyin spoke in a calm manner. She was preparing her ultimate killing move and would suddenly erupt at the last moment!


Another powerful spiritual energy entered and merged with her, causing her strength to double. She was now equal to two of her past selves.

Chu Feng immediately understood. Earlier on, Qin Luoyin hadn't committed all of her spiritual power into the dream realm battlefield. Only now did she decide to go all-out without holding back.

This was indeed a killing move. Under normal circumstances, Chu Feng who was an entire level lower than her could only suffer helplessly.

As a heaven-bestowed genius, all the same, it was simply too difficult for Chu Feng to conquer and slay such a person across realms.

However, his heart was calm because he had been waiting for this moment. His spiritual domain erupted with surging blood qi and drowned out the entire spiritual realm battlefield.

Even someone as powerful as Qin Luoyin felt her eyes stinging and her spirit couldn't probe the other party's true situation.

However, she still charged forward with her spiritual immortal sword because she believed she could slay all enemies!

With her current strength, she firmly believed she would be ranked among the strongest in the younger generation and not rank-eight or nine as the world thought she was.

At this moment, a figure emitted boundlessly terrifying spiritual energy akin to a self-detonation. This was a classic example of indiscriminate destruction.

Behind, Chu Feng's true spiritual body was retreating. The destruction form was something he had shot out. It was the Deity Race Saint's spiritual seed, a strand of his soul.

Days ago, the saint had interfered during his fight with the Deity Race Young God. He had descended personally by sending down a visualization level spiritual seed. In the end, it was captured by Chu Feng.

He had never gotten rid of it until now.

These days, apart from the black yak, the Manchurian Tiger, and the old donkey helping him scheme, he himself was also making preparations. He had sealed the saint Luo Hong's soul and shot it out at the critical moment.

It indeed proved effective as expected. How could Qin Luoyin have expected another person to participate in the showdown?

She sensed her sword descend, followed by the death of a certain person and the shattering of his spiritual seal. She believed that Chu Feng had been killed and thus relaxed for a moment.

At that split second, Chu Feng extricated himself from the dream, rushed out of the spiritual realm and back into reality.

He didn't go over to ambush the other party in the spiritual realm because it was her home ground. He would rather attack her in the real world.

Chu Feng recovered in the time it took for a spark to fly off the flint and his physical body ignited with divine light. His eyes suddenly became spirited as he flew toward the carriage with a boom.

His speed was simply too fast. His grasp of the World's End Near at Hand gave him the ability to virtually ignore space and distance.

The world was sent into an uproar at this moment.

Chu Feng was murmuring deliriously during their confrontation just now, so everyone thought he would be dragged into the dream realm and killed.

In the end, he had woken up and charged toward Qin Luoyin with great decisiveness.

Gasps of surprise arose as people worried about her.

At the same time, many frowned when they recalled how Chu Feng was muttering deliriously and shouted the words True Six Path Reincarnation.

"Don't tell me he's really grasped the peerless Six Paths Reincarnation Secret Art? Was that why he could escape from Fairy Qin's dream realm?" Some were suspicious.


Chu Feng appeared directly above the carriage with blood qi surging into the skies and the matchless painting scroll behind his back. Coarse stone balls arranged themselves around him, and at the same time, he had the spiral technique in one hand and the resonance technique in the other as blasted toward Qin Luoyin.

At this moment, Qin Luoyin hadn't yet returned to the real world. She was naturally struck by the attack since she believed she had killed Chu Feng in the dream realm.

At the same time, Chu Feng also tossed out a spirit binding cord in order to bind Qin Luoyin's arms and body.

One had to admit that the Dameng Pure Land indeed possessed boundless treasures. Their foundations were simply too powerful. Chu Feng's resonance and spiral techniques were enough to blast Qin Luoyin to pieces. However, a prismatic light erupted from her body and protected her from the lethal attack.

When the light dimmed down, Chu Feng was sitting on Qin Luoyin's thighs with his fists blasted toward her forehead and skull. That was because he knew that this woman's most powerful aspect was her spiritual domain and the most effective way to attack her was to strike at her weak points.

Moreover, his peerless painting scroll was also pressing down upon Qin Luoyin in a bid to destroy her entire body.

However, the secret treasures on her managed to gain her some time. She immediately returned from the dream realm and her painting scroll appeared to block Chu Feng's own, narrowly avoiding a fatal calamity.

At the same time, her forehead glowed with light. She wasn't able to evade Chu Feng's fist seal, but she managed to transfer energy there for a direct defense.

Chu Feng was initially surging with killing intent and wanted to blast her to pieces. In the end, the other party had woken up and regained her spirit; things were far from encouraging. Seeing her beautiful eyes burning with rage and suffused with a murderous will, he immediately lowered his head and went down.

At this moment, Qin Luoyin was wearing a prismatic mask, but her beautiful eyes and alluring lips were exposed. Chu Feng thus nipped her moist, bright-red lips.

Moreover, he let out a muffled cry, "True Six Paths Reincarnation!"

Qin Luoyin's murderous intent filled the skies and her eyes were frigid, but now her beautiful eyes were wide open with incredulity.

People in the vicinity were immediately petrified.
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