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The battle in the starry skies ended with the Sagemaster's departure.

However, the depths of the starry skies were still filled with tempestuous storms. The Deity Race ancestor, the Netherworld Race ancestor, and that mysterious person were greatly unresigned.

Additionally, the Spirit Race ancestor had also launched a deadly attack midway to stop the Sagemaster from leaving, but he had also failed. Moreover, some stars under their rule were blasted apart as a result.

This was a cosmic storm sweeping through all of the major star systems. It would become a shocking incident that had never happened before in a thousand years.

Dense energy fluctuations came through from the depths of the sea of stars as a number of experts appeared with boundless killing intent. Their wills swept through the heaven and earth, causing many asteroids to tremble and explode.

"How hateful!"

The Deity Race ancestor let out a low growl. He raised a giant hand and crushed a large star to dust, allowing the powder to seep out from between his fingers.

The Netherworld Race ancestor's face was so gloomy that it was about to drip water. Black flames raged around him and drowned the starry skies. Afterward, he let out a loud howl and some planets in the unknown stary system in front of him exploded immediately.

The mysterious expert's body shrunk down. He sat on a burning sun, seething with anger.

Many parties had worked together, but the Sagemaster had still managed to escape. And during this process, they had fallen into his domain traps several times and also suffered heavy blows from the Sagemaster's Star-Studded Whip.

In the battle, they were actually blasted into a bloody mist. It was simply too humiliating.

In the cosmic skies, an aura of oppression was spreading out.

However, things had reached a boiling point in the virtual world of the interstellar network. Countless people were discussing fervently. The things that had happened today shook the people's hearts and incited a cosmic tsunami.

The Sagemaster had returned in such a domineering manner and could be considered boundlessly tyrannical.

Despite arriving alone, he dared to fight fiercely against the ancestors of various races, using various domain methods during the exchange and blasting them apart one by one.

What level of accomplishment was this? It could be considered heaven-defying.

If not for his body being problematic, a god-slaying incident might've occurred. Perhaps a heaven-illuminator would've been killed. That would surely shake the entire starry skies.

At least, everyone unanimously believed that Luo Qicheng was on his way to disaster and would likely be destroyed.

No small number of people had seen it clearly. He was extremely wretched after having his dao foundations shattered. He could be termed the greatest loser in this battle.

He had just stepped into the highest realm after many years of accumulation when he encountered such an outcome, the bitter fate of having his realm decreased.

"The Sagemaster is peerlessly tyrannical. He killed his way out of the solar system on his own and no one could stop him!"

"He's simply too svelte! Is that really the legendary Sagemaster? After finally witnessing him in action, he's truly a peerlessly brilliant character, the foremost expert on the path of domains. No one can win against him!"

The starry skies were aboil.

No matter how unhappy the Deity Race was, they simply couldn't stop the great number of human mouths. Everyone had seen the matters today, so it was impossible even if they wanted to hide it.

They might've been able to pull some strings if this were a small-scale battle and try to hide the truth. However, a matter like the present one was bound to spread to every corner of the universe.

"Heh, Deity Race, Netherworld Race, Spirit Race, and the others have suffered a resounding slap to the face. Let's see how they'll remain on their high-horses!"

"Are you tired of living? Don't you remember how ten golden arhat level experts were burned to ashes? That was because of some words they had spoken."

"I'm speaking on the virtual network. Bite me if they can."

"You can't run away if they're really intent on investigating. Be careful."


In the cosmos, people everywhere were in a clamor.

Even the most powerful races from the ten greatest planets were holding secret meetings. This matter had too much of an effect.

In the cosmos, all the students from several of the highest schools felt their blood boiling. A single person had contended against several heaven-illuminators. Just what kind of divine might was this? This was their life's greatest ambition.

The evolvers of various races who had stayed behind in the solar system felt their hearts trembling and their spirits throbbing. They had personally witnessed this battle and would never forget this scene as long as they were alive.

There were saints and golden arhats among them. They had landed on planets like Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune to seek the protection of the Sagemaster's domains for survival.

Otherwise, these people would've encountered a big problem.


Suddenly, the solar system became dim with an incomparable suppression.

Dark mist spread out and covered the entire space.

Afterward, a pair of cold, merciless eyes akin to black holes appeared outside of the earth. The eyes were several times larger than the earth itself, looking down at this vital land.

This was the Netherworld Race ancestor. He had returned from the starry skies with a cold, merciless netherworld aura.


Yet another pair of eyes appeared. Its size was shockingly large and as big as the sun. It looked down and stared fixedly at earth.

At this moment, the entire solar system was deathly silent without a single noise. The pressure had reached an extreme point.

Even the discussions taking place throughout the universe and on the interstellar network had come to a halt. Countless people were paying anxious attention to the live stream images.

The Deity Race ancestor and the Netherworld Race ancestor had approached earth and were looking down upon them with cruel eyes. Could it be that they were looking to destroy the Sagemaster's domains and turn this planet into a land of death?

At this moment, the experts in the vast ocean of stars were staring fixedly at earth. The time to decide earth's fate had arrived.

In the end, the eyes larger than the sun closed up in silence and disappeared all of a sudden.

Afterward, black mist surged as the blackhole-like pupils also vanished. The Netherworld Race ancestor had withdrawn along with the mist.

The entire solar system resumed normalcy and was no longer suppressed. It was no longer deathly silent after the energy mists dispersed.

This meant that the Deity Race, Netherworld Race, and the Spirit Race didn't dare take this bet in the end. They didn't have the courage to attack earth.

That was because "with the Sagemaster alive, his race couldn't be destroyed".

If they had truly taken action, the Sagemaster would surely seek revenge since he had always been a man of his word.

Earlier on, everyone had already seen how those stars had burst apart like fireworks.

If they were intent on fighting to the death, the sea of stars would be filled with an endless shower of fireworks.

Earth, Mount Longhu.

The toad was drenched in sweat and almost drained of all strength. He sighed a breath of relief and said, "They're finally gone."

Yellow Ox's golden hair was also moist and stuck in tufts. His entire body was clammy from the cold sweat.

Chu Feng sighed emotionally. He also wiped the sweat off his forehead. "It's over. Yaoyao engaged in a tyrannical farewell battle before leaving with the Sagemaster, and it has brought earth boundless benefits!"

"It's finally over." The black yak, the old donkey, and the Manchurian Tiger were sitting on the ground in exhaustion.

A heaven-illuminator looking down on the planet was no less tiring than a life and death battle for all the evolvers. Their hearts al suffered great torment at that moment.

That was because if the ancient ancestors had launched a complete attack in anger, the entire earth would be overturned!

"We have to be more low key form now on. Let's not make too much of a ruckus," Black yak advised.

"Makes sense. One must live humbly," Manchurian Tiger chimed in.

These words were naturally caught by the heavenly eyes and ears in the starry skies because the group wasn't disguising their conversation. This immediately caused everyone to reveal peculiar expressions.

At this moment, Chu Feng contacted some people via photon computer. "Old Demon Zhao, why haven't you taken action? Didn't you say you're going to attack the people form the Dameng Pure Land? Didn't you say you're going to capture their descendant Qin Luoyin? Have you forgotten?"

"Capture your ass! Goodbye!"

Outside of earth, Old Demon Zhao and Old Demon Yuan didn't want to speak further. They weren't willing to pay attention to Chu Feng despite their granddaughters and grandsons being in Chu Feng's hands.

How could they be in the mood to take action after experiencing such a matter? The battle between heaven-illuminators was too frightening, terrifying almost everyone. Before long, they were all hiding within planets like Saturn and Mars to avoid the danger. Even their faces had turned green, and they truly regretted coming here.

"They've left, they've left. Everything is over. Let's celebrate," Ouyang Feng mumbled.

It was at this moment that the folded space in the depths of Mount Longhu flickered with light. A wormhole had opened therein.

At the same time, a notification rang out on Chu Feng's photon computer. "Your package has arrived. The Heaven Bridging Wormhole Company wishes you a smooth and delightful evolutionary path."

Chu Feng was speechless. This express company was truly... humanized.

He then let out an odd cry, "The Six Path Reincarnation Pills have arrived."

As expected, the goods had arrived after several days. There were two dazzling pills within an exquisite cauldron. They were shining brightly like two little suns and covered in mysterious patterns akin to dao engravings. At the same time, they were extremely fragrant.

Just these two pills alone was worth 160 billion cosmic dollars, and this didn't include the brokerage fees yet. The expense was frighteningly outrageous.

Chu Feng couldn't wait any longer and immediately swallowed one of them. His entire body erupted with divine light and became engulfed in a radiant cocoon. The cracked dao foundations from his evolution healed up rapidly, and the vitality in this body surged like the vast oceans.

Such a treasured medicine was specially prepared for golden arhat leveled evolvers. Him using it at this realm was excessively extravagant.

Very soon, Chu Feng's evolutionary foundations were completely healed, and the hidden injuries vanished completely. He was in great spirits and enshrouded in a dense layer of vitality.

Ouyang Feng was drooling madly, and the others like black yak and the old donkey were gazing with wide eyes.

"Ah, don't be too envious. We've caught two hundred divine sons and saintesses, haven't we? I promise everyone will get a Six Path Reincarnation pill."

"This… aren't we going to lay low?" the donkey said with a soft voice. After experiencing such a major incident, his calf was still cramping and his footing, unstable.

Chu Feng nodded seriously. "True, we must be low-key and not act so ostentatiously. We will sell the divine sons and saintesses in a low-key manner. Yes, let's contact the buyers right away."

In the starry skies, many people were speechless. There were countless people watching them right now. It was truly weird for him to say such words at such a time.

"Goddamit, sell divine sons and saintesses in a low-key manner? And it's all being live streamed?!" Finally, someone couldn't help but look at him in disdain.

The group was still mumbling about how one mustn't be too high-key.

"Yes, we must be low-key. We don't want to stir up trouble. We only want to sell divine sons and saintesses. All relevant parties, please prepare your ransoms."
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