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The Sacred Ruins 580 Rampaging Through the Cosmos

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"This is your so-called ship?" Ouyang Feng's eyes were almost popping out as he looked at Yaoyao. A ship had indeed come to pick her up, but it was… a bronze coffin.

An energy pagoda appeared in the depths of Mount Longhu. It was suffused with immortal mist and extraordinarily hazy. There was a grain of eternal gold inside, flowing with splendid lights.

"Farewell!" Yaoyao entered the pagoda with a swoosh and vanished into the eternal gold.

"Hey, Yaoyao, how do we find you? What's the situation of the place you're headed to?" Chu Feng inquired. He wanted to understand more about the conditions and route of her journey.

"He's right. Sister, how do we find you if you leave just like that?" Ouyang Feng shouted.

Yellow Ox, Black Yak, the demons of Kunlun, and the others were all sighing. Everyone was somewhat reluctant. They shouted out loudly in hopes of obtaining more information.

"The place I'm going to is extremely dangerous, and the road is full of peril. The area is only accessible after passing through the border region of the primal chaos. Currently, even saints can hardly survive there. Even heaven illuminators might die. It's a vast and boundless area several times bigger than our cosmos, a place impossible to fully explore. That broken area is suffused with primal chaos and home to some ancient races. There are many unmatched chaos demonic gods of immense power. Some say the broken cosmos is a tribulation zone…"

Yaoyao gave a brief summary of where she was going. This invoked a lot of thoughts and emotions. No one could at the scene could calm down.

Later on, the energy pagoda lit up and rushed into the coffin and the lid fell down with a clang.

"Mount Longhu is still my daoist grounds. The outer realm descenders are not to be allowed inside. Otherwise, kill them without mercy!" Yaoyao's final words turned this place into a forbidden zone.

The mottled bronze coffin engraved with various runes rushed into the sky with a boom and disappeared from Mount Longhu. Its speed was simply too fast as it charged into outer space.

This kind of speed and this kind of transition caused many people to freeze. No one could achieve this, but the Sagemaster could because he was at the forefront in the field of domains.

Everyone sighed. If the Sagemaster were to fight with the Heaven Bridging Wormhole Company, the latter would likely be at a disadvantage. Being able to use domain methods to traverse the starry skies and perform spatial leap, the Sagemaster held the inherent advantage.

At this moment, the battle was still ongoing in the starry skies. The fluctuation from the nine large stars had merged into one and assumed the form of a Demon Subduing Ring which locked down the bloody mist that was Luo Qicheng, disabling him from escaping.

"Sagemaster, you…" Luo Qicheng cried loudly. His spiritual will was about to disperse. It had been locked down in place and suffered yet another blow from the Star-Studded Whip.

One could see that the golden blood and qi were about to die out. The mist was originally capable of covering an entire planet, but now it was breaking down continuously.

That was because this area was filled with dense domain runes. The Demon Subduing Ring contracted continuously and the might of the Star-Studded Whip was matchless as it whipped out repeatedly.

Was this going to be the slaughter of a heaven-illuminator?

In the cosmos, all lifeforms were staring fixedly at this place. Their eyes were sparkling and great waves were going through their hearts. The matter today had blown up to the greatest of proportions.


That mysterious and incomparably powerful ancestor shrouded in white mist blasted at the Sagemaster with great killing intent. He was utilizing a technique comparable to a violent storm.

If even the four great experts who had gathered today couldn't destroy a single Sagemaster, then things would be pretty laughable. What face would they have left?

At this moment, the Deity Race ancestor's broken body was flowing with golden blood. The parts had reattached together and erupted with a blinding light which flooded the entire solar system. He was in the process of recovery.

He was truly furious. A single careless mistake had actually allowed the Sagemaster's attack to succeed. Having one's body slashed into two was a great humiliation to veteran experts like them.

Two halberds flew out from his sun-sized eyes. They surged with golden flames as they hacked toward the Sagemaster in a terrifying manner.

On the other side, the Netherworld Race ancestor's fragmented body was reforming.


The Sagemaster also launched a heavy blow toward the Netherworld Race ancestor at the same time that he dealt Luo Qicheng the killing blow. A mirror surface leaped out from the distant sun and shot out dazzling domain runes toward the Netherworld Race ancestor.

Tsch… Tsch… Tsch...

The Netherworld Race ancestor's bloody mist was like the snow coming into contact with the sun. A good part of it was dissolved and heavy damage was sustained.

"A moment of carelessness allowed you to injure me. Netherworld space, open! Annihilate all!" The Netherworld Race ancestor recondensed himself from the bloody mist. During the emergence, he let out a low growl and tore open a jet-black space, poised to devour everything. He was displaying a truly extraordinary method.

At this time, the Sagemaster waved his whip through the void. All of a sudden, it wasn't just the solar system, but even the outer regions were glowing with light. All stars, including the Milky Way, were aligning into a formation.


One after the other, long spears flew in from the distance and shot straight at the Deity Race ancestor, the Netherworld Race ancestor, and the others. These were celestial-grade weapons, and all of them were boundlessly large.

They were powered by the stars, formed of domain runes, and possessed boundless destructive power.

This was specifically prepared to deal with Heaven-Illuminators!

"It's useless, Sagemaster, you're dead!" The Deity Race ancestor roared. His golden pupils caused even the sun to dim down. The two halberds flying out from his eyes clashed with the spears in amidst clanging sounds.

At the same time, the Netherworld Race ancestor, Luo Qicheng, and the others also suffered the attacks from the spears.

Luo Qicheng's situation was especially miserable. He was restricted by the Demon Subduing Ring in his bloody mist form, unable to extricate himself for the moment. He was being crushed by powerful energy and suffering constant damage.


At this moment, the Deity Palm slapped forward to help Luo Qicheng escape. At the same time, the expert's fist seal smashed out and the Netherworld Race Ancestor's claws attacked, finally causing the Sagemaster heavy injuries.

Even though a shield made of domain runes appeared before the Sagemaster, it was immediately blasted apart and disintegrated. His body flew out amidst a spray of fresh blood.


At this moment, the coffin flew over and crashed into the Deity Race ancestors back, causing him to be flung away.

The Sagemaster gasped loudly and retreated back onto the coffin. Later on, with a wave of the Star-Studded whip, the entire starry sky started undulating like the tides. The scene was truly peculiar.

Then, people felt the entire starry sky come to life. It was breathing and pulsating rhythmically as it merged with the Sagemaster.


Some other people were astonished because it looked like their race's ultimate breathing technique. It was able to produce all kinds of unfathomable powers and unleash peerless wondrous arts.

But this should be a domain method. How was he able to achieve this?

In the depths of the starry skies, some old domain researchers were incomparably excited. "This is a forbidden technique, a peerless method! Domains, when researched to the extremes, can also derive a supreme breathing technique. This is the pulsation of the river of stars as it merges Sagemaster. They're breathing at the same time and deriving a supreme ability!"


As expected, the Sagemaster became boundlessly terrifying. He was drowned in starlight and his arm erupted with bright light as he raised his hand. A beam of sword light slashed forth to cut apart the heaven and earth.


The Deity Race ancestor unleashed blade radiance with the large halberd in his grasp, but he was shocked quite badly. He was a veteran heaven-illuminator, so how could the Sagemaster fight head-on against him? The opponent wasn't using cheap tricks this time!

"Kill him! He has only borrowed the vast energy of the starry ocean and can't compete with us. Moreover, he has just entered this realm, there's no need to fear him."

The Netherworld Race ancestor had reformed his true body and was no longer in bloody mist form. He was the first to rush out while circulating his race's breathing technique. Immediately, the haze of the netherworld suffused the starry skies. Even the stars grew dim and disappeared.

At this time, they had already fought their way out of the solar system and entered a magnificent area.


Suddenly, the countless stars in the region rearranged themselves into a great furnace and swallowed everyone. All the stars in the skies burst into flames to heat this furnace.


The Deity Race ancestor and the Netherworld Race ancestor were furious. The Sagemaster was simply too bold. He actually dared to refine them under the eyes of many people. This was simply too domineering.


At this moment, the Sagemaster was standing atop the coffin. He had already escaped the furnace and the region.

This starry formation was emitting domain runes to form a great furnace. It was resplendent, divine, and flawless. At the same time, it was growing translucent.

The furnace was tremendous and incomparably real. The celestial bodies in the starry skies were all shining brightly and providing energy for this furnace. Great flames raged on to refine the four great experts.


The Sagemaster's Star-Studded Whip expanded like a river of stars as it smashed at the great furnace. This shook the furnace and caused it to resonate with him.

The four experts within were badly shaken. The others were still fine, but Luo Qicheng couldn't handle it very well. He had just escaped the Demon Subduing Ring and reformed his body, but now he had suffered damage yet again.

"Is he really going to refine the Heaven-Illuminator experts?!" Everyone was dumbfounded and could hardly believe their eyes.


But the Sagemaster was coughing up blood. Even his white hair was clammy and his handsome face was pale as he swayed atop the bronze coffin. In the end, he could only let out a helpless sigh.

"There's something wrong with his body. He was nearly destroyed after that ancient battle and the damage still hasn't gone away up to this day. At the same time, his so-called heaven-illumination is also problematic. Let's kill our way out, slaughter him and destroy this starry sky!"

The Deity Race ancestor roared. The power of a veteran expert was matchless. At this moment, he struggled ferociously and crashed apart the furnace cover.

"Let's go!"

The Sagemaster left decisively. There was indeed a serious problem with his body and thus couldn't linger for very long. Otherwise, he would surely die here.

Once he was dead, his race would most certainly be exterminated. The descendants left behind on the mother star would have no way to remain alive. They were destined to be destroyed.

"Where do you think you're going? The Deity Race ancestor was too powerful. He rushed out of the furnace and chased after the Sagemaster. Later on came the Mysterious expert and the Netherworld Race ancestor.


The Sagemaster turned back and uttered these words softly. The furnace behind him exploded. The last person who hadn't yet escaped screamed out in misery. Luo Qicheng exploded into a golden mist of blood and was in excruciating pain. Even though heaven illuminators were difficult to kill, such an attack made it difficult for him to bear. At this moment, his dao foundation split open from the repeated explosions. The damage was especially thorough this time.

"Sagemaster, if you dare leave, we'll surely destroy your mother star and turn this place into a dead zone. We'll eliminate all life!"

The Netherworld Race ancestor threatened.

"A heaven-illuminator level evolver dares attack in such a rash manner. I'll definitely make you pay a thousand times over and send you off first!" the Sagemaster spoke with a cold voice, and his words shook the entire starry ocean.

Void Illumination.

He deployed a great ability and projected the scenes from the depths of the cosmos. That was the universe controlled by the Netherworld Race. A domain activated at this moment and caused a resource star to explode with a boom!

"You dare!" the Netherworld Race ancestor roared furiously. There were sage medicines on that planet and most of it was covered in spiritual medicinal gardens. Moreover, there was a large number of people from their race stationed here.

Now, it had directly turned into ashes and dust.

"Sagemaster, are you courting racial extermination?!" the Deity Race ancestor shouted.

Sagemaster replied, "Throughout the many years, I have never accepted threats. As long as I'm alive, my race shall not die. Let this be the price of your ambush. Your race should also receive a blow!"


Far in the distance, a star exploded within the star system controlled by the Deity Race. It went up in a ball of resplendent flames and illuminated the entire cosmos. The scene was truly terrifying.

There was no doubt that even a resource star had a group of experts stationed there. In the end, they were all destroyed in both form and soul, dying alongside the planet.


Behind him, the four experts were all shocked. For so many years, they had never acted wantonly because they were worried about the Sagemaster. In their eyes, he was a terrorist leader.


They didn't dare threaten him anymore and only kept on chasing him for thousands of miles.


At the same time, a large hand reached out from the depths of the cosmos and clawed at the Sagemaster. There was another heaven-illuminator taking action. Such a major development alarmed everyone.


The Sagemaster duly evaded and wasn't caught.

"Spirit Race's ancestor, you think I don't know who you are just because you've disguised yourself? Stopping me at this juncture will cost you five stars!"

The Sagemaster roared furiously.

Five stars exploded in the depths of the cosmos, their light sweeping through the void and shocking the world.

Doubtlessly, the Sagemaster was well-prepared. Throughout the long years, he had already set up domains on many of the stars controlled by his enemies and could activate them at any moment."

"Xilin Clan, you traitors! I originally had some delusions about you, but now it seems you lot can't stay still. I underestimated you, Wei Xilin. You've already become a heaven-illuminator?"

The Sagemaster rebuked softly. He faced a part of the ocean of stars with killing intent, but he gradually retracted it without erupting.

The Sagemaster turned around and suddenly rushed back. He ignited a path of the starry skies with a peerless domain, causing the chasing Netherworld Ancestor to fall into a killer trap.


The Sagemaster rushed over and waved his divine whip. This ferocious attack lashed the ancestor apart.


Following which, he used the same method to whip the Deity Ancestor into pieces.

Unfortunately, that mysterious expert was too powerful and couldn't be killed so easily. The Sagemaster didn't have enough power to do so. Even with the aid of a supreme domain trap he had prepared for many years, the other party still wasn't destroyed.

He sighed lightly and left without lingering on.

"You deserve to die!" the Netherworld race ancestor roared furiously. His cries shook the cosmos because this was a great humiliation to him.

It was even worse for the Deity Race ancestor. Their race had always been high and mighty, but today, they had taken great losses continuously.


Luo Qicheng's screams arrived from afar. It was incomparably wretched and harsh. This alarmed the Deity Race ancestor who rushed back in a hurry.


Luo Qicheng cried miserably. He was a heaven-illuminating expert. It shouldn't have been easy for the Sagemaster to kill him with his current constitution. But he was now crumbling and his dao foundation had exploded completely.

Luo Qicheng managed to survive and reform his body and spirit. But he couldn't heal his dao foundation. His realm had slipped and he would need countless years for him to recover.


This time, the Sagemaster had rushed back into the Solar System and opened up a super wormhole. He then vanished within along with the bronze coffin.

In the end, he disappeared near his mother star.

"Heaven Illuminators, if you dare take the field personally and take one life from my race, I'll destroy a planet belonging to theirs!"

This was the Sagemaster's undisguised threat. His voice reverberated throughout the starry skies as he left.
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