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"Where are you going?" Chu Feng was rather worried. How could Yaoyao leave Earth when it was in such a state? She was just a lingering will, and once people discovered this, who knew how many there were in the entire universe who would want to hunt her down and kill her? Could there be any other way out?

Yaoyao was once ranked as number one under the starry skies. None of her foes were commoners—any one of them was a great world-shaking figure!

To think of how she had defeated and killed all her opponents back then—the Winged Godhead, the Immortal Destiny Physique, the Origin Magnetic Sacred Physique… Any of them could've grown to become oppressive experts of the universe.

The black yak, Ouyang Feng, the old donkey, and the Manchurian Tiger all looked rather concerned and didn't want her to go on a long journey. It would indeed be incredibly dangerous, and one after another, they advised her against it.

"There's no need to worry." Yaoyao smiled gently and said with due calmness, "I received notice from an elder that he has broken through the primal chaotic zone on the edge of the universe. Through entering an old broken universe, he has made some astonishing discoveries, and there could be hope for me there."

"I'll go on behalf of you and bring back whatever you need," said Chu Feng.

"Or let me go. People won't notice," said Yellow Ox.

The rest thought this was feasible. Yellow Ox and the others were smaller targets and were fairly suitable to go in Yaoyao's place.

Yaoyao shook her head and caressed Yellow Ox's head. At once, the delicate pretty young fellow became bashful and blushed.

"Some things can't be brought back. Me going there personally is the only way. There are some rather special terrains there, such as the mother nest in which primal chaotic gods are nurtured."

Yaoyao's words astonished Chu Feng and the others. Do nests which nurture primal chaotic gods really exist? This was simply heaven-defying!

"I am waiting for further news and to be picked up," said Yaoyao.

Then, they discussed it more, but Yaoyao didn't mention that elder again or when she was going to set off. This involved a great deal and she was still pondering over it carefully.

Eventually, they mentioned Kun Yu again, for this person imposed a great threat if he really had his eyes on Earth. He was practically a vast, unsurpassable mountain, eminent and unapproachable. Who could shake him?!

Even Yaoyao couldn't, as that person was to become unparalleled soon.

Chu Feng then mentioned the Earth's true chosen one. He told Yaoyao that that person possessed an energy pagoda—the Earth's inheritance. He was implying that this was a variable.

This was because Yaoyao had just said that Kun Yu wanted her to use the world's inheritance, the energy pagoda, to help him.

"For an expert like him to come in smoothly, he needs to activate all of the supreme energy pagodas. It's vital that not one is missed out."

Yaoyao continued and said, "One of the most crucial energy pagodas is located on Mount Longhu and is used to protect a piece of everlasting gold. I'll take it away with me so that he can't gather them all."

"Excellent, then this fellow will be drawing water with a bamboo basket — he'll achieve nothing," Ouyang Feng said with a laugh.

"But I know him. He won't give up his goal. Furthermore, he's not your average Joe. He will find a way using unusual methods," Yaoyao warned.

At present, the Earth was in a period of recovery, and everyone was watching on keenly. Aside from Kun Yu, there were still many other threats.

Yaoyao departed and left for Mount Longhu for self-cultivation. Before she left, she told Chu Feng and the others that the Deity race definitely wouldn't leave the mater at that, but they shouldn't be afraid.

The great event outside of earth stunned the starry skies across the universe and caused a great commotion in various regions.

The Deity race had come with a large force mustered, yet their young god was taken captive and their saint Luo Hong, killed. In addition another saint, a quasi-sage and a golden arhat were all demolished. In fact, one of their goddesses was even jolted to death alive by domain runes pouring down in torrents from the moon, her body, and soul completely extinguished.

This disaster happened to the Deity race. It was no less than a crisis across the universe and so shocked many races.

Furthermore, Kun Yu had also emerged at the last moment, walking on the multi-colored passage running through the solar system. He had been refused after talking with Yaoyao, and naturally, this led many to make associative connections.

"It's hard to imagine that there'd be a day where the Deity race would lose out. All these years they have seized thousands if not hundreds of vital stars. They have always been invincible, yet their saints have died one after another on that waning land."

"The Deity race holds many secret tomes and extinct techniques, all of which are accumulated through bloody events. They'd seized all kinds of unique martial arts through overcoming barbarous races and killing Taotie divine beasts. Nevertheless, they have still lost now. That youngster on Earth is rather remarkable. To have killed a saint! What a satisfaction to everyone! As for Princess Yaoyao, her reputation as number one in the starry skies back then was indeed fully justified. She still dominates the entire starry skies in fights with those of a similar level!"

People were in spirited discussions across all the major galaxies.

Some even said that the Deity race was going downhill and that their glory was no more. Naturally, this was someone adding fuel to the fire. Furthermore, it was a race whose background was rather frightening who was spreading these statements.

Come to think of it, the Deity race had encroached innumerable interests while taking control of vital stars everywhere. They were either planets with staggering levels of energy where various kinds of wonderful medicines could be found, even holy medicines or mother of all gold.

It must be borne in mind that some of those holy medicines and gold were greatly valuable to saints and heavenly illuminating beings.

Therefore naturally it made many green with envy!

It seemed harmonious between large formidable communities, but they were always secretly competing against each other and dividing the extent of their influences. For example, the territories occupied by the ancient Top Ten on Earth interlocked like dogs' teeth and were adjacent to each other.

In fact, there were several major forces entrenched on some of the ancient stars where rare great medicines grew and they operated them together. Once every a hundred years, they would work out who held the right to gather the medicines anew, then distribute them once again.

As a result, many undercurrents started flowing after the Deity race was defeated in this waning land, and all sorts of rumors were on the rise.

"Those who dare disrespect the Deity race shall die!"

On this day, an ice-cold voice sounded from the planet the Deity race inhabited. It shocked the entire galaxy as it spread into the ears of numerous individuals.

One of the Deity race's great figures spoke. He was almost a heavenly illuminating expert and could even be considered as someone who'd already entered this domain. He had awakened from his deep sleep and was looking down upon the starry skies.

It was on this day that at least ten golden-arhat leveled beings died a tragic death. They were all people who had been propagating the fall of the Deity race. Just a second ago, they were still talking about it loudly and arrogantly before they combusted spontaneously. They burst into flames, then burned to ashes as their bodies and souls were completely destroyed.

For every single person who died this way, a pair of gigantic eyeballs appeared outside their planets. These were practically as big as the moon and gazed down coldly at the source of life.

In the end, the tragedies occurred.

Everyone felt their blood run cold. The Deity race had dispatched their supreme expert who was the verge of the heaven-illuminating domains. Else how could he have made golden-arhat leveled experts die a tragic death with just one look?

In one day, communities and beings who had been criticizing the Deity race quietened significantly. At least, they didn't dare to talk about them in an overstated manner, and many were afraid of the consequences under their powerful forces.

However, those on the Origin Beast Platform and Black Blood Arena were in heated debates as before. Though the Deity race could control many areas of the world, it was still difficult for their rule to cover the entire interstellar network.

"This race is far too tyrannical. When will there be someone who can get rid of them?!"

"Not long ago I still hated that devil Chu Feng. After all, he is a human trafficker. But now I'm unconditionally supporting his fight to the death with the Deity race. I hope he lives and can truly mature!"

"It'll be hard; who could stop the Deity race's fury? They are only fearful of those from the top hundred planets and are careful not to dispatch their troops there so rashly. Yet they are bold when attacking those ranked below they've always been overbearing. This time, they lost out on a declining land. How could they possibly let this go?"

There were many discussing over this, and they unanimously believed that Chu Feng was in great danger. The Deity race would certainly go crazy trying to retaliate, whatever the costs it took!

"I refuse to believe that no one can deal with the Deity race. Can we really not shake up the top ten?!"

People were talking about this in all parts of the starry skies and it became a hot topic.

Sure enough, the Deity race didn't forbear this, and neither did they let this painful consequence go. Two days later, they set off on a journey. They directly opened a super wormhole to charge towards the outer space beyond Earth at the first instance.

Two days later, the Deity race mustered a large force, headed by a number of saints. They were grandiose and majestic with over ten thousand troops. Their horses galloped through the starry skies and descended upon the solar system.

This shocked every race across the universe as it had been many years since something of this sort had occurred. The number of people in the Deity race exceeding ten thousand was a sign that a war involving a race's extermination had been launched.

In particular, several saints had emerged together. Bear in mind that just one or two saints from the Deity race was enough to crush a part of the galaxy as they were all incredibly powerful.

"They want to shed all pretense of cordiality? Are they not worried that the sagemaster is still alive and could strike them hard once again?!" An old man sighed.

Back then the sagemaster had re-emerged from the desolate borders of a universe lying within a copper coffin. He had once eliminated many of the Deity race's planets in one go and stunned experts across each race.

Those who are barefoot aren't afraid of those wearing shoes. The Earth had been destroyed and only a wasteland was left, so there was not much else that the sagemaster couldn't do. He had directly attacked the lands controlled by the Deity race and the netherworld race. It was a case of mutual destruction.

This was why the Deity race and the netherworld race had heavenly illuminating experts keeping watch, but in the end, they didn't have a fundamental reason to crush the Earth.

"The sagemaster is already dead. He can frighten one or two of our generations, but he won't intimidate this generation of ours. He can't possibly reappear as I'm positive he died long ago in the primal chaos within the ancient cosmos!"

This came from the voice issued by the Deity race's internal departments, announcing clearly to all parts of the starry seas that the sagemaster had already died and would never appear again.

"Chu Feng, come here for your death!"

The Deity race was incredibly imperious, howling and shouting as they arrived outside the Earth. Their saint's voice shook the heavens and the Earth as it filled the starry skies.

Only two days had passed since Chu Feng had slain a saint and there were still many experts from various races outside the Earth. They hadn't yet left as they had a feeling something big was going to happen.

Now that they witnessed this with their own eyes, there was a sudden uproar and everyone followed it closely.

"Chu Feng… must die!"

Outside the Earth, an air of terror had descended. Multiple saints led their troops and there were over ten thousand people. They formed a formidable force, making the entire solar system incomparably despondent.

Someone sighed and said, "When myriad deities arrive, no one will survive."

This was a wide-spread saying. Once the numbers of the Deity race reached ten thousand, they become extremely terrifying. It indicated that they were about to launch a war of extermination and fight to their last breath.

Now that they had arrived with so many troops, it naturally shocked forces across the whole starry skies within the universe.

Chu Feng directly stepped out and shouted towards the starry skies. He had already killed a saint, so how could he be scared of their threats?

"You, the Deity race, have fallen. Now you should withdraw from the Top Ten and abdicate your position to the netherworld race. To be precise, you are now eleventh place and you're still so arrogant, rushing here to strut around. Are you not ashamed?"

Everyone was baffled that he would dare utter such things. How could one dare to say the Deity race was out of the Top Ten?

At this moment, everyone's complexion in the netherworld race grew dark and they wanted to curse. It was clear he wanted to incite disharmony but they were sure that the Deity race would certainly "be jealous".

"Chu Feng, we'll let slip this declining land if you come up here yourself. Otherwise, they'll all be buried with you!" A saint shouted in the outer realms, his fury matchless.

"Hehe…" Yaoyao showed up at Mount Longhu and said, "Do you want to die? Or you want to die? Have you forgotten about how we wiped out two of your saints?"

Chu Feng came forth too and stood beside Yaoyao. In a low voice, he said, "Their saints have been killed but they still dare to come here. They must have someone backing them up."

"It doesn't matter. Our people will be here soon; the ship is about to set sail," whispered Yaoyao.
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