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The Sacred Ruins 573 The Storm After the Battle

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Luo Hong the saint had died because his spiritual body had been killed by Chu Feng!

The people from the Deity Race who had arrived outside of earth, including a quasi-saint and a saint, were all killed by Yaoyao.

This kind of situation threw the starry sky in a great uproar. Every race was discussing this passionately and clamorously.

What kind of success was this? It was truly world-startling and caused the entire starry sky to tremble.

Chu Feng had defeated the strong as the weak. He was only an initial stage evolver of the visualization realm, but in the end, he had actually killed a saint in the spiritual space. He had completely annihilated Luo Hong and delivered a fairly frightening ending.

Not many people out there could kill a magnificent saint of the generation under ordinary situations. If it wasn't for this kind of battle, Chu Feng couldn't even beat him even if he just stood there without doing anything.

But now, he was dead.

Needless to say, for quite a length of time, he would become a negative example or even an icon of humiliation. He was bound to become a laughingstock.

How could this have happened if he weren't so wilful?

Earlier, he disregarded his dignity and sent a spiritual seed down to earth to battle with Chu Feng by himself. And when the battle fell through, he wanted to kill everyone so that there would be no witness. But in the end, it caused his own death. This was the classic example of being hoisted by one's own petard.

As for Yaoyao, it was needless to even mention how she had devastated all the people from the Deity Race. She looked so natural while she flabbergasted everyone. After all, she was the number one under the starry sky back then.

However, as the spiritual space became quiet and only the two of them were left, every race felt the scene extremely illusory, and they couldn't help but exclaim in admiration.

It was the Deity Race and not any other who had two saints slaughtered in a row today. It was impossible not to shake the starry skies.

The matter immediately received widespread attention, and all eyes were on the two. Yaoyao was standing gracefully on the vine and looking disdainfully at everyone out of the corner of her eyes.

In an instant, a lot of people were entranced. It was as though they had returned to the ancient times where the flames of war raged and chaos reigned everywhere. They once again saw Yaoyao intimidating all enemies. That was an era that belonged to her.

In those years, she stood there and battled all kinds of geniuses, sweeping away the Origin Magnetic Saint Physiques, Myriad Star Physiques, and the Heavenly Immortal Physiques.

Afterward, people looked at Chu Feng. Without a doubt, today was his battle for godhood. No matter how one put it, he had killed a saint and risen to power at this desolate corner of the universe!

Henceforth, numerous people would know that a heaven-bestowed young evolver had emerged from this fallen land, and his name was Chu Feng.

This was not the same as before. In the past, he was well-known, but everyone tended to ignore him, and he was only considered as a human trafficker.

But now, it was different. He was remembered by some of the saints!

He had produced a grand spectacle that never happened in a thousand years—to challenge and kill a saint. How could those saints not remember him? For whatever reason, Chu Feng had become the focus of some of those great personages today.

Besides, the dao children and fairies of various races, the top-ten lineal descendants had also remembered him. He was a powerful opponent who couldn't be neglected!

A few of the top-ten beauties in the starry sky were in the outer domain and had witnessed everything. After the battle, they were teasing each other in private that, if Chu Feng wasn't from earth, he would have made a pretty good candidate for a dao partner.

But now? He was a man with good prospects that no one was interested in.

That was because everyone including the saints and the ordinary young evolvers knew that Chu Feng was getting himself into big trouble. How could the Deity Race forgive him?

Saint slaughtering was an extremely glorious and dazzling accomplishment. It would accompany Chu Feng throughout his life.

However, not everyone could endure this kind of glory because it might lead to a terrible disaster.

It was, after all, the magnificent Deity Race, one of the top-ten race in the universe since ancient times who had maintained their position constantly.

This race was aloof and glorious throughout the endless years. They had devastated and broken through countless races.

Everyone said that the Deity Race had rich a collection that included the martial arts of Kun Peng and Taotie, but how many knew the cruelty behind it?

All of this was derived from destroying the top-notch powerful races!

Right now, earth was most likely going to become the center of the storm. There might be a rare earthquake since the times of great antiquity because the Deity Race would surely seek revenge.


The owner of the origin beast platform Lin Qi had a lot to tell her, even though he knew that she was just a lingering will and no longer the person she was then.

Yaoyao smiled and nodded to him. She whispered to him via a spiritual sound transmission.

In the starry sky, many people were staring fixedly at Chu Feng. They sighed lightly because it was hard to say what kind of world-startling storm would emerge after today.

No one could predict what the Deity Race would do to this young man in order to have their revenge.

Numerous people had complicated expressions, but at the same time, afraid. For instance, the saintess of the spirit race Mu Qinghan had immediately run away and left the outer space of the earth. It had indeed given her quite a fright just now. When the Deity Race was taken into the battle, she felt her blood run cold. If Yaoyao had dragged her into the battle at that time, she would probably be dead, too.

Chu Feng felt that the people's eyes were on him, but he was quite calm without any timidness. At this time, he started to talk.

"Seniors and fellows, hello, I'm Chu Feng and I'm very pleased to meet all of you from the starry sky."

But then, as soon as the following words came out, his attitude changed completely.

"Everyone, I solemnly announce here that before long, there will be a grand occasion. When the time comes, heroes and geniuses of every passage, don't miss it because I have more than 200 divine sons and saintesses to auction. You all must come."

The words he said had made everyone speechless, even the ancient saint who was present. His deep eyes revealed a weird expression as he stared at Chu Feng.

As for the younger generation, regardless of whether it was the top-ten experts of the universe or the top-ten beauties, they all felt disillusioned.

Was that the young expert man who had killed a saint just now?

They firmly believed that they did not mishear!

This was indeed too offbeat. His fame for fighting prowess had just startled the starry sky, and he was still standing proudly over there. How did he become such in just the blink of an eye?

He was a legendary young man who had killed a saint, but in the end… in the blink of an eye, he had become a human trafficker.

He was making an undisguised advertisement in the presence of all the saints and famous personages.

Needless to say more, the effect was certainly very good. Right now, various places were absolutely flaring up.

In truth, that was indeed so. On the origin beast platform, the group was still moved by Chu Feng's heaven-defying rise. He was so radiant that there seemed to be halos around his body.

But in the end, he came up with this move... Those regular customers gave a long sigh because he was still the same person with the same "attitude".

"Alas, I understood now. This lord is indeed... faithful to his original intentions.

After hearing what he said, a lot of people was stunned. They looked at each other dumbfounded.

"Everyone, I solemnly pledge!!"

At this moment, Chu Feng faced everyone with a solemn expression, which moved the evolvers of various races. Was he going to be serious?

"I promise all of the regular customers will have a 20% discount on all of the divine sons and saintesses! I'm very sincere!"

Everyone facepalmed after hearing his words. This guy was helpless because he was going deeper and deeper into this human trafficking path. There was surely no turning back.

Even on earth, the black yak, Yellow Ox, the old donkey, and the Manchurian Tiger remained silent too. Even Ouyang Feng who had always been shameless and looked at people with a sidelong glance was now staring fixedly at the outer domain.

"Haha." In the starry sky, the first to give Chu Feng a passionate and splendid response was actually a silver-haired little girl. She poked her head out of a chariot and laughed brashly, shouting, " Big Demon Chu Feng, I want to buy someone. Didn't you suppress the young god of the Deity Race and haven't killed him yet? Sell him to me to make him my driver. And as you promised, 20% discount!"

Everyone was speechless because there was actually someone who dared to respond to him and make a purchase at this juncture. Moreover, she wanted the young god of the Deity Race to be her driver?!

However, after people saw that it was this silver-haired little girl, they were convinced because she was the little princess from the Quasi-Immortal race. She enjoyed an extremely high position, and their race had completely no fear of the Deity Race.

Chu Feng smiled and said, "No problem, considering you are so smart, beautiful, and cute, I'll make an exception—I'll give you a 30% discount. After all, you're the first customer today. I'll guarantee to pack the young god and mail him to you."

"You really have good taste, I'm indeed the future number one beauty under the starry sky, and I'll push all of the so-called top-ten beauties one place behind. So if you build a good relationship with me, I'll make sure that your business is booming."

And then… there was no more "and then" because a big hand had grabbed the silver-haired little girl and forcefully stuffed her into the chariot. At the same time, he connected with the photon computer and said, "Wormhole Express, I need to mail someone!"

The silver-haired little girl resisted fiercely. " Woah, Ying Wudi, I'll fight it out with you if you dare. There shall be no reconciliation between us if you mail me back home!"

However, the dark-faced Ying Wudi took action himself—he directly threw her into a package that looked like a rescue capsule. He had indeed made his mind to mail her back.

"Everyone, see you later!"

In a swoosh, Chu Feng disappeared from the spiritual battlefield on top of the heavenly vine and returned to earth. First, his spirit entered his corporeal body and awakened completely.

"It's fortunate that my dao foundation did not crack. Come to think of it, the Six Paths Reincarnation Pill should be arriving." Chu Feng was very satisfied with the result. In the battle with the saint, he had gained a deep understanding and comprehended certain paths to peerlessness.


At the bottom of the heavenly vine, in Mount Kunlun, a group of people came around immediately. Other than the black yak, Zhou Quan, and the old donkey, the others were all here along with the great demons of Kunlun. It was bustling with excitement.

Yaoyao appeared also appeared in a flash of light.

"We greet the Princess." The group of great demons from Kunlun rushed to greet her. They were very serious and respectful of Yaoyao.

The black yak and the Manchurian Tiger were also a little embarrassed because, at that time, it could be said that they were extremely reckless and had sought after Yaoyao when they first met her. But now, they were well-behaved and decorous as they went forward to greet her.

"Sister Fairy!"

Ouyang Feng came with great eagerness. He was indeed very cheesy and intimate. His eyes were blinking and absolutely not casting a sidelong glance. At the same time, there wasn't even one drop of saliva splashing out. He was incredibly well-mannered.

Chu Feng really couldn't hold back and gave him a couple of kicks.

Yaoyao looked at Chu Feng with a smile and said, "This time, you did pretty good." Her voice was very pleasant to hear.

Yaoyao was slightly lost in her thoughts to see Mount Kunlun so bustling. It was as if she had returned to the ancient era to see the group of heavenly-bestowed geniuses and remarkable companions. However, she shook her head because almost all of those people were dead, only one or two survived.


Just then, the starry sky in the outer domain trembled. The moon and the stars were shaking and the sun lost its color. It was absolutely shocking.

At this moment, everyone at the outer space of earth hadn't left yet, but now, they were all trembling. Even the saint was breaking out in goosebumps.

Then, they saw someone arrive, walking through the starry sky and condensing all of the starlights. The entire solar system seemed to be fluctuating with his breath. Light would rush into his body as he inhaled, causing the starry sky to become dimmer. When he exhaled, the starlight would escape from his mouth and nose, and the world would become bright again.

This person was too frightening.

"The third under the starry sky?!"

At this moment, an ancient saint muttered.

Who would have guessed? The Deity Race hadn't come, and yet here was this great character.

After that, everyone's expressions changed because the third under the starry sky was Yaoyao's fiance back then. He had actually appeared here!
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