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There were countless evolvers in different galaxies of the outer-realm watching this battle.

In actuality, even the "Ten-Greats" were startled. The young elites of the Deity race, the Dao race, the Quasi-Immortal race, the Buddhist race, and the others began watching this battle as soon as they heard the news.

Now, the battle was coming to a close, and even many people from the ten unchanging greatest planets since ancient times were emotionally moved. The Deity race's young god had surprisingly been suppressed and ultimately beaten!

Since even the Ten-Greats were like this, it went without saying that other races, as well as some famed members of the older generation, were also disturbed. They watched the recorded fight as soon as they heard of the battle's results.

Some first-rate scholars who had emerged from the most famous institutes in the universe, such as the Immemorial Temple, the Sky Demon Manor, and the Saint's School, were shocked as they watched this battle.

At this moment, even as many as half of the top ten young experts in the universe and the ten most beautiful people in the heavens were staring at the screens of their photon computers.

Some people's gazes flickered and erupted with brilliance. Their eyes were fixed on that figure from the land in decline!

Then, in the outer realm, it was as though a hundred thousand volcanoes awoke at the same time, ignited by a nuclear warhead. There was a booming sound, and the magma surged toward the sky. All at once, splendid flames shot out and filled the sky, setting the heavens ablaze.

The heavens were completely aboil!

"The Deity race is known to be an undefeated and unrivaled race, yet today they have encountered such a failure. And it's none other than the descendant that they so carefully raised, a young god, being trampled!"

"I fear the Deity race may be unable to bear this. This is the land they once launched a bloody war on and commanded each race to destroy. Now, their disciple has been defeated by a descendant of this declining land. Isn't it vexing? Even the race's elder saints have been humiliated!"

There were heated debates all throughout the heavens. Everyone was talking about this matter; its impact was too great.

Each race's young elites and famed elders could clearly see the distinct scene. Chu Feng was trampling on Luo Yi's body and pressing him into the ground!

That was the Deity race!

How could they endure!?

It received worldwide attention; countless people across the entirety of the starry skies were all watching the battle.

Earth, Kunlun.

"Fine work, Brother!" roared the Manchurian Tiger, who was so excited that he transformed into his true form as he patted his chest. Chu Feng could even defeat the Deity race's descendant! They all felt excited, happy, and impassioned along with him.

Ouyang Feng glanced askance as he drooled madly and scolded Luo Yi for being useless. He had still wanted to take the field!

"Heehaw, heehaw, the Deity race is nothing!" The Old Donkey was also being cocky. He raised his big ears and bared his large incisors in content.

People everywhere were unable to calm down and the clamor was ear-splitting.

However, there still wasn't a conclusion on the actual battlefield, and the area couldn't be regarded as totally tranquil. Chu Feng's acute perception picked up on something. He looked down at the person under his foot and then stomped with all his might!


The mountains and stones collapsed as the earth sank. A large, black fissure extending more than ten kilometers in length appeared. This was a devastating stomp. Not to mention the wounded Luoyi, it would turn him into mincemeat even if he were at his peak.

However, a horrifying undulation was transmitted from under Chu Feng's foot. The aura was terrifying. A scarlet flickered then disappeared into Luo Yi's body, protecting it.

As a result, Luo Yi's body erupted with light and his back was especially dazzling. To everyone's surprise, he bore this stomp head-on and his body was not stomped into a puddle of meat paste.

His blood and qi were also increasing rapidly, and his entire body was glowing as he let out a fierce roar. The surrounding earth split and cracked, rocks exploded, low hills crumbled, and mountainous regions caved in. There was also a thick mist that flooded the area—it was as though an apocalypse had arrived.

Even Chu Feng was sent flying away.

Most importantly, Chu Feng felt something was fishy and actively rose high into the air. Luo Yi seemed to have changed into someone else. An indescribable fluctuation was being emitted and filled every inch of space.

It was as though a demon god had emerged from hell, bringing with it a cold aura to the secular world. His eyes were ice-cold as he overlooked all living things in the world of mortals.


The surrounding area exploded once again!

Neighboring hills were completely destroyed, and some even broke into two and were sent flying, exploding in mid-air.

"You exceeded my expectations. There were surprisingly some mishaps and shocking changes, too. We missed the opening, but we're just in time to see the final life or death battle!"

Many people in the heavens were first surprised and then felt an incomparable sense of expectation.

Big Black Ox suddenly threw the cigar from his mouth and said, "Damn, why do I feel like this Luo Yi is abnormal? His aura is more terrifying and much stronger than before."

The surrounding perimeter completely exploded. There was a terrifying scene as the ground split open to form a deep hole similar to a crater formed by a crashing meteorite.

Mist filled the air and the rich energy increased rapidly!

"Who are you!?" Chu Feng stood in the distance and coldly stared over there. He felt this person wasn't Luo Yi; he had switched to another being.

"It's naturally me, Luo Yi!" At this time, there was a banging sound as a golden light beam surged toward heaven and ripped apart the mist. A storm engulfed and carried away all of the fog, dust, rubble, and split mountains.

Luo Yi's figure appeared once again in the large hole, and finally, the red light was wiped from his body. Everyone other than Chu Feng hadn't caught it.

"Ah…" Luo Yi let out a low roar. The flesh on his two broken arms wiggled and his bones made cracking sounds as his limbs regenerated amidst the dazzling golden light.

Even some famous people under the heavens were fearful.

"How can this be? Is Luo Yi really this strong? The Deity race's breathing technique is in defiance of the natural order. However, isn't it said that breathing techniques can only regenerate broken limbs after surpassing the visualization level? He hasn't reached that level yet."

"Historically, only some exceptional talents of this race can accomplish this. Could it be that Luo Yi is approaching his awakening? Did he instantly comprehend the Deity breathing technique and perfect it to a higher level?"

Many people were shocked, They hadn't imagined that this kind of thing would happen.

The Deity race's saint was sitting in the pitch-back outer-realm. His golden hair was scattered behind him and a flush appeared on his face. Afterward, he abruptly respired the drifting energy of the universe.

This was because he had just paid the price.

He was intervening in in the fight on the ground and was forcibly casting blood essence to help Luo Yi's body recover and regenerate his limbs.

This type of meddling caused him to be slashed mid-air by the Earth's domain. He almost spat out a mouthful of blood, but he suppressed it.

Aside from this, he also sent down a strand of willpower. To him, it was rather weak, but it was strong enough for the visualization level. This was the limit of what he could do. He wanted to personally enter the battlefield and kill Chu Feng!

This was because the Deity race must not be defeated. The battle was receiving worldwide attention. Who knew how many people in the universe were watching? If Luo Yi lost to this native of a declining land, what would other races think of them?

Perhaps some people would doubt whether or not the Deity race was going downhill and no longer as grand as back then. Perhaps they wouldn't revere them as much anymore!

Most of all, Chu Feng's identity was too sensitive. He was the descendant of a planet that the Deity race had once conquered and eliminated. For him to emerge like this and trample on the body of the Deity race's young god. That would make this race more passive and cause them to be seen as weak, dull, and incompetent.

Thus, the Deity race's saint meddled in spite of his status and wanted nothing more than to personally kill Chu Feng himself.

However, because he was limited by Earth's domain, he couldn't cast a stronger power. He could only use some blood essence to cure Luo Yi and instill a weak strand of willpower into him.

Chu Feng's perception was very acute. He didn't know that the saint would be so shameless, vicious and merciless enough to personally take the field, he still felt at this time, that Luo Yi wasn't right and very dangerous.

Thus, he took precautions and watched from a distance.

There was a whooshing sound as Luo Yi stepped out of the huge hole and stood opposite of Chu Feng several kilometers away. At this time his armor had already shattered, his whole body was covered in bloodstains, and even his golden hair was dripping with blood.

However, he was now mild, unhurried, and even smiling gently. His fair and handsome face was splendid, and one could vaguely see a mocking expression exposed on the corner of his mouth.

This was because now he was Luo Hong and no longer Luo Yi. The Deity race's saint had taken the stage like this and personally participated. Even though he couldn't bring with him his true power, this bit of combat awareness still made him very calm and confident.

His bearing was elegant, and he had a faint smile as he said, "Oh, the battle is just beginning. That was just a warmup. You're not bad; you forced me to finally make a firm resolution and remove my restrictions to use my true techniques! Yes, I've recently imitated my ancestors and used my power to confine and suppress myself. Therefore, I wasn't displaying my true power just now. It can only count as a warmup."

As a saint of the Deity race, he was evil enough to secretly enter the battlefield. Coming over to kill Chu Feng in such an overt manner could be counted as extremely shameless.

He was a saint, yet he used Luo Yi's name to attack and kill Chu Feng under false pretenses and make the outsiders see that the Deity race's descendent was still peerless. He would finally defeat and kill Chu Feng.

No matter what, he would make this battle splendid, and he would make the Deity race dazzling as he forcefully killed the enemy.

"You're not Luo Yi, so who on earth are you!?" Chu Feng's pupils were deep as he stared at the Deity race's young god in the distance. He could feel that it had already changed to another being.

Many people in the outer-realm were shocked. He wasn't Luo Yi!?

The current young god ought to be called Saint Luo Hong.

His manner was calm with a smiling expression. He spoke in a ridiculing voice, "Oh, you're scared? It's time I show my true techniques. You aren't trying to find an excuse, are you? Do you have a cowardly heart?"

He continued and added on steadily and coolly, "I understand you're already spent. How could you be my opponent? You aboriginal, you're not even fit to carry the Deity race's sandals."

His tone was moderate and natural, not fierce at all, but his words were excessive. He looked down on and humiliated Chu Feng. This felt unacceptable to many people.


Two bursts of light erupted from Chu Feng's eyes as fierce golden beams shot out. The lights were so splendid they made the sun look pale. He had activated the fiery eyes to gaze at Luo Yi's true form.

Afterward, he felt a special spiritual energy in Luo Yi's chest. It was somewhat stronger than Luo Yi himself and was brightly tinted. It was easily distinguished.

"I possess the fiery eyes and can clearly see another's will in your body. Will you still refuse to admit it?" said Chu Feng, exposing the truth. He continued, "I see. Since you can descend undetected like this, you must be a big shot from the Deity race, right? Coming to personally take the field? You're truly shameless!"

Many people in the heavens exposed a shocked expression. Was this true?

The saint Luo Hong naturally denied it outright. He made a gesture and his expression became heavy as he said, "A sore loser, huh? You're about to die, so do you think throwing mud at the Deity race has any use? My race has been undefeated since ancient times. Do you think we need a big shot to deal with a native from a declining land such as yourself? What a joke. I, Luo Yi, am enough to kill you!"

Saint Luo Hong's heart was very dark, but presently, he had Luo Yi's serious appearance. He looked awe-inspiring and heroic.

However, he also knew that Chu Feng possessed the Fiery Eyes and was aware that he wasn't Luo Yi, so he secretly undisguised himself and only transmitted to Chu Feng. He had a smiling yet callous expression as he sent off spirit waves. 

"You guessed correctly. I'm not Luo Yi and am indeed a big shot of the Deity race. But what does it matter? Now, I've come personally to kill you, and nobody else knows. What can you do? Struggle? Be indignant? It's useless. You can only slowly taste bitter defeat!"

Even though Chu Feng's will was firm and persistent, these kinds of words still stirred his anger. The Deity race's almighty one was at the pinnacle of shamelessness and should be killed!

He took in a deep breath and said, "I see the truth. There's a multi-colored light in your body, which is a small amount of a big shot's spiritual will. Very well. It must be a spiritual seed. You also paid quite a bit in order to kill me. You assume this spiritual seed won't be easily lost? Today I must kill and suppress you. I'll use a profound magnetic lance to pin your spiritual seed, stir it up, and face the heavens to let everyone know who you truly are. When the time comes, the whole world will know, and you won't have anywhere to hide. You'll be nailed to a pillar of humiliation!"

Chu Feng still didn't know that what he needed to pierce was the spiritual seed of a saint. As soon as this type of matter was exposed, it would incite a commotion akin to landslides and tsunamis. The Deity race was bound to be humiliated; this was a disgraceful matter.

The saint Luo Hong's complexion went gloomy. At his level, every single spiritual seed was crucial for further advancement, so he truly couldn't afford to lose them. Also, as soon as it was pierced, his true self would inevitably be exposed. He couldn't allow that to happen.

He secretly sneered as he said, "Everyone below the saint level is nothing but an ant to me. Who do you think you are that you can suppress me? You're destined to die without a proper burial site!"

Chu Feng was calm and indifferent as he retorted, "So you're a saint. Your shamelessness truly knows no bounds. You'd even do this kind of thing to ensure the public victory of your Deity race. However, it's just as well. Catching a big fish like you will humiliate the Deity race for quite some time. Naturally, they'll be hard-pressed and thoroughly discredited!"

Later on, his eyes gradually shined with a more astonishing radiance. If he truly managed to capture the saint in front of everyone, pierce his spiritual seed and hoist it up for all to see, the Deity race would absolutely lose all face.

"You!" Saint Luo Hong's spirit fluctuated wildly. He was somewhat furious, his pupils cold and desolate!

"The spiritual seed you dropped is nothing but a visualization-level seed. In the end, you can't defy the heavens. Even if your true form is that of a saint, now you must prostrate obediently for me. Today, I will absolutely capture and kill you!"

Chu Feng's willpower was resolute and his eyes became increasingly resplendent. He was about to do something massive and suppress a saint!

"Go die!" shouted Saint Luo Hong indifferently.

"Saint? Get your ass over here and accept death!" shouted Chu Feng. There was a raging inferno in his heart—that was his fury and will. So what if he was a saint? He dared to personally take the field, yet he only descended with visualization-level energy, so Chu Feng was fearless. He would definitely kill him.


The two collided and fought hand in hand. Both used their most fearsome techniques. They wanted to seize the opponent with one strike!
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