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Luo Yi's body bent backward as he was kicked on his chin mid-air. Quite a lot of blood spewed out from his mouth as his body was sent flying.


His body shone midair with surging energy as he forcefully maintained his stance. An incessant exploding noise resounded as he went instantly from breaking through the sound barrier to being still.

The average person would've disintegrated, but to him, a sudden change that fast simply couldn't cause any damage to his body.

Luo Yi's gaze was eerie as real flames danced in his golden pupils. This lasted for quite a while, and the scene was somewhat intimidating.

He had spoken fierce words not long ago and declared that he wanted to massacre all of the remaining descendants within this waning land. He wanted to kill his opponents here just as his ancestors had.

However, he had been punched in the face and kicked on the chin in the battle just now. To him, this was a disgrace, as well as a blemish on the Deity race's name.

He could imagine the expressions of those in the outer realms right now. They must be extremely shocked before taking joy in his misfortune. The so-called undefeated descendant from the Deity race had unexpectedly fallen into a precarious situation. This would become big news.

At the same time, he assumed that the saint from his race, who had followed him to Earth, would be disappointed in him. Not long ago, he had even urged him to defeat and kill this planet's chosen one. It was unacceptable for him to lose, but nevertheless, he had been shamed and nearly had his chin kicked off!

In truth, Luo Yi's speculation was absolutely correct!

It was silent for a brief period in the outer realms before an uproar broke out.

Luo Yi had lost successively in the fight just now. Chu Feng's punches had opened wounds on Luo Yi's body, and even his face was heavily injured. This was incredibly shocking.

"The Deity race is known as one of the top ten unequaled races, glorious and splendid. Yet unexpectedly, the descendants whom they'd meticulously groomed have come to this waning land, which they had once conquered, only to suffer such painful consequences!"

"Hey! The Deity race stands high up above the masses. That one over there isn't your ordinary disciple; to be called a young master he must be a skilled heir they attentively cultivated. Yet he hasn't gained the upper hand!"

"Mn, I knew it. A creature who can activate Fiery Eyes is exceptional. His innate talent must be extraordinary and his potential is limitless. History has proved this already. He has only just surfaced but has proved to everyone that he is indeed breathtaking, and can even tread on the Deity race's face!"

Every race was discussing this passionately throughout the starry skies. Usually, they revered the Deity race and didn't dare target them, but on the interstellar network no one cared and they talked about it as much as they wanted.

Some were shaken while others jeered at the situation. There were also people rejoicing in other people's misfortune. Everyone responded differently and the emotions of those in various parts of the starry skies fluctuated greatly.

At this moment, Chu Feng finally caught sight of his enemy's picture scroll. It was incredibly terrifying, depicting a scene of destruction and vicissitudes. Planets were lined up and arranged through the universe one after another, but they were all split open or missing a piece.

And this was only the backdrop!

What was really revealed was the weapons and sharp blades, as well as the desire to kill.

Each planet was pierced by a weapon. Some of the celestial bodies were penetrated by a long lance, some split open by long swords while divine swords gashed through other planets.

This was like doomsday and illustrated the universe's most miserable scenarios.

Chu Feng was greatly touched as naturally this was a supreme scroll. His heart was turbulent because one of his top hundred planets possessed such a scroll.

The divine scroll was specific to the Deity race!

Those in the outer realms sighed when they saw this. It was not unexpected because many in the Deity race chose and mimicked this supreme scroll.

It was reported that the founders of the Deity race had created this scroll as a pretext to move unhindered through the universe and become ever-victorious.

Some said that this particular deity had already passed away, while others said the old deity was still alive. Nevertheless, this was indeed a truly unequaled divine scroll!

"I've considered all possibilities but I didn't expect to lose the first battle. What a disgrace!" Luo Yi said in a low voice. As he reached the end of his sentence he raised his voice. Suddenly he lifted his head, a gold radiance exuding from his entire body as the divine scroll behind him became increasingly more realistic.

The universe was dilapidated and there were numerous planets pierced with various weapons. An aura of death filled the skies.

"It's a disgrace to fall defeat to me? What about if I breach into your planet one day? You are just too arrogant and conceited!" Chu Feng's words were cold.

At this time, Luo Yi was observing Chu Feng's scroll. No doubt it was a supreme scroll and could be considered as a divine scroll.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have suffered such great losses!

However, he was somewhat baffled. The enemy's divine scroll was rather fuzzy and he could see dozens, even hundreds of planets, as well as the starry skies. Yet it still seemed fishy to him.

Then, he suddenly came to realize something. He drew in a breath of cold air and said, "You… are indeed courageous. How dare you paint a scroll of such manner!"

As a matter of fact, this gnawed at the hearts of many in the outer realms. They all wanted to know what Chu Feng's divine scroll constituted of, as they could sense that his scroll was no small matter.

But in every fight, the divine scroll was only faintly discernible and not really distinct.

This was the case now too. Only those near the front could see it and conjecture an approximate idea on what it was.

"You can't just make a so-called supreme scroll as grand or transcendent as you want it to be. Some dao fruits can't handle it and will instead perish themselves!" Luo Yi sneered.

What he was talking about was the fact that many excellent experts died in the carefree realm because their aspirations were too great. They were desperate to paint unique, dominant scrolls but their bodies couldn't support it and they ended up killing themselves first.

For example, someone had used their blood and qi as the paper and their spirit as the paint to sketch a big sun yet was burned to death in the end.

There were also people forging a scroll of immortals descending upon earth. As a result, they themselves were put down!

Chu Feng opened his mouth and said, "You don't have to worry about it. Do you have any other last words?"

His words weren't violent and were rather placid. But this was exactly what made Luo Yi increasingly bothered, and his complexion became ashen.

"You think you've won just because you were somewhat dominant just then? Far from it!" He shouted, and the broken universe behind him rumbled with a bang. All of the weapons implanted in the planets were drawn out and a ring sounded as a brillance exploded, soaring towards the sky.

At that moment, nevermind Kunlun, even experts in the outer realms belonging to various races, were stunned and held their breaths. No one spoke a word as they watched on eagerly and nervously.

This was because they wanted to learn what the Deity race's supreme scroll was. This was an opportunity hard to come by!

The Deity race's scroll was simply undetermined and it was an issue that made all the great races helpless with aching heads. Evolvers of the same level could only acknowledge allegiance to the Deity race as they weren't a match for them and this scroll was one of the most important reasons why.

Bang Boom!

Valor surged within Chu Feng's body as it shook and the divine scroll trembled. The aura pervading through the air unnerved everyone's hearts as the hundred top 100 stars revolved around him.


Luo Yi yelled. Behind him, those weapons flew out one by one, shooting out from within his scroll!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Between the heavens and the earth, an ear-splitting metal trill sounded. It was as if the entire space was being ripped apart. The atmosphere exploded with a raging white fog and it became a jungle of divine weapons and sharp blades here.

Even Ouyang Feng, at the rear, opened his toad eyes wide and his body tensed up. In spite of his divine king heavenly scroll, he felt immensely pressured.

Hundreds of weapons were resonating. All kinds of weapons, including lances, heavenly knives, divine swords, cauldrons, goblets, demonic parasols, flew into the air. A horrifying radiance burst forth, suppressing Chu Feng.

This would've been a killing blow had it been against someone else!

This was the Deity race's supreme scroll; any one of the weapons drawn on it could cleave mountains and sever rivers. Its power was terrifying and without boundary.


Sure enough, a number of mountains nearby exploded as a series of weapons pounded against them. They were completely unstoppable!

"Each weapon can eliminate one powerful evolver of the visualization level," Yellow Ox concluded in an incomparably serious manner.

This was because any one of the weapons which flew out from the Deity's young master's divine scroll could wreck a normal evolver's scroll. It was simply impossible to hinder them.


The air trembled and Chu Feng's scroll glowed as it transformed into a real sea of stars. It engulfed the weapons flying at him, and here the starlights swayed gently as all of the stars glittered.

There were one hundred stars amongst them which were incredibly tremendous, and they were the ones closest to Chu Feng. A bizarre sight emerged at this moment.

"You… how could this be?!" Luo Yi's complexion changed abruptly as he realized he had underestimated Chu Feng. His divine scroll wasn't simply a scroll of the hundred extraordinary stars. Amongst them, there was also the silhouettes of heaven-illuminating figures as well as their obscure scrolls.

This was rather inconceivable. Luo Yi couldn't believe it at all. There was someone who could support such a divine scroll and survive?

Chi chi chi!

More than a hundred weapons flew by, cutting through many of the mountains nearby. The scenery was awfully frightening, but they grew dim as they rushed into the starry skies by Chu Feng's side. They had been restricted.

"Break!" Luo Yi roared. He was incredibly anxious. Could it be that his own scroll was to be completely destroyed?

While fighting, he had already known that he was in the middle of a life and death crisis. If his divine scroll was ruined, his foundation too would collapse as a result. Even if it could be healed in the future, it would only become "an incompletely cured illness".

Bang! boom!

All of the weapons were shining brightly and the sight was grandiose yet horrifying.

Gold lances, black demonic parasols, dazzling long knives, primitive heavenly axes, bronze divine goblets, yellow mysterious pagodas… these were all shining brightly, exceptionally magnificent.

At the same time, they exuded astonishingly intense energy!

These weapons were all incredibly powerful and could destroy mountains and ravines, sweeping everything before them.

However, they were all engulfed when they tried to pierce through the hundred stars. They were then crushed before being refined into radiant energy, which the hundred stars then absorbed.

"No!" Luo Yi shouted. He spat out a big mouthful of blood and blacked out, almost falling unconscious onto the ground. His heart ached with pain.

He looked carefully at Chu Feng's divine scroll. Those hundred stars were even more horrifying than he had imagined. In the end, only some of the weapons flew back to him, broken and ruined, and merged into the scroll behind him.

"How could this be…" His lips trembled. He was aware of the great injury he had suffered and was struck with horror as one of the dao foundations inside his body became severed. He grew anxious.

However, the damaged scroll was still there. His injuries stabilized and his body didn't collapse.

"I am the Deity race's young master! How could I lose? I possess the Deity breathing technique, as well as supreme wondrous abilities. I am still a paragon without the need to rely on a divine scroll!"

Luo Yi was almost frantic. His hair danced violently and his gaze was intimidating as the golden brilliance on his body rose. It was as if his entire person was cast from gold. He roared as he swallowed the energy particles drifting in the space between heaven and earth.

He was performing the Deity breathing technique while simultaneously using a wondrous art.


However, Chu Feng's divine scroll trembled and directly swept him away. His body was cracked and almost shattered.

"Deity Possession!" He bellowed as he performed the ultimate breathing technique. However, at the moment, he couldn't comprehensively control the second half of the breathing technique since it didn't belong to the visualization level.

Bang Boom!

It was like his body had been contaminated/influenced with a layer of dazzling brilliance and this invigorated his stamina. This breathing technique was indeed outstanding.

"Deity Fist!"

Luo Yi clamored. The Deity Fist matched well with the Deity breathing technique. There was no other technique in this world equal to this offensive method. It was an awe-inspiring secret technique and its power was incomparable.

Even Chu Feng furrowed his brows. The Deity race was indeed tremendous and their breathing technique had unique qualities. Luo Yi's body was filled with terrifying energy and his potential for attack became ridiculous.

With a great bang, his picture scroll covered his body, enshrouding him. It was as though a layer of armor had been draped over his body. There were glimpses of starlight and his body became increasingly more powerful.

Chu Feng forged on ahead, trying to stand off against the enemy's Deity breathing technique. He was cruel and straightforward, and violent energy undulations broke out from between the two people.

Chu Feng gasped in surprise. This breathing technique was unusually terrifying. He could break open the other side's "Deity radiance" now that he engaged in the fight with his divine scroll draped across his shoulders. Were it not for this, it would've been difficult for his attacks to be effective.

"The so-called Deity possession is nothing more than this!"

Chu Feng's gaze was icy cold. He kept throwing his fists and charging forwards, beating Luo Yi and sending him flying. Luo Yi coughed up blood as the divine radiance on the exterior of his body was almost shattered.

"Our Deity race methods are unparalleled! Charge!" Now Luo Yi was almost crazy. He was still unwilling to believe he couldn't suppress Chu Feng and was hence fighting with all his might.

Chu Feng was indifferent. Using the resonance technique together with his punch he barraged forwards, striking the gold protective radiance. His punch pierced through the enemy's chest, causing him to spew out blood.

Chu Feng followed with a whoosh, brandishing his fist once again. With a thump, he struck at the Luoyi's forehead.

In a flurry Luo Yi crossed his arms, trying to stop the incoming attack.

Bang! Chu Feng's force was so incredibly great that the impact of his punch fractured Luo Yi's arms. Blood dripped down and one of his arms broke as he flew out.

"Is this all the cultivation a Deity descendant has?!" In reality, Chu Feng had too used up a lot of his energy, because he was using his own scroll to wrap around his body. He was breathing rather heavily.

"I won't take this!" Luo Yi snarled. His Deity breathing technique became more and more horrifying like rolling thunder as his chest heaved up and down. The pores on his entire body dilated and golden radiance gushed out. His energy aura was terrifyingly strong.


He charged towards Chu Feng, fighting against him once again.

In the end, Chu Feng threw his fist and hit the man's stomach. The punch almost tore him in half, and he howled in anguish, tumbling away like a small dried shrimp.


Chu Feng attacked in pursuit, kicking him up into the air. He crashed into a great mountain 500m away, breaking off the mountain's peak. Smoke and dust filled the air.

Chu Feng descended with a rumble and stamped on top of Luo Yi with his foot. The whole mountain sunk with a loud bang before it exploded.

"Ah…" Luo Yi, with his disheveled hair, tried with all his might to escape from below Chu Feng's foot. Howling, he emerged from the crumbling mountain peak. He felt humiliated as well as incredibly furious.

In fact, it was already deadly still in the outer realms. Many were even more unsettled than him and were stunned and shocked.


Chu Feng crossed the empty sky and rose like a bolt of lightning as he threw his mighty fist towards the Deity's young master.


This time when Luo Yi tried to block it, even the Deity's ultimate breathing technique wasn't effective. Chu Feng's combination of his scroll and the Robbery Induction breathing technique broke through it. The golden radiance on his body diminished in an instant and was almost put out.

With a pop, Luo Yi's right arm was blasted off and blood-stained that half of his body. He was using this arm to fight against Chu Feng but, in the end, Chu Feng had blown it off.

"This is how the Deity race is strong and unequaled?" said Chu Feng in a cold voice. With a boom, he rushed forward again.


Luo Yi's other arm was also blown off and now his entire body was covered with blood. His long golden hair was dripping wet, dyed red from the blood.

With a bang he flew out once more, having sustained heavy injuries. At this point he had lost both his arms, so how could he hurl his fist anymore?


Chu Feng raced through the air, treading on Luo Yi's body, which shook as it was covered with wounds and nearly exploded.

With Chu Feng stamping on him, he fell onto the ground from midair. The impact produced a great man-shaped hole!

"What a disgrace!" The saint from the Deity race in the outer realms muttered to himself in a low voice. He watched the scene with his own eyes, finding it hard to accept. How could a native from this declining land be treading and stamping on a descendant from the Deity race?!
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