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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 57: Marching Over Unhindered

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Chapter 57: Marching Over Unhindered

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At the hilltops in the distance, the pitch-black gun muzzles suddenly shot up long tongues of radiant fire. The sheer power of the guns poured down at the hilltop at which Chu Feng stood.

Chu Feng leaped into the air then thrust himself off the precipitous cliff like a roc to the foot of the hill. Gale raged by his ears as he rapidly descended in air.


At the hilltop, another half a dozen of shells plummeted on the earth. Blazing fire soon ensured as the wretched trees were ignited. The booming explosive sound trembled the Mountain of White Snake. The earth shook and the mountains moved. Rocks and pebbles were all pulverized and shattered. The scene was truly a horrid one.

The sheer firepower that the shells delivered startled every mutant on the scene. Raining down shells like these would crush any mutants in no time.

Waves of heat billowed between the hills in the valley. Acres of ancient trees had been snapped in half at the hilltop while other vegetation was reduced to sheer ashes. The entire hilltop had been quelled by the shells. Even the rocks had started melting away!

The scene struck terror into people’s hearts. There was no more hilltop at the top the hill; instead, only patches of burnt mark and ashes prevailed.

Had Chu Feng delayed his retreat, the consequences would have been too dreadful to even contemplate.

He had to marvel at the fact that in this post-civilization era, the power that the tycoons held in their clutches was utterly astonishing. Even the government’s military was beaten hands down at the sheer firepower the company possessed.

In the post-civilization era, when the new-world order was reshuffled and re-established, the tycoons contributed a great deal to the process. They were part of a team of referees who made the rules for the world.

During all these years that had passed, these companies had always stayed relatively low-key and out of the public’s eyes. Who would have thought that when the time came, they could exert such a terrifying horror to the world?

Chu Feng dove into the forest below the devastated hill. Behind him, shells were still being fired at the blackened hilltop. Pebbles and rocks along with distilled dust churned and rolled about in the sky. The whole hill had become a section shorter than before.

A flinging rock plummeted to the earth, but it fell right on the body of Yellow Ox. The calf bellowed and squirmed in pain. It was not because the calf’s reaction was fast enough, but it was due to the leather clothes wrapping around its body which constrained its upright movement.

Yellow Ox tottered and staggered. It almost stumbled and fell flat on its face. Thanks to its thick-skinned body, the calf stayed relatively unscathed. If an eight-hundred jin boulder were to tamp on an ordinary person, there would have sure enough been a few broken bones and snapped tendons by now.

Even so, Yellow Ox still flew into a rage. The calf groaned and moaned. Its bellow was low and deep, and its eyes were exuded a brilliant pair of golden rays. Its eyes were fixated on the hilltops in the distance.

"Go take care of those rocket launchers!" Chu Feng said.

He reckoned that Yellow Ox would not bear the trauma that was inflicted by those people. He believed that the calf would ram into those pitch-black gun muzzles and make those who fired them suffer.

At the same time, Chu Feng committed to action as well. He darted to the other side of the battleground. He was looking for Mu to settle all accounts with him. When the dispute and conflict had gone so out-of-hand, who would have cared if their target of assassin was one of the top executives of Deity?

Being directed against was already an insufferable experience for Chu Feng, but when the opponent was someone who would only be satisfied with nothing but Chu Feng’s death, he would be as good as dead in Chu Feng’s book regardless of who he was!

Chu Feng was overwhelmingly fast. So far, a hundred-meter sprint would only take him one point of a second. When he started running with big strides, in the eyes of others, it seemed as if he were long jumping.

Pong! Pong! Pong!

As he ran, innumerable bullets rained on his path. The bullets came in torrent, piercing through the air around him. Bullets continued to pour down, cutting many trees in half. Along with the unending torrents of fire, there were also the ear-splitting sound of cracking as giant ancient trees tumbled and fell.

The bullets were so thick and dense!


There were shells homing down as well, exploding in the heavily timbered jungles, causing the blazing fire to become fiercer in the area. The terrifying temperature melted the rocks and burned the earth.

What struck the crowd as shocking was that not a single bullet had hit Chu Feng. He was constantly altering his path, so he could always dodge the incoming bullets before they could hit on him.

Meanwhile, the tongues of fire jetted out from those high-caliber guns were like an incompetent dog chasing for its master.

Most of the mutants was taken aback by the scene presented in front of their eyes. The scene was both unusual and astounding. At the same time, some were even frightened by Chu Feng’s speed and power, while others were envious of his ability to constantly dodge bullets. The crowd of onlookers all had a mixed feeling within them.

This ability was something they longed for so much that they even dreamt about it. In the days to come, this ability is a must for one to survive the brutal world out there; however, to their envious astonishment, this man had already achieved that level.

Chu Feng was swift in motion. It took him only a single stride and a leap before he was found hundreds of meters away from where he stood at the last second. His speed was terrifying.

Across the battlefield, Chu Feng’s swiftly moving body was like a glint of light skimming over the ground. With his superhuman ability to evade danger, Chu Feng walked easily under the enemy’s heavy fire.

The crowd was petrified. Was he still human? How did he achieve this?

Lin Naoi was visibly moved. She knew that they had courted great trouble. During the fight against the men from Bodhi Genes, they should not have provoked such a super master fighter in the first place.

Mu’s complexion had changed. He silently admitted that he had underestimated him. He now realized that this master was fiercer than he thought. He was an extremely dangerous figure indeed.

"We must kill him! Concentrate the fire on him and fire at will!" Mu spoke between clenched teeth.

His eyes were cold. Since the master had already been provoked, why not eradicate the source of trouble and remove the cause of future problems all together? If they did not have the tumor removed now, he was afraid there would be all hell to play tomorrow.

He was a decisive person. Once a decision was made, he would immediately put it in practice.

The sound of explosion became even more startling now. Even if Chu Feng had hidden himself in the dense jungle as he weaved his way through the exuberating vegetation from hills to hills, the enemy’s strafing fire was still tailing after him.

If this were to happen to another person, he would have long been turned to a gory muddy mixture of minced flesh and spoiled blood.

"Director! That man is so fierce! Is he still a human? He’s not even afraid of the bullets. The shells dealt no damage to him either! He can’t be a human! He’s a land-trotting god!"

Someone from the crowd marvelled at Chu Feng’s ability. He was even a little dumbfounded.

"Stop standing there in a daze! Start filming! Remember to shoot from all directions! Don’t even miss out on a single shot!" Zhou Yitian roared and raged. His eyes had both turned scarlet red. He was anxious, and he was hot with emotion too!

In his eyes, Angel Ox was the fiercest fighter he had ever seen. He was not afraid of this downpour of bullets or the terrifying shells. Despite the scurrying paces at which he ran, nothing seemed to be worrying to him at all.

Zhou Yitian revelled in the abundancy of materials he could shoot here.

Pong! Pong! Pong!

Chu Feng occasionally delivered a few counter blows against the aggressors. The high-caliber cannon-like guns were wavered in his hand. Chu Feng was in perfect command of the guns in hand. Every bullet he fired would always claim the life of someone from Deity.

"God bless me! He is the perfect prototype of the hero in my film. He is the Demon Ox I’ve always been looking for! Quickly! Film him! Film him!" Zhou Yitian roared and bellowed.

"Take it easy, boss. We’ve filmed everything. The equipment we’ve brought this time was all very advanced. Even though the action was taking place far away from us, I’ve made sure every shot is made to a satisfactory level!" said someone who was equally excited.

"Good! Good!" Zhou Yitian clenched his fist in an overjoyed manner.

The others, however, viewed this filming crew in quite a different light. The bizarre look on their face reflected their troubled understanding of the purpose of this crew. Were they tired of living their lives? Or were they just a batch of lunatics?

In spite of the expression in the eyes of others, Zhou Yitian still went on and did things in his own way. There were a few times where he and his crew almost died in their shooting, but Zhou Yitian was still yelling and screaming, deliriously chasing after the scene to film the actions.

Moments later, artillery fire ceased.

Because at the top of the hill where shots were being fired, there stood an "ox man" whose horns were glittering with a golden luster. The "ox man" began to butcher in large numbers. He killed the shooters then smacked his "hands" on the cannon. In the end, all the cannon muzzles had been slapped into an awry shape; some even snapped in the middle.

"Oh, my god! Is that even a human? He has the power of a devil! Did you see that? He single-handed snapped that cannon barrel! Un-f*cking-believable!"

"That is Angel Ox’s brother, Demon Ox. Oh, what a perfect name for him! Demonic and strong! Look at him! He is single-handedly pushing back the whole wave of shooters!"

At the hilltop where the merciless killing took place, recurrent screams of terror rose one after another. Even as mutants, the crowd of onlookers still felt numb on their scalp. They still could not believe that such an odd-looking lad could prove to be such a devastating force to the enemy.

In the distance, gunfire also ceased.

Only moments had passed, but tremendous loss had been inflicted. The fierce exchange of fire did not even leave a mark on Chu Feng’s white shirt; on the contrary, the lives of many elite soldiers had been claimed as a consequence of the battle.

The loss was considerable. It had been originally planned that the firearms would be used as a deterrence for the thousands of mutants down below. They tried to terrorize with their military force so that the mutants would not dare to blatantly and flagrantly contend for the pine cones with them.

But now, as dozens of snipers had been single-handedly terminated by a man, the situation had proven to be rather distressing for Deity.

Whizz! Whizz! Whizz!

Shadows of human figures suddenly whizzed by. It was a team of mutants affiliated to the family of Mu. They were under the command of Mu. This team of powerful mutants had joined forces to crack down on the crime Chu Feng had committed.

There was a total of sixteen mutants. Everyone was a master in this team, and everyone had their own unique extraordinary skill. They were some of the world’s most powerful mutants.

At the same time, as they started forming their encirclement around Chu Feng, each had extracted from their allocated baggage a thumb-sized bottle. There was a blue substance flowing within them. Without demur, all swallowed whole each of their allocated bottle of blue substance.


The mutants’ bodies suddenly increased in size; their constitution and their power had all been greatly augmented.

Although the other mutants were all standing far away from the scene, they were still palpitating with fear, as if they were standing toe-to-toe of the giant mutants themselves.

The sixteen mutants all had had their constitutions a tenfold enhancement. This was a truly awe-inspiring improvement. If any of them were to jump into the crowd of the unobservant mutants down below, a batch of them would be crushed and pulverized.

This joint force of this team of mutants had the power that would dominate anyone in fight; but after the tenfold increment in their power all at once, they were now no more than a horde of monsters who would forever be invincible in a fight!

"Kill him! I don’t care what his past is. Just kill him! Kill him!" Mu was now a grim-faced sullen man whose heart was burning with flames.

Today, it was him who made the wrong strategic decision. He only wanted justice on Lin Yeyu’s behalf to display his high sense of responsibility in front of Lin Naoi, but this time, he had outsmarted himself.

Because of his order, lives of many soldiers were wasted. The power of their firearms was also squandered and thrown away. Now, people started to regard them as nothing but sheer junk. The intended effect of the guns all lavishly frittered away. Deity was supposed to be a dignified and awe-inspiring name, but he had single-handedly all wasted it away.


Suddenly, a blaring roar trembled the Mountains of White Snake. Many of the mutants felt dizzy and off-balance, and some were even reeling and staggering. The world had utterly blackened out before their eyes, and they almost tumbled and lost their consciousness.

Sand was flying and pebbles were rolling by the side of Chu Feng. The lush vegetation was all shattered and crushed by the sound wave. As the sound waves started to spread across the valley, the sixteen mutants all began to cry an unearthly cry. They bled from their mouth, nostrils, eyes, and ears. Then, this team of super mutants all tumbled and fell as they clutched to their skull in agony.

The situation was the same as it was last time. Mu wanted to deal with him with the same method, but he had never dreamed about the fact that this was like delivering a crushing victory right to Chu Feng’s lap.

"God! What’s happening?!" The mutants all stood in shock.

The sixteen mutants, on the other hand, despite having only minutes of swaggering around in their augmented power, were now all rolling in profound agony on the ground.

Chu Feng looked indifferent and cold-hearted. He held the black dagger in hand. The cold-blooded man did not care to whom these giant mutants were affiliated to or of what importance they were to the nation’s biggest tycoon, Deity. No-one survived the cutting blade of his dagger. Everyone died a miserable death.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

In the twinkling of an eye, Chu Feng’s wavering dagger made the heads of all sixteen mutants roll on the earth. The whole team had been decimated. No-one survived.


At the summit of the mountain in the distance, Mu’s eyes had turned furious. However collected and restrained he had normally proven to be, he could not accept the reality he had just witnessed. He started groaning and moaning like a furious beast.

The killed mutants were all affiliated to the family of Mu. They were his family assets, and they were all at his beck and call. However, their lives were all wasted at the beat of a heart; the entire team had been decimated!

He had lost a team of mutants last time, and now there was another. Most importantly, both teams of his lost soldiers were easily beaten. It only took a single man seconds before they were all slain and killed.

Mu’s eyes were congested with blood. His mind had been filled with hatred.

The drug had a fatal flaw!

But by the time he realized it, it had already been too late.

Chu Feng was a man with a heart of stone. In front of thousands of other mutants, he killed all the mutants who were affiliated with the family of Mu without a break. One had to admit that Chu Feng was indeed a strong-willed and valiant man.

"Did you… did you capture that?" Zhou Yitian asked. He quivered and trembled as his lips shivered in excitement.

"Yes, director. We’ve got them all on camera!" someone replied. The men working under the director were also quivering. Some were out of fear, but many were out of astonishment and excitement.

The mutants nearby all turned to this "filming crew". The look on their faces seemed to suggest that everyone had reached a consensus that these guys were purely lunatics.

"I will kill you with my own hand!" Mu spoke between clenched teeth. He stood by the cliff. He had lost control of himself under the influence of anger; he was now man poles apart from the one he normally was.

He spoke into the intercom, then a helicopter rapidly flew over. It landed on the cliff where Mu stood, then he hopped into it!

However, there was another man who arrived at the battleground faster than he was.

A bolt of radiant silver light skimmed over the sky. It was the shadow of a man whose presence carried an air of invincibility. He dove down towards Chu Feng.

"God! It’s Silver Wing! He’s coming back for us!"

"Is he coming back to… save Deity’s lost face?"

In mid-air, the radiant halo of that man brought an air of terror to the atmosphere of the scene. Like a silver sun, he was enveloped in an overflow of holy radiance. He had temporarily given up on Kong Kim, and he was now poised to fight with Chu Feng!
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