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Old Donkey and the black yak were speaking with an air of irreverence. Their only goal was to perturb Luo Yi and disturb his mind. This also went to indirectly show just how terrifying Luo Yi was.

The evolvers hearts were palpitating and their physical bodies couldn't help but tremble.

At this time, everyone including the black yak, Zhou Quan, and the people from the secret realms of Mount Wangwu were worried for Chu Feng. Their hearts felt heavy with worry that he might encounter an accident.

They deliberately spoke in a relaxed tone and targeted Luo Yi.


The Deity Race young god's body was as splendid as the eternal golden body of a Buddha. He was bathed in a divine light that looked like it would rip open the void, and light-golden blood energy filled the air. His entire person looked as though he was standing in a holy domain, naturally undefeated.

"This degenerate land was once conquered by my forefathers, and they almost extinguished your kind. But you remnant aboriginals still vainly attempt to rise from the ashes. Die before me!"

His eyes became a terrifying golden color. There was no difference between the whites and pupils of his eyes; they were entirely a resplendent gold. A strong energy aura was emitted from them just like two active volcanoes spouting lava.


The might of the Taotie Fist shook the world. Following a punch, the lofty mountains shook, rocks began rolling, and a huge explosion broke out in the sky.

This was in Kunlun, so the soil and mountains were especially sturdy; were it in any other place, the mountains would have already crumbled and the land would be left barren with not a single thing remaining.

Chu Feng was very calm. Even though his opponent intentionally targeted him, provoked him, and disturbed his state of mind, his heart remained empty. He spoke in an undisturbed voice, saying, "You always bring up the past and use the bloody and evil military successes of previous years to show off your race's strength. If I beat you to death today and kill you brutally, won't your race become a joke!?"

His fighting technique was equally startling. He deduced Earth's ancient lost knowledge—the Eastern Purple Qi Fist—and combined it with the fist arts of the other races. This included the Deity Race's Flowing Light Fist and Chaotic Star Finger. The aura shocked people; every inch of his skin was crystalline, just like a god of war, and his whole head of hair was glowing. His power rivaled the Deity Race's direct descendants.

The air between the two exploded as if they were shattering the void and demanding to see eternity!

In that instance, everyone had a feeling that the sky had been ripped open. The deities appeared and all manners of scriptures lingered on the ear.

"What did I just see!?"

Many people in the outer realm were crying out in alarm.

Kunlun, in the mountainous region.

The two experts were moving and fighting fiercely. Many black fissures appeared between them, containing large swathes of starry skies within. They were seemingly from different planes of existence and would appear randomly. There were holy spirits wailing, old Buddhas lamenting, and demons chanting sutras.

"This is a dao resonance! The two of them are fighting so intensely that they caused the "old scenes" of years past to reappear!

"You're right, these are the past events of Kunlun!"

Some people's expressions changed. It was stated that these must be things that had happened back in those years, brought out by the intense fighting.

Just as some reports said, there was a midnight downpour with thunder and lightning, warhorses neighing in the ravine, and armored soldiers of the distant past fiercely fighting.

It wasn't a superstition, but rather the events that had actually occurred. This was because the stones in the mountains were magnetic and recorded everything that happened in those times. The ancient war, which was like a battle of gods and demons, had been "inscribed" by the mountains and rivers.

Now, Chu Feng was fighting fiercely with Luo Yi, and they had surprisingly stirred up the "magnetic memory" of the Kunlun Mountains' rock walls and recreated the scenes of those days. It could only be said that they were resonating with the "dao".

Those old events involved a struggle for the great Dao. Those people were so powerful!

"You want to kill me? What a joke. My energy levels are far stronger than yours. I'll absolutely suppress you. Let's see how you defy the heavens!" Luo Yi felt this beneath him and had a cold smile on himself.


The Taotie Fists glowed and burst forth with holy light. Its energy was vast and mighty and became increasingly and universally shocking. He very much wanted to immediately kill Chu Feng, and now he was going all out.

"I once appreciated you, and I gave you an opportunity, but in the end, you weren't amenable to reason. Since you're not willing to become my servant, you'll just have to die!"

Luo YI roared and, in an instant, his three-foot-long golden hair began to dance and glow with piercing lights. His pupils also became increasingly terrifying. There was a surprising booming sound as light beams materialized.


Now Luo Yi's eyes surprisingly spouted two gold mushroom clouds. It was too sudden and completely indefensible. They carried a life-threatening destructive force which attacked Chu Feng's face.

Many people cried out in the starry skies.

"This is too heaven-defying. Even his eyes can attack people?"

"That's… the long lost God's Eye Fist!"

The so-called God's Eye Fist referred to one's eyes being able to send out fists and form punches. Its power was terrifying and incomparably strange and could be counted among the exceptional fist arts.

"That's a type of extremely old fist art manual. It's been lost for many years, and the God's Eyes race has long since been eliminated. I never thought that the race's supreme fist art would fall into the hands of the Deity Race!"

Its power was undoubted, and it was absolutely terrifying. Every single person who understood the splendid history of antiquity knew that it was ranked in the Heavenly Skills Secret Canon. Back in those days, the God's Eyes race was one of the most powerful in the universe.

The God's Eye Fist was most weird. It could always catch opponents off guard and was impossible to defend against effectively!

At this time, people couldn't see the battle because the God's Eye Fist had appeared too suddenly. The energy that gushed out took the form of mushroom clouds wrapping up the fists and immediately shrouded the area.

In the eyes of the outer-realm people, that area was drowned in the mushroom clouds. Chu Feng's figure disappeared and was covered by the terrifying energy form.

At this time, not just the outer-realm, but even Yellow Ox and Ouyang Feng were startled. That type of strange fist appeared too suddenly and was even more frightening than a sneak attack. It was very difficult to guard against.

"Chu Feng!" shouted Zhou Quan, Manchurian Tiger, Old Donkey, and the others.

They nearly rushed over out of fear that Chu Feng had encountered an accident in the mushroom clouds.

"Ding, ding, ding…"

They halted at the critical point because they heard a peculiar sound. It sounded like a holy sword being sharpened. Sparks flew in all directions as a piercing golden light emerged.


Everyone was shocked. The mushroom cloud was dispersed, while Chu Feng's face remained intact; he wasn't blasted apart. Although his body was shaking, he showed no marks of injuries.

"His eyes!"

The outer-realm people were shocked stiff once they saw the truth. Chu Feng's eyes were pulsing with flames and shooting out golden lights as terrifying energy permeated the air.

"Fiery Eyes! He's surprisingly able to use this kind of power… this is a forbidden technique!"

Many people in the outer-realm let out shocked utterances.

In the heavens, the expressions of each race's expert changed. The Fiery Eyes was too rarely activated. One could search the entire universe and only find a handful of beings in possession of it.

It could be said that this was an eye technique that couldn't be exchanged for anything. No secret collection of books could clearly describe it, nor could it be studied by following the ancient records. One could only rely on themselves to activate it.

"A native of a declining planet can surprisingly activate the Fiery Eyes… My God! Since ancient times, only a few people have possessed it, yet he has surprisingly mastered it!

Some experts of the older generation were jealous and incomparably envious.

Unfortunately, this was very difficult to seize because one could only rely on themselves to feel it out. Nobody could say exactly how it was activated and possessed. Countless people were researching it, but they couldn't overcome this difficult question.

"I had my suspicions, but I never thought that he actually possessed the Fiery Eyes!"

Some people in the outer-realm were exclaiming lightly. This was because Chu Feng had previously emitted golden light from his eyes and exposed tiny hints, but at that time, people hadn't thought a lot about it.

That was because there were many reasons why one's eyes could appear golden.

"It is the ultimate dream of domain researchers to break through the illusion and look directly at the origin. He… if he walks the dao of the domains, he will definitely achieve great results."

"If he takes the road of evolution, the Fiery Eyes will become incomparably terrifying. At later stages, an even more special power will burst forth. This is only the beginning!"

The starry skies exploded with many people heatedly debating.

Even now, who could still have contempt for this evolver from a declining planet? In the end, someone who had the Fiery Eyes was definitely a great character with boundless potential.

"If he can defeat the Deity Race's young god today, he'll absolutely be a rising king. In the future, he'll be incomparably resplendent!"

While the outer-realm people were discussing, the battle at Kunlun became increasingly intense. It had already reached a climax.

The Deity Race's young god looked gloomy. He originally thought that as soon as the God's Eye Fist was unleashed, the results would be in his favor and he would certainly blast Chu Feng to death. He would split the latter's face open and cause him to die an ugly death.

How could he predict that his opponent's eyes would obliterate the golden lights, and defeat the mushroom clouds of the God's Eye Fist? It even raised Chu Feng's reputation.

He didn't even need to think about it. He already knew that the outer-realm was definitely discussing how exceptional Chu Feng was to be able to activate the Fiery Eyes! One must know that the Deity Race had researched it for many years, yet no one could successfully activate it in their youth.

On the contrary, a native from a planet they'd attacked and eliminated had activated this type of power on his own.

"Luoyi, what are you waiting for? Kill him! How can the Deity Race fail under the watchful eyes of the public!? My race is peerless, and we especially cannot lose to this planet's people. We previously killed their forefathers. Don't tell me your generation is no better than this aboriginal with no ancient books or records to inherit!?"

This was a voice that came from the outer-realm. Others could not hear it, but Luo Yi could hear it clearly. It echoed in his ears like thunder.

"Remember to exhaust all your capabilities. If you cannot beautifully and efficiently kill him, then you're committing all manners of crimes. Think up every possible method to eliminate him. The Deity Race cannot lose!"

The Deity Race's saint warned him in a chilly voice that reeked of blood. Once he finished speaking, silence returned.

"The Deity Race will never lose. The entire world knows that we're peerless! Today I'll attack and eliminate the last of the weeds on this declining land and kill them all!"

Luo Yi's voice was very deep, cold-hearted and unfeeling. His aura became increasingly terrifying. One could see his body glow brilliantly as he respired large quantities of worldly energy.

He activated the Deity breathing technique and utilized a powerful secret art!

He wanted a splendid victory. His body glowed with resplendent radiance!

Chu Feng had already begun taking action, and he was even faster. He wasn't like Luo Yi, who wanted to appear invincible and dazzling in the public eye.

Chu Feng only had one desire: to kill Luo Yi. He would think of other matters after that.


At this time, the Robbery Induction Breathing Technique was activated and at its peak. Both his body and spirit were breathing as a white mist covered his body like a celestial being descending to Earth.

Seventy or eighty coarse stone balls appeared and floated around him, pulsing and resonating along with his breathing,

At the same time, his fist art was as vast as the primordial skies and eternally unrestrained. This was because at this time his heart was empty and pure. It only contained the thought of killing his enemy.

In addition, the resonance technique had already been activated and enhanced himself. Also, he had used the energy forms—the stone balls—to magnify his power and further his resonance.

Aside from these, Chu Feng had an indistinct picture scroll behind him that hadn't been thoroughly displayed; it was ready and waiting for action. In this way, he could attack, retreat and defend against some of Luo Yi's special techniques.

It could be said that Chu Feng had made an all-out effort to defeat Luo Yi in one battle.


There was a booming sound as Chu Feng took the initiative and launched an attack. He was even more fierce than before!

This abrupt killing aura swept the skies. His attack power surged and caused everyone's expression to change.

Chu Feng's fists were even more forceful and grander than before. Paired with the resonance technique and enhanced by the energy forms, they were like an awakened demon. He was triggering a chaos of heaven and earth's vital energy.


They were already standing at the edge of the Kunlun mountains. The mountains outside weren't as stable and started crumbling.

Luo Yi stretched his glowing body, and the Deity Breathing Technique made him look increasingly dazzling. He was like Apollo descending to Earth, bathed in light, as he welcomed Chu Feng's attack.

Outside the Kunlun mountain range, some similarly tall mountain peaks were just as firm. But now, they were emitting snapping noises.

Following their power struggle, a terrifying scene occurred around them.


It was like an earthquake, but also like an erupting volcano. It was separated and distant. Several lofty, great mountains were all falling apart. A black mountain exploded and rubble pierced the sky. A brown mountain melted, and the stone transformed into flowing lava...

Bang bang bang...

In the intense confrontation, Chu Feng and Luo Yi's fists and feet collided, and their energy forms rammed together. They both unleashed their wild nature and fought like two prehistoric beasts killing one another.

The space between Luo Yi's eyebrows glowed, and small spears from his spirit flew out. In the end, Chu Feng's eyes erupted with light as the golden energy crushed them, causing them to explode in the air. The two people were shaken until their hair was disheveled.


At this time, the picture scroll behind Chu Feng activated and vibrated along with the resonance technique. It attacked directly.


Even though Luo Yi had activated his deity breathing technique, there was a sharp pain in his body as his skin ripped open. He was resonating along with it, and his whole body seemed to be falling apart.

"Break!" he cried out. His gold hair was dancing backward in the wind. His pupils were like two suns, and when he opened his mouth, a scorching golden light spouted out and collided with Chu Feng.


Multiple coarse stone balls appeared and blocked him from the front. Chu Feng was like a human kunpeng as he leaped up with his arms unfolded and hacked toward the Young God with great force.

Bang bang bang...

Luo Yi's hands produced a seal which blasted toward the figure in midair.


Chu Feng disappeared. The World's End Near at Hand technique was extremely fast. The energy forms suddenly increased from around seventy to one hundred. These coarse stone balls rotated and exploded toward Luo Yi.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Most importantly, Chu Feng appeared. Luo Yi was truly too conceited and somewhat negligent. He hadn't used his own picture scroll.

Upon seeing this, he didn't go through the motions again. There was a booming sound as the heavenly image behind him appeared and swept across.

"I've been waiting a long time for you!" Luo Yi smiled coldly and several scenes appeared behind him. Among them, one holy sword as bright as snow was extremely eye-grabbing. It burst out from the picture scroll to cleave apart Chu Feng's picture scroll.

"Deity Rends the Heavens!"

He cried out, poised to destroy Chu Feng's picture scroll.

However, in the next moment, his expression changed. His holy sword was like a rainbow as it hacked into Chu Feng's picture scroll. It was then crushed, struck, shaken, and collapsed in the end, turning into a mass of dispersing golden light.


At this time, Chu Feng relentlessly attacked. His fist also arrived as his painting scroll swept past.

It went without saying that Luo Yi got the worst of it during the first time he had collided with the exceptional painting scroll. The sword from his picture scroll was destroyed, and his body was stiff and nearly confined there.

He couldn't move until Chu Feng's fist came near. He roared with his hair in disarray.

There was a banging sound as Chu Feng's fist pounded into his face. The fist exploded with a terrifying power that sent blood flying out in all directions and causing Luo Yi's face to change shape.

Originally this punch pounded into the area between Luo Yi's eyebrows. He wanted to punch a hole through it, but at the latter had dodged at the critical moment—his body had broken away from its confines.

"How dare you!" Luo Yi was furious.

"Why wouldn't I dare? The Deity Race is nothing special!" shouted Chu Feng. As his picture scroll collided with Luo Yi's, he held the advantage yet again, temporarily freezing the space.

Bang, bang, bang...

He launched continuous heavy attacks. His punches blasted out; some pounded Luo Yi's face, while others attacked his body. Blood flew in all directions.

It went without saying that after activating the deity's ultimate breathing technique, Luo Yi was quite frightening. If it were anyone else, they would have been blasted apart with just one of Chu Feng's punches, yet he'd withstood multiple punches and hadn't been eliminated.

Even though his face was badly mangled, and even though there were bloody holes in his chest, he still snarled and endured with all his will. His expression was one of madness, wanting nothing more than to immediately kill Chu Feng.

The scene received worldwide attention. All races were watching as Luo Yi roared; he definitely wouldn't allow himself to be defeated.


However, at the critical moment, Chu Feng kicked from high up in the sky. His figure was vigorous, and his body was extremely elegant when extended. He kicked Luo Yi's chin and sent his opponent flying across with blood splattering everywhere.
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