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Each and every one of those dilapidated ships was incomparably huge. They were shrouded in a thick mist and packed with numerous creatures of skin and bones.

There were ten enormous battleships in total, and together, they created an enormous pressure that disturbed the peace of the Eastern Sea, making many of the sea creatures tremble in fear.

Even though they were hiding on the seafloor, they could feel the abnormal stifling power. They were like meteors falling from space, threatening to destroy the world—everything was enveloped in an aura of death.

In reality, the ships emitting the scent of decay weren't tranquil at all. There was loud clamoring, yelling, and whistling that almost ripped the sky apart.

Sound waves were rolling and surging unceasingly on the Eastern Sea

There were thousands of troops consisting of all kinds of races on each ship. Some were ants as big as a fist, while others were pterosaurs, peacocks, and golden deng dragons.

They were all emaciated with only a layer of old skin covering their bodies, and their eyes were sunken in. There were even some undead people who were close to decay. However, as soon as things returned to deathly silence, an insurrection broke out, and the spirit inside their heads began pulsing violently. Each and everyone was excited and moved.

It was as though they had woken one morning from thousands of years of sleep and were full of curiosity about the world. Of course, there was also much hostility and tendency for destruction.

"A cloud-piercing arrow summons myriad soldiers. Go! Damn those divine sons and saintesses. They're too arrogant! Today, we'll have them taste a siege."

At the helm of the first ship, the black yak was in high spirits. He was considerably aggressive as he waved his hand to guide the way.

At this time, he started to fix up his appearance. Those big sunglasses were a must! At the same time, he also held a cigar as big as a carrot in his mouth and began to light it.

"We've got a situation!" Ouyang Feng shouted out. Its eyes were sharp due to the divine blood running through its veins. Ouyang Feng was a true descendant of a holy beast and wasn't of mixed blood. After evolving to this level, its pupils were comparable to the heaven's eyes.

"Yeah, someone's broken through. It's a visualization-level being!" Yellow Ox was also staring at the sea in front of him. The smell of blood rose up there and surged toward the sky.

The Manchurian Tiger heard what was said and instantly became spirited. He stared at the bronze bell with big eyes and said, "You need not think too much. Aside from our brother Chu Feng, now the visualization-level people on the East China Sea are certainly all outer-realm bastards. Go get them!"

The black yak shouted, "Charge! The enemy is in front of us! A visualization level character wants to come here and claim the honor. Brothers, the first battle is upon us. We must crush them like dried up branches. Push your way through and finish the battle in a flash, otherwise, it'll be a disgrace."

The Manchurian Tiger continued and added, "Be careful not to kill the enemy. We need to capture them alive, otherwise, we can't sell them!"

A colorful, large ship was floating on the water off in the distance and drifting with the waves. Yuan Mo was sitting on the deck and activating his breathing technique. He was taking in and sending out large quantities of energy forms that traveled between heaven and earth when he suddenly had a breakthrough. He had once beheaded himself, but now, he had recovered to the visualization level. For a moment, the area's weather became turbulent as strong blood and vital breath surged out from his body and up toward the sky.

Not too far away, Zi Luan was languidly sunbathing as she sat half-reclined on a rattan chair, breathing in the sea air. She was holding a glass of red wine in her hand and looked leisurely and content. From time to time, she would purse her lips and take a sip of the wine. She was quite relaxed and carefree.

The others, including Li Feng, Zhan He, and the great demoness Zhao Qing were all there as well. They were achieving self-understanding and cultivating themselves.

"Who's there!?" Yuan Mo immediately stood up. After he had returned to the visualization level once more, his power had taken a huge leap, and his perception was incomparably acute.

However, the ten dilapidated ships were too fast. They had come so quickly that they had nearly ripped through the void. These were all the treasured ships of Mount Eternal, so their level was naturally extremely high.

Yuan Mo, Zi Luan, Zhao Qing, and Zhan He were all shocked. They had been surrounded.

"The God King Ouyang Feng is here. Now, I solemnly declare you're under arrest. You're my private property now!" The frog was tyrannical as it spoke, but also very formidable as it jumped directly onto the colorful ship as though pledging sovereignty.


Yuan Mo, who was a grave and stern man, now couldn't help but curse. It wasn't because the opponent's words were disrespectful, but rather because when Ouyang Feng opened its mouth, a downpour immediately started as saliva poured out from its mouth. It was truly unbearable.

As for the delicate Zi Luan, she shrieked and threw away her glass of red wine as she jumped behind the group to hide.

"You're totally suppressed. You dare encircle my brother Chu Feng? Now, it's our turn to hunt you down!" The black yak waved a hand and commanded the undead army to attack.

"What? Chu Feng is your brother? Don't be mistaken! We're on your side!" The great demoness Zhao Qing, who was always shrewd, immediately cried out upon hearing those words.

However, this group of people had just come out and were beyond excited, so they completely ignored her. What was more, they didn't believe her.


In an instant, the colorful ship was full of undead creatures as well as experts like Ouyang Feng and Yellow Ox who were attacking. Yuan Mo, Zhan He, and the others were cursing. They were quickly submerged, and in the end, all of them were captured alive.

Only Luo Miaoxiang wasn't present. This was because Chu Feng had put her into the spatial bottle and taken her with him, preparing to leave her and Qin Luo of the Dameng Pure Land for negotiations.

It wasn't that Yuan Mo wasn't strong enough, but rather they were drowned in a dense sea of undead soldiers. One must know that these creatures used to be the demon race's talents; otherwise, they wouldn't be able to enter Mount Eternal.

How? They faced the trials and failed, so they were reduced to the living dead. Now, they could only wait to be summoned by the later generations who had successfully completed the trials as members of an army.

"Advance! To dry land!"

"What? They said they really know brother Chu Feng. They said he's at Kunlun confronting some young god of the Deity race, and there's about to be a life or death battle."

"Then what are we waiting for? Go to Kunlun!"

Like a whirlwind that swept away the clouds, the ten ships sailed majestically side by side. They scattered the clouds as they crossed the sky. Their path took them above all of the famed mountains as they charged into the western region.

Now, at the Kunlun mountain ranges.

The atmosphere was extremely tense and could be counted a state of mutual hostility.

"All of you, get back!" Chu Feng had all of the people from Mount Wangwu and Himalayan secret realms retreat. They need not pay attention to him; he stood at the front alone in a standoff against the many divine sons and saintesses. He even wanted to charge through the obstructions and kill the young god.

"Chu Feng, a wise man submits to circumstances. Just give up, and you can still become my follower. This is your last chance." The Deity race's young god Luo Yi was quite cold and spoke with an undisturbed tone.

At this time, his complexion was apathetic. His golden hair draped over his shoulder, and his frosty temperament stifled everyone.

Naturally, this kind of provocation was ignored by Chu Feng. On the contrary, he wanted Luo Yi to become his servant.

A divine son shouted out, "Chu Feng, you have to know your limits. Your brash attitude is going to get you eliminated quickly. You've trapped yourself in a dangerous spot, and you're going to die here miserably!"

"Who are you? What's your name?"

Chu Feng defied everyone's expectations and replied mildly without getting angry at all. He unexpectedly asked that divine son's name.

"Teng Chong!" that person responded coldly.

Chu Feng nodded his head as he said, "Ah, I remember. You were the first divine son to show yourself and provoke me in front of everyone. When I sell you in a bit, you absolutely won't be sold for less than forty billion cosmic dollars. Have your family start fundraising immediately. If you can't get enough, and if I can't sell you, I'll just chop you up. Don't be idle."

Everyone: "..."

Teng Chong: "[email protected]$%@!"

Was this punishing an individual to set an example for others? This method was too unconventional and left everyone between laughter and tears. However, after careful pondering, it also left people in awe.

This was because Chu Feng was rarely all talk and no action. As soon as he said he would do something, he would most likely do just that.

The people of Teng Chong's orthodoxy up in the sky were a bit nervous. If by some unlucky chance this Demon King Chu really did that kind of thing, would they really hand over the ransom?

Teng Chong was a bit apprehensive as well, but even if he wasn't a match for him, he wouldn't lose. He was unyielding as he said, "How funny. You think you're a god? You dare to be so presumptuous and brash when a young god is here! What wind and waves can you turn over? Everyone of the same principle is here and have gathered to put an end to your devilry. Can you really contend against them? You're just bluffing now and boasting shamelessly!"

Chu Feng mocked him and said, "You're so loud when you kiss Luo Yi's ass, but haven't you heard that the rafter that sticks out rots first? In order to repay an old customer's favor, I've decided that today, I'll sell the other divine sons and saintesses for only ten billion cosmic dollars, but you'll be sold for forty billion cosmic dollars. I won't accept even a copper coin less!"

Afterward, he moved. Even though he was facing outstanding heroes, he still dared to attack first.

As Chu Feng saw it, this was a life or death trial. Sooner or later, he would go into the heavens where he would face several terrifying opponents. Now, although there were many divine sons and saintesses, this was only a rehearsal for the crisis that was yet to come.

He wasn't scared; he treated this type of danger as a trial in which he would refine his body in a blazing inferno and test the results of his evolution.

Chu Feng rose up and exceeded everyone's expectations. Nobody thought he would take the initiative like this. He said he would burst out, and he did.

Then… Teng Chong was met with tragedy!

This was because he was standing at the very front. Also, when other people saw Chu Feng suddenly attack, they hadn't responded. The World's End is Near at Hand technique's speed was terrifying.

In almost a flash, Teng Chong encountered Chu Feng, and energy rays burst forth as they directly collided.

In the end, there was no need to think any further. Teng Chong cried out miserably as his body nearly disintegrated. The impact almost ripped his body apart, and he was directly captured alive carried in Chu Feng's hand.

"Forty billion cosmic dollars!" shouted Chu Feng toward the heavens.

In the outer realm, the faces of all of Teng Chong's elders went black instantly, and their hearts felt stifled. Some old men couldn't help but want to curse.

"You little evil creature, you rushed to stick your head out first. Even if you wanted to express goodwill toward the young god, all you had to do was talk. Why would you stand at the front?!"

"Unfilial son, idiot, you… you're a disgrace to the Teng family. You are the first to be captured!"

The people of the Teng family couldn't help it. They wanted to slap Teng Chong to death.

In the outer realm, there was a great commotion.

The voices of discussion rose and fell in succession on the Origin Beast Platform.

It had only just begun, yet Chu Feng was already this powerful. He had captured someone right in front of the young god and blackmailed the Teng family just like that!

People sighed with regret. It was hopeless! He was walking even further down the road of human trafficking.

In Kunlun, the group of divine sons and saintesses had unsightly expressions on their faces. Teng Chong had been captured, and he was doomed to be sold. This drained their faces of all light.

"Get him! There are so many people, yet none of you are his opponents? Capture him alive and give him to the young god to punish!" someone shouted, calling for everyone to attack together. In the eyes of some, two hundred-odd visualization-level divine sons and saintesses were enough to defeat Chu Feng, even if only some attacked.

"If you can't handle it, then retreat. I'll capture and kill him myself!" said the Deity race's young god. His face was cold, and his whole body was glowing. His divine power was trembling and shook the entire the Kunlun mountain range like a real god!

"Why would you use a butcher's cleaver to kill a chicken? Young god, please retreat. We're sufficient. He's nothing but a chosen one from a land in decline. Even if he's powerful, he can only kneel when facing so many of us from the same principle. In just a moment, we'll have him acknowledging allegiance at your feet!"

No matter the timing, there were many people who wanted to flatter him. Teng Chong had just been captured, and yet another person stood out to praise the Deity race's young god.

Of course, this person was rather cautious. He didn't stand at the very front, but rather further away from Chu Feng. He contacted everyone, telling them to attack together.

"Go kill him!"

"Attack together and save the captive."

"There's no need to talk about customs when facing this kind of person. He's filled with extreme evil. There are dozens of divine sons and saintesses inside his spatial bottle. We must save them!"

Some people spoke one after another, and then they all burst out with their most powerful energy. The light beams swept everything away as they attacked together to hunt down Chu Feng.


A powerful energy wave came off from the distance. The excessive sound shook the Kunlun mountain grounds, instantly grabbing everyone's attention and shocking them all.

A mushroom cloud could be seen rising up on the horizon as a majestic, dilapidated ship covered the sky!

On the horizon, the black yak, the Manchurian Tiger, the old donkey, and the others were commanding the ships to open fire and chase a certain mysterious character.

As they approached Kunlun, Ouyang Feng's pupils emitted holy light beams. An old man could be seen sitting on a lush green bamboo raft and surveying the Kunlun mountains. He was obviously watching the battle.

At that time, Yellow Ox's pupils also emitted two beams of golden light as he also discovered this person. He was quite unsettled because there was a red clay stove on the bamboo raft along with a tea set. He was surprisingly enjoying tea while watching the battle! Yellow Ox felt disgusted.

This ended in Yellow Ox and Ouyang Feng commanding everyone to attack, culling the grass and beating the rabbit. On the edge of the Kunlun mountains, they attacked Yuchi Kong first.

"There's a sky demon monitoring system on the ship. Start it up and lock it on him!" instructed Yellow Ox.

Because this old man was too powerful, he actually rushed out calmly the first time they attacked.

It must be said that the dilapidated ship was very terrifying. After all, it had come from Mount Eternal, and after the sky demon monitoring system was activated, black pupils opened up on each ship, and they could see through everything.

This was a monitoring system comparable to the heaven's eye. At close distances, even though Yuchi Kong's green bamboo raft was out of the ordinary, it could still be discovered.

Afterward, Yuchi Kong's complexion became rather ugly. He had been chased frantically by the black yak, the Manchurian Tiger, Yellow Ox, Ouyang Feng, and the others as they attacked him explosively.

Yuchi Kong didn't want to be exposed. As the protector of the true one, he didn't want to be examined closely or have people from the outer realm take note of him.

He didn't fight with all his might. He only fled, but in the end, he was still in a very difficult situation. He had been encircled by ten dilapidated ships from Mount Eternal. He had almost revealed his true form and exposed himself before the heaven's eye.


The dilapidated ships' black lights increased sharply as they condensed the undead army's energy, explosively attacking Yuchi Kong.

"Yellow Ox, Old Black!" shouted Chu Feng. His nerves were affected, and his mood undulated. He had already seen this group on the horizon, and he had also seen the enemies. He felt warm from head to toe as his blood surged with excitement.

"Chu Feng!" the people there were also shouting.



Yuchi Kong's bamboo ship was bombarded by the black lights. It shook and moved up and down, and he almost fell off from the vibrations, his face incomparably ugly.

Yuan Mo's entire body was damp and clammy. He was unexpectedly the first to move as he flew over to Chu Feng. He didn't want to stay on Ouyang Feng's ship even though the misunderstanding earlier had been cleared and everyone knew he was one of their own.

"Congrats, you've recovered to the visualization realm." Chu Feng looked at him, and then he was rather flabbergasted as he said, "You're so wet. Did you fall into some water?"

Yuan Mo instantly looked toward Ouyang Feng in the distance. This grave and stern devil man's expression had a hidden bitterness!

He wanted to say, "Damn, I'll never attack that frog again. That downpour of saliva is unbearable!"


Golden Deng Dragon: 金毛犼 - A mythological beast; in legend, it was the mount of the Bodhisattva of Compassion, Guanyin.

Note: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denglong
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