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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 56: Kong Kim

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Chapter 56: Kong Kim

Translator: Mike Editor: Chrissy
Silver Wing stood still in mid-air. The silver radiance exuding from his wings enveloped him in a sphere of halo, making him all the more holy and extraordinary.

He was clothed in a suit of silver that was glistening along with his hair and his wings, lending radiance and beauty to one another. Silver Wing’s exceptional stance in mid-air made him look like a celestial god overlooking all living beings from the heaven above.

On the ground, the beast that had been snapped in half had given rise to a large pool of blood. The rocks, the grass, the trees, and the soggy earth had all been dyed crimson red with the beast’s blood. It was a shocking scene to behold.

A ten-meter beast that was invincible against bullets and sharp weapons, killing arrays of mutants as easily as breaking up dead wood was now executed by cutting its body in two at the waist.

The drastic contrast of the situation astounded many. The crowd had to admit that Silver Wing was sure enough a terrifying beast himself whose demeanor, on the hand, was graceful and charming.


The second beast emerged from the dead body of the first. The blaring sound it made was like a muffled thunder. The beast opened its bloody mouth and raised its head, looking up at the killer of its partner with a pair of scarlet eyes. The beast’s cries were sad and shrill.

Many mutants covered their ears and showed a look of profound agony. The sound wave associated with the beast’s unearthly cries had a huge power of destruction.

Trees and other vegetation had all come to pieces; sand flew, and pebbles rolled as an effect of the shrill cries it made. The sky had been enveloped in smoke and dust.

The beast stroke a pose, as if it were about to throw itself at Silver Wing who was still hanging in mid-air. The beast wanted to avenge for its dead partner.

Silver Wing hovered in mid-air, muted and aloof. His pupils were still gleaming with a silver radiance. He looked down at the chaos that this monstrosity of a beast had created, but there were still no surge of emotions on his handsome face. He kept his countenance and remained calm and composed.

Puff! The beast finally committed to action. That ten-meter monstrous body of it showed no signs of sluggishness. The beast was agile and fast; it moved like a bronze lightning. In the twinkling of an eye, the beast had already travelled ten meters into the distance.

However, it did not leap into the air; the beast was running for the tree in the distance. It wanted to swallow whole the purple pine cone.

Even though its scarlet eyes were filled with hatred, the beast still managed to suppress its barbarity. The beast knew that the best option for it now was to dash forward to snatch the fruit. Its strength and its body constitution would be greatly augmented once the fruit was eaten.

For the beast, this was the starting point. It wanted to dash out of the Mountains of Taihang then run wild on the land of the Northern Realm. Then, it would advance into the more mysterious famous mountains and great rivers to rule the forest and dominate the wilderness of the world.

As to the foes who had killed its partner, the beast was confident that it would kill all of them once its strength was improved by the fruit.

People were shocked to see that the beast did not follow its instinct for revenge, despite that its eyes had grown scarlet from the hatred and thirst for the life of the killer.

Fierce gale erupted, and the earth cracked as the beast progressed forward. The beast was heavy, and every leap it made landed it somewhere ten meters away. The sheer mass of its body trembled the earth greatly.

“Hurry up! Stop it!” someone from the crowd shrieked.

People would not want to see the fruit to be harvested by a beast no matter what.


Suddenly, a blaring resonance erupted in mid-air. It sounded like a heavy thumping of a giant drum. The thump sounded low and deep, but it pierced through the air and the eardrums of many who heard it.

Then, the ten-meter beast suddenly started fluttering in the wind. It seemed as if some enormous forces had rammed into it then sent the beast into the air. The beast flew across the sky before plummeting somewhere distant on a hillside field. The weight of the crushing beast snapped acres of ancient trees, causing smoke and dust to envelop the sky.

What happened? Many people were dumbfounded by the scene.

There was a man standing next to the fruit-bearing tree. He looked sturdy and strong. There were no bulging muscles on his torso, but his physique looked firm and robust!

Only judging by his look, one could have already had an idea of his astonishing strength.

The man looked special. His countenance was not one of the most handsome ones, but his temperament was visibly outstanding. He looked like an almighty Buddha, strong yet overwhelmingly powerful.

He had a buzz cut on his head, and his skin looked slightly yellow. It was the color of a topaz, and it had the luster of a topaz as well. His body was gleaming with radiance that highlighted the healthy and sturdy build of his body. There was a thick air of manliness around him.

“He is… Kong Kim!”

Someone from the crowd exclaimed.

Another one of the Big Four had arrived, and he was Kong Kim alright.

It only took him a single strike of his fist to blow away the beast. How strong was he?

The might of the beast was obvious to all. It was only moments ago when the ten-meter beasts jostled and elbowed their way in the crowd of mutants, crushing everyone in their way. Even a ten-meter humanoid tree could not stand a chance against it.

Moments later, it only took the fist of a single man to toss one of it to the air. In terms of strength, the man was even more terrifying than the beast itself.

The beast leaped to its feet again; its eyes were burning with fury. It was only inches away from the pine cone, but it was stopped at the very last second.

At the same time, there was also a look of fear in its eyes. The man only used his fist to make the tumble and fall, yet its sheer power was great enough to inspire fear in the beast.


The beast still chose to launch an attack on its enemy. The pine cone was on the verge of ripening, and the beast’s success was close at hand. How would the beast be content with just a failure at this stage?

In fact, Kong Kim had started charging as well. His speed was even greater than the beast. Between him and the beast, there was only a ground of ten meters, but as he started running with big strides, the ground under his feet suddenly seemed like it had been shortened; the two were now only inches apart in the twinkling of an eye.


This time, Kong Kim delivered his fist with even greater strength. He punched into the corner of the beast’s bloody mouth, breaking the beast’s teeth almost instantly. Soon, blood started spewing out of the beast’s traumatized gum.

The beast was sent into the air once again, eventually crushing into the earth somewhere even further from the tree. The beast clearly could not endure the strength Kong Kim delivered.

The once rude and unreasonable beast had now encountered someone even more ruthless than itself. Different to Silver Wing, Kong Kim only needed brute force to make his enemy suppressed.

The battleground was peppered with broken teeth and gory blood. The teeth were at least a feet long. They were white and cutting, juxtaposing greatly with the crimson color of the blood.

“This is Kong Kim! He is sure enough an extraordinarily brave man in battle!”

“The arrival of Kong Kim means that a battle between him and Silver Wing is inevitable. Even if we can’t gain the fruit, we’ve still sure as hell not made a fruitless trip this time!”

Many people were excited with joy.

Only moments earlier, they were worrying about the terrifying existence of the beast, and now, they didn’t seem to mind the beast at all. With Kong Kim’s presence, the beast’s ultimate demise would come eventually.

Silver Wing landed on the summit of a mountain not afar.

There were a crowd of people there. All of them were the top executives from Deity!

Lin Naoi stood there as well. She had a slender figure, and she was frosty and gorgeous. Her long hair hung loosely to her waist. There were no surges of emotion seen on her bright and charming face. She was as calm and composed as ever.

Silver Wing landed beside her, then stood closely by her side.

The sight of this stirred up quite a commotion in the crowd. People all showed looks of astonishment.

Lin Naoi had been seen by the public before. Everyone had reached to a consensus that her beauty was unparalleled in this world. There were also rumors about her relationships with Silver Wing; this topic had once rapidly become a trending topic on the internet, and now, when people finally could witness with their own eyes, they realized that Lin Naoi was in fact more charming than she was in the photo. She was an utter beauty.

Another young man appeared there. He had a rather stunning look as well. The handsome man walked to Lin Naoi’s side, then started assigning tasks to those who were working under him.


Chu Feng looked over at the cliff. He had recognized the people there one by one.

He had once seen a photo of Mu, and he knew that the relationship between him and Wan Qing was not just average friendship. Therefore, Chu Feng had always been keeping an eye out for him.


On the battlefield, the beast was driven into the air by Kong Kim once again. The crushing weight of the beast devastated acres and acres of forest, and the crushing sound it made was blaring to say the least.

Many people had noticed that the fight seemed more like limbering up for Kong Kim right now. He was clearly not in a hurry to end the miserable life of the beast yet.

The beast was exasperated. It opened its mouth and started jetting out a black column of flames that had the distinguishable smell of sulphur. The beast was on the edge.

Clearly, Kong Kim wanted to waste no time with the beast anymore. He drew a cutting blade from a sheath at his back. It took him only a single stride before he suddenly closed the gap between him and the beast.


The glint of the knife was bright as the Milky Way. It shone its dazzling brilliance before it was stained with the blood that spewed out of the jugular of the beast after the blade had beheaded it.

It only took Kong Kim a single wavering of his blade before he made the beast’s head depart from the rest of its body. Now, it became clear that it was indeed just a session for him to warm up before this final strike.

“Quickly! Have you captured all of that? This footage is invaluable to us! Nothing is CG! Everything is real! Our film is going to make history!”

In a critical moment like this, it was astounding to hear someone making such a hullabaloo in the crowd.

People was at first astounded, then they saw Zhou Yitian, the director. He was accompanied by a few others who were carrying all sorts of film shooting equipment, recording the epic fight from all directions.

“Silver Wing, Kong Kim… the two most venerated heroes of our time both starred in my film. They would both become the invincible heroes in my film as well!” Zhou Yitian seemed deliriously excited.

No-one took notice of him, and no-one cared about his film either.

Everyone had been shocked by the terrifyingly high combat effectiveness of Kong Kim. Once the blade was out, who could win over him?

“Kong Kim! Here!”

On the summit of the mountain, Silver Wing yelled to Kong Kim. He fluttered his wings whose radiance still shone brightly. He flew and glided, overlooking the entire crowd of mutants down below.

He was a figure who had set himself high above the masses. In the eyes of the crowd, he was just like their god descending from the heaven above!

Kong Kim raised his head. It was as if there were a secret agreement signed between him and his sworn enemy. He knew that a war between them was bound to break out. He paced his strides at an equally great speed, and in the twinkling of an eye, he reached far away from where he stood.

The crowd was taken aback. Was he actually walking on the ground? Wasn’t it a bit too fast of a speed for a man to travel at? Even a flying bird might not necessarily prove to be a match for the speed at which he travelled.


In the distance at the vast hillside field, the fight between Silver Wing and Kong Kim finally began. This was going to be the fight that would make history!

“FIGHT! The fruit belongs and only belongs to Deity!” Mu shouted to deliver his order.

He wavered and beckoned to the men working under him, guiding them to press upon the place where the tree stood. The fruit on it was about to ripen.

At the same time, people also surprisingly found out that on various hilltops, there had appeared many pitch-black gun muzzles. The sheer size of the calibers of these guns frightened everyone at present.

Meanwhile, there also came the roar of turbine of helicopter from the distance. There were military helicopters that speedily came in like a formation of iron monsters. Then, the helicopter started hovering above the frightened crowd.

The expression on everyone’s face had shifted. The weapons that were equipped on the helicopters were frightening to say the least. It would only take them a single fire before a whole area of forests below were decimated.

“Zhou Quan, you need to leave. NOW!”

At the hilltop, Chu Feng whispered. He sounded solemn and earnest. There was even a commandatory undertone in the words he said. He had a bad premonition of danger, so he wanted Zhou Quan to retreat from the area as soon as he could.

Zhou Quan understood the danger of the situation. Without demur, Zhou Quan beat it double-quick and fled away. In the twinkling of an eye, he had made run a few hundred meters away from the scene.

Chu Feng’s heart palpitated with fear. There were many painful spots on his body. This was his instinct for danger. It was a feeling he was familiar with.

Someone was training their guns at him!

“Anyone who dares to provoke us—die!”

In the distance, Mu spoke between clenched teeth. There was a bitingly frosty look on his handsome face. He wavered his hand, issuing an order to the men working under him.

Pong! Pong! Pong!

Suddenly, there sounded the salvoes of guns all fired at once. The firepower was ferocious and devastating. They were all aimed at the hilltop on which Chu Feng stood. Bullets pierced through the air, raining down on the soil and vegetation growing at the hilltop.

Chu Feng had followed his instinct for danger. Like a beast, he thrust himself to the other side of the hill. He survived the first round of bullets.

Yellow Ox flew into a rage. Its movement was equally swift. Tagging along with Chu Feng, Yellow Ox also made its way to safety.

Chu Feng’s blood ran cold in his vein. He never had plans to initiate fight with Deity because of Lin Naoi’s presence, however, having been constantly picked at by rabbles and mobs from Deity, Chu Feng was left with no choice.

Chu Feng re-emerged behind the cover with firearms in hand. He had turned himself to a man with a heart of stone, cold-bloodedly shooting at one direction.

Pong! Pong! Pong!

Just in the twinkling of an eye, Chu Feng fired six consecutive shots. That firing squad of six shooters were instantly killed with each bullet shot from Chu Feng’s gun claiming each life.

Everything happened so quickly that many people still had not been able to make sense of things before they had already happened.

“Oh, my God! Angel Ox can dodge bullets, and he even instantly delivered a counterblow against the aggressors! Did he kill six master shooters from Deity?”

“His reaction is unearthly fast! How did he manage to dodge all those bullets?”

The crowd nearby the hill could not believe their eyes.

Mu showed a look of astonishment as well. It was at this moment that he knew he might have courted trouble by provoking a master fighter.

Lin Naoi turned her head to Mu.

“I saw the men working under your uncle was being humiliated by him, so I wanted to take the opportunity to dispose of him… but I never thought that he could be so strong… It was my fault,” Mu frankly admitted.

With just a few words, Mu had simply and concisely informed Lin Naoi that he was avenging for her uncle’s lost reputation.


At the hilltop, Chu Feng raised his gun once again, then he fired another bullet into the distance.

“Ah?!” The look on Mu’s face suddenly shifted. He was not an ordinary person either. He possessed an equally terrifying instinct that allowed him to predict danger. Whoosh! Mu suddenly vanished from the spot at which he stood. A bullet brushed past him.

“He is not an ordinary person!” Chu Feng was astounded. It was his first time ever to see someone dodging bullets just like him.

But he supposed that mutants like Kong Kim and Silver Wing were perhaps more terrifying. They were almost immune to bullets.

“Kill him! Kill him!” Mu’s eyes turned cold. He gazed in the direction of the hill, then he wavered his hand to issue his orders. He was harboring murderous intentions.

The pitch-black gun muzzles erected at the other hilltops had all turned to the hill where Chu Feng stood.

At the same time, a helicopter hovering in mid-air was also heading towards Chu Feng.

“You want to kill me, Mu? Perfect! Let’s settle the grudges between you and me now!” Chu Feng was filled with the intent to kill. The murderous look in his eyes glittered and glowed.
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