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The Sacred Ruins 549 Annihilated with a Flick of the Fingers

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Chu Feng had arrived!

He had suddenly appeared while people were discussing him, and some of the divine sons were even caught criticizing him. He rushed in here from the edge of the horizon with a single explosive step.

White mist caused by the great explosion in the air billowed behind him on the path he had just passed.

Lan Shi's long dress fluttered in the breeze as she stood on Mount Kunlun. Here in this land rich with foundations of myths, her features were like a painting and she was charming as a fairy.

Now upon seeing Chu Feng, a divine glimmer flashed in the depths of her pupils. Her body paused slightly, but others could hardly perceive such minute changes. In an instant, she was bright and beautiful with a smiling countenance once again.

"Chu Feng," she said with a slight nod of her head and the enticing glance of a beauty. She had a slender, elegant figure and fair, sparkling skin. Even her hair was glowing, and her long dress could hardly conceal the ups and downs of her curves.

Of course, she didn't walk over and pour wine for him. Being kind was out of the question, but she wasn't exactly cold. She behaved rather neutrally.

And Chu Feng didn't force her. It wasn't time for that yet.

Chu Feng's sudden arrival was out of everyone's expectations. The green grass here at Mount Kunlun was as soft as a mattress, and a purple mist pervaded through the cliffs. It was like paradise. There were many divine sons and saintesses here, all of which were experts!

The big crowd of people watched with sparkling eyes, their gaze transfixed on Chu Feng. He was an unexpected guest, and it was all too sudden. To everyone's surprise, he had returned on his own accord and appeared in front of everyone.

Some were anxious, some were indifferent, and some were ecstatic, while others were sneering—everyone behaved differently.

Just a moment ago, the group of people was still in a heated debate. Many people were speaking highly of the Deity race's young master, thereby taking Chu Feng to be a pathetic and lamentable runaway. Now that the main lead was here, many wore strange expressions.

It was very awkward. They were just talking about Chu Feng, and there he was, sitting right here.

The most unlucky one was the saint who had been kicked flying away. He had been passing judgement on everything and was incredibly impassioned as he deliberately mocked Chu Feng. He was speaking particularly irreverently and, as a result, was kicked away when the subject came rushing across from the horizon. He was left hanging on a cliff where he flew into a rage out of humiliation.

"Chu Feng!" that divine son said, flushed with anger. His body ached, and for a moment, he couldn't move. Stuck on the cliff, his body shuddered with fury as he glowered at Chu Feng.

"Is something the matter?" Chu Feng cast a sidelong glance at him, calm and unperturbed.

"You… are still an important character. How could you be this rough and suddenly attack?" To find a way out, he neglected to mention how he ridiculed Chu Feng behind his back. Neither did he admit how slight his own power was. He only mentioned how rude and unreasonable Chu Feng's actions were in ambushing him.

"I don't like how you look. Besides, you have a good seat." Chu Feng chuckled.

What sort of absurd reasoning was this? The divine son hanging on the cliff wanted to spit out blood. This demon was indeed unbridled. Chu Feng was clearly mocking and teasing him.

"The young master as well as Fairy Qin, are both here, and they won't tolerate you being unreasonable!" he rebuked angrily. He tried to change the topic so that those who were stronger would quickly intervene and set Chu Feng straight.

"Stop making a racket. If you dare shout one more time, I'll sell you off!" Chu Feng threatened.

The crowd became quiet. All of the divine sons and saintesses were rather speechless.

How could he say such a thing? He was threatening others the moment he opened his mouth, talking about selling divine sons. He was truly proving himself to be the infamous human trafficker.

The person who was on the cliff exuded cold sweat and was rather frightened. From analyzing the rumors he had heard, he felt as though the demon wasn't just saying it for fun. If he said a sentence Chu Feng didn't like, it was possible the latter would indeed sell him off!

He opened his mouth and stared blankly, not daring to oppose him any further. He was scared because the god before his eyes was incredibly barbarous and cruel. Recently, he had become one of the Wormhole Express's silver customers, and everyone in the starry skies knew how he had reached such a VIP status—by posting many many divine sons and saintesses. He was simply "deranged and demented"!

The key was that Qin Luoyin and the Deity race's young god had yet to pay attention to this fellow. Naturally, this made the one hanging on the cliff more and more stricken.

And so he decided not to utter another word.

Some were dumbfounded. They wanted to say, could you not grow up a bit? Such a threat was enough to stop you from retorting?

At this time, the Deity race young god's complexion shifted. He was in the middle of sizing Chu Feng up. He had neither broken out nor spoke, and just sat calmly cross-legged at a jade table on the green grass.

He was very tall and one could even say he was majestic and towering in appearance. Just by sitting there, he was head and shoulders over the other divine sons. His long golden hair was thick and radiated a dazzling brilliance as if there was a big sun hanging behind his head.

It was evident that the Deity race's young god had boundless valor. It gave others a terrifying sense of oppression, one that greatly exceeded normal people's despite it being dormant inside his body.

Someone asked loudly, "Chu Feng, where do you think you are? How dare you be so unbridled and perverse in the face of the young god and Fairy Qin?"

They, too, were divine sons who came from various planets. Of course, they were usually in high spirits and incredibly self-confident. Even after arriving on earth and hearing many rumours concerning Chu Feng, they were still fearless and unconvinced.

As a result someone, had questioned and chided Chu Feng.

Chu Feng looked at him casually and said, "This is my house's backyard. Didn't you know that a group of my brothers and I have taken over Mount Kunlun? In fact, I had wanted to ask you what are you doing running into my house with nothing to do?"

Considering himself as the owner, he looked toward that person at this point and said, "I am Mount Kunlun's actual landowner."

"That's right. This planet is ours. You charge here and blame us for being rude when this is our homeland," yelled Zhou Quan from afar.

This made many raise their eyebrows.

Now, naturally, those from Penglai, Fang Zhang, and Ying Zhou were most afraid. Half a day ago near the West lake, Chu Feng had neatly and tidily demolished most of the troops they had sent out. He was merciless to them, and it made them more and more concerned. If Chu Feng was indeed to rise to power, the consequences would be dire.

Here, there were still a small group of people from Penglai, Fang Zhang, and Ying Zhou.

They were increasingly certain that they needed to go and seek refuge with those from the outer realms. It would be better if they could find a great patron like the Deity race.

"Chu Feng, this planet doesn't belong to just you yourself. Kunlun is the forefather and root of all mountains in the world. You want to take it as your own but have you asked the evolvers in the realm? You can't just say it and make it belong to you."

Unexpectedly, while others were apprehensive, someone from the secret realm Fang Zhang started to speak, aiming at Chu Feng.

This was because they were all standing behind the Deity race's young master and kissing up to him. They hadn't sat down, but were instead standing with their hands hanging by their sides respectfully with reverence.

It was clear that they planned to rely completely on help from the Deity race. Many days ago, Princess Qing Qi from the secret realm Fang Zhang had already become a dao couple with Yu Jiubian, a descendant from one of the Deity race's henchmen. Now that the real Deity race was here, they naturally threw themselves at their feet to serve them at the first instance.

"Hehe… even natives are against you. What more can you say? There isn't just one person on this planet who has the final say. Everything here doesn't belong to you; they belong to everyone like Penglai, Fang Zhang, Ying Zho, and the others."

A divine son from the outer realm spoke with a smiling expression. He looked over at Chu Feng somewhat in derision.

Chu Feng looked at him indifferently and said, "Do you know what kind of people they are? They're a bunch of servants with a strong sense of servility. You take their words as golden rules? Your have similar standpoints, or maybe you are, in fact, the same type of people?!"

Everyone was speechless. This demon was a fighter, or one could say he was a battle demon. He had started calling out others the moment he arrived, and had attacked whoever he didn't like the look of. He spoke without the slightest fear of the consequences.

That divine son was considerably irritated. He knew the history of those from Penglai, Fang Zhang, and Ying Zhou, and precisely speaking, they were indeed descendants of war servants from the ancient times. Now, it was indeed incredibly servile for those from Penglai, Fang Zhang, and the other secret realms to seek refuge from the outer realms at the first instance. People despised them for it.

"You are too barbarous and unreasonable!" that divine son said, his words lacking strength.

There were many saintesses here, each and every one of them either quiet and exquisite or alluring and enchanting. They were all very beautiful. Several of them cast glances toward him, and it was clear they thought ill of his behavior.

Contrary to what one might expect from Chu Feng, a demon and an enemy in their subconscious mind, they found him confident and courageous. They revealed peculiar expressions as they found him attractive and extraordinary.

Someone from Penglai said, "Chu Feng, you don't understand the situation. Many divine sons and saintesses have descended from the outer realms. You are overrating yourself and shouldn't be so confident. Today, you'll end up badly bruised for being so nonsensical!"

Like just then, Chu Feng didn't pay him any heed and ignored those from Penglai, Fang Zhang, and Ying Zhou. He looked toward the Deity race's young master and went to look for him directly.

"You're accepting even this kind of servant?" His words were rather concise, but nevertheless made the people from the three immortal islands want to vomit blood. Their hearts ached incessantly.

Nevermind Chu Feng ignoring them, his simple words had determined their standing as the lowest ranked servants. This judgement, to them, was extremely vicious.

In the surroundings, divine sons and saintesses showed peculiar expressions. Their eyes twinkled as they understood just how damaging Chu Feng's words were.

With just one sentence, the three immortal island's eager attempt to cross over to the other side went up in smoke. It greatly lowered the opinion of them to the extreme.

"Chu Feng!" At the scene, there were people from the three immortal islands whose eyes blazed with fury—they couldn't wait to fight it out with Chu Feng.

However, those from the three immortal islands became quiet in a flash as the young master from the Deity race finally began to speak.

"Chu Feng, I do rather admire you. It's not easy for someone to cause such great commotion just by themselves." The young master from the Deity race had a golden glow on his body from head to toe. There he sat, cross-legged, like a divine son from the Sun. His golden hair fell to his waist, and he had a handsome face. His eyes were bright and full of expression with a golden radiance bursting from within.

As before, Chu Feng was unperturbed and said, "Really? You flatter me. Have a look at those with an unbearable stink standing behind you."

Each and every one of the people from Fang Zhang and Penglai were itching to eat him up alive. Chu Feng was still targeting them even though they now stood behind the Deity's young master.

They had a great hatred within their hearts. They wanted to snarl, "Just talk to the young god, dammit! Why must you always drag us in?"

At this moment, the young god from the Deity race nodded his head and said, "Mn, that's right too. Nothing more than a bunch of slaves with no moral backbone. I do indeed spurn them. Before, I was displeased on hearing that a descendant of our Deity race's household servant was to marry their princess."

On hearing this, the complexion of everyone from the three immortal islands changed abruptly. To everyone's surprise, they had received such criticism.

The worst were those from the island of Fang Zhang. Originally, their princess Qing Qi had almost married Yu Jiubian. At that time, they hadn't known he was a descendant of one of the Deity race's henchmen and had taken him to be a real member of the Deity race. Looking back now, they had been wrought with complicated emotions.

And now, they had unexpectedly heard such words. The young master of the Deity race simply looked down on them and even felt disgusted that his servant's descendant was to intermarry with their princess…

How could they endure this?

Chu Feng began to speak and said, "Since this is the case, you don't have any objections if I put them out, right? It is simply muddying the air to have such people remain here."

"Please, do as you wish," said the Deity's young god.

"Young god?!" those form Penglai and Fang Zhang called out. They simply couldn't believe their own ears.

"Shut up!" Someone beside the Deity's young master stood up. He berated them and said, "If the young god wants servants, who knows how many experts in the starry skies would seek asylum with us. You are merely a bunch of slave descendants. You're so disloyal yet attempt vainly to rely on help from the young god and don't think over your own importance and status. You don't deserve it!"


Each and every one of those from the three great immortal islands grew ashen-faced and almost spat out blood!

"How lamentable, pitiful, disgraceful, and sad!" Chu Feng shook his head as he said these four words.

Swish, swoosh, swish...

Though the people from the three great immortal islands were grief-stricken, they all soared into the sky immediately after calming down. They couldn't remain here any longer and wanted to escape. Not only would they be disgraced, but they would die as well!

But awaiting them was a terrifying beam of light. Chu Feng had advanced to the visualization level, and his power had risen dramatically. Blinding divine radiance emerged with a snap of his fingers.

Pop, pop, pop...

One by one, figures exploded in the sky. They became mists of blood before burning and vanishing in a puff of smoke.

"You have killed those who ought to be kill. Now, let us have a chat." The young god's complexion became cold.

Meanwhile, something odd happened in Mount Eternal in the Eastern Sea. Beams of light were overflowing from the island.

A rumble sounded!

The black yak, Yellow Ox, Ouyang Feng, the old donkey, and the Manchurian Tiger appeared, rushing out from within the great majestic Mount Eternal.
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