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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 543: A Fateful Battle

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Chapter 543: A Fateful Battle
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There was another basketful?!

Upon hearing this, many wanted to swear. Was there any justice left in the world?!

One should know that this was left behind by those who had experienced a tribulation. Under normal circumstances, with the exception of heavenly-chosen geniuses, people wouldn't dare to refine Violet Lightning Crystal during tribulation. That was simply looking for death!

Even super geniuses had limits on how many they could refine and couldn't be too heaven-defying.

There were people at the scene who didn't believe it. A divine son sneered and said, "You're kidding. Who would believe you? What do you think Violet Lightning Crystals are, bok choy? You have another basket full? How about you give it a try and bring out a couple more?"

"Whether or not they are bok choy I don't know, but I can surely throw a couple more your way." With a clang and a clatter, the old woman from Mount Zhongnan produced a bronze box and placed it on the ground. Inside were many Violet Lightning Crystals packed densely together.

"@#¥..."The divine son became stupefied on the spot and almost turned into stone.

As for Wei Xuan and the others, a chill emanated from each of their bodies. Greatly astonished, they all came to a halt.

She really had another basketful?!

Did these really become like carrots? There were so many heavenly-chosen geniuses who'd experience tribulation on earth? No, these can't possibly be left behind by those in the present age.

They realized that these were handed down from the ancient years. In those days the earth wasn't short of geniuses and heavenly-chosen individuals. Inevitably there were people who weren't afraid to refine Violet Lightning Crystals during a tribulation.

The divine sons couldn't help but sigh. Back then the earth was indeed terrifying. Here one could take out a basket of rare secret treasures as if they were just bok choy!

Promptly, everyone remained silent as they really were speechless.

A cold glimmer flashed in Wei Xuan's eyes. She was very angry and full of grievances as well as heartbroken. In total, three people had been killed by the Violet Lightning Crystals. This was a huge loss.

It should be noted that these weren't ordinary evolvers, but were prodigies selected from the planet on which the Xilin clan inhabited. They ranked within the strongest of the generation of youths in the Xilin clan.

These prodigies were to become leading roles in the future and were talented reserves for taking over various squads.


On the other side, the battle was particularly treacherous. In a split second, Chu Feng had a clash of life and death with the Mechanical Vajra. He had fought ferociously against Wei Lin and was in mortal danger at all times.

One's blade had a bright gleam while the other's phoenix cries shook the Nine Heavens!

In a flash, the difference between life and death was the couple of times where Chu Feng was almost caught in the gleam of the sword.

His mind had wandered slightly as he was startled by the old woman and the others. He realized they were indeed rich and imposing with such a basket full of Violet Lightning Crystals in their possession. They weren't afraid even when facing more than two hundred visualization-leveled divine sons and saintesses, and could stand against them.

At the moment, through secret telepathic communication, the old woman told Chu Feng, "It's fake. How could I possibly have another basket full of crystals? They were almost completely used up during previous battles in ancient times. These are all just materials and hadn't yet accumulated the energy they would collect during a tribulation.

She informed Chu Feng that she still had Violet Lightning Crystals, but wasn't going to throw them out like carrots. They were more suited to be used for intimidation.

Chu Feng understood her. It was a battle relying on strength after all. He roared in a low voice, energy surging out from within his body, and shouted, "The Xilin clan and the machine race, come on up. I'll kill you all single-handedly!"

It was in that split second that he and the divine sons from the two races smashed against each other more than a hundred times. He didn't care how many enemies came, because these two people were the strongest within their races.

"The Mechanical Vajra, you retreat. I'll do it myself!" Wei Lin said, his voice cold. He didn't want to give people the "misconception" that a Xilin divine son was inferior to a native on earth.

This was because, in his eyes, it would be a bogus proposition for the two divine sons to join hands together. It simply wouldn't do, and they wouldn't be able to go all out.

To a divine son like him, this was only an appetizer. They hadn't even reached the real battle of life and death, and he had various powerful hidden trumps he could use.

Moreover, because he was proud and conceited, the energy within the depths of his body hadn't surged out yet and wasn't at the peak of visualization.

The Mechanical Vajra opened his mouth and began to talk, "Yes, we would only boost his reputation if we joined together to kill him. In fact, he means nothing. Wei Lin, my brother, perhaps you should retreat and let me split him open for you!"


All of a sudden Chu Feng produced a slightly damaged gold pagoda. It hit the Mechanical Vajra's long dazzling sword and the sharp blade was blasted apart, almost injuring the Vajra.

"How dare you pretend!"

Chu Feng was rather direct. He didn't hesitate to destroy his enemy's weapon with a highly-destructive secret treasure, which he had seized from other divine sons. Naturally, the golden pagoda also collapsed.

Immediately, the Mechanical Vajra's complexion grew forlorn. His facial expressions were quite vivid even though he was made of metal.

"Dao brother, fall back quickly!" Wei Lin said once again.

"Ok, I'll leave you to it!" In the end, the Mechanical Vajra nodded and agreed.


The moment he retreated, Wei Lin's fist became bright red and resplendent, blazing like lava, and an unnerving red-colored energy surged out.

It was the Heavenly Phoenix Fist!

He executed it further, pushing it towards the pinnacle of this fighting technique. An immortal bird appeared behind him, its flames torrenting through the skies as it gave a long cry.

Then he launched an attack!

Chu Feng wore a cold expression, yet he wasn't afraid. He put away the big halberd and concentrated on performing the Eastern Violet Qi Fist. This was one of the two greatest fighting techniques on earth back then.


Just at that moment, there was a sudden collision as if two stars had crashed into each other. All at once energy burst forth, producing a garish radiance. This flooded the area and enveloped the two people.

In a struggle between life and death, the one who dares would win!

Both of them had incredible convictions and were incomparably confident. No one cowered as they advanced toward a life and death struggle. The shock caused the air to rumble with deafening sounds.

People were horrified as they saw mushroom clouds rise into the air one by one. The scene was rather scary.

With a whoosh, the two people parted, their cold and hostile gazes shooting through the sky like lightning. Then, they rushed against each other at a high speed once more and executed their fighting techniques. The great battle started up again.

Bang bang bang...

They were entangled up like two bolts of lightning, one bright red like blood and the other a gaudy purple. In the air, they constantly battered against each other, and each time they did so mushroom clouds would break out, engulfing the earth. The sight was too horrifying to behold.

The powerful Kunlun mountain ranges swayed. At this moment, terrifying occurrences broke out upon those mountains outside that didn't belong to Kunlun range. Some of them burned and exploded under the force of their fist radiance. Others collapsed with a loud bang from the impact as smoke and dust filled the skies. Some even melted into fields of magma.

To prove he was the strongest and that he outclassed the native from Earth, Wei Lin used Heavenly Phoenix Fist and practically blew off the heaven and earth!

In the blink of an eye, they had fought more than a hundred rounds at close quarters. This surprised many, so much so that it was very quiet throughout the starry skies as everyone was engrossed in the battle.

This was because this was a fateful showdown—the Xilin clan, a strong group who'd walked out on this planet, was pestering the natives on Earth due to their grievances. Their relationship was simply too complicated.

Soon, people were shocked to find that Chu Feng's fist was also starting to emit flames. Purple clouds accompanied the blazing flames, and occasionally phoenix cries could be heard.

"He's imitating the Heavenly Phoenix Fist. What a genius this person is. How could he accomplish this?!" Many people were astonished.

Chu Feng's fist clearly carried the hint of the Heavenly Phoenix Fist. Mixed together with the Eastern Violet Qi Fist, a few extraordinary and terrifying powers were added.

At this point, the countenances of those from the Xilin clan shifted. Long ago they already knew that Chu Feng was very powerful, but nevertheless, his strength still exceeded everyone's expectations.

He was no weaker than their divine sons. Moreover, he was becoming even bolder as the fight went on.


The next instant, Wei Lin's facial expression grew gloomy and cold. Suddenly, his fighting technique changed. As before, his right hand was still using Heavenly Phoenix Fist with increasingly vigorous might, but he was already implementing the Eastern Violet Qi Fist in his left hand. His attainments were extremely profound!

Chu Feng was caught unprepared by this offensive tactic and it grazed his shoulder. The armor there shattered on the spot, and his shoulder dripped with blood.

At this level, one could break through magical powers and destroy secret treasures if both top-notch fighting techniques were well developed. Their might was simply incomprehensible.

"As the orthodox lineage, I'm proficient in the various fighting techniques of our mother planet. Meanwhile, you don't even have the inheritances that a lineal descendant should've grasped. Yet you dare to contest against me?!" Wei Lin howled.

The strength of his fist became even more impressive. The Eastern Purple Cloud Fist and the Heavenly Phoenix Fist enhanced each other's splendor. His aura was rather terrifying.


Sure enough, the earth shook as he brandished his fist. Their brawl took them outside Kunlun. One moment they fought all the way from the sky onto the ground, the next they were back in the clouds. They directly threw some large mountains up into the air.

Chu Feng suffered a hidden loss. He was so shocked from the glow of the two top-notch fighting techniques interweaving together that he fell backward, almost sustaining heavy damages. But he quickly steadied himself.

"The so-called Xilin clan is merely thus? Is this all the skill you have?" Chu Feng derided.

He withstood against Wei Lin's attacks. He wanted to see what other methods he could do because he wanted to get a glimpse of the Xilin clan's remarkable secret tomes through their divine sons.

He wanted to analyze the Xilin clan and break through their defenses by continuously exchanging blows with Wei Lin.

"Where do you get your confidence from? How dare you speak to me like that?!" Wei Lin said distantly while his fist, like lightning, drove out one punch after the other. He wanted to land a fatal strike on Chu Feng.

Zhou Quan was indignant and shouted, "Pah! After fighting for so long you, Xilin's so-called visualization-leveled divine son, still isn't on the up against Chu Feng, a cultivator from the carefree realm. Yet you still have the nerve to be so insolent?"

At this moment, it was bustling throughout the starry skies.

Many were spectating the fight on the origin beast platform. Suddenly, after hearing Zhou Quan's words, they realized that this wasn't a battle between those of similar levels, but rather a cross-realm battle.

"Chu Feng is just like a god. The difference between him and the XIlin's divine son is one whole realm, yet the fight is divided equally!" Someone exclaimed.

"It could be that the so-called Xilin orthodox lineage is no match for a group of losers' descendants. This is rather ironic."

Between their fight, Chu Feng became increasingly fearless, constantly mimicking Heavenly Phoenix Fist and mixing it together with his own Eastern Purple Cloud Fist. His momentum grew more and more vigorous.

After a moment of fighting at close quarters, some found people found out certain things.

Someone shook their head and sighed, "Wrong. Xilin's divine son is rather scary. He still hasn't used his strongest techniques yet, nor has he revealed the supreme scroll that he painted himself. He hasn't used the power of visualization. Even his energy hasn't been kindled yet!"

These words moved many people and they were somewhat terrified. The Xilin divine son still hasn't revealed his strongest move?

In a chilling voice Wei Lin said, "Chu Feng, you actually are ridiculously self-confident and dare to provoke me. Originally I had wanted to kill you under circumstances when our capabilities were more or less the same. But it seems like we need a clean, easy slaughtering. Only this would be in line with my unequaled status, otherwise, there will always be others who believe there's not much distance between us!"

"Whatever methods you have, do not hesitate to use them, otherwise you won't have the chance to. I'm prepared to kill you!" Chu Feng said. This words astonished people. He was indeed self-confident.
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