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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 542: The Xilin Clan is Already Dead

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Chapter 542: The Xilin Clan is Already Dead
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"Xilin clan, you are lower than dogs and pigs!"

For Chu Feng to say such things, one could see just how furious he was.

Though the Xilin army had committed horrendous acts back then, their descendants still returned in such a high-profiled manner and adopted an attitude as if they were the orthodox. And so every single native evolver couldn't help but become angered.

Meanwhile, Chu Feng reached out to the evolvers from the secret realms, including Mount Wangwu and the Himalayas, who had hurried here. Through telepathic communication he told them to quickly flee the area.

He was worried that they would die here at Kunlun. He was not scared himself, as he could fight and flee as needed. He had mastered the marvelous technique, the World's End Near at Hand, so he could come and go as he pleased.

Besides, now he had faith in that he could fight here and was fearless of his enemies.

But with so many more people here he was no longer sure of the consequences. There were too many divine sons and saintesses from the outer realms. If all 200 or so visualization-leveled evolvers were to attack, he wouldn't be able to stop them or protect Zhou Quan and the others.

He was incredibly grateful that they could come. It warmed his heart, but he didn't want them to stay here.

"Brother Chu, you are overanxious. We didn't come here to throw away our lives. Although our strength is not comparable to those of the Xilin clan's divine son, the Deity's young master and so on, we still possess self-defense methods. If those divine sons want to kill us, they'll have to pay the price with their blood first!"

An old man had also told him, through telepathic communications, that he brought a great weapon with him. He had just uncovered it from some ruins and it could kill visualization-leveled evolvers.

Furthermore, it wasn't just one or two pieces; every secret realm had brought their trump cards with them.

"You can fight at ease. We aren't scared and we will help you protect Zhou Quan." Another old woman said. Her kind-looking eyes relieved Chu Feng's anxieties so he could go and kill Xilin's divine son.

Chu Feng was flabbergasted. These people were certain they could defend themselves, and even kill the enemy?

His mind was somewhat at ease and presumably they hadn't came here to throw away their lives. They wouldn't let themselves die in vain from vengeance no matter how much they hated the Xilin clan.

Otherwise, their enemies would only laugh all the more heartily if they had left a field of corpses.

"Chu Feng, do you think my words make sense?" Wei Lin said indifferently. As before, his hands were behind his back, and he appeared calm and unperturbed.

This was an irreverent provocation to throw Chu Feng's heart into disorder.

He had said he wanted to kill all of the losers' descendents on earth. How insolent was this? It was also a type of disdain.

"The Xilin clan is a joke!" Chu Feng walked purposefully, his body glowing as energy violently surged through and pulsed like a flame. It was as if he was going ignite and illuminate the sky.

He continued and said, "Back then you knelt at the feet of the Netherworld race as well as the Deity race. In order to ensure your own safety you turned your knife behind you towards the elderly recuperating soldiers as well as the troubled children and women. From that moment onwards the true Xilin clan had already been wiped out! Only a bunch of cowards lived on. You are bandits who fear foreigners and don't dare take up challenges, but are ferocious and diabolical to your own kind. The Xilin clan has died long ago and the clan has already been abolished. You have nothing to be proud of. Where does your confidence come from?!"

Chu Feng's words were incredibly cold. He didn't raise his voice, nor was he worked up. But his indifference was even more chilling and showed his contempt and disdain towards the clan.

"How dare you!" barked a group of people from the Xilin clan far behind the front line. This bore into the wounds deep within their hearts'.

"Kill him!" At this moment even Wei Xuan, Wei Lin's twin sister, couldn't hold it any longer. Some of the affairs from back then shouldn't be mentioned and were taboo within the Xilin clan.

In the distance, the Deity race's young master was, contrary to what one might expect, rather composed and wore a smiling expression all along. His clan was one which was aloof and stood high above the masses. On hearing such words he learnt of his own clan's splendor and glory during those days.

Wei Lin shouted loudly and said, "It's all completely meaningless! As a matter of fact, we the Xilin clan are alive and becoming increasingly rich and powerful. We're known as one of the clans with the best innate talents, evolving to become an unequalled race of real significance! Yet as for you, your race has been destroyed long ago. Who's left? Even someone as breathtaking as Princess Yao Yao is dead too, so who else remains? There are only two or three small fries left, so actually you are the ones who were wiped out!"

"Some seem alive, but have already died. Some races seem full of people, yet are all just walking corpses, swaddled within the shadow of the deaths in those days. Do you even have dignity? You have already bent your knee long ago and your backbone will never straighten again. Today, I'll be the one to tidy things up, starting from you. An already-dead clan full of walking corpses who shouldn't have remained, I'll wipe all of you out. Since your spirit from back then has already withered away, then I'll chop the bodies up!"

As before, Chu Feng was apathetic and became ever more dispassionate. He was pejorative and showed contempt towards the Xilin clan.


Battle broke out. Wei Lin was unhurried with a gentle, reserved nature and was rarely enraged. Yet now he too was cold and carried an icy gaze.

Once again Chu Feng had said that their clan had been demolished and wiped out long ago, and were just puppets and corpses now. It filled Wei Lin with murderous intent and incited his fury.

In Wei Lin's eyes, his clan was becoming more prosperous with each passing day. How could he tolerate such blasphemy?!

The cry of a phoenix shook the heavens!

As he soared up into the sky, Wei Lin stretched his body and filled the sky with raging, scathing flames like an immortal bird. Brightly colored wings appeared on both sides of his body and he exuded a terrifying aura beyond compare.

With a whoosh, a garish ray was issued. This was the Heavenly Phoenix Fist that the Xilin clan had mastered, and it spurred on an array of strange phenomena. The phoenix wings on the sides of Wei Ling's body shone, a brilliant sword beam ripping out from within.

Clearly, this wonderful technique, having been trained to such a level, was no longer just a fist technique—wondrous abilities emerged naturally.

Ding ding ding!

With a surging aura surrounding his blade and glowing phoenix wings, he burst through the air and collided with Chu Feng's fist, expelling a dazzling beam of energy. The scene was incredibly breathtaking.

Amidst the tearing sounds, the energy consumed a couple of mountain peaks in the distance. Stricken, they ceased to exist and vanished like melting ice.

They weren't a part of Kunlun. Instead they were external mountains and weren't protected by domains. They disappeared into thin air just like that; the scene was rather strange and extremely frightening.

Wei Lin and Chu Feng had only exchanged a blow, yet it was so terrifying that it transformed mountains into a rain of light, wiping them from the earth.


Chu Feng brandished his fist with boundless might and surging valor. Like a divine king he swept across the earth, a blazing radiance erupting from his body. His punch constrained the skies as he used the Eastern Purple Cloud Fist.

The battle broke out with exceptional intensity.


At this moment, Wei Xuan snorted coldly. She had confidence in her older brother and sneered after taking a glance at the situation of the fight. She then led the Xilin clan directly towards Zhou Quan and the others.

"My brother is right. Being descendants of failures, you are a bunch of small fries and pathetic wretches. We might as well just kill you all so that from now on our mother planet will be a bit more unadulterated. We, the Xilin clan, will dominate. You should all go to hell!"

Wei Xuan was rather pretty, but her voice was incredibly callous.

Swish swish swish...

She led the Xilin clan onward, killing ruthlessly and decisively. Not only did she want to wipe out Zhou Quan and the others, she also wanted to put Chu Feng in a state of disorder. This way his performance would falter and he would die faster.

The old man from Mount Wangwu lifted his hand and produced a black tortoise shell. Without further ado it transformed into an enormous shield. A dark beam fell from it, protecting everyone below.

Meanwhile, the old woman from Mount Zhongnan raised her hand too and produced a purple crystal. It issued a glaring thunder beam and whizzed towards the Xilin clan.

"Quick, retreat!"

Wei Xuan shouted suddenly, her complexion changing as she became bewildered. The fine hairs on her body stood up as she and her clan fled into the distance at great speed.


The purple crystal exploded behind them. In a flash thousands of thunder and light beams shot out with terrifying energy.


Two evolvers among the Xilin clan shouted blood-curdling screeches. They hadn't managed to escape in time and were blown up into pieces on the spot, dying tragically in midair.

Not far away mountains collapsed, the smoke and dust from it torrenting through the skies.

The scene astonished everyone. It was alarming and unexpected for two visualization-levelled evolvers to be wiped out by a purple crystal that a native evolver had thrown out so casually.

"Violet Lightning Crystal!"

Wei Xuan turned ashen. She stood sufficiently far away, leading the remaining members of the Xilin clan to turn back around. A killing intent appeared on her pretty face, almost distorting it.

The so-called Violet Lightning Crystal was a secret treasure perfected using special methods by experts when they were going through tribulation. They stored the power of the thunder from the heavenly tribulation within the mysterious purple material.

Generally speaking, it was impossible for those who were not heaven bestowed geniuses to divide their attention and refine a Violet Lightning Crystal during tribulation.

Naturally the Xilin clan also carried Violet Lightning Crystals, left behind by their geniuses when they had gone through tribulation. Unfortunately they couldn't bring it with them when they crossed the border, as it would explode if they weren't being cautious.

Wei Xuan didn't expect that there would be such a thing on the waning earth. To one's surprise the ones she called small fries and pitiful wretches gave her a lesson full of blood on the first instance, killing two of XIlin's visualization prodigies with an explosion.

"Haha…" Zhou Quan laughed heartily.

He had came with fervor to support Chu Feng and wasn't afraid of death. He hadn't thought that this group of people from the secret realms would turn out to be such ferocious fellows. Although they had no fear of danger, they were by no means throwing their lives away by coming here. They came with confidence as well as strategies.

"You all deserve to die. How dare you injure prodigies of the Xilin clan! What a bunch of small fries, it wouldn't even be a pity if you died!" Wei Xuan wore a chilling benevolence on her beautiful face. She led her people into a scattered formation and prepared to kill.

But this time, they were a lot more careful and cautious, and didn't directly rush forward.

"Princess Wei Xuan, let me help you!" Someone from the machine race said.

Even the Mechanical Vajra had a spirited glimmer within his eyes and wanted to assist her.

"Who is the small fry and who is the pitiful wretch? Your clan is a bunch of cruel and unscrupulous scoundrels and there is nothing to be proud of. Go to hell!" The old woman who had just thrown out the Violet Lightning Crystal challenged her opponents in a carefree manner and wasn't at all scared.

"Kill them!" The Mechanical Vajra ordered at this time, commanding his subordinates to go and help.

"Princess Wei Xuan, my people have also come to help!" Someone from the Fang Zhang island said. He called out and a dozen or more people came running out, trailing after him.

On seeing this, those from Penglai and Ying Zhou exchanged glances with each other before they too marched forwards and followed the others.

Suddenly an icy ray shot out from within Chu Feng's eyes, who had just started trading blows with Wei Lin. He'd never before felt such a desire for wanting to kill people. The Xilin clan ought to be punished, the machine race should be executed, and Penglai, Fang Zhang and Ying Zhou deserved to be extinguished!


His body was covered with golden light and his valor was overflowing. Like a god ,mighty strength erupted from him as he broke through the Xilin divine son's resistance and rushed directly towards him.

A large halberd appeared in his hand. In an instant, and with a cracking sound, it hacked a member of the machine clan into two halves.


The large halberd danced and executed one of the Xilin prodigies, splattering blood everywhere.

"You as well!" He rebuked angrily, sweeping his halberd and charging towards the horde of Penglai, Fang Zhang and Ying Zhou members/inhabitants.


He cleaved three people on the spot, and they convulsed into a great mist of blood under the Heavenly Halberd Nine Forms.

"You're courting death!" The Xilin divine son reprimanded in a low voice and began to chase him down at top speed. He shout out a Heavenly Phoenix Fist from behind Chu Feng and struck towards the middle of his back.

Meanwhile, the Mechanical Vajra also took up matters himself and suddenly stormed across. A shiny divine sword appeared in his hand, which he swung it directly at Chu Feng.


The large halberd collided with the divine sword the moment Chu Feng turned around. A dazzling radiance flew out in all directions along with countless beams of splendid blade intent.

At the same time, he formed a fist with his other hand and smashed it against that of the Xilin divine son's. Just for a moment, the two experts collided against each other at the same time.

"Chu Feng, don't be distracted. We aren't afraid of them. Charge!" At this moment, the old woman from the secret realm Mount Zhongnan shouted. In addition she carried two Violet Lightning Crystals in her hands. This was incredibly extravagant and immediately made everyone's scalp numb.



Two members of the machine race were blown into pieces. The scene was rather horrifying and electric sparks flew off scraps of metal. Another man from the Xilin clan also sacrificed his life.

This was owing to the incredible power and extremely wide range of the Purple Crystal Heaven Thunder.

No one had expected that she would still have such things in her possession.

Wei Xuan was practically going crazy. Even the Xilin clan wouldn't be so extravagant nor indulgent. She didn't have to attack herself, purely relying on invaluable secret treasures to go against her enemies.

"We bring nothing at birth and take nothing away at death. I have nothing but a basket of these. Those who aren't afraid to die can come at me!" The old woman shouted.
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