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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 538: Fearless

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Chapter 538: Fearless
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March on against myriad adversaries!

Chu Feng's words contained a trace of melancholy.

The figure of his back was rather lonely as he stood alone in the sky.

Only when the Greatsnow and Mount Wangwu Secret Realms declared their stance did Chu Feng's body tremble slightly and a wisp of warmth flowed through his entire body.

He stood alone in the sky facing off against the outer realm enemies on his own in addition to the hostility of those from the native secret realms. That kind of feeling was difficult to describe.

"Ha! There really are some people with guts. Are you not afraid of death?!" The Xilin clan divine son spoke as he stood high in the sky and looked down on the lands below.

The Xilin clan had once lived in these lands, and now they had returned. This was only a corner of a larger play—more of them would tread the path back here afterward.

His expression turned cold and cruel as he said, "Anyone on this planet who is not a friend of our Xilin clan is definitely our enemy."

This was an undisguised threat, filled with soaring murderous intent. It was a warning to everyone which intimidated all the evolvers of the land and in the sea.

"All friends of our Xilin clan will be protected while all enemies will be swept clean and wiped out from the mother star. They will completely disappear!"

At this time, Xilin clan's Wei Lin's words were no longer just frosty—it was already dripping with blood. He was poised to send heads rolling on this planet and intimidate everyone.

"Who can you protect?!"

At this moment, Chu Feng spoke. He held onto his big halberd and erupted with killing intent.

At this moment, within the multicolored vortex, the Xilin clan and the machine race experts had completed their adjustment. They were about to step out and completely cross over.

Meanwhile, the warships of Penglai, the big vessels of Fangzhang and the divine boats of Yingzhou had appeared and were approaching rapidly. They were here to welcome the Xilin clan.

Doubtlessly, they were expressing their loyalty. They rushed over in such a short time in order to fully express their devotion.


At this moment, the war halberd in Chu Feng's hands lit up brightly despite him standing in his original position. It was like a beam of light poised to shoot through the firmament and tear the sky apart!


He roared loudly. His hair was dancing in the wind and his gaze was even more terrifying and vigorous than lightning. A surge of qi gushed out of his body—that was the combination of combat intent and murderous will. If filled his chest and was gushing out at this moment.

Since the Xilin clan divine son had promised to protect their friends and those who paid allegiance to them, Chu Feng would sweep through and kill the secret realm evolvers who had run over to submit immediately.

Penglai, Fangzhang, Yingzhou. The men from the three parties were shocked out of their wits and their scalps grew numb. That was because they had noticed that their arrival was too early!

The Xilin clan divine son hadn't yet truly succeeded in his crossing over or stepped out of the multicolored vortex. This caused them to be apprehensive and they were overcome with horror.

"You guys defected too early!"

At this time, Chu Feng let out a loud roar and charged over immediately. Within a single moment, his body erupted with radiance and his pores were gushing out a dazzling spiritual glare. The energy around him was shockingly intense.

The air exploded—it was unknown just how many times the speed of sound he had reached. He was simply too fast. Later on, a golden mushroom cloud arose around him as the terrifying energy stifled everyone!

"Spatial Jump!"

People shouted. The men from the three factions didn't want to fight him head on because they knew they were no match for him. They didn't want to die here.

The evolvers who had walked out from the secret realms weren't Chu Feng's match at all. They would surely die if they were to truly fight against him!

However, the spatial jump coordinates needed to be set. It required them to run a certain procedure, but now they were completely unprepared. They thought they would immediately see the Xilin clan and head over to defect.

They had never expected to encounter such a situation.


The most important point was that Chu Feng was simply too fast and wouldn't allow them to react. His entire body was enshrouded in a golden mushroom cloud of incomparable energy as he raised the giant halberd and smashed one of the ships into pieces.

Everyone was astonished. Just what kind of power was this?

That was because the move he used wasn't a secret art at all and was just a savage crash. It was too terrifying.

People from Penglai screamed wretchedly. Those who had come to welcome the Xilin clan died miserably within the explosion. Some were completely disintegrated, some turned to smoke while others became a bloody mist.


The big halberd lit up as Chu Feng charged over. It began to rotate and hacked down at the warship from the Fangzhang Immortal Island.


The entire ship was hacked apart and broke into two. Some people died miserably and others fell out. All of their faces turned pale.


At the same time, Chu Feng tore through the air. His fist erupted with light as he smashed toward one of the Yingzhou divine boats. Violet qi boiled, surged and gushed out as the peerless fist seal caused the vessel to explode.



The group of people cried miserably. How could they have expected this outcome? They had come representing the three secret realms to welcome the powerful return of the Xilin clan. In the end, all of them died violently.

Chu Feng was like a bolt of lightning flying through the area. The big halberd in his hand hacked out from time to time as though he were killing fish in the net. None were left alive, all of them destroyed in form and soul.

In the sky, Chu Feng stood holding the big halberd horizontally, his hair flying behind him. There wasn't a splash of blood on his body, but the sky was already a sea of red. The warships and divine boats had been torn to pieces and were falling down along with the blood and bones of their former passengers.

Chu Feng said nothing. He only acted against the Xilin clan with action.

Weren't the so-called Xilin clan's friends supposed to be protected? In the end, all of them who had appeared were decimated!

There was a lapse of silence on earth followed by furious roars in several places.

"Chu Feng, you have offended our Penglai numerous times. You must be killed!"

"Demon King Chu, you killed our Fangzhang's future son in law, and now you kill our tribesman. You really think no one can control you? The Xilin clan divine son has arrived and the Deity race young god is also coming. You'll receive your just deserts!"


Chu Feng didn't want to pay attention to these people, but he couldn't resist the urge. "You treat your own people with iron blood and submit to outsiders with a smile. Taking pride in servitude is a fair display of your slave nature. You're all worthy of death!"

"Chu Feng, you're courting disaster!" At this time, the Xilin clan people were furious. Chu Feng's methods were kin to slapping their faces in public. He had immediately killed off their so-called "friends."


Finally, the Xilin clan divine son walked out first. He was fair skinned and possessed a feminine quality. He stepped out of the multicolored vortex and crossed over successfully.

Closely following behind him was his sister Wei Xuan. She resembled him quite a bit and could be considered an attractive beauty.

The Xilin clan had a total of ten-odd people who had descended. All of them were surging with killing intent and sinister eyes. As soon as Wei Lin gave the word, they would pounce over for the kill.

At the same time, a dozen or so members of the machine race had also arrived. They were emitting a terrifying aura—all of them were made of metal bodies, but there was fluctuating vitality about them!

It was a rare occasion for the Xilin clan divine son Wei Lin to be able to contain himself. He wasn't furious, neither did he attack. In the end, his temperament became more and more amiable and even his words were abnormally calm.

"Since we've returned, then we must maximize the brilliance and attract worldwide attention. We must fight a decisive battle under the starry skies and I shall kill you before our men as a sacrifice to our Xilin flag!"

Wei Lin said coldly. He agreed with the Deity race young god's advice. He didn't start the battle in a hurry but wanted to gather the attention of all living beings before beheading Chu Feng. He wanted to destroy this native rebel and announce the return of the Xilin clan!

"You're right. The earth's past glory and old brilliance are simply empty words. Only a present battle can clarify the issue. Brother Wei Lin, we congratulate you on the Xilin clan's return back to their ancestral land!"

At this time, the Deity race young god's voice came through from above. He shot out a snow white piece of bone. That was the Deity race's ancestral bone which belonged to the skull of one of their ancestors. It was also the only divine object he had left behind after returning to the dao.


Within moments, the sky and earth seemed to have been toppled. Odd phenomena appeared—myriad heavens offering sacrifices, myriad races worshipping, countless living beings prostrating—it was as though they were welcoming a forbidden character.

That was the ancestor of the Deity race, a peerless expert. His true bone left behind after daomization was actually that terrifying. It protected the deity race's group during their descent.

Naturally, many people were still under pressure. Some of them coughed up blood, but most of them were fine as they crossed over in a group.

Doubtlessly, event though that bone was heaven-defying, it could only apply to visualization realm expert. There was no way to bring those at a higher realm into the earth.

That was because the current state of the earth only allowed carefree realm beings to cross over. It was already considered heaven-defying to be able to bring those of the visualization realm over.

There were other protective items on the young god's body. He feared that he would suffer attacks from earth's domains because he was too powerful and his strength was too terrifying.

The white bone ancestral object formed a screen of light which enveloped everyone. There were a total of two hundred people who had descended and no small number of them were divine son and saintesses level characters.

"Xilin clan divine son. We've come to attend the ritual. Congratulations on returning and assuming the position of this old planet's masters!"

"Haha, brother Wei Lin, congratulations! The Xilin clan is destined to forge yet another era of immortal glory!"

The group began congratulating him.

At this time the people from the Dameng Pure Land were also descending. Qin Luoyin's chariot was moving and they were using it to cross over. In addition, there were supreme treasures on Qin Luoyin's body that would protect her safety.

The sky, filled with immortal mist, seemed to be crowded with heavenly soldiers and generals. They brought with them terrifying auras and energy. In this manner, they appeared directly high in the skies of earth.

The group's descent filled the air with diffuse energy and rolling mushroom clouds. The scene was simply too terrifying.

Chu Feng's situation was dire!

It was just that he did not back away and stayed silent all this time. All alone, he stood with his halberd held straight, poised to confront the group of enemies!
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