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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 537: Against Myriad Adversaries

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Chapter 537: Against Myriad Adversaries
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The firmament was dark blue and devoid of clouds for tens of thousands of kilometers.

However, a field of magnetic light emerged abruptly, followed by flashes of lightning and thunder. A flash of dazzling blue light erupted therein and seemed to have bored a hole through the skies.

Peace was destroyed upon the ocean-like blue sky. There was a short moment akin to a piece of sparkling glass being shattered. The sky, filled with cracks, possessed a sort of damaged beauty to it.

Afterward, an enormous noise rumbled through the skies.

A flash of dazzling blue light formed a tunnel which connected toward outer space and seemed to be emitting terrifying electric sparks.

Soon, the blue light began to rotate like a tempest and exploded with great ferocity.

The scene somewhat resembled a science fiction. It was as though a wormhole was being opened.

"They're coming. A giant storm is coming." A green boat was floating on the Eastern Sea. It had leaves growing from it and appeared clear and natural. Yuchi Kong and a mist-enshrouded person were sitting on the vessel. They were quite leisurely and relaxed as though things had nothing to do with them.

Their attitude made it clear that they weren't getting involved and had no intention to take action. They were determined to sit down to observe the developments with faint smiles on their lips.

The dazzling electromagnetic storm raged on in the sky as the terrifying blue light increased in intensity. It was as though a large chunk of the sky was burning and luminous streaks of lightning were shooting out to tear through the sky.


A special, prismatic energy gushed out from the tunnel like an upside down volcano. Secret energy, as radiant as lava, surged immediately and caused the sky to warp.


Chu Feng had long since soared into the sky and charged toward the firmament. He knew where the group was going to descend so he launched a decisive attack.

Why would he wait for these people to truly cross over? He was determined to intercept them mid-way and cause great difficulties for them.

Many people were staring fixedly in the outer realms.

The Xilin clan and the mechanical race had descended at the same time. This scene caused a great commotion since all of them were visualization realm entities.

The explosion rang across the firmament. Prismatic divine light was rotated within the aurora of the terrifying magnetic storm, forming an energy vortex. It emerged with a number of life forms enveloped within and appeared within the skies of earth.

This was the Xilin clan's five elements energy pagoda displaying its might. It was able to protect these people and send them safely into earth's main space.

"Time has slipped away and the years have flown. Our Xilin clan has finally returned. Our ancestor has spoken that this is ultimately our territory. We are destined to return to our back garden one day!"

Someone within the prismatic energy vortex was wearing a cold smile and an arrogant attitude, his figure shrouded within the maelstrom.

"Xilin clan's Yong Chang has returned as the true master of this planet!"

Another person spoke thus. He was cold and suppressing his laughter. They knew many secrets of his planet and now, they were back to claim them.


Chu Feng had charged up amidst surging energy and dazzling lights. He had hurled, from a great distance, an old and broken copper spear!

This was an extremely powerful damaged weapon. It had long since broken off a small part, but the radiance it was emitting at the moment was exceptionally enchanting and eerie.

A ghost face appeared on the copper spear amidst a flash of azure light. Accompanied by ghostly wails, it tore through the skies and disappeared into the tunnel which linked the skies. A large quake ensued.

Chu Feng had hunted thirty or so divine sons and saintesses this time and had plundered some powerful secret treasures from them. Some of them appeared unassuming and damaged, but were capable of launching destructive attacks.

It was precisely because the weapon was broken and crippled that it was allowed to be brought into earth's main space.

Apparently, that powerful copper spear would self-destruct after this single attack.


The blue light on the firmament was struck through and the multicolored energy vortex received fierce interference and began to fluctuate. Gigantic waves shot toward the skies as though a comet had fallen into the ocean.


The vortex formed from the Five Elements Energy Pagoda, that tunnel protecting the Xilin and mechanical races, shook violently from the massive impact and some people fell out on the spot.

"Ah…" Someone screamed in shock and fear.

The Five Elements Pagoda was close to earth because it was the inheritance pagoda of a powerful evolver's dynasty on earth. That was why it could protect the entities within as they descended to earth.

But a certain balance seemed to have been broken.

A Xilin clan man fell out. His body erupted in light and started burning faintly because he had been ejected before receiving the earth's full recognition.

In addition, two machine race members were also flung away and landed outside.


Brilliance erupted from Chu Feng's hand as a small, unadorned and half-broken mountain appeared. It was as tall as a fist at first, but it enlarged and flew out at this moment.

At the same time, he rushed over himself and began dealing with the three who had fallen out.

With a big halberd in his right hand, he was like a godking as he charged over and hacked down vertically!

"You dare?!" The Xilin clan youth roared and sought to resist with all his might. His body was aflame and burning because he couldn't acclimatize to this space.

He only managed to meet Chu Feng in a hurry, a silver shield appearing on his arm. The space between his brows flashed—his spiritual energy erupted as he shot out a flying knife.


Chu Feng erupted with peerless energy and delivered an all-out blow with the Heavenly Halberd Nine Forms. The big, silver halberd was like an illuminating sun with light capable of tearing through the dark universe. The flying knife was hacked apart with a mournful wail. It was struck away and fell down the skies.


As though it were made from paper, the silver shield was also slashed into two by the big halberd.


Afterward, Chu Feng's halberd fell amidst a flash of bloody light and cut the person diagonally through his shoulder, splitting him into two. Blood sprayed out in all directions amidst anguished wails.

The first attack from the Heavenly Halberd Nine Forms filled the sky with cold light. The firmament was filled with a vast expanse of white as though a frozen comet had just flown through.

The Xilin clan man had been crushed completely and destroyed in form and soul. Only his anguished wails reverberated under the skies.


Chu Feng's speed was too fast. He flew out immediately after killing this man and swung the halberd forward, attacking both machine race members at the same time.


The two metal men roared. Their entire bodies felt chilled after seeing the Xilin clan youth die a miserable death. Their dazzling swords danced like to bolts of soaring lightning as they hacked toward Chu Feng.


Chu Feng was still holding the big halberd with one hand and his sweeping momentum remained unchanged. Meanwhile, his other hand smashed forward with terrifying might. His left fist resembled a small, exploding sun—the mass of light expanded, grew and then drowned the area in front of him with a boom.

Clang clang...

The two dazzling swords were struck away. They shattered in the air and became piece after piece of metallic fragments. One had to know that these weapons were cast from a certain rare metal.

The two metallic entities were panic-stricken. They had gone all out just now and attacked Chu Feng without reservation, hoping to make him pull back his halberd.

But, in the end, a single punch from Chu Feng had broken their most powerful attack. A single fist had smashed their secret gold blades into smithereens!


Chu Fent metallic bodies apart amidst the blinding sparks. Afterward, a shake of the big halberd caused the two metallic men to collapse amidst wretched screams. They turned into metallic fragments and died miserably.


At the same time, the simple, little mountain Chu Feng had hurled out just now expanded rapidly. It went from the size of a fist to a massive energy peak and smashed into the prismatic vortex, interfering with the Xilin clan and machine race's crossing over.


This time a Xilin clan member was shaken out.

Chu Feng charged over and attacked with all his might. With a pfft, the person was cut into two along with his weapon, sending blood flying everywhere.

Meanwhile, the tunnel in the sky finally stabilized. The Xilin clan divine son, Wei Lin said in a bone-chilling voice, "Chu Feng, well done! You have the guts to kill people from our clan before your death!"

He brought the Xilin clan's young experts and stood alongside the machine race members. The endured the pressure of earth's main space and slowly began to adapt to it. This prismatic energy pagoda was indeed extraordinary.

"What a pity I only managed to kill four." Chu Feng was regretful.

In the outer realms, different people had different reactions. Within a split second, the Xilin clan and mechanical race had suffered casualties. It could be said that they had fallen into a disadvantage immediately after sending out their troops—they had each lost two of their young talents.

In the cosmos, people everywhere sensed Chu Feng's determination—he was poised to kill until blood surged into the heavens. There were irreconcilable differences between him and the Xilin clan—one would no rest unless the other was destroyed.

This was a stark contrast to his usual free and goofy attitude!

At this time, those on earth, both the early descenders and earth's native evolvers, were emotionally moved and shaken.

The various corporations were restless and terrified. They knew that this was a major event. Had the Xilin clan come to take place as earth's orthodox lineage?

On Mount Putuo, Jiang Luoshen's expression was complicated as her beautiful eyes gazed toward the firmament. Chu Feng was facing the enemies all alone and things weren't the same this time—would he survive?

"Brother, you must hold on this time!" The Mastiff King, the old llama, and the Horse King were worried because the Xilin clan had their divine son. The enemy was incomparably powerful and numerous!

At this moment, even the remnant races within the secret realms like Penglai and Fangzhang were apprehensive and couldn't calm down. They knew deeply just how powerful the Xilin clan was back in the day. That legion was an uncontrollable sharp butcher's knife.

"Our Penglai lineage welcomes the Xilin clan's return as they take control of earth and establish themselves as the orthodox lineage!"

In the end, Penglai expressed its stance, its voice shook the firmament.

There was a commotion in the outer realms within just a short moment. Everyone was badly shaken after knowing that the evolvers from one of the earth's secret realms had directly surrendered.

"Heh heh, good, Penglai, you guys aren't bad!" The Xilin clan divine son revealed a faint smile. His voice reverberated under the skies as though encouraging the other relevant parties.

"Greetings to the Xilin clan divine son and we welcome your return as the orthodox lineage. Our Fangzhang secret realm submits!" In the Eastern Sea, the important characters within the Fangzhang secret realm expressed their attitude and even sent out people to welcome them!

Under the starry skies, all parties were in heated discussion.

In the sky, Chu Feng's figure appeared somewhat lonely as he stood alone high in the sky. He was facing off against ten odd men from the Xilin clan and machine race. Additionally, he also had to face many native evolvers from earth.

"See? It is fated for our Xilin clan to be the orthodox lineage of this planet. Who can compete with us in terms of bloodline purity? The people are expecting our return!"

The Xilin clan's divine son Wei Lin had a faint smile on his face. His expression was somewhat cold as he stared at Chu Feng. Then, he glanced toward the green seas, blue skies and the entire planet with a spirited gaze!

"Our Yingzhou Secret Realm welcomes the Xilin Legion's return to earth. We welcome the divine son!" At this time, another power had submitted.

The three immortal islands had all submitted.

It didn't stop here. Some other secret realms on the continent also expressed their support of the Xilin clan's return.

"The return of the heaven's mandate!" The Xilin clan divine son's sister Wei Xuan also smiled. She was beautiful and attractive, but there was some cruelty in her smile.

In the Eastern Sea, Yuchi Kong sat atop the green bamboo boat. There was also a quiet mist-enshrouded person sitting there. The water was already boiling atop the small red clay stove. They had steeped a pot of divine tea. The fragrance therein curled up and drifted over.

The two were just as peaceful as before and appeared completely unrelated to the developments. They still had no intention to make themselves known.

In the starry skies, the Deity race young god laughed loudly. There were hundreds of men around him—people were shouting and the horses neighing—some were sitting atop vicious beasts while others were seated in chariots. All of them were divine sons and saintesses with astonishing origins.

Someone advised, "This is a distinguished meeting. One which we shouldn't miss. Let's descend and attend the ritual."

The Deity race young god nodded. "In the present starry skies, those who still know the past races of this planet only recognize the Xilin clan."

Afterward, he shouted downward, "Brother Weilin, why decide life and death in such a hurry? This is a grand occasion. The Xilin clans return should be witnessed by all the races of myriad heavens. It has to be nothing short of a distinguished ceremony, a battle receiving universal attention. It shouldn't be too sloppy."

Afterward, the Deity race young god turned to Qin Luoyin of Dameng Pure Land and said, "Fairy Qin, let us head down. We shouldn't miss this occasion."

"Descent together!" Some divine sons and saintesses chimed in.

Many people nodded in agreement.

"In the present age, whoever recognizes this fallen planet's past only know of the powerful Xilin clan!"

The Deity race young god had brought an unimaginable secret tool. He was prepared to cover everyone here and descend together.

In earth's main space, Wei Lin laughed loudly. He nodded toward the Deity race's young good and said to Chu Feng. "See? Now, this is great influence!"

Chu Feng who had been silent for some time said coldly. "I shall march on against myriad adversaries!"

He held the halberd single-handedly and pointed it at all his enemies.

This single person standing in the sky was about to confront everyone. His figure was somewhat lonesome.

It was at this time that a roar was transmitted from the Himalayas direction. "Our Greatsnow Secret Realm refuses to submit!"

Soon, another group shouted loudly, "Our Mount Wangwu Secret Realm will not surrender!"

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