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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 536: Extorting the Goddess

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Chapter 536: Extorting the Goddess
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The Origin Beast Platform's primary business was live streaming and it was famous in the cosmos for it. Naturally, its communication abilities were quite developed. Chu Feng greeted the scion of the Dameng Pure Land with a smile.

"Everyone, you've finally arrived."

The originally clamorous platform fell immediately into a brief lull.

Moments later, heated debates arose once more!

"Demon Chu has appeared. Just look at his narrow eyes. He's definitely not a good person!"

Chu Feng felt quite aggrieved. Such a handsome face, such a pair of clear eyes was actually being mocked? Naturally, he had always been narcissistic.

In the past, the by-standing audience supported him quite a bit and always looked forward to him selling divine sons and saintesses. In the end, he was attacked the moment he arrived.

"Hey, that brother with spittle flying off from his mouth! Who are you talking about?" Chu Feng glared at him, but then his expression turned odd. "Oh, I remember! Weren't you the one who wanted to buy Luo Miaoxiang from me? Let me tell you, the price is two drops of Deity Elixir and two drops of Hellish Ant Elixir. Not one drop less, or I won't sell!"

The young man wanted to cough up blood immediately. He explained hurriedly amidst the stares of despise and spoke righteously about how there was no such thing.

But everyone's expression was peculiar and, apparently, none believed him.

He felt too aggrieved. Afterward, he saw his female companion shoot him an unhappy glance and leave immediately.

"Demon Chu, We are absolutely irreconcilable!" The young man cried loudly before chasing frantically after his female companion. One had to know that he had just started wooing her a while ago.

Chu Feng was very calm. He no longer paid the man any attention and spoke to Qin Luoyin directly.

"Hi, goddess! Long time to see. I missed you."

Afterward… the group of people went dizzy.

Why did it sound like a greeting among close friends? Many people were somewhat dazed.

Especially how he said he missed her. This made everyone feel that he was courting disaster because it rather sounded like he was taking liberties with her.

"Demon King, do you know Fairy Qin? This is simply courting death!"

People believed that it was impossible for him to know Qin Luoyin because he had never walked out of the earth before and that he was just taking liberties.

Immediately, Chu Feng was drowned by all types of spittle.

The Dameng Pure Land people were astonished and also quite curious, especially the sisters near Qin Luoyin. They had never expected Chu Feng to be so bold.

At this time, on the lustrous blue chariot, Qin Luoyin was no longer laying down like a sleeping beauty and had already sat up. Her long, multicolored dress was exceedingly eye-catching amidst the white-robed men and women. Against the contrast of the group of immortal-like men and women, she was exceptionally bright and spirited.

Her violet hair hung loosely behind her back and a multicolored mask covered her face. Her eyes, glistening and radiant, almost seemed to be capable of peering into the heart as she glanced at Chu Feng.

Chu Feng was stunned. Even though he couldn't see her true appearance, those eyes left an unerasable imprint on the mind. They emitted a spiritual halo like a pair of violet gems and could be considered peerlessly beautiful.

Her graceful bearing was indeed outstanding and her talents, magnificent.

Qin Luoyin's violet hair floated up as she focused her gaze upon him, a faint halo spreading out around her body. Her eyes were resplendent as though she could completely see through all of Chu Feng's secrets.

Chu Feng was also sizing up the other party. He revealed a peculiar expression because he felt this woman was not simple.

But he wasn't frightened at all. He had no intention to hold back even if she was the sixth most beautiful women in the cosmos because the other party had come to target him.

In truth, Chu Feng had a system in his mind for assessing divine sons and saintesses. They could be classified into three people: sold, for sale and for future sale.

If his thoughts were spoken out loud, it would definitely invite a plethora of curses. He was simply too evil.

Presently, the goddess in everyone's eyes had been classified by Chu Feng as a commodity for future sales.

"Mn, I should be able to leave her. She's one of the most beautiful women in the cosmos. Having her light incense, pour tea and warm the bed shouldn't be so bad."

He didn't say it out loud. Otherwise, if other people heard that he was planning to have Qin Luoyin make his bed, it was likely that a group of hot-blooded youth would fight it out with him even before the Dameng Pure Land had done anything.

"Little Qin, come, let's discuss business." In the end, Chu Feng spoke.

Everyone in the starry skies was speechless. They sighed in secret that Demon King Chu does live up to his reputation—his actions were so surprising. He even dared address her as Little Qin. He was probably the only one who dared speak so casually to Goddess Qin.

Qin Luoyin's eyes were extremely beautiful. She gazed fixedly at him, her lashes long, sparkling and somewhat trembly.

Was this native she had just denied? he seemed quite different from other people—he wasn't as cautious and seemed more friendly.

Chu Feng spoke again, "Little Qin, regarding your cousin, the price is two drops of Deity Elixir and one Six Paths of Reincarnation Pill. No haggling."

People were first stunned and then began to sigh emotionally. Other people, while facing Qin Luoyin, would definitely find a way to approach her and shower her with praises.

But this fellow directly opened the conversation with blackmail and began to sell Qin Luoyin her cousin.

No matter how one looked at it, he was completely wasteful and had no understanding of style. This made people speechless.

Qin Luoyin's gaze was serene.

Some among the top ten most beautiful women in the starry skies had already been engaged and less than half remained single. Even the dao sons from the Ten Greats were moved by Qin Luoyin.

In the end, this demon only wanted to discuss extortion.

"Little Qin, what do you think of this deal? If you agree, we'll conclude the deal immediately. If you don't care about your cousin, then I'll be a good person to the end and accept her as my concubine."

Everyone was shocked after hearing this.

Anyone would know that this was forcing Qin Luoyin to reply. If she replied then she was accepting this extortion, if she didn't then she would be branded for not saving her cousin.

But some felt that marrying Qin Luoyin's sister would also be quite a good topic for discussion.

"Set out! Target, earth!"

Qin Luoyin spoke. She didn't respond to Chu Feng and only ordered an advancement.

This time, she opened up a small wormhole and sped away from Neptune.

She soon arrived outside of earth with a flash. The lustrous blue chariot appeared along with the group of people from the Dameng Pure Land.

People were visibly moved. Was Qin Luoyin personally heading into earth's main space? Judging from her resolute expression, it appeared to be the case.

"Fairy Qin, I didn't think you would arrive a step earlier. I had wanted to welcome you."

At this time, a new wormhole opened up in another area and out poured a group of people. There were hundreds among them and many were mounted or sitting atop rumbling chariots.

This was a group of powerful people. Their armors were shiny and the dagger axes and spears in their hands made them look like divine soldiers coming down.

The Deity race's young god had arrived. His entire body was shrouded in a blinding golden radiance and his golden hair hung loosely behind him. He was extremely tall and emitting a divine radiance which made even space tremble. Many people were shaken and couldn't help but want to prostrate before him. He was just like a god coming into the mortal world.

The others weren't his servants, but the experts and geniuses from various races. There was no shortage of divine sons and saintesses among them who had followed him here.

This was definitely a terrifying lineup. Only an unprecedented young god like him could recruit such a powerful force and collect such a group of people.

"Young God," Qin Luoyin returned the greeting from atop her carriage.

The young god was smiling. He was exceptionally resplendent and dazzling with his golden hair was flying in the air and his entire being enveloped by a divine radiance.

"Chu Feng, are you courting death?!" At this time, the young god attacked Chu Feng verbally. "You dare treat Fairy Qin discourteously!"

On earth, Chu Feng's eyes were cold. The enemy had arrived!

He was angry and only replied calmly, "What kind of spring onion do you think you are? Deity meat tastes pretty good. Did you traverse the millions of lightyears to deliver meat to me?"

Unexpectedly, the Deity race young god didn't respond with fury either. His long, golden hair danced in the wind as he emitted a terrifying aura which made space tremble.

He spoke calmly, "Interesting. Back in the day, your ancestor dared speak to me in such a manner. After the long years, your entire planet has fallen except for the Xilin clan, yet you actually have the guts to speak to me like this. As expected of the descendant of those people!"


Suddenly, five energy pagodas began to rotate in outer space and erupted with dazzling light.

"Descend to earth. Our Xilin clan has returned!" Such a voice came through from outer space.

Noon had arrived. The Xilin clan divine son Wei Lin and the Mechanical Vajra led their men in a charge towards earth. They were truly crossing over now.

"Everyone's here!" Chu Feng charged into the sky, ready to meet them in battle. Enemies from the various heavens have begun their descent and he would meet them head-on.
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