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Chapter 535: Unrivaled Charm
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A wormhole opened up near the Neptune in the Solar System.

Afterwards, a shower of lustrous light shot out amidst a swirl of dancing flower petals, causing the cold cosmos to be filled with exuberant vitality.

This place was originally silent, but now it was no longer the case.

Entities bearing an aura of peace had come out from the wormhole and illuminated the dark cosmos.

It wasn't just a single person but an entire squad. Most of them were girls overflowing with youth and a number of young men. All of them were extraordinary and dressed in white, transcendent clothes.

A lustrous, blue carriage which seemed to have been carved from a large piece of light blue gem appeared. It was made of a rare, treasured material and the four heavenly horses pulling the carriage were tall, divine and spirited.

There wasn't a single hair out of place on their unblemished bodies. Their manes were long—one was like a golden flame, another was a lustrous purple color and another was silvery white...

There was a languid-looking girl lying within the carriage. She was fairly casual in her demeanor and had her chin propped up on her hand.

Nearby, twenty people were guarding the carriage. All of them were young men and women clad in uniform white clothes, seemingly unstained by the smoke of the mortal world.

Only the lady on the carriage was clad in colorful clothing. She appeared outstanding against in contrast to the white-clothed men and woman around her, full of allure and spirit.

The people from the Dameng Pure Land have arrived!

They had opened a super wormhole. Although the cost in terms of cosmic dollars was enormous, it allowed them to shorten their journey. This wasn't something an ordinary orthodoxy could endure.

The horses were dragon-scaled heavenly steeds which were normally reserved for quasi-saints. However, this lady had the right to use them although she hadn't reached that level. This was proof that her identity was astonishing.

That was because she was Qin Luoyin.

This lady who was believed to be ranked among the top ten young experts was simply too famous. Her identity and status were too exceeding.

Reportedly, a peerless dao son from the Ten Greats had proposed a marriage to the Dameng Pure Land via a sect elder. He wanted to marry Qin Luoyin but failed in the end.

Qin Luoyin was lying on the soft mattress, her figure extremely slender. The colorful clothing could hardly disguise the attractive curves and her violet hair hung loosely behind her. She was as indolent as she was charming.

Unfortunately, no one could see her true face because she was wearing a colorful mask which concealed her legendary countenance capable outshining even the sun.

She was known as the sixth most beautiful woman under the starry skies. She possessed peerless looks and anyone who had seen her would not be able to forget her.

The fair skin around her neck was inherently lustrous, white and beautiful. Her pair of brilliant eyes were extremely beautiful and possessed an indescribable spirituality.

"We've finally arrived." Qin Luoyin spoke. Her voice was pleasant to the ears and moving to the heart. They had entered the solar system through the wormhole and was already quite close to earth.

For the remaining journey, they could open a small wormhole or just travel directly.

The Neptune area had a special meaning. Back in the year, this could be considered a gateway to the super vital star that was earth and was in charge of welcoming pilgrims from various races from all the heavens. But now everyone could approach it.

"The Dameng Pure Land's Fairly Qin has appeared!"

The news spread out immediately. The heaven's eyes of the Origin Beast Platform were fixed upon a number of earth's ancient gateways. Presently, they had discovered the people from the Dameng Pure Land. There was an immediate commotion among the people there. The rumors from before were true; Qin Luoyin had really arrived!

"Doubtlessly, Fairy Qin's appearance was near earth was to seek trouble with Chu Feng and settle the score with him!"

People immediately made this judgement. That was because Chu Feng had captured her distant cousin.

Earlier on, the Dameng Pure Land had issued a golden invitation to invite a group of young geniuses in order to bestow a fortune upon them. The luckiest among them would be chosen as Qin Luoyin's dao partner.

Originally, Chu Feng had also received such a golden invitation, but Qin Luoyin had directly denied him this qualification and barred him from entering the Dameng Pure Land.

"Fairy Luoyin has appeared. We support you without question!"

"No matter what, we hope Saintess Luoyin will be successful. She's the goddess of my heart!"

One had to admit, that Qin Luoyin's name was capable of shaking the starry skies. Her fame was so great that it was terrifying. No matter where she appeared, there would be big commotions and fiery news.

The most important point was that she was too influential. Countless youths were attracted by her style. They deeply admired and idolized her looks and strength.

Even the older generation characters paid her extra attention.

Normal famed guests favored her greatly because she was the proud daughter of the generation in their eyes. They all believed she was destined to rise to fame and look down on this cosmos.

In the eyes of some frightful veterans and demons, Qin Luoyin was a woman they most wanted to subdue.

Apparently, the participants of this battle hadn't even met, but Chu Feng had lost completely in terms of fame.

Chu Feng was also quite famous and everyone under the starry skies knew of what he had done in the recent period. But in terms of status and fame, he wasn't on the same level as Qin Luoyin.

Qin Luoyin's popularity was at a cosmic idol level. Her status among the young evolvers could hardly be shaken. Only a handful of people could compare to her in terms of beauty.

"Fairy Luoyin, the perfect goddess in my heart. Although I also admire Chu Feng, I still support you. Please subdue the demon. It's fine even if you don't kill him. Capture him and have him feed the horses and chop firewood. Make him your servant!"

The Origin Beast Platform was a sea of commotion with various debates going on.

Chu Feng felt his teeth ache after hearing this because this was spoken by someone who admired him somewhat. Even such a person was on Qin Luoyin's side. He really wanted to ask what would happen if he didn't admire him?

In truth, there was no need to ask because one could hear them from among the commotion.

"The most beautiful goddess in the starry skies, please kill this Demon King Chu and don't give him the chance to open his mouth. Stomp him dead on the ground with a raise of your feet!"

"Goddess, please employ the Dameng Pure Land's peerless methods and make Chu Feng repent amidst his dream demons. Let him tremble, submit and commit suicide under the starry skies!"

Chu Feng was furious because he actually saw some familiar faces among those shouting thus.

He said furiously, "Old demon Chen! You always come to me to bid for saintesses of high ranking planets. You claim to be very close with me and always ask for discounts. You can be considered an old customer now. How can you break away at such a critical juncture?!"

Old Demon Chen denied and apologized. "I've never bought any saintesses from you have I? The so-called discounts were never realized. Moreover, Luoyin is the perfect goddess in our hearts. Which old monster doesn't want to capture and subdue her? A hundred high-ranking saintesses can't be exchanged for one of her fingers!"

"You shameless old man. You're so old and only your heart remains young. You can't achieve this!" Chu Feng berated.

"Little Thief, you dare curse me? What kind of words are those? Your mouth is too toxic! Let me tell you that my physique is peerless. I can still produce offspring even if I live another ten thousand years. I'm correct, right? Demon King Zhao?"

Chu Feng immediately started threatening after hearing this. "Demon King Zhao, you're actually together with Demon King Chen? You have to know that your granddaughter Zhao Wing is still in my hands!"

"How can this old man lower his head? What goddess? What fairy? This old man will go and capture anyone he takes a liking to!" Demon King Zhao suddenly spoke thus.

Chu Feng nodded. This old fellow was indeed strong-willed.

However, very soon, Demon King Zhao sent him a private message. "Do you want to team up to take her down? I'll hurry over immediately. We can hunt together!"

Chu Feng was dumbfounded. He sighed in the very end, "You're also… a shameless old man!"

"This old man is serious. I'm prepared to head over to your area of the starry skies with Demon King Chen and Demon King Yuan to ambush the procession from Dameng Pure Land and capture Qin Luoyin alive. It'll be awesome if you work together with us!"

Demon King Zhao told him that Demon King Chen was only spouting nonsense. His real intention is to traverse the starry skies and hunt Qin Luoyin.

Chu Feng was astonished. "Your granddaughter Zhao Qing is in my hands. Why have I never seen you being anxious? Now you're relaxed enough to ambush Qin Luoyin?!"

Demon King Zhao was very calm. "My granddaughter Zhao Qing is being taken care of so well. She even has rare treasures like Heavenly Flame Elixir to use every day. Why must I worry? Why don't you go and check? I think old demon Zi is also quite reassured with having Zi Luan at your side. He probably doesn't even want to save her anymore."

Chu Feng felt as though his heart was poked and said furiously. "Fine, after the big battle today, I'm going to take your granddaughter Zhao Qing and old demon Zi's granddaughter Zi Luan into the bridal room. You really think I'm helping you guys raise your offspring?! Goddamit!"

Demon King Zhao replied calmly, "A number of old demons are quite satisfied with you. We can discuss this matter later on. Right now, let's discuss how we should work together to ambush Qin Luoyin.

At this time, Demon King Chen was still shouting, "Fairy Qin, you must destroy that little thief, Chu Feng!"

Chu Feng gritted his teeth and said, "What I want to know now is whether Old Demon Chen's granddaughter is on earth?!"

"This… heh heh!" Demon King Zhao whispered in secret.

It was a ruckus of voices on the Origin Beast Platform. An enormous number of people supported Qin Luoyin's crusade against Chu Feng.

Before long, Chu Feng felt a cruel, iron-blooded side of Demon King Zhao.

"This time, it's possible that a saint will die! Many will die."

Chu Feng frowned. He had a premonition that Qin Luoyin's arrival wasn't purely just for him. The Dameng Pure Land likely had enmity against certain old demons and were trying to lure them out to kill them.

These old demons were ruthless individuals. They were determined to make their move despite knowing that there was something fishing in this.

"If by any chance, we succeed in finishing off the old monsters of Dameng Pure Land in the outer realm, Qin Luoyin might hide in earth's main space without daring to emerge. At that point, we'll have to depend on you. Yes, let me warn you. If you happen to capture a wounded Qin Luoyin, don't touch her. This is a woman whom the Genesis Demon Prince of the Ten Greats has taken a fancy to. We will be handing her over to him as a present!"

Demon King Zhao's voice was cold and contained a bloody nuance. Many people were destined to die today—it was no simple hunt and involves many powers!

Chu Feng was astonished and his emotions were complicated. Things weren't as simple as they seemed on the surface.

The Genesis Demon Race was one of the Ten Greats and possessed boundlessly terrifying strength. The Genesis Demon Breathing Technique was one of the most powerful ultimate breathing techniques in the cosmos!

"Everyone acts according to their methods. Why should I gave anyone my prey?"

Afterward, Chu Feng turned his attention back to the things currently happening in the starry skies.

Many people on the Origin Beast Platform were accusing him and listing out all types of offenses. He was being called the most notorious human trafficker in history.

Meanwhile, Qian Luoyin had evoked the support of a mountain and sea of people. Her charm could be considered unrivaled.

Every divine son or saintess from a high-ranking planet enjoyed extremely high popularity.

Qin Luoyin, on the other hand, stood amongst the top ten young experts in the entire cosmos. Her status was high and, add to that her fame as the sixth most beautiful person, her fame was peerless.

Amidst the voices of admonition, Chu Feng appeared calmly with his golden account and contacted everyone's goddess, Qin Luoyin.
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