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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 533: Reaping Another Batch of Hard Currency

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Chapter 533: Reaping Another Batch of Hard Currency
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The Xilin divine son had come and so had the Mechanical Vajra. At noon the following day, all of them would appear on earth.

Additionally, the heir of the terrifying, eleventh-ranked Netherworld race had also arrived.

The Deity race's young god and Qin Luoyin, known to be comparable to the dao sons of the Ten Greats, were also arriving soon.

Numerous pieces of news came together to ignite the starry skies. This caused a commotion among those in the starry skies of earth's famed mountains.

Some divine sons and saintesses were expressing their goodwill by welcoming the young god and the Netherworld race geniuses to earth.

"The Xilin clan divine son Wei Lin who had returned from hell has appeared. This involves a battle of orthodox lineages and, without a doubt, he will attack with all his might to kill Chu Feng. The Xilin clan will require a powerful tempest if they want to return to the mother star. Unfortunately, Chu Feng will probably be reduced to a stepping stone!"

"Oh, it can be considered a great gathering. The divine son of the Deity race, Qin Luoyin of the Dameng Pure Land, there's no way to meet such people under normal circumstances. Who would've thought they would come to earth!"

"Is fairy Qin really coming? Isn't it just a rumor that has yet to be proved?"

The outside world was in heated debates.

The star passages were clamorous.

Presently, no small number of divine sons and saintesses were looking forward to the battle that would suppress Chu Feng.

A fair number of people were complaining about Chu Feng because he had sold a batch of divine sons and saintesses. This caused them to treat him like an enemy.

Mount Hua was one of the birthplaces of ancient Chinese civilization. The geography was precipitous and the mountain felt as though it were floating high in the sky.

After the upheavals, its peaks were akin to majestic swords piercing into the clouds, enshrouded in mist.

With the upright and motionless stones and the ancient pines, Mount Hua seemed incomparably majestic and dangerous. It was different from the other famed mountains—gazing upon it would shake on to the core.

Even in the depths of the mountain within the vast folded space, the newly emerged mountains rose and fell like blades.

"I can't help but sigh, this Chu Feng really is a bold madman. I've never seen someone like him who doesn't know life from death so badly. He dares to sell divine sons and saintesses. This is a path towards sure death!"

The depths of Mount Hua was covered in pine forests. The place was verdant, green and full of clear, flowing springs.

Wu Cangming sat beneath a green pine with a smile listening to the gurgling stream and waves of rustling pines. There was a wisp of frostiness as he commented on Chu Feng.

He hailed from a high-ranking star. As the divine son of a sect, he was extremely strong and possessed a unique comprehension of the visualization realm. He was the strongest and most brilliant genius of the Canglan star's younger generation.

He was quite hostile towards Chu Feng and mocked, "His craziness will signify his demise. Shen Yu will destroy him and make him go made. He's sure to die a gruesome death."

Someone added, "Brother Cangming is correct. We've never met such an unbridled person who even dares to challenge the holy lands by selling divine sons and saintesses. He's truly courting death. Don't think too highly of all the attention and fame he's garnering. When the time comes, he'll fall into the boundless abyss and be consigned to eternal damnation."

In the depths of Mount Hua, the starry passages were numerous and connected toward different star systems. In the end, many of them converged into the same folded space.

At this time, there were nearly ten divine sons and saintesses gathered together to discuss the future situation. Many of them revealed smiles because they believed Chu Feng's end was nigh.

A saintess smiled sweetly and said, "Ha, the Deity race's young god is about to arrive. Who can beat him? How will Chu Feng survive unless a miracle happens? But how can Miracles be that common? Moreover, the Dameng Pure Land's Qin Luoyin is also arriving. She's quietly become one of the top-ten experts of the younger generation!"

At this point, she cast a glance at an exceptionally beautiful girl who had been silent since the beginning.

The young lady's skin was as white and lustrous and ivory. She was very quiet and appeared rather transcendent, but her smile was extremely alluring. At this time, she didn't express her opinion with regards to their discussion.

Her name was Hu Ruoxian, the fairy of the Andromeda galaxy. Just like the saintess Yang Shan of Mount Yandang, she had some relationship to Chu Feng.

The Equality for All Life monastic robe on Chu Feng's body was a gift from her.

Even Chu Feng's identity as a heaven's chosen one was produced by Hu Ruoxian's sister and Yan Shang's brother.

Chu Feng had already met the two older siblings when he went to receive the domain inheritance on the moon. At that time, Chu Feng had provoked them by calling them brother and sister in law.

"Ruoxian, what do you think? Do you think this Chu Feng will die a gruesome death?" That saintess looked toward the silent Hu Ruoxian with a mocking smile.

"The future is hard to say. We should just observe in silence." Hu Ruoxian of the Andromeda Galaxy replied with a smile. As expected, her clear, beautiful and transcendent demeanor made her rather charming.

"No need to doubt it. We might not be able to guess other things, but this native Chu Feng's death is very predictable. How can he survive?" Saint Child Wu Cangming spoke. He sat there cross-legged and said while glancing at Hu Ruoxian. "Fairy Hu, you stepped onto the star passage too early. I heard you had some dealings with this Chu Feng. I feel that it's not suitable. You should draw a clear line as soon as possible, lest a calamity befall you."

Hu Ruoxian smiled. Her eyes were brilliant and touching. "Even if we did share some friendship, it shouldn't get to the point where I would be dragged in, right? This starry sky hasn't become so terrifying that everyone has to suffer various limitations for fear of their safety."

"Oh? We'll wait and see then. Let's watch how that demon king gets his head chopped off." Wu Cangming said indifferently, assuming a farsighted demeanor. He looked down at the distant mountain and said, "The world is vast, but there are various red lines that mustn't be crossed. A native of fallen planet wanting to overturn the skies; he's destined to die a miserable death."

It was at this time that a figure walked over into the folded space. He traversed the misty pine forest and appeared before these divine sons and saintesses.

With a swoosh, Wu Cangming leapt up, his body tense and his hairs standing on end.

Who did he just see? Chu Feng! The native they had just been talking about.

There was really no leeway for reasoning. He was just sneering behind the man's back and foretelling his gruesome death. In the end, the main character just popped up in front of his eyes.

"Divine son Wu Cangming? You pass judgement on everything, look down on the world and predict my miserable death. You're acting so proud, but did you ever foresee your own future?"

Chu Feng walked over calmly, his body emitting a treasured halo as though he were a brilliant god. He attacked immediately because there was nothing to be said.

"Everyone, what are you waiting for? Attack!" Wu Cangming shouted loudly and was sweating profusely.

The others were shocked out of their wits because Chu Feng had always hunted divine sons and saintesses outside. Today, he had actually stepped into the folded space. He was simply too proactive!

This meant that he was so incomparably confident that he even dared kill his way into the star passages!

The saintesses who was mocking Hu Ruoxian just now shouted, "We've not severed ourselves and all of us are in the visualization realm. Why would we need to fear a carefree realm native like him if we join forces? Together! Kill him!"

Afterwards, some people made their move. They refused to believe the rumors because they were all top-notch experts of the younger generation on their respective planets. Why would they be afraid of Chu Feng with a total of eight people joining forces?

"Hehe, Haha…" Chu Feng broke into loud laughter. His hair lit up and danced behind him as he attacked proactively. He took the initiative to make his move.


At this moment, he held nothing back. His comprehension of the Eastern Violet Qi Fist had long since reached the most profound level. Now that he was utilizing it, it was shockingly terrifying.

The air was filled with violet mist and stars would appear with every wave of his fist. He stood within the folded space like a divine king as he urged the planets on to bombard the numerous divine sons and saintesses.

The scene was terrifying. It was a peerless dao!

Facing so many visualization realm geniuses, Chu Feng was actually maintaining a disdainful manner. He hadn't the slightest fear and attacked with great force and momentum.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Massive explosions rang out within the pine forest. Flying boulders pierced through the sky as the mountainous regions were destroyed. The tall peaks standing tall akin to swords were cut off one by one and collapsed down.

Chu Feng's fist intent was peerless and was capable of suppressing the eight great experts. These were visualization realm divine sons and saintesses, all of them genius level entities.

If it were a couple of days before, he might have failed.

But now, his convictions had erupted and he was incomparably confident because he had used the Hellish Ant and Heavenly Flame Elixirs. His constitution had been greatly upgraded and was almost ten times more powerful. His strength had also increased by a significant margin!

But, in the end, these people weren't just ordinary visualization realm experts, but geniuses from the high-ranking planets. All of them fought with their lives on the line and were incomparably ruthless.

Even Chu Feng's expression changed and he couldn't help but become incomparably serious.

He was still moving the stars with every wave of his fist and seemed like a divine king with incomparable might, but the celestial bodies were no longer the same. They had become coarse and unadorned.

His stone ball energy forms had appeared to take the place of the starry images conjured by the Eastern Violet Qi Fist. His fist intent exploded in an instant and his strength had become terrifying to the extreme.


Wu Cangming flew backwards with his arm exploded. He couldn't block Chu Feng's fist intent and was almost blasted apart in the air.


The hostile saintesses staggered back while spraying blood from her nose and mouth. She had been gravely injured, half her body lacerated by Chu Feng's fist seal.

Afterwards, Chu Feng combined the profundities of the Flowing Light Fist and merged it into this Eastern Violet Qi Fist. This improved his fist's speed by a huge margin and caused his entire body to flow with beams of light. Combined with his World's End Near at Hand, he simply became a nightmare for these people.

Bang bang bang...

In the end, the eight experts were all sent flying with blood spurting out of their seven orifices. All of them had been badly wounded and lay strewn on the ground in a pool of fresh blood.

Chu Feng squinted. His physical strength had improved by nearly ten times, and he could now withstand visualization level attacks even without using his resonant art.

Thus, he was quite proactive in this battle. He was much more powerful than he was in the past.

"Chu Feng, you…" Wu Cangming's group were visibly moved. That was because Chu Feng had sealed them and stuck their bodies full of Profound Magnetic Needles. Moreover, he also used metallic chains to lock all of them up in a bunch.

One didn't need to think too hard to realize that this human trafficker was about to sell them off.

This made them go mad. Before long, they were discussing how rampant Chu Feng was and that selling divine sons and saintesses was a path to sure death.

In the end… it became their turn to be sold off as a group!

"Hi, Fairly Hu, long time no see! Have you been well?" Chu Feng greeted Hu Ruoxian who hadn't made any moves all this time.

Hu Ruoxian glanced at the bundle of divine sons and saintesses with an odd expression. "I'm… okay, I guess. Are you going to sell divine sons and saintesses again?!"

"They're a hot sell. In truth, they themselves are a hard currency and are even better than cosmic dollars. I can't bear to sell them, to be honest," Chu Feng sighed.

The bunch of divine sons and saintesses were furious. People of their identity were being treated as hard currency in Chu Feng's eyes!

"Fairly Hu, I'm very thankful for that monastic robe you gave me. Yes, at the same time, I have a great relationship with your sister. It can be said that we're bosom buddies. I must repay you this time."

Hu Ruoxian was speechless after hearing this. Her sister was almost angered to death by this fellow who called her sister in law. At the same time, he had also taken advantage of the two sisters. How dare he claim to be bosom buddies?"

"See? I have a bunch of divine sons and saintesses here. I'll let you have one!" Chu Feng said generously.

The divine sons and saintesses were now being calculated by the bunch. This made Wu Cangming and the others feel unbearable. All of them were ashen-faced and so furious that their bodies were tense.

As for Hu Ruoxian, she shook her head and said, "Let it be. I don't dare accept such a gift."

Chu Feng said, "Take one, this is a true hard currency. Later on, I'll gather a whole group of them and split them into strings. When I buy stuff, I'll just take them out to pay."

Hu Ruoxian was at a loss for words. She could only resist the urge to laugh for fear of angering the bunch of divine sons and saintesses.

"Dammit!" Wu Cangming coughed up blood and lost consciousness. The others also turned purple. The fury they were forced to endure had damaged their bodies.

"Since you don't want them, I'll just leave them for myself. I'll give you some Heavenly Flame Elixir instead." Chu Feng said with a laugh as he disappeared with a bunch of spoils in tow.

Following which, he rushed over to Mount Yandang and once again captured seven divine sons and saintesses. This made Yang Shan speechless.

That was because Chu Feng wanted to gift her some hard currencies, but how would she dare accept?

In outer space, Yang Xuan, Hu Qingcheng and Qing Lan were still there paying attention to Chu Feng. At the sight of this, they felt as though they had seen a ghost.

"Hi, brother in law Yang Xuan, sister in law Hu Qingcheng! Are you satisfied with this? I'm quite sincere right?"

As Chu Feng left Mount Yandang, he glanced toward the outer realm and said thus. The three were immediately dumbfounded and, at the same time, somewhat resentful.

That day, Chu Feng assaulted the star passages madly and captured over thirty people and split them into five bundles. These people had all become slaves and the hard currency he was talking about.

"Mamamia! This little madman really does raise people's hackles! I've never seen such a crazy bastard. He actually dared do something like this. How earth-shattering!"

Everyone in the outer realms was shocked after hearing of this.

Earlier on, Chu Feng was using the tattered painting scroll and domains to hide his own aura and prevent being spied upon by the heavenly eye. He wanted to avoid being exposed lest it becomes difficult for him to hunt divine sons and saintesses.

Only at this point, he had captured too many to hide and this immediately caused a huge tidal wave.

Many people were so shocked that their jaws had fallen to the floor.

"This is his final madness. The Deity race young god and the Netherworld race's most brilliant young expert are about to arrive. Let's see how he can break through this lineup!" Someone was utterly exasperated because the saintess of their family had been captured.

That day, a definite news was heard. Qin Luoyin had set out after asking the Heaven-Piercing Wormhole Company to open up a super wormhole. She invested massive amounts of cosmic dollars to appear directly outside of earth.

"Haha, Fairy Qin has arrived. I'm also coming to welcome her!" The Deity race's young god laughed loudly. There were many people around him, all of these followers were genius level characters from various races. It was as though he here leading a group of heavenly soldiers into the earth!
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