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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 532: The Six Paths of Reincarnation

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Chapter 532: The Six Paths of Reincarnation
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Even though it was only a rumor, the news of Qin Luoyin coming to Earth had led to heated debates. It was thus clear how popular she was!

"Just how many cosmic dollars is needed to open a super wormhole?"

"What a Goddess. All our lives, we can only look at her from afar. I'd have to struggle for several generations just to cover the cost of her journey. Sigh!" someone lamented.

At this point, another rumor came out. Someone from the Wormhole Express Company had spoken with Fairy Qin from the Great Dream Pure Land before and was saying good things about Chu Feng.

"Why is this a thing?!"

"Chu Feng is already a silver Wormhole Express customer. Mn, he is rather famous."

The people were speechless upon hearing this kind of explanation. This demon has become the Wormhole Express Company's VIP? This was simply against reason!

Everyone knew how he had become a silver customer, and this was simply construed upon the suffering of various orthodoxies. He was infamous for being deranged and demented!

He had sold at least thousands of portions of Deity meat as well as several dozens of divine sons and saintesses, all of which were posted through the Wormhole Express Company.

Express delivery within the universe was astonishingly expensive. Ordinary people wouldn't dare send anything by post. It would no doubt lead to them losing all of their fortunes, and they simply cannot afford it.

After attentively mulling it over, this did seem to be true. It was difficult for the average evolver to leave their own planet, nevermind posting something through the starry skies.

Yet Chu Feng had already placed thousands of orders down in such a short period of time. Naturally, he was considered as one of Wormhole Express Company's ultra clients!

Although this wasn't confirmed, it still caused an uproar when the rumor spread. Everyone was between laughter and tears—this demonic human trafficker was indeed full of wicked conduct!

Just then, an awful event occurred outside Earth. The golden-arhat leveled Xilin expert had appeared, pulling out an energy pagoda. It was simple and unadorned yet had an aura of magnificence.

Although his white hair hung loose, his body was golden, and his large sleeves fluttered, emitting a powerful vitality.

Swish, swoosh, swish, swoosh!

Following this, another four energy pagodas flew out and resonated with the preceding pagoda. They arranged themselves according to the positions of the five elements and issued blinding rays of light as an array of symbols appeared in outer space.

"These five energy pagodas are from the Earth's Five Elements Evolvers' Dynasty from back in the day. They retained the antiquity of those times when gathered. Hopefully, they can protect you so that you can successfully enter the Earth's main space."

This golden-arhat leveled old man started to talk. His eyes were like electricity and his body golden, it looked as if he was really made out of gold and his strength was incredible.

"Thank you for your efforts, Granduncle," said Wei Lin.

Those seeing this were shaken, particularly when they heard of the Five Elements Dynasty. Many elders were deeply moved.

"Back then, the Earth's Five Elements Dynasty was incomparably splendid and their reputation had spread far. All of the races within the starry skies were intimidated of them. To one's surprise, their energy pagoda had fallen into the hands of the Xilin clan.

Outside the earth, a certain golden-arhat leveled expert heaved a sigh. He reminisced about those days with the glorious dynasty of evolvers and was momentarily lost in thought.

There were some mercenaries and celestial hunters with gazes. They stared intently at the five energy pagodas left by the Five Elements Dynasty, itching to snatch them away.

In the end, no one dared to do it, because they knew Xilin clan wasn't afraid of their belongings being taken away when they brought them out. There was no doubt that their strongest expert's spiritual seal would be imprinted on them.

"Lay out the domains of the Five Elements. Tomorrow noon is the perfect time to cross over the border!" said the golden-arhat leveled old man. This arrangement would mean Wei Lin, Xilin clan's divine son, and his company would pay a much smaller price when they descend upon Earth. It would also ensure their safety.

At that moment, everyone knew that tomorrow noon an upheaval would occur on Earth!

"At noon?"

Chu Feng raised his head and gazed towards the outer realms.

He had a photon computer in his hand so that he could instantly receive news of the outer realms and connect to the interstellar network.

Then, Chu Feng prepared to leave and headed towards the land.

In a flash, the big multi-colored ship conducted a spatial jump. It fled from the Southern Sea and returned back onto dry land.

"I still have some cinnabar fruits and Ginseng fruits on hand, so I should be able to drive myself forward into the perfect carefree realm. This way I will have greater confidence against powerful enemies." Chu Feng reckoned.

However, he was slightly concerned that he was advancing too quickly lately. He had made a breakthrough not long ago, but now he was to progress once again?

He was in the later stages of the carefree realm and hadn't even settled for many days, yet now he was to break boundaries again?

The Earth was currently in a recovery phase and permitted the violent evolution of evolvers unlike other planets, which had incorporeal limitations.

However, if Chu Feng broke through once again it would be too intense and problems could arise.

"At the present stage, one year of training on Earth is comparable to tens, even hundreds, of years on another planet. But I really am going too fast after all."

This was because of late he had progressed from the shackled realm into the initial stages of the carefree realm, before progressing further into its later stages. The interval between each wasn't months, instead, it was days. This rate was terrifyingly rapid.

He would most certainly have died if he were in the outer realms. Such a rapid evolution would lead to his evolution foundation collapsing and wiped out in an instant if something went wrong.

"The earth was once strong, and it is now in a special phase of swift recovery. Evolvers are also benefiting therefrom and can advance by leaps and bounds following this, so I hope nothing disastrous will happen to me."

Chu Feng contemplated, aware that he was in excellent condition himself with no major injuries. Perhaps it was because the Deity Elixir had removed all of his body's recent hidden damages.

He really wanted to obtain another drop of Deity Elixir, but unfortunately, it was exceptionally rare in the universe's black market. Every time it appeared it would be immediately raised to a sky-high price as people fought over buying it.

"Do you guys know what else would be suitable for my situation, apart from the Deity Elixir?" Chu Feng asked Yuan Mo, Zi Luan, and the others.

"Are you worried that problems will arise from your rapid evolution? There are means of solving that!" Zhao Qing's eyes were wide and bright with long eyelashes. She was full of charm and rather sultry as she licked her red lips.

"Please do say!" Chu Feng was very pleased with the great demoness. Every time she was eager to tell him things, and he wanted to recruit Zhao Qing as his "assistant" because of this.

"There is a great medicine called the Six Paths of Reincarnation Fruit. It can perfectly solve your problems." Zhao Qing's eyes were flowing with luster. Her red lips were glossy and she looked stunningly seductive.

After her explanation as well as additional remarks from Yuan Mo and the others, Chu Feng immediately realized just how heaven-defying this medicine was.

After consumption, the Six Paths of Reincarnation Fruit would make one feel as though they'd been reincarnated. They'd experience every phenomenon in the mortal world as if they were going through as long as six lifetimes. As a result, the repercussions caused by rapid evolution and the detrimental effects of staying for too short a period in a certain realm were no longer an issue and could be easily solved.

Furthermore, nevermind the issues Chu Feng was worried about, even if his evolution foundation was broken, it would gradually heal after consuming the Six Paths of Reincarnation Fruit and could be completely restored.

"This kind of great medicine really is heaven-defying!" Chu Feng exclaimed in admiration.

After that, he was petrified when he heard of its price and was completely stunned.

"How many cosmic dollars?!" He asked once more in disbelief.

"80 billion cosmic dollars!" Zhao Qing told him.

Seeing Yuan Mo, Zi Luan, Zhan He, and the others nod their heads, Chu Feng lifted his head and looked at the sky. It was just a medicine, yet surprisingly it required 80 billion cosmic dollars? How unreasonable!

"Actually, other people buy the Six Paths of Reincarnation Fruit to save lives. You can use it for recovery, but how big of an issue is a broken evolution foundation? Moreover, this stuff isn't for little monks. The evolution of a golden-arhat leveled experts is most dangerous. In the later stages when one forms one's golden body, it can collapse easily and tear the foundation. Therefore they require the Six Paths of Reincarnation Fruit."

To golden-arhat leveled evolvers, 80 billion cosmic dollars was acceptable.

There was no doubt that the medicine Zhao Qing presented was extremely high-end and wasn't inferior to Deity Elixir in any aspects.

"Alas, I have just realized I haven't caught enough divine sons and saintesses. I've sold too few of them and now I feel as though I don't have enough money to spend!" Chu Feng heaved a sigh.

On hearing these words, Luo Miaoxiang and Qi Yu cursed silently. This demon should really be stricken with heaven's thunder!

Although Chu Feng was sighing, he immediately followed this with a sentence which made the others' eyes widen in shock.

"I have decided I'll buy two Six Paths of Reincarnation Fruit!"

Just a moment ago he was grumbling about its ridiculous price how expensive it was, yet now in a flash, he wanted to buy two of the fruits. He was indeed unnaturally rich and overbearing!

In that split second, the others had the impulse that they might as well go and become slave vendors.

However, they bowed their heads when they thought of the hardships involved and how many enemies they'd have to make. In addition, they must be incredibly strong themselves, and this wasn't something an ordinary person could do.

"Sigh, I'm not even qualified to be a bad guy," Zi Luan murmured in a small voice.

"What did you say?!" Chu Feng immediately flicked her pale lustrous forehead so hard that her tears almost flowed out.

After Chu Feng had understood everything, he was slightly afraid to buy it. He feared all his money would be scammed without receiving the goods.

This was because nowadays he was infamous for being a human trafficking. Many were watching him, and he reckoned quite a few wanted to make a cash cow out of him.

There were plenty of tyrants and bullies in a place such as the universe's black market. Those lacking in confidence didn't dare to enter black market trades, especially people like him who were purchasing online across the starry skies, as it was even less safeguarded.

"You can find the origin beast platform but they'll take an agent fee, which is usually 10% and upwards," Zhao Qing told him.

Chu Feng gritted his teeth. The origin beast platform's service was indeed extensive and with the agency fees for the medicine being in the tens of billions, it was indeed rather insane.

In the end, Chu Feng got in touch with those on the origin beast platform for safety purposes.

He didn't want to be made into a cash cow by/from the universe's black market and have his money taken from him.

Those on the origin beast platform were flabbergasted. They were incredibly shocked as, generally speaking, only golden-arhat leveled experts would purchase the Six Paths of Reincarnation Fruit. They had nothing to say to Chu Feng being so indulgent and using it this early.

Yet they soon understood the nature of the Earth. It was a declining area only just recovering. There was no doubt that Chu Feng was splurging so much because he wanted to evolve vehemently to overtake the prodigies in the starry skies.

He would need 160 billion cosmic dollars for two Six Paths of Reincarnation Fruit. With such a sky-high price, it was simply a super big business deal.

Besides, Chu Feng had to pay the additional agency fees. The origin beast platform gave him their lowest price and would only take 10%, but this still amounted to 16 billion cosmic dollars.

"How distressing!" Chu Feng wore an expression of hidden bitterness.

In a blink of an eye, he had lost 176 billion cosmic dollars.

In fact, he didn't even have that much in his account. He had to compensate with Golden Serpent Apples and Heavenly Flame Elixir. It was like he was selling part of his treasures.

This was because last time he had received the Hellish Ant Elixir, secret tomes and other treasures when he was selling divine sons and saintesses. He hadn't dared to exchange them for cosmic dollars as he was afraid of others scheming against him before freezing his account.

Although the transaction this time made Chu Feng's heartache, it would indeed solve his issues and eliminate all kinds of hidden dangers.

"Mn, now I have nothing to worry about even if I do break through into the perfection stage of the carefree realm. I'll just eat a Six Paths of Reincarnation Fruit afterwards since it can solve all my problems!" Chu Feng muttered to himself. This way he had no fear for any of his enemies.

He had just finished dealing with the origin beast platform and hadn't yet exited, so he discovered all kinds of current news in passing.


There was a saint child voicing his opinion on Mount Yandang's star passage. He was welcoming the arrivals of Xilin clan's divine son Wei Lin and the machinery vajras, and anticipated them slaughtering Chu Feng.

Inside the folded space in Mount Hua, there was also a saintess beaming like a flower. She was beautiful and alluring and was calling out to the netherworld race's disciples across space. She told them she would be watching them display their divine powers as they would once again crush the evolvers on this planet and kill Chu Feng.

These people were all evolvers of the visualization realm. They hadn't crippled themselves, so they were still on the star passage and hadn't yet crossed over into Earth's main space.

"I think we can gather another load of goods since there's still time!" Chu Feng said with a sneer, his teeth white as snow. Then he immediately set off.

He was short of cosmic dollars now and felt skint.
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