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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 531: All Heavens Arrive

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Chapter 531: All Heavens Arrive
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The green bamboo boat floated within the jade blue sea. There were clear leaves growing upon it, flourishing with intense vitality.

Yuchi Kong sat within it drinking from a lustrous violet teacup. He shook his head with a frown and said, "This matter isn't appropriate. Zhou Shang cannot come into being."

He believed that Zhou Shang's identity as Earth's true chosen one was very sensitive. He should live in seclusion and not engage in an arduous battle with the outer realms beings. He had to wait in silence until the fish becomes a dragon in a single leap.

Just as before, Yuchi Kong's arrival didn't draw anyone's attention. Apart from Chu Feng, neither Yuan Mo, Zhao Qing or the others saw the jade green bamboo boat.

Chu Feng wore a cold sneer on his lips and didn't want to say anything else.

Yuchi Kong sighed lightly and said earnestly, "Little friend Chu Feng, you're the one in the light and Zhou Shang is in the dark. You must understand certain things. One of you being exposed is better than both of you being exposed. You should block the external pressure and leave time for Zhou Shang to cultivate. Everything is for the future."

"Don't you feel that he's lacking in practice?" Chu Feng asked. Even true gold needed to be tempered, to say nothing of an evolver who sought to become unequaled.

Yuchi Kong said, "No, he has people to compare notes with and fights intense battles every day!"

"You're quite thoughtful," Chu Feng replied. He didn't want to continue with this topic because both of them had different views.

The tiger who roams the mountains and woods must possess more than his personal might—he must nurture a wild and ferocious might.

"Little friend, the enemies this time aren't weak at all. The Xilin clan's divine son and the Deity race's young god are among them. You must take care." Yuchi Kong spoke words of concern at first. He then added, "Won't you consider what I mentioned last time?"

He brought up old matters once again. He still wanted that silver box and hoped Chu Feng would hand it over for Zhou Shang to study.

Chu Feng refused. "No need for further discussion. If you want it, either let me study that ancient energy pagoda or have Zhou Shang fight me!"

"Little friend, you're the one in the light and everyone knows you. There are too many enemies you have to face this time. You must consider this carefully. What if some accident should befall you? I feel that you should leave the silver box just in case."

"Do you also want me to leave the Hellish Ant Elixir too? Must I had everything precious on my body to Zhou Shang?" Chu Feng glared at him.

Yuchi Kong said solemnly, "Little friend, don't be angry. This is only an advice for you to consider."

Chu Feng's expression turned incomparably cold. "I've told you before. Everything I have, I fought for risking life and limb. If Zhou Shang wants things, he should obtain them himself."

Yuchi Kong frowned and said, "He's the one in the dark. His identity is not suited for taking action. He needs to stay hidden because his battles and his glory are all for the future."

Calling Zhou Shang the one in the dark was simply being tactful. What the old man wanted to say was that he was the True One and that his identity was too precious to take action. He couldn't become exposed.

"Please leave, and it's best if you don't appear again." Chu Feng said in a cold voice. There was a flame in his heart and he felt extremely uncomfortable.

He was facing against a group of enemies outside. Meanwhile not only was that True One Zhou Shang not fighting, but he was also eyeing Chu Feng's things. This Yuchi Kong's demands were too excessive!

Yuchi Kong spoke. "Little friend will eventually understand the boundless might of the tribulation-free divine body. It's not that this old man is being partial towards him. One day, he'll cut down the most powerful dao sons of the Ten Greats and return earth to its former glory!"

Chu Feng said coldly. "According to your words, he's the True One and I'm the False One. We each have our own paths to take. There's no need to get involved with one another. The world is vast, so we should just develop according to our own paths."

"Little Friend Chu Feng..."

"Enough with your blabbering!" Chu Feng had had enough and the flames in his chest flared up. It was just that he wasn't this man's match should things turn hostile. He just wanted to drive Yuchi Kong away as soon as possible.

The old man glared at him with cold eyes. He was Zhou Shang's dao protector who had surpassed the visualization realm and possessed frightening strength. Presently, he had an urge to retrieve the silver box with force.

But he cowered and left at the thought about Mount Longhu and Princess Yaoyao.

He decided to find an opportunity to bring Zhou Shang to Mount Longhu and let Yaoyao see what kind of inheritor their hidden lineage had found. A tribulation-free divine body—should this news spread, it would surely quake the starry skies!

Yuchi Kong left on his bamboo vessel and disappeared into the depths of the Southern Sea.

Chu Feng returned to the multicolored ship and sat down silently in a cross-legged posture.

At this moment, the outside world was in a clamor.

The outer realm was filled with warships and the machine race divine son had appeared. Over three meters tall and with a snow-white body, he was known as the mechanical vajra, but it was unknown what kind of metal he was made of. He wore a jet black sword on his back.

In addition, there were also a number of machine race reserve divine sons and some veteran experts. It could be said that they had mobilized in great numbers.

In another area, a group of people arrived by stepping through space. They were the Xilin clan.

The Xilin clan and the machine race had close ties since the two had long since formed an alliance. They would move together in most circumstances and attack in tandem. Presently, they had also come together.

The Xilin clan's group was several dozen strong. A young man was exceedingly outstanding—his skin was fair and a red dot was glistening lustrously on his forehead.

His name was Wei Lin, meaning the little qilin of the Wei family. He was a heaven-bestowed talent who had once battled hell and his strength was unfathomable.

Wei Lin was very handsome. He was a descendant of the top-saint Wei Heng's direct line and similarly extraordinary. So much so that even their temperaments were similar. His fair complexion made him look somewhat feminine.

Add to that the red dot on his forehead, he was somewhat like a man with a woman's appearance. His figure was slender and his looks were outstanding, yet he was extremely powerful.

"Mechanical Vajra!" Wei Lin greeted with a smile. This address showed his recognition of the machine race divine son and could be considered a term of respect.

"Brother Wei, I heard you returned your hell expedition and cultivated an unfathomable ability. Congratulations!" The Mechanical Vajra praised.

But all the evolvers who heard this were visibly moved. What kind of place was hell? It was too dangerous. Just the first level was filled with Hellish Ants which, in swarms, can kill golden arhats for food.

There were even solitary Hellish Ants that can kill a golden arhat. Some of them possessed extremely terrifying strength.

As such, the younger generation who went there were placed in great danger. Even though they were followed by dao protectors, some of them couldn't escape death.

All in all, apart from the top-ranked planets, normal orthodoxies wouldn't send their divine sons and saintesses there because it was too difficult to survive.

From a certain perspective, the youths who could visit hell and return alive would be considered supreme young experts regardless of their gains there.

"Mechanical Vajra, you've just returned from God's Forbidden Zhone. The degree of tempering there can only exceed hell." Wei Lin smiled.

There was a God's Forbidden Zone at the edge of the universe. It was similar to hell in that it was an extremely dangerous region and it was very difficult for evolvers who charged inside to survive.

There was a girl beside Wei Lin who looked a lot like him. There was grace in her beauty and a similar red dot on her forehead. This was his sister, the princess of the Xilin clan, Wei Xuan.

Wei Xuan was tall, slender and similar to Wei Lin in appearance, but without his feminine qualities. She was fairly beautiful and her smile touched people's hearts. "The Mechanical Vajra's reputation is well-deserved."

"I'm ashamed that I can only go around in the God's Forbidden Zone's outer regions. It can't be considered a true entry. But there were still some gains there since I obtained some rare raw metals to merge into my body."

The Mechanical Vajra continued, "I heard Princess Wei Xuan also visited hell once. I was greatly surprised. It appears Brother Wei Lin isn't the only genius in the Xilin clan. Its resurgence is certain."

His praise held a deeper meaning behind it. The Xilin clan's descent to earth this time held great meaning. To a certain degree, it was a prologue of their return to the mother star.

Wei Lin smiled and said, "Let's go. We must adjust ourselves to our peak state and step into the planet's main space."

Outside of earth, troops arrived in succession one after another. There were orthodoxies from high ranking planets, intergalactic hunters, cosmic mercenaries, etc. Their compositions were complicated, but all of them greeted the Xilin clan and machine race proactively upon arrival.

That was because the two races were extremely powerful!

Moreover, whether it was the Xilin clan or the machine race, all of them had golden arhat level experts following them acting as their dao protectors of the two divine sons. When the gap in the earth's domains appeared, they would charge in to seize the fortunes therein!

Whether it was in the starry sky or on earth, there was no peace to be found. People were astonished by the news and in heated discussion.

The machine race and the Xilin clan divine sons were adjusting their physical states. They would soon lead their men down to earth and appear within it. At that time, there would be a violent battle.

"Come!" Chu Feng sat upon the multicolored ship and swiftly opened his eyes to glance toward the outer realms. "Although I'm not yet in my optimal state, I can still do battle!"

He was prepared to meet the Xilin clan divine son in battle and behead the Mechanical Vajra.

"Brother Wei Lin, Mechanical Vajra, don't be in a rush. Wait for me."

Someone in the starry skies spoke thus. He contacted the Xilin clan and machine race divine sones via photon computer. This was a terrifying squad shrouded in black mist, moving as though they had come from the underworld.

These were men from the netherworld race. Their top young expert, You Hai, together with a golden arhat level dao protector arrived through a wormhole near the solar system.

The planet ruled by the netherworld race used to be ranked twelve in the cosmos. They had once formed an alliance of heaven illuminating experts to attack earth and eventually succeeded with the support of the Ten Greats.

Now they were ranked eleven in the cosmos and could be considered a peerless race!

Such a race coming to the Solar System can be considered revisiting old haunts. They were going to war once again.

From a certain sense, they were the perpetrators and originators back in the day. That battle gave them great benefits.

"You Hai has arrived and will likely kick up a storm of blood." The Xilin clan divine son Wei Lin was somewhat apprehensive. He sighed lightly because this peerless race ranked eleventh in the cosmos was no longer inferior to the Ten Greats!

As for others in the outside world, they began to discuss this matter fervently after knowing of it. It caused great waves.

"The netherworld race has really arrived. They move so fast and are already in the solar system. Back then, they were the main force that wiped earth out and now they've come again. The two worlds are truly tangled in enmity and are mortal enemies!"

Everyone knew that the netherworld race's appearance would cause a great tempest. Demon King Chu's hatred for this race wasn't inferior to the Xilin clan.

The very same day, another piece of news spread out. The Dameng Pure Land saintess Qin Luoyin had exited her isolated cultivation. After realizing that her distant cousin Luo Miaoxiang was in Chu Feng's hands, she charged over all the way instead of seeking Chu Feng for negotiation!

Reportedly, she had requested the Heaven-Piercing Wormhole Company to open a super wormhole and arrive on earth.

Qin Luoyin's name was too big. She was the most powerful descendant of the Dameng Pure Land who surpassed the predecessors. Many people claim that her current strength was even superior to some of the Ten Greats' dao sons.

Additionally, she was also famed as the number six beauty in the starry skies. The fame of her beauty was known far and wide.

"Is it true?" Many people couldn't believe it after hearing about this.

Qin Luoyin was actually arriving personally on earth?

Along the way, the deity race young god's eyes lit up after receiving this news. He immediately became spirited and hurried on his way in order to meet the Dameng Pure Land's most beautiful descendant, Qin Luoyin.
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