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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 529: The False One and True One

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Chapter 529: The False One and True One
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"Please have tea, little friend." Yuchi Kong made tea once again. The glow of the golden leaves, the snow white leaves, and the red ones mixed together in the jade cup, releasing an auspicious glow. After being steeped in boiling water, their color had mixed together into a dazzling color, and the fragrance perfused the air.

Chu Feng didn't say anything. He held onto the cup and took a sip, his eyes profound.

His expression was calm, but he was dissatisfied in his heart. He had gone through so many trials and risked life and limb to obtain the ultimate breathing technique, yet it was being targeted and demanded by such a person. How could he be resigned?

It was just that this elder was unfathomable. Otherwise, Chu Feng would've smashed his face in and… sold him!

"Although it's presumptuous, I hope little friend will forgive me. Everything is for the resurgence of this earth." Yuchi Kong sighed.

"Your devotion to righteousness is respectful. A swing of your hat is enough to make me see stars," Chu Feng said calmly.

"Little friend is still unsatisfied in the end. What will it take for you to hand over the silver box?" The old man asked, his deep eyes glancing over.

Chu Feng said, "I can discuss this matter with Zhou Shang, but everyone should be willing and everything, fair. I have no other requests except to see the things recorded within the energy pagoda."

Yuchi Kong produced a number of ancient volumes. "Little friend, I brought these things in order to express my sincerity. All of them are top-grade combat arts. Please take a look."

Chu Feng shot a glance. He would've been moved if it were before when he required them desperately, but now, he didn't have any deep feelings.

The ancient scrolls—"Eastern Violet Qi Finger, Tiger Demon Art, Great Sun Fist, Earth Pervading Seal, and Saint Alarming Spear"—were all secret arts and could be considered terrifying books.

Yuchi Kong said, "This is Zhou Shang's sincerity."

It wasn't difficult to see that the True One of earth, Zhou Shang, had obtained terrifying inheritances. He was able to bring out five types of top-grade books for Yuchi Kong to trade with.

Chu Feng's expression was calm. The Eastern Violet Qi Finger and the Great Sun Fist were earth's standard arts during ancient times. Even the Xilin army grasped them well.

"I heard there used to be peerless chapters like Sky Inversion Seal and Flying Immortal Spear. Are such secret volumes still there? Since its the oldest of energy pagodas, it should have records of such unrivaled arts."

Yuchi Kong's expression changed slightly. The Sky Inversion Seal was reportedly capable of overturning the sky with one hand. Once such a law seal was condensed, it would be unstoppable, and all enemies would be eliminated.

During the great calamity in ancient times, the high experts of earth formed law seals known as Sky Inversion and injured a heaven illuminator, drenching him in blood.

There was also another native expert who, with his spear, charged into the enemy army with glowing divine spear light. He transformed into a flying immortal light, crushed all of his enemies, and pierced a hole in a heaven illuminator's body.

The Sky Inversion Seal and Flying Immortal Fist were supreme volumes even in the entire cosmos, arts which even the top-ten stars would want to collect.

Chu Feng's words didn't mean he would necessarily trade. It was only to sound out this person's attitude. He wanted to see whether or not the True One of earth grasped such arts.

"Little friend is forcing our hand," Yuchi Kong said in a solemn voice.

Chu Feng sneered in his heart. In his eyes, the Robbery Induction surpassed everything. No art or wondrous technique could compare to it.

That was because there was a saying that top-grade breathing techniques, at their peak, would fill one with divine comprehension and wondrous techniques would appear on their own. There was no need to chase after magical abilities and wondrous arts.

Yuchi Kong said, "Little friend Chu Feng, you and Zhou Shang are in the same boat, one in the light, and the other in the dark. You must know that you're always in the light, and it's very easy for you to encounter mishaps. If by any chance the inheritance is lost, then the losses will be enormous."

Chu Feng believed that this so-called one in the light and the other in the dark was only pleasant to hear. This was equal to admitting that he was the false one and would attract the attention of all the enemies. Meanwhile, the True One would cultivate in hiding, waiting for the time to become a true dragon and soar into the skies!

"Old man, there's no need to be so tactful. You said so many things, but in the end, you just want the fortunes I have on me, right? You want nothing more to give them all to Zhou Shang, right? You think he's the True One and I'm the false one, hence you're shielding him so that he'll survive," Chu Feng said directly.

Yuchi Kong's expression changed and said in the end, "Although I don't want to be so direct, but perhaps it is indeed so. Little friend, for the future, you should leave some things for the True One. Otherwise, if by any chance you encounter a mishap, what will we do if the silver box falls into enemy hands? After all, so many people in the starry sky have their eyes on you and are planning to kill you, but no one knows the True One yet. We can let him cultivate in secret and soar into the sky in one go!"

Chu Feng was astonished. Something he had obtained while risking life and limb was really being targeted by someone else.

But he wasn't afraid because he had long since gauged this man's bottom line. Even though he wanted to hand the inheritance to Zhou Shang, he probably wouldn't resort to using force.

Before long, Chu Feng had pondered about it and felt that it should be because of Yaoyao's deterrence. Since Yaoyao favored him, it was a great support!

"Chu Feng, are you truly not willing to hand over the silver box?!" Apparently, Yuchi Kong was no longer patient. With his strength, it wasn't hard for him to kill Chu Feng.

"That thing is mine," Chu Feng replied calmly.

"I know. But you can't resist if I use force!" Yuchi Kong's voice was somewhat cold.

Chu Feng's expression turned frosty, and he wasn't about to give in to threats. "Yaoyao once told me that I must verify my own path and that she wouldn't give me any arts. I must depend on myself to think of a way, but she will give me a degree of protection. At present, the arts and techniques I have, I obtained all of them by risking my own life. Naturally, I won't hand them to you. If you want to make a move, you should go to Mount Longhu and ask Yaoyao first."

At this point, most pretenses had already been shed.

"Princess Yaoyao is known as number one in the starry skies and peerless at the same level. She's indeed heaven-defying, but might not necessarily be peerless in terms of nurturing talents. If she had seen Zhou Shang, she would've chosen him without any hesitation because he's destined to become peerless under the heaven and become a second Yaoyao!"

"You're really quite confident." Chu Feng chuckled.

He had killed his way through life and possessed abundant combat experience. Even he didn't dare claim to be peerless under the heavens. But this person, the True One who has always cultivated in the dark, believed himself to be so?

"That's because he possesses a divine body free from tribulation and a true peerless constitution. This kind of evolutionary path is free from calamities and completely incomparable. Once the divine body emerges, it will sweep through all enemies. Hence, he's the earth's True One, the True Heaven's Chosen!" Yuchi Kong's words were serene and full of confidence in Zhou Shang.

"A divine body free of calamities?" Chu Feng frowned. He hadn't heard of this before and didn't quite understand.

Since he had already revealed it, Yuchi Kong continued with his praise for Zhou Shang. This was also a warning for Chu Feng. "This kind of divine body had almost never lost before since its first emergence, and only a handful have ever appeared since antiquity. As long as he doesn't fall in the middle, as long as he isn't harmed by someone else, he'll definitely stand at the very top of the world!"

Afterward, he said that Chu Feng was the False One, the Bright One. He was always in the light and was already in grave danger.

"You can consider the matter of the silver box. There's no need to rush with the refusal. The silver box is one and only, but there are some other things that aren't. I heard you obtained several drops of Hellish Ant Elixir. It's enough for you to use one or two. Can you give Zhou Shang two drops?"

Yuchi Kong's expression was calm as he put down his teacup. At this point, he had made his stance clear. He was intent on supporting Zhou Shang and even willing to demand great treasures from Chu Feng.

Chu Feng laughed. "All of this, I obtained through my own efforts. I will not waste or give up any resource easily."

"Chu Feng, your words go too far."

"Not at all. Isn't he a no-calamity-divine-body? Since that is so, then let him fight the divine sons and saintesses on his own. Let him take what he needs for himself. Why must he demand it from me?" Chu Feng replied without holding back.

"A moment of biding can bring about a lifetime of glory. A moment of impulse will destroy one's future," said Yuchi Kong.

"It's useless to add more words when things have become sour. I'm leaving!" Chu Feng rose without saying anything else.

Yuchi Kong said, "In truth, Zhou Shang has already obtained the Deity Elixir and refined his body. The Hellish Ant Elixir is just to attempt an additional refinement, but it's not that important. I just wanted to test you, but you actually refused! Truly…"

"I'm not your so-called True One's subordinate. Why must I hand over my fortunes so readily? Who can determine the authenticity of that so-called True One? Even true gold requires tampering, so how will he prove it? Where was he when I was killing enemies from the outer realm? Let's do it like this, if he really wants my things, he can come and fight me. If I lose, I'll give everything to him. If I win, he'll give his ancient energy pagoda to me!"

"You… very well. I'll do my best to arrange a fight!" Yuchi Kong said in a solemn voice.
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