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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 528: Earth’s True One

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Chapter 528: Earth’s True One
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Chu Feng realized this old man was incredibly strong. He wasn't any ordinary evolver!

Yuan Mo, Zi Luan, and Zhao Qing were bewildered. They hadn't sensed anyone approaching nor heard anyone speaking, but from watching Chu Feng's reaction, it was clear someone was there.

"This old man would like to invite this little friend to tea."

Chu Feng looked across the surface of the sea with his Fiery Eyes. Those with normal eyes wouldn't be able to see it. Only through the use of optical techniques could he scan the area.


Sure enough, he could see a small boat made of dark green bamboo. There were even some leaves sprouting from some of the bamboos, giving it a breath of freshness as it blended in with the natural environment.

On the small bamboo boat, there was a tiny red mud stove, a table, and even a tea set. An old man with white hair and beard sat cross-legged with an affectionate, smiling expression.

All was quiet on the ocean and the small boat approached slowly. A bit of white mist followed it, blocking everyone else looking in.

Chu Feng didn't go over to it. With regards to the unknown and this indecipherable expert, he chose to withdraw. Steering the big multi-colored ship himself he conducted a spatial jump and soared across space in a split second.

With a swoosh, he directly vanished from this place. His decisive action brought them to the Southern Sea.

Chu Feng could sense he wasn't a match for that old man—there was a great difference between their evolution levels. He wasn't familiar with his opponent at all, so he had no idea what would happen if he approached him rashly. He didn't want to entrust his own safety to another for them to decide his fate.

"My friend, please don't be mistaken. I bring no hostility."

But the serene voice came through once again, and not far away from him, the small green boat appeared drifting with the waves.

This was rather terrifying. In just an instant, the old man and the small boat had followed him from the Eastern Sea to the Southern Sea, stepping across thousands of miles of water.

Suddenly, Chu Feng vanished from the surface of the sea with a flash, abandoning the large multi-colored ship. In reality, he was approaching the small boat before boarding onto it.

Behind him, Yuan Mo, Zhao Qing, Zi Luan, and the others on the big multi-colored ship felt like they had just seen a ghost. He had simply disappeared and they could no longer detect him.

Chu Feng took the initiative and arrived on the small boat because he knew he couldn't escape. This old man's strength was extraordinary and he couldn't break away despite performing a spatial jump with the large multi-colored ship. Therefore there was no need to try and run from him anymore.

"Fiery Eyes is such an admirable optical technique and is all the more stronger than clairvoyance. It really is incredible. Even the heavenly eyes wouldn't be able to detect the bamboo boat." The old man sighed gently.

"That so?" Chu Feng had only two words to say.

"You don't have to worry about the heavenly eye monitoring you here. They can't see through," the old man told Chu Feng with a smile. It seemed those clairvoyant crystallizations didn't have the Fiery Eyes' ability to break through illusions.

"My name is Yuchi Kong and I belong to one of the Earth's secret clans," the old man said, introducing himself.

Chu Feng looked at him and said, "Your clan doesn't live within secret realms. Don't tell me that you've been living inside the Earth's main space?"

He said this because he was sure this old man was one of the old geezers who had surpassed the visualization realm. He had incredible strength, but normally this kind of individual shouldn't have emerged at this time.

Yuchi Kong laughed and said, "There are always exceptions as well as accidents. Yes, someone brought me here. He led me across the border to enter Earth's main space."

He was very honest, telling Chu Feng that his undisclosed clan did indeed reside within a secret realm but that someone had brought them here.

"How were you brought here?" Although Chu Feng had asked this, he could already guess what had happened. He merely wanted to verify what he thought.

"I was brought here by a youth who was approved by an incredibly formidable energy pagoda," Yuchi Kong informed him.

Sure enough, this was the case. Chu Feng nodded his head.

Just like Lin Naoi, who had obtained a super energy pagoda, this kind of sacred inheritance was ancient yet incomparably powerful. It was approved by the Earth's will and could construct bridges across folded spaces.

At that time, Lin Naoi had used the super energy pagoda as bait to make others, including the Prince of Great Qi, believe that an extremely rare opportunity had opened up. Thus they asked her to help them cross the border.

In the end, in the battle of Mount Lu, Lin Naoi had almost eliminated all of them, with only Qi Yu surviving.

"Having both grown up on Earth, you have the same enemy to face. You must support each other in the future," the old man smiled.

Of course, Chu Feng knew who he was talking about. That person had received an exquisite energy pagoda. What an incredible opportunity this was. He had a feeling that that energy pagoda was rather remarkable.

"Of course, I too would like someone to stand with me against the enemies from the outer realms. Is he here?" Chu Feng asked calmly.

"Everybody has their own distinct paths and his is not quite the same as yours. I'll let you guys meet in a moment, but it's not yet the time for him to come out."

Chu Feng looked at him but didn't speak.

"He has too many burdens and so it's not advisable for him to come out prematurely. In the future, he has to face the Top Ten as well as compete against the strongest dao children to become the best. He has to slaughter saints and overturn them all to restore Earth's glory!" As the old man said this, he himself was touched by the emotions. He sighed and said, "I was a bit too excited."

"It seems like this ally whom I've never met before is rather extraordinary," said Chu Feng.

Yuchi Kong nodded his head and said, "Yes, he is indeed outstandingly gifted with rare talents. Whether it's physical arts or spiritual arts, he is incredibly fast in learning it."

Chu Feng didn't say much more. He could sense that Yuchi Kong thought highly of that person and was quite generous with his praises.

At this moment, the water in the tiny red mud stove was already boiling. The old man washed the tea set and took out some crystalline tea leaves from a jade jar. These were very special, and their colors differed amongst each other; some were golden yellow, some scarlet red, and some were white as jade.

When the water was poured into the tea set, their fragrance assailed the nostrils and filled the air. For a moment, everyone's heart became tranquil.

"This is the leaf of an ancient divine tea tree on Earth. Nowadays it can no longer be found. It has probably fallen into the hands of the Top Ten planets and stars, becoming a tea tree exclusive to a certain supreme race. Zhou Shang managed to obtain a great fortune and received a jar of divine tea. He gifted me some and invited you to try some too."

The old man finally revealed that person's name as Zhou Shang.

Chu Feng was surprised. He was now aware that that person had acquired many fortunes and had even managed to obtain divine tea.

"This type of tea leaves can help to calm the heart and condense one's spirit, allowing one's thoughts to become more nimble. If one were trying to comprehend a particular technique, he can achieve twice the effort with half the work," said Yuchi Kong with a smile.

"Here!" The old man invited him to take a sip of the tea.

The jade cup was crystalline and sparkling. The leaves inside were glowing and it looked as though a bundle of light was lingering within the cup. The fragrance of the tea gladdened the heart and seeped into the bones.

Chu Feng took a sip, then deduced the East Purple Cloud Fist and the Heavenly Helbard Nine Forms. He had to admit that there was clarity in his heart and his reasoning was indeed sharper than usual. However, it wasn't enough to turn things around.

"Such good tea, thank you!" Chu Feng said.

"Since you like it, I'll give you the rest of this jar," said Yuchi Kong and passed the jar of tea to him.

"A person of noble character shouldn't take what another man likes from him." Chu Feng shook his head. He spoke gravely and pushed the jade jar back.

If the divine sons and saintesses heard this, they would've rained curses on him. What nonsense it was to not take what another likes from them!

Even the old man Yuchi Kong was somewhat offbeat, but he disguised it. It was clear that Chu Feng's words had astonished him slightly as it didn't suit his style at all.

The two drank their tea, conversing harmoniously. At least, that was what it seemed like.

Chu Feng was amazed. After a brief understanding, he was already moved. That man who had already received many fortunes was the real heaven's chosen one.

Yuchi Kong had accidentally revealed this through odd bits and pieces only, but it was already enough to make people apprehensive.

" Chu Feng my friend, I have come here with a bold request," said the old man suddenly.

Chu Feng was startled and looked at him confused.

"I have heard that you, my friend, have been to Mount Qinling and once seen a tattered energy pagoda. You have probably taken an item from there. This old man wants to collect it from you on behalf of Zhou Shang."

When Chu Feng heard this, his body tensed up and his pupils shrunk. Was this his true purpose?

How could he just hand over the silver box? Even though he still couldn't open it, Yao Yao had already told him that inside it was the Robbery Induction breathing technique.

At the same time, Chu Feng was terrified. How did the old man know of such top-secret matters? At that time, only the toad Ouyang Feng was by his side and witnessed it all.

"You must be rather baffled by why we know of this. We know because Zhou Shang had obtained the Earth's oldest and most authentic energy pagoda. Inside there were written accounts of the things he must inherit, one of which is buried in Mount Qinling. But when we went there we found that you had already beat us to it."

"I have been there before, but I didn't receive anything."

The old man said, "My friend there's no need for you to deny it. The ancient energy pagoda Zhou Shang obtained is of the highest authority. It has already fused with that tattered energy pagoda and has learnt of everything."

Chu Feng's heart jolted. He was aware that this was indeed possible as every energy pagoda was like a piece of cutting-edge technology. Moreover, they seemed to have their own will.

That energy pagoda on Mount Qinling was badly damaged, but it did indeed know everything.

Although he could no longer deny it, Chu Feng still didn't want to hand it over. Why should he give the fortune he had obtained himself to this old man before him so that he could then send it to Zhou Shang?

"Zhou Shang has obtained the Earth's oldest energy pagoda, which contains a written account of all sorts of things. He went to get the silver box and look at what was inside just to verify it. Once he has looked over it he will return it to you."

Chu Feng said, "This is only the first time we have met. Sir, do you not think it's too rash and improper?"

Nevermind that this was the Robbery Induction breathing technique, even for other general inheritances, one shouldn't demand things in such a way. Chu Feng couldn't agree to it.

Yet the old man felt that he should let Zhou Shang take a look at it.

"Both of you are Earth's stars of hope. You ought to assist each other and shouldn't attach sentimental value to things." Yuchi Kong said.

Chu Feng frowned. This was the first meeting and neither of them knew the other well. Yet this old man was here preaching, demanding for the most important ultimate breathing technique on his body. How could this be!

"This is Zhou Shang's wishes or the seniors'? If he wants to interact, he can bring his ancient energy pagoda here and let me have a look at it."

The old man was taciturn when he heard this. Finally, he sighed gently and said, "That pagoda concerns a substantial amount of things. We can't leak heaven's secrets."

Then, he said, "I want you to understand that aiding Zhou Shang is very important for you, me and this Earth right now."

Chu Feng realized that certain predictions of some of those from the outer realms could be true. There was indeed a false and a true Heaven's chosen one on Earth!

This was because he could clearly sense that in the old man's heart Zhou Shang belonged to the main orthodox and was the only one who could lead the Earth towards endless glory in the future.

He realized that Zhou Shang could be the Earth's so-called true son. At the very least this was the case in Yuchi Kong's heart!
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