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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 522: The Best Slave Trader in History (part 1)

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Chapter 522: The Best Slave Trader in History (part 1)
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First, the surveillance of the heavenly eye in the outer realm must be avoided in order to enter the starry sky.

For instance, right now, Chu Feng was being watched. Everyone on the Origin Beast Broadcast Platform knew where he was and what he was doing. There was no secret at all.

This kind of situation was quite bad and Chu Feng was extremely discontented. He had once questioned and targeted the Origin Beast Platform whether there was any privacy for the evolver?

However, the Origin Beast Platform responded that the earth was a wasteland and its evolutionary level wasn't high enough. Therefore, the outer realms could watch as an observer—this didn't violate the current rule of the starry sky.

If the earth had evolved to a certain level and become even a one-star evolutionary civilization, then the outer realms could not monitor them at will.

Chu Feng frowned. This situation was like a modern man looking for a savage man in a forest—they were observing a rare species as though it were a kind of "scientific experiment".

Chu Feng was silent for a while. After some thought, he felt that the mother planet was indeed a little sorrowful. It used to illuminate the heavens and was respected by myriad domains when it was ranked eleventh in the entire cosmos.

And now, what had it became? In the eyes of many, it was a barbaric land with a cut-off evolutionary civilization located in a desolate border of the universe. Not to mention the evolutionary civilization of more than five stars, it couldn't even reach one star.

The outer realms were monitoring the earth at will like they were watching a rare animal in the mountains and observing the people as though they were savages. Evolvers from various races came and went as they pleased—there was no dignity at all.

This situation would never happen on those prosperous civilizations on powerful planets.

For example, if a large number of divine sons and saintesses wanted to enter those very prosperous planets, they had to report and inform them in advance. Otherwise, they would be regarded as invading and would be killed.

Chu Feng came to. There would be tons of troubles when entering the starry sky, so he must enter in absolute secrecy. Otherwise, once compromised, he would certainly die.

"I have to find a religion suppressing device that I can suppress space and hide my aura. Only then will I be able to avoid the clairvoyant surveillance of those almighty beings from the outer realms." Chu Feng pondered.

Afterwards, he woke up from his reverie and looked at the Myriad Star Calabash. It was the size of a palm and cast from purple gold. But the most peculiar were the glistening specks on the surface. They flickered resplendently like sparkling stars and was likely the origin of its name.

The calabash vines were shining with flourishing vitality and shrouded in a rosy glow. Its roots were dug out together with soil, but that did not affect it at all—it was still growing vigorously as usual.

"What makes it so precious?" Chu Feng asked.

Zi Luan's said with a fiery look in her eyes: "It can nurture swords, pills, and even humans. Therefore, there is even another name for it, the Heaven Nurturing Calabash."

The so-called sword nurturing was actually a general term used for the nourishing of various weapons. It had a natural domain of nourishing, which would slowly improve the quality of the secret treasure.

Carrying the calabash on the long term, speckles on its surface could not only nurture swords but also shoot out myriad sword beams at the crucial moment. What a scene that would be!

As for the nurturing pills, they were even more out of the question. All kinds of heavenly treasures were not easy to preserve, let alone improve their quality. Their divine material would leak as the years went by, but with this calabash, the problem could be solved perfectly.

As for nurturing humans, it wasn't just a random claim—the calabash could attract various energy particles from heaven and earth, including rare vital substances. Carrying the calabash all year round would add to one's lifespan.

And to cultivate inside the calabash would yield twice the results for half the effort.

Chu Feng's eyes were immediately wide open after hearing about it. This was truly a priceless item. No wonder even the saints in the universe would be tempted once it had been raised to maturity!

"Brother Fu Huang, Miss Xu Jing, thanks a lot! I like this Myriad Star Calabash very much." Chu Feng expressed his gratitude with a smile and cupped his fist in the other hand to the two of them.

Both of them wore ugly expressions. Fu Huang had mastered the Deity Demon Slaughtering Record breathing technique and his ancestors came from the deity planet.

And Xu Jing came from the Great Xu Dynasty, and her sect was related to the top ten planets.

The two of them were naturally dissatisfied when they had just come out. How could they hand over the Myriad Star Calabash just like that? They fought against Chu Feng. But unfortunately, they were not his opponent. Their strength was almost similar to Yuan Mo but was still suppressed.

"Brother Fu Huang, I'll give you another advice considering how you helped me to look after Yuan Mo while I was fighting the Xilin clan. Your name is inauspicious. Change it and the sooner the better. Or else there will be a big disaster in the future." Chu Feng persuaded the man in a fairly divine manner.

Just those few words made Fu Huang and Yuan Mo's face turn dark.

"I have no enmity with you, why did you rob me?!" Xu Jing was pissed. She was definitely considered an extremely powerful heaven-bestowed royal princess, way more powerful than other divine sons and saintesses. But in the end, she was also captured by Chu Feng.

"You and Fu Huang attacked my henchman Yuan Mo and riddled him with injuries. I am now protecting my underlings and want you to give me a good explanation." Chu Feng laughed.

Xu Jing clenched her fist. She was conceited that she surpassed the multitude. She came to this planet with aspirations and hopes to achieve the most powerful breathing technique, peerless secret method, to pluck various kinds of holy medicine and others. But in the end, she crippled her own cultivation to come here, and yet she had to experience such frustration.

She was a magnificent royal princess and her sect was even more powerful. The fact that she had been captured today was truly quite a hard blow to her.

Chu Feng consoled: "Don't worry, I won't make things difficult for you. When I contact with Great Xu dynasty, I will absolutely not rip you off. I'll let you go with just with a little ransom."

This kind of consolation made the group speechless because they knew that Xu Jing was indeed being robbed! As for the person in question, Xu Jing, she almost fought with him again, but to no avail; her energy had been sealed.

"Don't you all just enjoy watching this bustling scene. All of you will be auctioned later, and you all have to pay a ransom!" Chu Feng stared at everyone.

It could be said that all the divine sons and saintesses were cursing. What was happening? What kind of identity did they have? Had they rushed to earth just to be kidnapped and blackmailed?!

Chu Feng said: "Everyone, get ready to go home and find your mom. The auction will be starting soon. I hope that one day when we come across each other in the starry sky, we can eliminate the enmity and resentment with a smile."

F*ck you! The group rained curses.

After they heard what Chu Feng said, their faces were ashen like the bottom of a pan. Did he want to sell all of them? To wrap every single one and send them away by delivery? This was outrageous!

To be sent back by courier while they were still reluctant to leave, how shameful would that be? They still wanted to stay on earth to continue to search for fortunes.

Chu Feng looked at them and said, "If you want to stay, just quickly contact your family and ask them to pay more ransom, plus, one more protection fee. I'll protect you all in the future. And yes, this time it is a real protection fee, I'm not just saying. If you are in any trouble, I'll provide assistance immediately!"

Douchebag! Many people cursed secretly. Other than ransom, they still needed to pay a protection fee? It was just too repulsive!

"Eh, Li Feng, what about you? A while ago you did want to escape, didn't you?" Chu Feng stared at the tall and supermodel-level saintess Li Feng, who had an unfriendly look on her face.

"No, I have never left, and I also entered the cave. Because of you, I was besieged by everyone." Li Feng responded.

"Well, what about Zhan He?" Chu Feng thought that Zhan He must be escaped, and if he captured him again, he must deal with him!

"Here, I was besieged by them and had to escape. Now I am back!" Zhan He was very handsome. He was the saint child of the crane race. Now he had crossed the blue sea and come back with a suit of white clothes.

Chu Feng said: "Okay then. You two have passed the test. Come here and help me tidy up the spoils of war, and then prepare to mail those divine sons and saintesses."

He logged on to the Origin Beast Platform and announced that he would auction the geniuses of various factions!


Sentiments boiled over in the starry skies. The commotion was explosive.

Because this was indeed a "magnificent feat" that had never been seen before. This wasn't just one or two divine son and saintess, but dozens of them. This involved dozens of high-level planets.

Usually, the disappearance of a divine son or saintess would already cause an uproar. And now, there was actually someone who wanted to auction dozens of them all at once, this... was a little too heaven-defying. It was like a dream!

It was also because that it was on earth and various sects could not enter. If it happened in the starry sky, a war would have broken out way earlier. It would also lead to a huge confrontation between the planets.

On this day, the Origin Beast Platform was like an erupting volcano. It was extremely fiery. The evolvers of various races had gathered and were paying attention to this matter.

"He's absolutely deranged. Tens of divine sons and saintesses are going to be sold by him?"

"I heard that there were more of them, but some had not stirred up trouble with him. Therefore, he is willing to release them unconditionally. These dozens of people had attacked Yuan Mo, Zi Luan, and others. They had enmity with him, so he decided to sell them all at once!"

The starry sky was flared up.

But now, the strongest experts in certain orthodoxies were seething with anger. They gnashed their teeth with hatred of Chu Feng but could do nothing to him.

Today, some well-known orthodoxies contacted each other and the words they used to greet each other were fairly strange.

For example:

"Has your saintess been sold?"

"Our divine son is being auctioned!"

All this wouldn't even be thought of in an ordinary day, but the things that happened today were just that outrageous.

Earth, Eastern Sea.

Chu Feng was shocked as he looked at Li Feng. "You mean that the Heavenly Helbard Nine Forms is very powerful and that countless years ago, the vermillion bird race used this combat skill to conquer almost half the universe?"

While Li Feng was helping him sort out the spoils, she mentioned the Heavenly Helbard Nine Forms. At the time, she politely said that she wanted to learn because she was quite familiar with the halberd.

"Unfortunately, the last form of the Heavenly Helbard Nine Forms was destroyed in the fight." Li Feng regretted.

There were a total of nine slates which were engraved with nine mysterious diagrams. But because of the fight in the cave, the last picture had been crushed into fine powder!

Chu Feng was furious: "Damn it! You bastards are too odious! How dare you ruin my top secret diagram? How will you want to pay for it!?"

Everyone cursed silently. It was supposed to be their combat skills, but were they were now his!

"This is a legacy of the mother planet and you all ruined it. No matter man or woman, I'll sell you all first. Go contact your family. A drop of Deity Elixir for each divine son or saintess. Or else I'll beat you all to death immediately!" Chu Feng said fiercely.

The group almost broke into tears. The divine liquid was too heaven-defying and could cure any hidden ailments in the body with just one drop. It could be considered a treasure that couldn't be bought even if one wanted to.

The elixir belonged to the Deity race and wasn't enough even for their own use. It would only occasionally drift into the cosmic black market. One could only come across such a thing and not seek it. Every time it was sold, it would be sold for an unimaginable sky-high price.
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