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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 521: Incurring the Fairy’s Wrath

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Chapter 521: Incurring the Fairy’s Wrath
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There were numerous brilliant civilizations in the vast cosmos. However, like millet seeds in the azure ocean, life seemed rather insignificant compared to the boundless darkness of the universe.

At this moment, eight heavenly horses appeared. They possessed unblemished bodies and long manes without a single strand of loose hair. Some were a lustrous purple and others were silver-white with some dragon scales on their bodies.

The dragon-scaled heavenly horse was a top-grade mount. It could really stomp through the starry skies and traverse different star systems. It was rare to see even one of them under normal circumstances, but eight of them had appeared today. They were pulling an imperial carriage through space outside of earth.

Apparently, those who possessed such a vehicle was at least a quasi-saint-level character or above.

The eight dragon-scaled heavenly horses could traverse the starry skies, but they couldn't cross over the boundless, dark space. They had to go through certain wormhole paths that had existed since ancient times.

As they passed by earth, the eight dragon-scaled heavenly horses pulled the chariot into the distance and came to a sudden stop before a certain wormhole. Afterwards, they actually turned back and began to approach earth.

"The planet that was once brilliant and ranked eleventh. I leave here a golden invitation card. Recently, a heavenly talent has risen here whose energy form has charged into the top-200 of the dark horse rankings. He ought to have the qualifications."

A voice rang out from within the imperial carriage as a beam of golden light shot out and disappeared into the earth. It went straight toward the Eastern Sea.

"A shooting star!"

In the Eastern Sea, many people cried out in astonishment.

Chu Feng raised his head and found that something wasn't quite right. He opened his Fiery Eyes and found that it was a resplendent paper shooting toward the ocean's surface in his direction.


In the end, he caught it in hand with a baffled expression. He used the photon computer to scan the cosmic common language and found out its meaning. This was an astonishing invitation card.

"The golden invitation of the Dameng Pure Land!" Zi Luan cried out in astonishment.

"The Dameng Pure Land that controls a top-20 planet?" Chu Feng was suspicious.

Afterwards, he looked at the group of captives—even those whom he had suppressed were gazing at him with expressions of jealousy and envy.

The invitation was made of a special material. It was completely golden, sturdy and resilient. Its origins were significant.

"They actually invited him!"

At this moment, many people on the Origin Beast Platform let out cries of astonishment.

Earth. Eastern Sea.

Zi Luan explained the details under Chu Feng's inquiry.

The Dameng Pure Land would send out a limited number of golden invitations at certain intervals. Their targets were the top-talents of the younger generation.

The invitations, at their fewest, only numbered a hundred.

This meant that only the 100 most powerful geniuses had this qualification.

They would never exceed 500 most of the time. It was extremely rare.

Chu Feng was suspicious. Why would the Dameng Pure Land do such a thing?

"The Dameng Pure Land has an immortal-qi-shrouded ancient hall named Millenium. There are fortunes in there but only for those under 30 years of age.

The Millenial Divine Palace was very special. Many heavenly talents would gather to enter the dream realm together. This would be accompanied by the occurrence of a great fortune.

There was once a person who woke up to find that the many years of cultivation within were realized and added to his dao.

Reportedly, there was one who dreamt ten years straight and comprehended the dao of a hundred records.

This was simply an evolutionary path. One night there would bestow one tens to hundreds of years worth of cultivation.

But no matter how many people went, in the end, two or three of them would obtain special fortunes.

"What a good place!" Chu Feng exclaimed in admiration. He was incomparably delighted with the golden invitation in hand. He naturally wouldn't let this opportunity go if he had the chance to go in. His cultivation would explode in one night and he would reach the heavens in one step. It would be a legendary experience.

At the same time, this was also the pathway by which the Dameng Pure Land selected the most powerful candidates.

Those who were selected would become the dao companion to the saintess of the Dameng Pure Land.

Many people on the Origin Beast Platform were envious of Chu Feng and began to discuss fervently.

"Even the most powerful of proud geniuses from the Ten Greats won't turn this down and are willing to step into the Dameng Pure Land. They'll be able to look down on those of the same generation if they can comprehend a hundred years of the dao in one night. Who can resist such an urge?"

"Who's the Dameng Pure Land saintess of this generation? Her name is Qin Luoyin, right?" Chu Feng asked Zi Luan.

"Right, she's extremely famous. He took the dream as her dao and possesses terrifying strength, surpassing all of her seniors when they were young. She's capable of killing a person in his dream and is almost indefensible."

This Qin Luoyin's fame was too great. As one of the most beautiful in the starry skies, she was ranked by busybodies in the Nine Beauties Diagram.

"That means I might even become the son-in-law of the Dameng Pure Land? I might become Qin Luoyin's dao partner?!" Chu Feng revealed an odd expression.

The tens of divine sons and saintesses nearby were jealous and unwilling to admit it. But they had to stay silent because it was indeed a possibility.

Who could be sure who among the invited would be chosen in the end? Comprehending a hundred records in one night—sometimes, the one chosen wouldn't appear from among the dao sons of the top-ten planets.

"The Dameng Pure Land only issues the golden invitation every one thousand years. That hall is very difficult to open and the chance only comes around after a long time. That was why it was even more valuable and every genius coveted one no matter the cost.

Some people in the starry skies sighed.

Only a small number of people were invited each time. This also meant that those who received the golden invitation had a good chance of comprehending a hundred records and becoming Qin Luoyin's dao partner.

However, another news spread out before long.

Qin Luoyin personally asked to cancel the golden invitation in Chu Feng's hand and to announce that he had been expunged. She would not give him this opportunity.

This news immediately exploded on the Origin Beast Platform and caused great waves.

Chu Feng had the photon computer in his hands and thus understood what was happening. He was immediately shocked and his expression turned stiff.

He saw on the Origin Beast Platform that the news was indeed true. Qin Luoyin denied him entry and personally announced the cancellation of Chu Feng's golden invitation. It was fairly awkward.

Chu Feng's expression was gloomy and dark. What was this situation? It was pure humiliation.

In truth, he was delighted earlier on and attracted by the hundred year dao comprehension in one night, butfelt that it was a castle in the air after he had calmed down. He could only watch helplessly but couldn't approach.

That was because some old monsters would target and kill him immediately once he appeared on the Dameng Pure Land.

Hence, he was already shaking his head in the knowledge that he couldn't go to that place. He was prepared to thank the Dameng Pure Land for their goodwill and return the invitation.

But he had never imagined that their saintess would decisively deny him entry after the Dameng Pure Land had just issued him an invitation. She humiliated him mercilessly.

"Haha, the demon king was declined. Now, he neither has the opportunity to meet Fairy Qin Luoyin nor enter the Dameng Pure Land."

"Saintess Qin Luoyin seems intent on dealing with him. She made people issue him an invitation and then rejected him decisively. This was a ruthless slap to his face. It was like stomping him beneath her foot. She has quite the character."

In the starry skies, there was naturally no shortage of people mocking Chu Feng.

that was because he had captured the divine sons and saintesses of various factions. So how could the relevant sects be friendly? They were no rejoicing in his plight.

Chu Feng originally had no opinions about the Dameng Pure Land, but now his expression wasn't good. Additionally, he now had a strong urge to step into the starry kies, enter the Millenial Dream Palace and fight for fortune therein, the hundred records in one night.

"I'll see if a fortune will really appear!" Chu Feng was secretly angry. But what could he do? Was he to enter the starry sky secretly and sneak into the Dameng Pure Land?"

He didn't give up immediately and mulled over it in earnest!

"Just you wait, you daydreaming lass!" Chu Feng announced.

No one believed he would dare enter the starry skies. Everyone thought he was just retorting with fierce words to retain some face. They felt it was impossible for him to put his plans into action.

The truth was that Chu Feng was already longing to go into the starry skies.

He finally understood why those from the Ten Greats hadn't come. Those most powerful dao sons and top-grade heavenly talents hadn't appeared because there was an astonishing fortune in the cosmos.

Comprehending a hundred years of dao in one night—this matter was like a story out of the Arabian Nights. However, it indeed existed. Which top-grade talent would be willing to miss out on this?

Afterwards, he thought over it carefully. He secretly asked Zi Luan and searched through the photon computer for similar fortunes.

"I heard that the dao sons of the Ten Greats are campaigning against hell. Yes, Miss Qin Luoyin has also just returned from that place."

People on the Origin Beast Platform happened to be discussing something Chu Feng was interested in.

From this, he found out what kind of place it was.

Hell—the entities there were too terrifying. Even the first level was a land of death. There were black ants that could swarm over and eat up a Golden Arhat.

But certain materials were produced there: holy items for evolution that would confer great benefits.

"Hell is too dangerous. The group of peerless dao sons entered along with their dao protectors. Otherwise, it'll be too easy for an accident to occur and they might die within."

Chu Feng read through the photon computer and found some similar places in the depths of the cosmos. They were known as divine restriction areas and, although fraught with dangers, were full of great fortunes.

Reportedly, the young god of the Deity race, Ying Wudi and the others had once roamed such places in search of fortunes.

So much so that the Xilin divine son had also turned back from such a place on Qin Weiheng's orders to kill Chu Feng.

This very day, Chu Feng was moved and had an incomparable yearning to enter the starry skies. He wanted to fight for the fortunes on earth, but he also wanted to step into those secret lands in the starry skies.

Earth, Eastern Sea.

Chu Feng waited for a long time outside of the cave residence. In the end, Li Feng and Yuan Mo came out, but there were no signs of Lan Shi and the others. After asking around, he confirmed that Lan Shi was cautious and didn't come here.

Afterwards, Chu Feng began his bumper harvest. He obtained the Heavenly Halberd Nine Forms in addition to the Myriad Star Calabash from the hands of Fu Huang and the Great Xu Prince.

The Myriad Star Calabash's uses were too great. It was treasured even by the major characters in the evolutionary realm because it was a divine treasure.

Presently, the Myriad Star Calabash hadn't yet been picked. Fu Huang and Xu Jing had dug up the entire plant with the calabash still on the vine. They were prepared to take it out of featth and plant it in the depths of the starry sky.

"If this calabash is allowed to mature, it'll move even a saint!" Zi Luan's eyes lit up. She was incomparably excited as she told Chu Feng about it.

However, Chu Feng was distracted. He was thinking about how he ransom the kidnapped saint children and saintesses for cosmic dollars. He then thought of a great way to march into the starry skies. He had an idea!
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