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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 53: Angel Ox

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Chapter 53: Angel Ox

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The mutant’s blood ran cold when Chu Feng denied his request. His eyes turned fierce, and his voice became coarse as he said, “Pal, I’ve treated you quite politely, so don’t fail to appreciate my kindness!”

Chu Feng knew that this man had been sent out by Lin Yeyu and Wan Qing’s sister. Clearly, the man was only following their orders, but after the first unpleasant encounter this morning, he didn’t have good opinions of anyone from Deity anymore.

“Driving me away, and you say you’ve been treating me politely?” Chu Feng darted his eyes over the man. He began to wear a sullen look as he said, “Do you want me to also politely ask you to get lost as well?”

“Do you think you can?” The mutant sneered. All in all, he still held the position as the leader of the many mutants who were employed to guard by Lin Yeyu’s side. In terms of prowess, he was a force to be recognized even within Deity.

So how could he bear being held in contempt by just a random mutant outside the system?


Without demur, Chu Feng made a sudden big stride forward and drew on his Demon Ox boxing fists. His fists were fierce and domineering. A thunderous rumble suddenly resounded as Chu Feng drove his formidable fist forward. The ear-splitting blare trembled the entire hilltop.

What was this? The mutant was taken aback. How did everything suddenly escalate to a clash with a master like this?

He roared and groaned as he opened his bloody mouth and projected a column of blue flames out of that gaping hole. The flame was blazing with a temperature that could melt the rocks on the mountain.

Chu Feng was astounded. He was a master with great prowess indeed. He possessed a similar ability to Zhou Quan, so Chu Feng had an idea of the terrifying power that the flames carried. It could liquidize rocks and melt gold. With only a tap of the fire, one would be reduced to sheer ashes.

Both of the mutant’s eyes had gained an azure color. The blue flame started spreading across the man’s torso, lively flowing along his body. The flame burst into the air, with a surging height of at least ten meters tall. The scene was a horrifying one alright.

Nearby, the scene had attracted the attention of many other mutants. The crowd turned pale with astonishment.

They saw the melting rocks that had been reduced to bloody lava. The liquid rock slowly trickled down along the ridge of the hill like a bucketful of molten iron.

The crowd realized that this very mutant was an excessively powerful one. Whoever had the misfortune to encounter him in a fight would only be reduced into dreadful ashes without question.

“This was a master from Deity. He was in control of fire, and fire enabled him to exert powerful might!”

“Look! Even the rocks cannot withstand the heat of that, let alone a human body. Even as mutants, we’ve got nothing to counter that. It will just melt you away, no matter if you’ve got an iron or golden body.”

There were whispers in the crowd, and everyone was astounded.

The scene was especially terrifying for those who stood near the battleground. The boiling lava was slowly flowing along, and the heat could still be felt even after they had retreated many steps back.

In the far distance stood Lin Yeyu and Wan Yi. Although the scene was distant to them, they could still see the fighting in action.

“Every person has their own temperament, but it seems like this particular one is especially difficult to deal with. Even our Leader Wang was ruffled up the wrong way by that man,” Wan Yi said under her breath. She was just like her sister; she had a pair of slanting eyes, but she was prettier than her younger twin.

“Let’s not forget that our Leader Wang is a powerful man. No-one has ever defeated him yet, so I guess… this is going to be just another poor folk added to his kill list,” another mutant echoed.

Lin Yeyu did not speak a word. He stood there and calmly watched as the fight continued.

Wan Yi gently nodded. “Leader Wang has grasped a dash of the Samadhi Fire power. It is a power that can allow him to burn the heaven and scorch the earth,” she remarked.

Wan Yi revealed the daunting prowess that Leader Wang possessed. Although he was only in mastery of a dash of the Samadhi Fire power, it was only a matter of time before he could further his ability and bring out the unimaginable potential that the power had.

“What an unlucky folk! That guy could have annoyed every person in this world, but instead he chose to piss off our Leader Wang. What’s wrong with making some concessions and giving up a hilltop for some easy cruising and a prolonged life? Why court trouble when you can easily avoid it?” There was another mutant sneering at Chu Feng, feeling gratified by his misfortunes.

He thought he would see a charred man who was as black as a dry coke at the next second. Death was inevitable for that man.

In fact, almost everyone had reached a consensus that the death of the man who dared to challenge their leader was only a matter of time.

At the hilltop, Chu Feng did not step aside. Just to make it safer, Chu Feng resolved to his special breathing rhythm in defense against the scorching flames.

At the same time, his wavering of his fists became even fiercer. Wind billowed as thunder rumbled. It was the ear-splitting sound of a terrible storm. Sand flew and pebbles rolled as the whole world around the two seemed to have been reduced to a vivid scene of doomsday.


Chu Feng punctured the blue flame. There was a mystical layer of energy converging at the outer layer of his skin. It formed around his body, like a golden gauze that was both fine and dense. It prevented the flame from scorching Chu Feng’s body.

The special breathing rhythm indeed had its special effects.

In fact, Demon Ox Boxing Style itself could serve to stop the flame from coming closer to his body. As the fists were being wavered, the skin over his body was automatically covered densely with a mystical form of energy. The energy itself could oppose any potential damages.

The mutant stared blankly at Chu Feng’s ability to rout the rock-melting temperature that could be dealt by the blue flame. Before he could collect himself from the trance of disbelief, Chu Feng’s fist had already punctured through his flimsy chest. Puff! The man gushed forth a mouthful of blood before his body plummeted to the bottom of the hill like a withered leaf.

“How did this happen?”

Nearby, the crowd was all taken aback. Their mouths were wide open in astonishment.

In the distance around Lin Yeyu, the gathered mutants had all sealed their mouths. They were shocked and terrified. Such a scene was to their disbelief.

How did their leader get thrown off the peak of a mountain?

This was a heart-stopping scene for Wan Yi to witness. She only wanted to “borrow” a hilltop so that she could gaze into the distance from there. How did it end up like this?

“Go get Wang Ji! That man is a powerful fighter, so be careful when you approach the hill,” Lin Yeyu ordered. He still looked even-tempered and spoke in a mild tone. The snow-white shirt of him set off his scholarly bearing.

A mutant from the crowd hastily scurried over to the foot of the hill, but when he arrived, he found that Wang Ji had already clambered back up to the hilltop.

Pong! Pong! Pong!

Another sequence of beating sounds resounded at the hilltop, then people saw Wang Ji plummeting to the earth once again with a body that no longer burned with the glaring light.

“This man really has an overbearing manner!” In the distance, Wan Yi gave the remark. There was a look of discontent on her face; after all, Wang Ji was still one of her men, and he was amongst the top executives of Deity as well. Was there no place for considerations of any of this?

Her eyes turned cold, then she turned to Lin Yeyu, waiting for him to make a decision.

Suddenly, many people started crying out in alarm. Many were glazing over at the hilltop, and so was Wan Yi. It was an astounding scene that made her stare stunned and speechless.

At the hilltop, Chu Feng was skinning a dead river deer by that stream of spring. After a brief and simple processing of the meat, Chu Feng pierce it through with a pared stick. Chu Feng was ready for a meal of barbecued deer.

As for the source of fire of the barbecue, it was right below his feet. He suppressed against Leader Wang Ji with his feet, coercing him to open his mouth and jet out flames.

The mutants nearby had all become dumbfounded. What were they seeing? How daring he was! Who would have thought of seeing a man who was in mastery of a godly power jetting out flames so that another man could… make a barbecue out of it?

The people down at the foot of the hill were all petrified.

Especially the people from Deity. They were all dumbfounded and in disbelief. It was not the defeat of their leader that struck them as shocking, it was the sheer insolence of this man! It was their leader, for goodness sake!

Wang Ji became angry out of embarrassment. He wanted to burn this man alive, but the flame was not in his control. Chu Feng had suppressed him there, making it impossible for him to move a muscle. Occasionally, the flame out of his mouth became rather weak, appearing one moment and vanishing the next, so Chu Feng awarded the man’s inconsistency with a slap across the face every time the fire dimmed.

The flame was supposed to be one of the godliest kinds, but it was now reduced to be the flame source of a man’s barbecue.

“Ah…” Wang Ji finally flew off the handle at the abominable humiliation. His body trembled under Chu Feng’s oppressing hand. Suddenly, there spewed out a ten-meter column of fire from both of his mouth and his nostrils.

But Chu Feng carried him in his hand, then twitched the man’s head in an angle so that the flame would not overcook the barbecued meat.

“Oh, my god! Who is this man? That’s so… I don’t even know how to describe it!”

“If you meant valiant, yes, I agree with you! This is the first time ever that I’ve seen anyone cook their meat like this!”

“I’m sure he must have been a master hired by Bodhi Genes to come here to humiliate Deity. Good job, Bodhi!”

The place broke out in clamors. Heated debated echoed in the crowd.

Wan Yi’s rosy cheeks turned pale. Wang Ji was one of their men, so she could not take the insult of seeing him being used as just a batch of firewood.

“Yeyu, are you really going to give this a pass this time again? What are you waiting for? Look! Look how puffed up that man is! He’s showing no respect for our feelings right now!” She grumbled in a flirtatious manner, rocking Lin Yeyu’s arms as she spoke.

The expression on Lin Yeyu’s face shifted. He stared blankly at the hilltop before sighing. “There are more mutants than we’ve expected there to be… and their power cannot be belittled by us anymore.”

“I don’t care! I feel so ashamed. Go teach that man a lesson,” Wan Yi said.

Lin Yeyu shook his head. “We came here to carry out an inspection for our company. I don’t want to come to blows with anyone today. Lin Naoi is responsible for this area, so I will leave this to her.” Lin Yeyu continued, “It was us handling things thoughtlessly before, so we should go there and make our apologies to the man; then we will bring back Wang Ji. I don’t want the plans and arrangements that had already been made by my niece to be disturbed by her uncle.”

He was calm and composed, and there were no signs of revenge in him.

“Yeyu!” Wan Yi was greatly discontent with her fiancé’s decision.

“I started feeling uncomfortable here. You know, the Mountain of White Snake is more horrifying than it seems. This is not a place where we should linger. Let’s head our way out,” Lin Yeyu said.

He was calm, but there was a vibe of authority in his tone that left no room for others’ questioning.

“Fine.” Wan Yi gave in to his authority.

In the end, to everyone’s surprise, Lin Yeyu admitted his defeat and acknowledged his wrongs. He brought a few of his men and personally delivered his apologies to Chu Feng. Wang Ji, on the other hand, had lost bearing and consciousness.

“May I please ask for your name?” Lin Yeyu asked before heading off.

“Angel Ox!” Chu Feng proudly exclaimed.

The crowd all fell speechless. “What a bizarre name,” they thought.

“Remember! My name is Angel Ox! Not King of Silver Horn!” Chu Feng reiterated at a high pitch to make sure that everyone around had heard his exclamation.

Now, everyone had come to know this formidable beast named Angel Ox whose power was absolutely devastating.

“Angel Ox my as*! Do you reckon you’re really that good? Wait for Silver Wing to arrive, son! You’d better not be scared sh*tless when he kicks your as*!” There was a young man shouting over from another hilltop not distant from where Chu Feng stood. The caustic words were aimed at Chu Feng solely. Much enmity and hostility had been fired at him.

The crowd gasped in shock at this man’s words.

“Who the hell are you? You seem to have praised this Silver Wing guy to the skies. Do you know him?” Chu Feng shouted over the hilltops.

“No, I don’t know him, but I yearn for Deity, and I will join them today. Although I don’t personally know Silver Wing, I know for a fact that he is invincible! No-one in this world could challenge him!” the young man said.

The crowd now understood the motives behind the man’s firing of his tart remarks.

Chu Feng showed a bitingly cold smile across his face. He very much despised this man. He tried to publicly affront him just so that he could win a chance to join Deity.

Perhaps this ignorant stupid man was even wishing that by joining Deity, people would begin to see him in a new light.

“Your deprived nature and moral character makes Deity cringe. How dare he hire someone as wicked and calculating as you are? Alright then, let me help you out and help Deity out too.”

Having said that, Chu Feng took out a high-caliber firearm and pulled the trigger. Boom! The man at the opposite hill immediately cried out an unearthly cry. His body was bloodstained.

“Ah…” the man shrieked as he tumbled down the hill.

Everyone who was present nearby gasped in horror. They have fully witnessed the domineering manner of Angel Ox. Any provocations from anyone would just be courting death.

“I have a sort of premonition that the name ‘Angel Ox’ would be forever remembered by the people here and the people around the globe,” someone in the crowd asserted.

In fact, every time the name “Angel Ox” was called, it weighed heavily on people’s mind.


Suddenly, the sky was full of glorious brilliance. A genteel figure gradually descended from the heaven above. She was a rather fine lady who then landed at the same hilltop at which Chu Feng stood.

Everyone nearby had seen the descending goddess. They were all taken aback, because the looks of this woman were way too outstanding.

She was in a suit of white that was not marred by a speck of dust. There was a pair of light wings on her back. As she gradually descended from above, there was an unspeakable sense of purity exuding from her character. Her hair was lightly drifting in the morning breeze, and her skin was white as snow. Her pupils were both deep and alluring.

“Who is this? She’s so beautiful!”

The crowd burst into a clamor of admiration. Everyone gazed steadily at the woman’s fine figure.

Chu Feng knew her. Wasn’t she the one who had been ambushed by Yellow Ox, and who had then been disposed at his bed? Now, they came to meet again!

Chu Feng was, more or less, with a guilty conscience. He was uncertain if there had been anything happening to her last time after the skewers had been eaten. “It’d better have not been an explosive one,” Chu Feng thought to himself.
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