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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 518: Undersea Treasure

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Chapter 518: Undersea Treasure
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Zi Luan's small face was pale. Her body was stained with blood, and her wounds were still bleeding. She was extremely resentful and still somewhat scared even now.

After hearing Chu Feng's words, she was startled. Protection fees?!

This method of speaking was indeed unconventional. It wasn't that she had never heard such a term, but only ruffians would do such a thing. There was no evolver who would do it.

First, her expression turned odd, but then she couldn't help but laugh out loud. Her beautiful eyes became radiant and lustrous. She was hopeful and incomparably expectant.

"Yes, they ganged up, singled us out and attacked us. It's great to target them like so!"

Her gloomy, frightened mood was immediately swept away and an excited expression emerged on her face. She really wanted to watch this scene play out.

Chu Feng patted her shoulder and said, "Useless. You bolted like a startled rabbit after getting beaten up. So humiliating! Stand to one side to identify people. Point out which of them went too far. It's been a while since I've sold divine sons and hunted saintesses. I'll capture a few later on!"

Zi Luan's entire body felt uncomfortable after having her shoulder patted. She retreated quickly with a red face and mumbled, "So many people ganged up on you. How can I be their match?"

At the same time, her emotions were complicated when she heard that Chu Feng was going to capture divine sons and sell saintesses. But it wasn't her this time, so she was still somewhat excited in the end. She wanted to see the expressions of those people who had shouted that their group shouldn't have followed Chu Feng's example. She wanted to see how they would fare when they experienced it themselves.

"Where's Yuan Mo, Zhan He, and Li Feng?" Chu Feng asked.

"Yuan Mo is very fierce and savage. Even an entire group couldn't block his way. He charged in directly to fight for the fortune of the seabed cave residence." Zi Lian informed.

As For Zhan He and Li Feng, they were both the same as Zi Luan. They immediately turned and fled the moment they had discovered things weren't right. Now she had no idea where they were.

After hearing this, Chu Feng suspected whether the two had fled, not just from the evolvers here but from him. They were, after all, habitual criminals.

If the two of them don't return, I'll sell one to the savage races in the remote corners of the cosmos and keep the other one to warm my bed.

After hearing his fierce words, Zi Luan's red lips quickly shut up. She refrained from commenting in order to avoid drawing unnecessary fire.

Chu Feng had already observed the lay of the land. The underwater cave residence was vast, but there was only one exit, flowing with rosy lights. The inside of it was very large like a city with a wide territory around it.

He still felt uneasy, so he caught and questioned a number of evolvers and nearby sea beasts, confirming that there was indeed only this exit.

"Now that makes things easier!" Chu Feng laughed and dived into the sea. He began to bury a pile of magnetic stones and set up all kinds of domains at the exit.

In the end, he stuck the Five Elements Flag which he had just seized a while ago into the seabed. Naturally, he didn't leave the Dragon Locking Pillars out either and banged them into the corals.

Chu Feng didn't seal the place shut. He left an obvious route to allow the people to come out in a single file.

That was because the previous entrance was too big. He wouldn't be able to stop them all if they were to swarm out and scatter.

Now it was good. There was only a single path—a single man could stop an army of ten thousand here!

Just now, some people saw him appear and immediately rushed into the cave residence to report. Chu Feng didn't stop them at all and let them enter. It was also good that they were willing to report his presence. It would deter the people inside and prevent them from dealing Yuan Mo a lethal blow.

Chu Feng's arrival was a type of inherent threat.

Within the cave residence, the pure land was dazzling. There were numerous lustrous coral castles. Some were so large that they looked like cities while others were as small as pillboxes.

A human figure flew about. Many people were fighting for the fortune because there were many good things within the ruins. Some medicinal farms were surrounded by corals and still had medicinal grasses growing within them despite the many years of neglect.

"Golden Snake Fruit. Heavens, this is the favorite of the snake race and can allow them to refine their bloodline. There are actually six of them here, growing little golden snakes with fruit fragrance that assaults the senses!"

People were fighting for it even though the snake race wasn't here, because they could sell it afterwards. There was no shortage of buyers in the cosmos since evolvers from other races could also improve their constitution after eating it. It was just that the effects wouldn't be as prominent as with the snake race.

"Zhou Sheng, you're going too far. This stone tablet was dug out by me. You actually sneak attacked me and snatched my stone table."

"Those who are fated will obtain it. Now it's mine!"

"Don't bully people. Everyone, there's a stone tablet here with a fist art recorded on it. It's an extremely ancient fist art manual!"

The shout immediately drew the crowd over. The sounds of fighting there shook the heaven.

There were coral castles and immortal mountains in the cave residence. But most of them had been abandoned and long since collapsed.

Terrifying domains remained in some areas. Some evolvers were immediately crushed after entering by accident and turned into bloody mist.

"Ah, Heavenly Flame Elixir! This is a top-grade material for refining one's flesh and blood. Heavens! There's actually an entire pool of it here. Brother Zhang, come quickly. Let's take it away before anyone discovers it!"

There was a bright red pond emitting blazing energy. It was gushing with dazzling rosy lights like magma.

"Not good. There are people coming from over there. This thing can only be collected with a container made of nine imprisonments black jade and we don't have it."

A group of evolvers rushed over and their eyes turned red after seeing the glowing pond.

"Heavens! A pool of Heavenly Flame Elixir. It must've been accumulating for over a thousand years to have reached such an amount. It's useful even for those at the golden arhat level. It's a good thing. There's actually so much here!"

Doubtlessly, an intense battle ensued therein. Someone utilized a spiritual weapon and killed two in the blink of an eye. Heads rolled amidst a bloody mist. Someone brandished his fist and blasted another person apart.

After seeing the astonishing valuable Heavenly Flame Elixir, the group of people went mad and started attacking each other for the fortune.

In a different ruin, someone cleared the rubble away and discovered a platform. This was an area for scripture preaching!

"The Heavenly Halberd Nine Stances!"

He found a technique that was famous in the cosmos and let out an astonished cry.

This was a top-grade combat art and would be worth hundreds of millions if one were to buy it. And that was only because it was somewhat widespread and not an exclusive secret art.

But it was indeed extraordinary. Back then, a notorious entity who had grasped it and practiced it to perfection was able to use it to sweep through all enemies.

Its powerful practitioners didn't lack divine beasts and divine birds. For instance, the vermilion bird ancestor had swept through half the cosmos with his halberd during ancient times.

Some orthodoxies already had such secret arts of their own so their divine sons weren't interested. But there were even more orthodoxies who didn't have such an art. Now that they had found one, they would naturally fight for it.

"Li Feng, you still dare enter the cave residence. Heh heh, this is courting death!" Someone discovered the cosmic model Li Feng. She was extremely tall and possessed great curves and a fiery figure.

Li Feng held a big halberd in her hand. It was her weapon. She naturally rushed over as soon as she heard that the Heavenly Halberd Nine Stances had come into being.

"Someone who walks together with that demon still dares come here. Haha, seize her! Why don't we gift her to the young god?!"

"Oh? I think you don't need to take action. I'll capture her directly. Our orthodoxy has a vendetta against Li Feng's planet. I'm taking this woman.

The group of people wanted to gang up on her after Li Feng appeared.

Chi chi chi...

The area lit up with beams of light. Some were attacking Li Feng while others were fighting amongst themselves for the art. It was utter chaos.

Li Feng was somewhat hesitant but turned to leave. She didn't fight for it any longer.

But some people chased after her directly. Their orthodoxy already had the Heavenly Halberd Nine Stances and didn't want to risk their lives for it.

"Do you lot still have any shame? I was captured by Chu Feng against my will, but now you guys are in a hurry to seize me and curry favor with the young god. That's rather low."

"Saintess Li Feng don't misunderstand. We're here to save you from the sea of bitterness and take you away from the demon. Haha, don't run!"

Bang, bang, bang...

She was chased and fought intense battles along the way. Li Feng's body was stained with blood after being targeted by some of the people.

Before long, Li Feng had already been injured quite badly. An arrow had struck her back and pierced through to her chest, accompanied by a lot of blood.

"That's not good. The young god hasn't come but the demon has appeared. He's pacing about outside of the cave residence and will come in at any given moment!" Someone shouted.

That was because a number of people had just charged in to warn everyone.

Those who were chasing after Li Feng turned dark. They were somewhat unwilling but gave up decisively and pulled back separately.


In the depths of the cave residence, the sounds of killing were intense. Many people were fighting a miserable battle to capture the fortune therein.

A violet plant was growing out of the pure soil and a purple calabash was growing from it. It was suffused with violet qi and the area seemed extremely divine.

There were broken limbs and scarlet colors all around it. Many had died and their corpses fell before the calabash.

On the vine rack, that purple calabash was suffused with mist and there were specks of light all over it like the brilliant stars. It was a magical scene to behold.

"It's actually a Myriad Star Calabash. This is a great treasure valued even by the major characters and it's extremely rare. There's actually one growing here!"

The fight here was fierce and no one was willing to back off.

The most powerful ones here were Fu Huang, Yuan Mo, and Xu Jing, etc.

But Yuan Mo was the most passive here. His body was full of blood as he fought against Fu Huang and struggled against Xu Jing. There were sword wounds all over his body and even his bones were visible.

There were also people attacking from the sides.

"Yuan Mo, you're colluding with that native. This is a path to sure death. How dare you come and fight for the fortunes here. Everyone, let's gang up on him!"

Some people suggested thus and fanned the flames.

In truth, Yuan Mo was already being surrounded the moment he set foot in the cave residence. Otherwise, how would he be so injured?

The Myriad Star Calabash was too valuable. No one was willing to give up and were all fighting bloody battles.

Outside of the cave residence, on the surface of the sea, Chu Feng was becoming impatient.

He was sitting on the ship drinking and staring at the bottom of the ocean. Zi Luan was helping him pour wine with an unwilling expression. At the same time, she was also watching the situation down there nervously. There was some excitement and expectation in her eyes.


In the end, giant waves surged into the sky. The situation under the sea had changed. Someone, tinged with blood, charged out of the cave residence while laughing loudly.

"Haha, my benefits aren't small. I'll be leaving first!" The man laughed.

Zi Luan stepped forth to stop him. "Halt!"

"Yo, isn't it Saintess Zi Luan? Your brother is indeed extraordinary, but you're just a pampered girl with mediocre strength. How dare you stop me with just your strength? Go with me now. You escaped yesterday, but now you should follow me to investigate the true essence of life. I'll teach you a peerless art!"

This red-haired man laughed loudly and mocked Zi Luan. He was extremely ostentatious.

However, his laughter froze very quickly. That was because he saw that Chu Feng had arrived before him in a single step.

"Misunderstanding!" His expression changed as he explained.

Chu Feng laughed indifferently and caught him in one hand.

"It's really a misunderstanding. Chu Feng, what are you trying to do?!"

"Robbing treasures!" Chu Feng said boldly. He then nodded and said, "I'll also rob your person along the way."

This person almost spat out blood and pulled back continuously. He could understand being robbed but why would the man want him? He wasn't a kingdom toppling beauty or anything.

"What do you want with me?"

"Sell!" Chu Feng's words were short and simple.

"You… you're going too far!"


In the end, the person was slapped over by Chu Feng and coughed up large amounts of blood.

Zi Luan immediately rushed over and began to search him.

"Ah, we're rich! He has Heavenly Flame Elixir. Its value is astonishing. Even Golden Arhats need this thing!" Zi Luan shouted in astonishment. Her smile was radiant.

The next moment, a charming woman rushed out of the cave residence. Her skirt was tattered and revealing large patches of white skin. She was first startled after seeing Chu Feng and then her eyes turned watery, "Brother Chu, you've also come."

She smiled sweetly and was quite charming.

"She targeted me before!" Zi Luan immediately reported.
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