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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 498: Faint Distress

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Chapter 498: Faint Distress
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Lan Shi's legs were straight, long and slender. Her waist was slim and her back was beautiful. Her entire body was lustrously white and without a single blemish from her shoulder down to her exquisite jade feet.

But presently, she was feeling extremely uncomfortable because all of her clothes had been seized by that tattered painting scroll and she was revealed from head to toe.

After hearing Chu Feng's comment, she wanted to euthanize him immediately—it was too shameless.

Within the blink of an eye, her long ivory legs were filled with a layer of goosebumps because she felt a fiery gaze upon her. When it landed upon the undulating curves of her lustrous body, it felt as though a pair of insects were crawling on her.

"Chu Feng!" She chided.

"I'm here! I'm watching!" Chu Feng replied.

This reply was truly angering. Lan Shi's jade-like back had been seen thoroughly and there wasn't any privacy left to speak of. Her clenched her slender fingers tightly; she was in a real "killer" mood.

However, she didn't dare turn around for fear of revealing even more. The curves of her body rose and fell amidst a field of white as her beauty blossomed with the surging energy of youth.

"You're shameless!" Lan Shi lashed out.

In truth, Chu Feng wanted to approach and capture this outer realm star.

Even though she only had her back towards him, Lan Shi found it difficult to accept having her back exposed completely. If this scene were to be captured by the Origin Beast Platform, the results would be unimaginable—it would be a nightmare.

Chu Feng tried numerous times but couldn't approach. The tattered painting and the scroll struggled against each other, releasing blinding light and surging energy which had enveloped the entire area.

Lan Shi was an extraordinary person and didn't scream like ordinary girls. She calmed down quickly and began to urge the scroll in hopes of escaping immediately.

That was because there was no debating such a matter—it would only grow worse with further discussion and she really didn't want to get entangled with Chu Feng. It was the wisest decision to leave first and talk later.


Lan Shi erupted with light and her skin turned dark red. It almost seemed she was so beautiful that blood was seeping out of her body. She had activated a secret technique.

Silver flames flickered between her forehead. That was a manifestation of her spiritual power and it was indeed powerful and outstanding as though she were steering a spiritual weapon. It was definitely terrifying.

The ancient scroll burned even brighter and transformed into a dazzling right of light which enveloped Lan Shi. She disappeared on the spot as though she had ascended.

Chu Feng shook his head in regret. It was quite a pity that the painting scroll couldn't capture her.

The broken painting scroll fell from midair and was duly caught by Chu Feng. He noticed some extra items on the shrubs within the painting: clothes, skirt, undergarments, etc. The scene was fairly provocative.

A smile appeared on Chu Feng's lips. She had even left her close-fitting garments. What if he auctioned them off? With Lan Shi's identity as a rising star, it would surely net him a heavenly price.

At the same time, it would surely become an explosive news.

In a sea region four thousand kilometers away, Lan Shi was enveloped in a rain of light. Her body was entirely pure, white and naked. The spatial bracelet on her hand was the only thing that remained. She quickly brought and put on some clothes before the domains on the ancient scroll dimmed down.

Afterwards, she clenched her fingers and a spiritual gleam erupted from her beautiful eyes. She was both angry and humiliated after having her backside, including her bountiful buttocks, completely seen by someone else. This was simply… unimaginable.

This almost stifled her. Had the Origin Beast Platform captured all of it? She couldn't bear to even think of the disastrous outcome.

Lan Shi took a deep breath and finally brought out her photon computer to observe the results on the Origin Beast Platform.


Unexpectedly, everyone on the Origin Beast Platform was praising her sharp decisiveness for attacking Chu Feng proactively when everyone else was being apprehensive.

"Unfortunately, Fairly Lan Shi failed at the final juncture. She was so close to suppressing that demon in the painting!"

"The domain fluctuations of the painting and ancient scroll were too intense. Unfortunately, even the heaven's eye couldn't see clearly. But I'm sure Fairly Lan Shi has escaped successfully. This is a relief."

"As expected of the goddess of my heart. She's brave and beautiful! Even though she couldn't suppress Chu Feng, her performance was already quite brilliant."

Lan Shi was somewhat distracted. So it was such an outcome.

She had thought the most terrifying thing would happen and it would become a nightmare. But now she was being praised for her refined beauty and city-toppling grace. It was being said that she was like an immortal flying to the moon, decisive and transcendent!

All kinds of praise came thick and fast. There was even a young deity's message among them.

Lan Shi felt relieved that the worst hadn't come to pass and she let out a sigh. Additionally, this fight had actually caused her to become even more resplendent.

"Fairly Lanshi was bathed in splendor when she attacked and her clothes were dancing in the wind. She was incomparably holy and pristine, truly peerless in grace and charm!"

"Doubtlessly, Lan Shi will become the most famous star in the universe!"

Lan Shi felt complicated emotions after being praised as such.

She wasn't overly delighted and maintained her calm.

Following which, Lan Shi's brows became locked into a frown. Her emotions fluctuated wildly when she recalled how her jade-like pristine body had been seen by Chu Feng. She simply wanted to kill!

If the outside world were to know about this matter, it would surely cause great waves.

She glanced her the identical blue skirt on her body. She was still peerlessly elegant like a flickering blue divine flower blossoming on the sea, beautiful and transcendent.

She knew that if Chu Feng auctioned off the clothes she left behind and found someone to appraise them, they would find her vital aura on them. There might even be strands of hair that they could use to confirm her identity.

At this moment, Lan Shi really wanted to silence Chu Feng!

She took a deep breath and restored her clam. She had already succeeded in becoming a rising star and was destined to become famous across the cosmos. She would marry into the top ten planets in the future and choose a heavenly talent with the potential to become a saint as her partner.

If this incident were made known, her unblemished name would be damaged. This time… she had actually been defiled by Chu Feng.

She had to save herself!

Lan Shi had now calmed down and was almost normal now. She brought out her photon computer and contacted Chu Feng. This matter had to be done secretly.

Chu Feng noticed a golden account was searching for him in secret. It was indeed Lan Shi. He immediately laughed even more resplendently than a flower bud in the rosy light of dawn.

"Hi, Lanlan."

These words caused Lan Shi to be covered in goosebumps and made her feel all sorts of discomfort. She knew that she had encountered a rascal who was difficult to deal with.

"Give them back to me!" Lan Shi sent a short message because the more the words, the easier it was to slip up.

Chu Feng's smile shone brightly like the sun and his teeth were extremely white. He said calmly amidst the chaos, "I have one battle armor, and so many pieces of... inner armor. Which one do you want? But the prices aren't ordinary. All of them are rare treasures that will cause countless people to bleed from their noses if I auction them off!"

This was clearly extortion! Additionally, he wanted to have her buy them back piece by piece. It didn't take a lot of thought to know that the requirements would be outrageous.

"What do you want?" Lan Shi collected her hair. Her demeanor was moving and spiritual light receded back into her eyes when she blinked—her entire person was exceedingly beautiful.

"Simple, I'm a star-chaser and I want to meet Fairly Lan. Why don't we discuss deeply under the full moon?"

Lan Shi wanted to kill him immediately after hearing these words.

But she finally nodded and said, "Let me consider this."

She then ended the communication decisively, her expression cold. Even though, as a rising star, she was famed across the cosmos and receiving great attention, her perfect image would collapse completely if she couldn't handle this matter properly.

On the island, Chu Feng withdrew his smile and his expression turned cold.

"I hope it goes smoothly."

He was considering how he should open up his lion's mouth and extort an exorbitant amount from Lan Shi.

This time he had nearly fallen into the tattered painting. It was so close and he would've been a goner if he was really trapped inside.

There wasn't anything to hesitate if negotiations fell through. He would simply auction of those… inner armors. Business would probably explode.

Everything was for evolutionary resources. After careful thought, he was completely born in the wilds and had no orthodoxy or sect at his back. Presently, he had no choice but to do things like selling divine sons and saintesses in order to obtain secret volumes on evolution.

But there wasn't any mental burden in his heart. Since they were all enemies, it was best to take advantage of them to get the best price.

For evolutionary books and resources, he had no qualms about being Lan Shi up despite her special identity.

If people knew of Chu Feng's thoughts, an entire army of men would let out wolf howls and curse him for his evil.

Everything was because Chu Feng was under too great a pressure. Selling divine sons and saintesses was something he had no choice but to do.

Because if he didn't rise to power as quickly as possible, he would be annihilated the moment he stepped into the starry skies!

He had an urgent feeling that earth's main space was temporarily safe at the moment but it might change any moment. He could only rely on himself.

"How sad. Everyone else is fixated upon her beauty but I'm thinking about how to beat her up. Sigh, everything is for evolutionary tomes and resources."

Chu Feng sighed emotionally with a solemn expression. This made Zi Luan roll her eyes.

At this point, Yuan Mo had just woken up, but he fell unconscious again after hearing such words. That was because he felt that Chu Feng was pretending to be profound in order to provoke him.

Everyone nearby, including Fu Huang, wore peculiar expressions as they watched Chu Feng sighing emotionally about how he would beat up Fairly Lan Shi. They really wanted… to go up and beat him to death.

People on the Origin Beast Platform were speechless and began to curse him. They felt that he deserved to be struck by lightning.

"Brother Chu, can't we speak nicely? Stop pretending! You might get struck by lightning at one point if you keep doing this."

That was because his serious sentiments, indifferent sorrow, and earnestly evil attitude made everyone feel that he deserved a whipping.

"Tell me, do you think I should keep her?" Chu Feng asked everyone. This was simply an undisguised provocation.


Suddenly, the starry sky exploded and the sun lost its light. The entire sky became dark, making everyone's blood run cold and their scalps go numb.

A certain entity had appeared in outer space and was standing there looking down at the earth. It was he who had blotted out the earth!

Everyone looked up, astonished!

"The starry skies have been toppled. It's a divine manifestation!" Fu Huang's expression changed. A top-grade saint was manifesting a supreme ability while standing millions of kilometers away.

This was a man with long hair. He looked fairly young and handsome, but his skin was too pale and almost looked sickly. There was a certain femininity about him.

He was smiling resplendently and his voice shook the starry skies, "Yaoyao, long time no see. I heard you sentiments haven't dispersed and your peerless body is still there. Come and meet me in the starry skies."

Mount Longhu was silent and there was no reply.

In the Eastern Sea, Chu Feng's expression was solemn as he stared toward outer space. He saw the entity blotting out the sun. He was truly powerful and, even though it was only a divine manifestation and not his real body, it gave one a stifling sensation even through the domains of earth.

"Back then, our Xinlin tribe left the mother star. We have parted for so many years and time has passed slowly. I have always missed you, Yaoyao." This handsome man sighed with an enduring yet effeminate smile.

"Back then, Yaoyao, you were the number one of your generation and I was number nine in the starry skies. We were a match made in heaven. But you were so proud and your brilliance shone so brightly throughout the ocean of stars that I couldn't catch up. But I never forgot you all this time. Now I've come to see you." This incomparably young saint laughed.

Everyone was moved. A man who was number nine in the same generation of the entire cosmos. This was simply too brilliant, a supreme heavenly talent who could stand shoulder to shoulder with the descendants of the top ten planets or even stronger!

He was too resplendent and glorious. How strong could he have become after becoming a saint?

"Sigh, you won't meet me? That leaves me no other choice but to let you see a present. I'm also helpless. Everything is because I miss you and want to see you."

At this point, a jug appeared in outer space. It was opened and a head fell out."

"This is Uncle Ming, an incomparably powerful saint back then. But today, he can no longer compare with me. I found his traces a while ago and chased after him because I missed you so much. I then beheaded him and pickled his head using the salt of our mother star, making sure it doesn't decay."

At this moment, everyone's hair stood on end!

Chu Feng's scalp was about to be torn apart. This person was so malicious—he had done such a thing in order to make Yaoyao reveal herself.

The most important part was that this feminine person was from the Xilin clan and possessed the bloodline of the earth. Such a behavior was apparently too cruel and made people feel indignant.
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