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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 495: The Tragic Demon

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Chapter 495: The Tragic Demon
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Yuan Mo was a powerful black-haired young man who had the gaze of a ferocious and savage beast, wild and intractable.

He was incredibly famous out in the starry sky—he had once killed a divine son with a drop of demon blood and charged into a planet all by himself and made the natives yield. At such a young age, he already possessed a dedicated star.

He even bet with some saints and won against a group of people all by himself, thus shaking the heavens. The impression he gave to people was wild, callous and powerful.

In the eyes of many people, he could not be defeated!

Even though Fu Huang who had the variation of an ultimate breathing technique, the Deity Demon Slaughtering Record and claimed to be the heaven-bestowed divine son, he still couldn't overcome the opponent's resistance and kill him.

They had fought numerous times but were on a par.

However, at this moment, what everyone saw was Yuan Mo being pummeled! How pitiful.

That's right! This was already not a battle, it was a unilateral smiting.

Yuan Mo who claimed himself to be the heaven-bestowed demonic son was spouting blood out of his mouth and nose, his eyes were swollen and bruised, blood was constantly spurting out from his mouth as he stumbled backwards. He indeed completely lacked the ability to fight back.

Everyone was stunned and thought it was too odd. It was indeed very unreal and too illusory because that was Yuan Mo, a man who could kill groups of the same generation elites all by himself. But now, he was being abused like a dog.


Chu Feng trampled Yuan Mo as though he were a sandbag, sending him flying several kilometers away. He smashed onto the sea surface and raised a huge 300-meter wave.

"You native!" Yuan Mo was mad because this was an extreme disgrace to be beaten viciously. He was falling apart in his heart and his eyes were bright red in color.

"I slaughter your grandpa!" Chu Feng swore. He swooped down a few kilometers in one leap and a punch smashed on the sea surface.


The sea water was caving in, in the range of a few kilometers, the sea surface became a vast expanse of whiteness, it was squeezing downwards and started to burn. Suddenly, it exploded with a loud bang and even the seabed almost exposed.

Although Yuan Mo tried his best to contend against him, he was still suppressed into the seabed with blood all over his body and cracks covering his skin. But at last, he managed to charge back to the surface of the sea with great difficulty.

He had suffered heavy injuries and spat out ten-odd mouthfuls of blood in succession. Then, he said with a fierce gaze: " How dare you dishonor me!"

"So what?!" Chu Feng rushed over, raised his leg high up in the air and stomped on Yuan Mo right away.

Yuan Mo was so furious that he almost explode. The other party actually dared to stomp on him like that—this was indeed despising him.

However, he did not dare to face the attack and moved away, doing his best to evade. Because when he confronted Fu Huang, both of them had suffered and, therefore, he did not want to engage in a forceful exchange.


But in the end, he wasn't able to avoid it completely. He flew out and was thrown into the vast ocean once again with blood all over his body.

Everyone was shocked!

Was Chu Feng defying the heavens? Yuan Mo was being suppressed by a single person until he was helpless to do anything!

"That is so horrible and unimaginable. Had Chu Feng finished off Yuan Mo?!"

"Yuan Mo, known as the rare heaven-bestowed demonic son. Someone with minor accomplishment in the demon art who suppress the saint children of various star passages. He was defeated just like that?"

The crowd was in a tumult. Despite all the legend and glorious success they had heard about Yuan Mo, he was being beaten viciously at this moment. This had truly proved that to know a man by repute was not as good as meeting him face to face.

The power of Fu Huang was well known, but Yuan Mo who was no less famous than him. Was he so unbearably weak?

Yuan Mo arduously crawled out of the sea and even some of his bones had been broken. After he heard the words people were saying, he spat out three mouthfuls of blood. He really felt wronged.

People were saying that he was defeated? He was filled with anger, but he firmly believed that if it was a fair battle, there was no way for him to lose!

"Chu Feng, don't you have shame? To take advantage of my difficulties, to attack me after my battle with Fu Huang and my energy was used up. This isn't skill! Come and battle with me fairly if you dare!"

He was truly anxious because if this went on, he could be killed. But this was what that native seemed to be aiming for—to finish him off in an inhumane manner.

Everyone suddenly understood what was going on and draw a long breath. They were quite frightened to see that it was indeed Yuan Mo who was being beaten up.

"You really have a lot of nonsense. You are defeated, this is the fact and there is no need for excuses!" Chu Feng said.

He was concealing his real feelings with a cool look.

Yuan Mo spat blood once again—this native was using him to make new accomplishments. This was obviously to belittle him on purpose and upraise himself.

He was already staggering after the battle with Fu Huang, and now he was attacked by this native. How on earth could he be his opponent? He was much worse compared to his peak state.

"Damn you!" Yuan Mo was bleeding at the corner of the mouth, and his eyes were deep and cold.

"Damn you!"

Chu Feng seemed angry, and presently, even more so than Yuan Mo. He swooped down again to beat up Yuan Mo, causing the other party to bleed and break more bones. Lastly, the man was sent flying like a worn out rag and fell back into the sea.

Not long ago, Chu Feng had greeted Yuan Mo to show some benevolence. But in the end, he was humiliated—Yuan Mo had asked him to get lost and said that he had no right to come near him.

And right now, the changes were astonishing!

To see that Yuan Mo was so desperate to escape, Chu Feng shouted: "I'll break your f*cking leg!"

Then he did it. He swooped into the sea with his hands carrying a copper pillar as thick as a bucket—the Dragon Locking Pillars—and directly smashed at Yuan Mo.

Bang bang bang…...

Chu Feng attacked with the intention to kill.

At this moment, Yuan Mo screamed. No matter how heroic he was, he desperately wanted to rain curses right now. Chu Feng, you barbaric native!

Not only were both of his legs broken, but his ribs, arms and other parts were also flabby—he had suffered serious injuries.

"He really did break his leg!"

"Yuan Mo is so miserable. Both his legs had been broken and now he can't escape even if he wants to. Demon King Chu is really cruel!"

The group was amazed and shocked!

"Just think about it. One is called Yuan Mo and the other is the Demon King Chu. The latter is obviously the leader of the demons. It is Yuan Mo's great misfortune to have encountered him." someone forcibly explained.

Yuan Mo was going mad.

He had once hunted the vital stars that were much more powerful than the earth. He had killed entities in the visualization realm all by himself. And at last, he obtained his own planet and even became legendary.

He sang loudly all the way. When he confronted with the other divine sons and saintesses, it was certain that he could defeat them easily. He had never been this miserable in his lifetime.

This time, he crippled his own cultivation to cross over into earth and search for the Primal True Demon Art. In the end, sacrifices were made yet triumph was not achieved—he was almost blasted apart by this native

"Ahhhh…..." He screamed.

"Stop hollering! I'll sell you off immediately if you scream again!" Chu Feng threatened.

The end result was that Chu Feng carried the seriously injured Yuan Mo back to the peach blossom forest. It was indeed an extremely ferocious scene—a magnificent demonic son had been defeated just like that.

Inside the peach blossom forest, flower petals were falling everywhere. Chu Feng threw the disheveled Yuan Mo under a peach blossom tree and went to drink wine himself.

At this moment, when people looked at him, their gazes were different. It was too cruel to make Yuan Mo suffered like that. How frightful!

Zi Luan who was originally elated because she had a relationship with Fu Huang. Her brother Zi Xiao, the genius of Immemorial Temple, had met Fu Huang a couple of times.

Fu Huang had promised to help her, and would never let her be bullied again.

Zi Luan didn't go to watch the battle just now and thus she didn't know the situation. Only now she saw Chu Feng returning like that and that he had taken care of Yuan Mo. She was stunned.

Afterward, she walked tamely to Chu Feng's side and left Fu Huang.

"Don't worry, I'll talk to him." Fu Huang started to talk.

"There is no need to do that. Yuan Mo is already so disastrous and it is certain that he will be sold. Brother Fu Huang, you better not fall into this trap. If by any chance he finds an excuse to capture you and sell you off, I'll feel guilty."

Zi Luan's words made Fu Huang stunned. Was he so weak? This was indeed outrageous!

However, after Fu Huang saw Yuan Mo's situation, he decisively shut up, and he thought it would be better to let his wounds heal first. Otherwise, if by any chance he failed, he would indeed be very disastrous.

There was a commotion on the island—those who did not go to watch the battle were all shocked. A lot of people felt uneasy when they saw what happened to Yuan Mo.

"Chu Feng, if you are a true man, let me go. We'll have another fair battle when I'm healed!" Yuan Mo said with his teeth clenching.

"You are still defying me even though you are already my prisoner. You're asking for a beating!" Chu Feng said this and started to beat him up. He pressed Yuan Mo on the floor and pummeled him black and blue.

The group was petrified. It was said that a person prefers death to humiliation, but Chu Feng was… no matter it was Yuan Mo or whoever, he would directly beat him up without any discussion.

"Chu Feng, you are attracting troubles to this planet and yourself by treating me like this. Do you even know who I am? For a demonic son like me to be disgraced, the demon race will not let you get away with this!" said Yuan Mo.

"You are so noisy!" Chu Feng gave him a slap. And then, he immediately logged into the Origin Beast Platform and prepared to sell Yuan Mo. In his opinion, this fellow with a bad temper was indeed good for nothing, but it was a pity to kill him just like that. It would be better to sell him in exchange for secret books. That could be considered efficiently used.

Chu Feng complained: "Look at you, you don't have good looks and you're also bad-tempered. You certainly can't sell for a good price."

Soon afterwards, a commotion broke out on the Origin Beast Platform when Chu Feng appeared and said he wanted to sell a very useless captive.

In the end, the person he wanted to sell was Yuan Mo—a demonic son, a heaven-bestowed genius. He had already conquered a low-level planet at such a young age—he killed a lot of entities in the visualization realm level and made the planet his own.

Although Yuan Mo was still very young, he was already quite famous.

"Dear heavens, Yuan Mo is being sold! this is just too tragic, what can I say? Is this Demon King Chu going to defy the heaven?"

Chu Feng knew by experience that the saintesses had better price and the divine sons did not because they were less popular. Therefore, he did not think that Yuan Mo would be worth much.

But unexpectedly, there were many people asking about the price.

"Chu Feng, brother, let's talk it over. I can give you an analysis related to the energy forms of the Red Spider Lily, but I don't want to buy Yuan Mo, I only have one request, that you beat Yuan Mo up in front of everyone until he yells inordinately!"

After Chu Feng heard what he said, he was a little stunned that it could also go this way. Yuan Mo was so hated by people that there was even someone willing to exchange the analysis just to beat him up.

"Brother Chu, I wanted that too. If you beat Yuan Mo until he lost all his teeth, I'll give you the secret book of imperial sword techniques."

Chu Feng nodded decisively and agreed gladly.

Then, he carefully read the messages and suddenly laughed. Yuan Mo was really very hateful and quite a few people had requested similar requirements.

Yuan Mo was resentful and said: "If you post it up, you will be worse than me. You will incite the wrath of both men and gods!"
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