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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 494: Deity

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Chapter 494: Deity
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This kind of tone wasn't just normal insolence. He was so disdainful and wanted Chu Feng to drop dead the moment he opened his mouth. This was a whole new level of conceit.

Although the one who had spoken this was a young deity of the top-ten planets and Fu Huang was only responsible for relaying the message, he had actually advised Chu Feng to go and choose a grave first. This was a clear reflection of his own opinion.

Fu Huang said, "Brother Chu, I really can't support you. If a young deity wants you dead then it's likely that you have no hope. Make arrangements quickly."

But he also stressed the fact that he's only relaying the message, that everything else was spoken by the young deity and that it was the latter's attitude.

Everyone was shaken. A young deity of the top-ten planets had spoken. What did this mean? Chu Feng probably had no way to survive!

Who could afford to provoke the top-ten planets? They had been constant since time immemorial!

Such an orthodoxy was supreme and one would never be able to come into contact with them normally.

A descendant heir of the top-ten planets possessed too great a background. He was like a giant dragon hovering in the air and looking down at the earth!

This time it had fixed its eyes upon a prey on the ground and was poised to kill.

This distance, to many, was too far and had no reason to cross paths with them.

But this time, the giant dragon in the sky, a young deity, had actually found Chu Feng offensive and announced it!

Apparently, there was no leeway left. How will that young deity have any face left if Chu Feng didn't die?

People drew in cold air—earlier on, they had felt Chu Feng was powerful and possessed a tyrannical style just like a demon. But now it seemed that he was about to die and rather pitiful.

Being compared to a young deity of the top-ten planets was truly… unfair. As these people saw it, Chu Feng was now a tragedy waiting to happen. His fate had already been sealed.

Chu Feng would still feel some anger even if he were a wooden statue. A so-called young deity had dared make such a claim and wanted him to drop dead?

"You tell him that, he's not worth a far. Tell him to scram as far as damned thoughts could take him. Tell him to come to earth and find me if he's dissatisfied and that I'll slap him to death with a single strike of my palm!"

Chu Feng spoke thus. He had never been one to be oppressed. Moreover, this so-called young deity had publicly announced that he wanted Chu Feng dead, so why the need to be polite?

True to his style, Chu Feng wouldn't lower his head in shame even if he truly weren't a match.

Moreover, under such conditions, that young deity would still want him dead even if he was submissive. It would only make him feel more sullen.

Everyone was dumbfounded. Chu Feng's vicious words meant that he was planning to fight to the death. Did he want to fight it out with a young deity?!

It's been countless years and the time had almost sealed the past in dust. No one had dared to challenge the descendants of the ten strongest planets for many eras because it was simply too difficult.

Fu Huang was very calm. It was as though he had already expected such an outcome.

Everyone else was no longer calm. They were muttering and discussing among themselves. This was a major issue—they wanted that young deity to come to earth; they wanted to see how elegant and dazzling he was!

"You you you… saying things like that means you have no more way to ease the tension. You… have no chance to survive." Zi Luan said in a fluster. It was evident how unimpressed she was with Chu Feng.

As for the other people, their viewpoints were even more one-sided. They were even more intense than Zi Luan and revealed odd expressions, looking at Chu Feng as they would a dead man.

Earlier on, some were dissatisfied and held enmity towards him. But now, they actually couldn't be as aggressive anymore because they were waiting for the young deity to chase down and eliminate Chu Feng.

Correct. They didn't believe that this young deity would have too much interaction with Chu Feng. After careful thought, for a such a character to appear, someone would help him deal with everything.

The young deity was not only accompanied by numerous old monster level dao protectors, but also many stunning characters of the same generation. They were all there to protect him and wouldn't leave him no matter what.

A young man with such privileges was definitely a heavenly genius. Normal evolvers would have no way to compare to them.

"You might not die by offending a saint, but that's because they can't descend to this planet. But the young deity has no such limit. He can cross over as long as he wills it and people like him are gods at the same level. They are rulers who cannot be defeated!" Someone said thus.

Chu Feng sighed faintly and gazed jade-green sea outside of the island.

Some people revealed peculiar expressions thinking that he had come to realize the seriousness of the situation.

"Unfortunately, it's too late even if you want to lower your head now. That young deity has spoken such words and definitely won't take them back." Someone taunted.

Chu Feng sighed once again and said, "How many descendants from the top-ten planets do I need to kill to make them behave?"

Everyone was petrified instantly.

He was sighing, not with worry, but because he was thinking of other things?

"It's not as if no one had killed them until they lowered their heads in submission. Why can't I do the same?" Chu Feng asked them calmly.

Such a big issue didn't even get into his heart? People revealed odd expressions. Just how big was his heart?

Everyone recalled a name in the blink of an eye—Yaoyao. A while ago, the gold account "Yaoyao Becomes Immortal" had been a hot topic of discussion on the Origin Beast Platform—it opened up a lot of veils and caused quite the commotion.

Reportedly, this was a lady who had dazzled an entire era and made the heavenly geniuses of the same generation, including those from the top-ten planets, lower then heads in submission. She looked down on the starry skies because her brilliance outshone all rivals.

"Don't think you have Yaoyao's bearing. Only one such person was born during the most resplendent era of this planet. You, on the other hand, were born in its darkest times. From your upbringing to your resources and contact with peerless environments, everything is inferior to her. The former glory cannot be replicated in this darkness."

Someone shook his head. Moreover, this was a neutral character who held no special hostility towards Chu Feng. But even he didn't believe Chu Feng could produce a miracle.

In truth, no one normal would feel that a second Yaoyao could ever appear. Sometimes, one heavenly genius was enough to light up an entire era.

In the later generations, especially during earth's darkest times, it was too difficult to produce another one.

"You have only one path ahead and that is to submit to that young deity's opponent. The dao sons of the other top-ten planets will probably protect you." Zi Luan gave him a suggestion. She wanted him to notice her contribution and let her go.

"Don't be too anxious." Chu Feng shot her a glance and said, "Do you know my username on the Origin Beast Platform?"

At this time, even the ordinary people didn't think too highly of him. He seemed fairly unreliable and that he was just being blindly confident.

That was because, under the present conditions and practical viewpoint, everyone in their right minds would feel that he was about to die. There wasn't any advantage to speak of.

"Pfft…" Lan Shi broke into a laugh, "That gold account, Being Peerless is so Lonesome."

Last time, his peerless song had caused a huge commotion when he made his first appearance in the starry skies.

Back then, this Being Peerless is so Lonesome song hummed by Chu Feng became so explosively popular that even someone with a heavenly voice like Lan Shi felt pressured.

This interruption shifted the previous topic of conversation.

In the end, the area was filled with all kinds of voices and was freed from the incomparably apprehensive atmosphere of the top-ten planets.

During this process, Chu Feng realized that Fu Huang was fairly calm from the beginning to the end. He was quite indifferent even when that young deity was brought up.

"That's because he has the confidence to do so. The Deity Demon Slaughtering Record originated from an ultimate breathing technique. He can stay calm even when facing that young deity." Zi Luan whispered.

Moreover, Chu Feng learnt who the young deity that wanted him dead was. He was a young master of the deity race who had grasped that ultimate breathing technique.

They had always been one of the top-ten races since time immemorial!

They called themselves deities, so it was easy to imagine how glorious and terrifying they were!

At this time, Chu Feng realized that there were even more people who came to interact with him and some even asked to take photos together. Meanwhile, those who held enmity towards him were all silent. He found this to be rather ineffable.

"Brother Chu, I hope you can hold on and live longer. It would be the best if you can force that young supremacy to come here personally. In the future, this photo I took with you will become something to boast about."

Chu Feng patted the person's shoulder after hearing this and said, "Rest assured. You'll realize how correct your judgement was in the future. I'll definitely take care of you when I achieve glory."

The man replied awkwardly, "My meaning is that you should hold out until the young master comes to kill you personally. That will be an honorable death. Although I was only able to take a photo with you and not the young deity himself, there is some connection."

"Damn you grandpa, scram!" Chu Feng was furious. After such a long winded conversation, this person actually wanted to become the wall in the background, a failure who only wanted to set leech off of his glory.

From this, it was obvious just how terrifying the top-ten planets were. The young deity's every word possessed such influence.

This person became even more awkward because he saw Chu Feng take out a book and was writing something done.

"Brother Chu, what are you doing?"

"Noting your name. I'll find an opportunity to sell you off later on!" Chu Feng replied.

The man's face turned green. Goddammit! At the thought of how this demon was about to be slaughtered by the deity race's young master, he had forgotten about this fellow's infamy and how he had sold divine sons and saintesses.

"Don't do this. Don't hold a grudge like that!" The man replied hurriedly.

Chu Feng paid him no heed and took the opportunity to write down names continuously. He was searching for divine sons and saintesses who were hostile towards him. He would suppress and capture all of them once a fight broke out and sell them off.

If people knew of his vicious decision, they would probably feel quite restless and troubled.

Obtaining the exceptional volume, World's End Near at Hand allowed Chu Feng to taste the sweetness. He had come here wanting to become a human trafficker and wouldn't give up this main business despite the anger of the deity race.

While Chu Feng was talking with Lan Shi, Zi Luan clearly saw the glow in his eyes. He wanted to kidnap her!

She was actually looking forward to it. She wanted to see what would happen once a famous talent like Lan Shi was captured and auctioned or even left for his own savage use.

This proud and pampered daughter was now somewhat evil and hoped to see Lan Shi being seized. She wanted to see the commotion that it would bring and wanted nothing but chaos in the world.

During this period, Chu Feng chatted a fair bit with Fu Huang. Unexpectedly, he was quite calm and not offensive at all despite being strong and having relationships with the deity race.

Chu Feng said, "Brother Fu, the Huang in your name is really auspicious—it has the imposingness of crossing the years and suppressing all time. It's also majestic and tyrannical through a thousand years."

Fu Huang felt puzzled. Was there such a definition for the world Huang?

Chu Feng patted his shoulder and said, "Unfortunately, the word Fu before it caused the name's divinity to be reduced greatly and destroyed the artistry. Why haven't you changed it?"

Even though Fu Huang was quite indifferent and always maintained a flat mood, his face turned dark at the moment and simply turned to leave.

Lan Shi smiled lightly. Her sea blue long skirt dragged along the grass like a blue divine flower in bloom. She was dazzling, beautiful and possessed a city-toppling smile. "Brother Chu might not know but divine son Fu Huang is about to fight Yuan Mo soon. You saying such words is fairly unlucky."

Among these people, Fu Huang, Xi Jing, and Yuan Mo were the most powerful in strength while Lan Shi and Ji Ling possessed astonishing spiritual power.

Divine son Fu Huang was actually about to fight it out with Yuan Mo. This caused quite the commotion.

But people quickly understood. The breathing technique from Fu Huang's race came from the Deity Breathing Technique and it was named the Deity Demon Slaughtering Technique. He had long since explained this issue—he had enmity with the agents of the demon race.

Unfortunately, the battle wasn't public; people weren't allowed to watch!

The fought in the distant sea and kicked up giant waves which shot toward the sky. No one was allowed to approach.

Everyone else was easy to deal with and knew their place. No one dared to go and cause a disturbance. Even Xu Jing was quite and didn't go to watch the liveliness.

Chu Feng naturally wanted to observe in detail. He finally left the island and stepped onto the sea, chasing after them all the way in hopes of seeing their methods.

Unfortunately, he arrived too late. The fight was intense but it didn't last long because the two had gone all out and used their most powerful abilities to kill each other. A contest that should've taken a long time to decide a winner ended with both of them bleeding and the curtains fell over the fight.

Fu Huang won, but there were numerous bloody marks and grievous injuries on his body. He could fight no longer.

As for Yuang Mo, his face was pale and his injuries were severe. He swayed on the sea and fell down numerous times.

"Brother Yuan Mo, are you alright?" Chu Feng arrived. He was trying to show a gesture of goodwill because he thought those who weren't on good terms with the deity race should be a friend.

"Scram! You have no right or qualification to approach me no matter how I'm doing!" Yuan Mo's words made Chu Feng's expression sink.

He was showing a gesture of goodwill and wanted to approach him. The other party, however, was too wild and ignored his olive branch, scolding and humiliating him instead.

Then a battle broke out immediately!

Perhaps it couldn't be called a battle. Yuan Mo was grievously wounded and in a life-threatening state. He was already staggering when he encountered an angered Chu Feng. It was a rather miserable scene.

He was completely suppressed and almost killed.

Many people entered the sea and were flabbergasted when they saw the battle. They could hardly believe it.

Wasn't it a battle between Fu Huang and Yuan Mo?

But now… Chu Feng was beating up Yuan Mo and chasing him all the way with blood spurting out in all directions.

Everyone became dizzy in the blink of an eye.
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