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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 493: The Distinguished Meeting

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Chapter 493: The Distinguished Meeting
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Zi Luan let out a miserable screech just as if she were undergoing the worst possible hardships. Screamed her heart out and the sound ached all the way to the bone marrow. All blood had left her small face, leaving it as white as a sheet of paper.

Next, her beautiful pupils shrunk and she simply threw her head back and collapsed. Her eyes rolled back and, just like that, she fainted.

This was actually because she had been excessively frightened.

She suddenly saw Chu Feng and decisively chose to faint without any hesitation. She simply became unconscious and reclined backward.

Everyone was dumbstruck. Had she just gone into a coma? Just a moment ago she was still stubborn and reluctant to admit her mistakes, making a solemn vow and saying that she didn't fear Chu Feng. She had even taunted him, saying that he had come here in order to pay respects to her.

It was useless in the end, though. With not even a second glance, she was scared stiff like a corpse.

One could well imagine how terrifying the Demon King Chu was to her. That day had truly left behind an indelible, terrible impression that scared her to the bone.

Chu Feng indicated to the people that this matter really had nothing to do with him. Afterwards, he extended a friendly shoulder and caught her, preventing Saintess Zi Luan from falling to the ground.

In a show of goodwill, Chu Feng also poured a strand of vigorous energy into her to wake her up. It could be said that the whole process was thoughtful and considerate without a hint of insolence.

However, these actions were a type of torment to Zi Luan because the second she opened her eyes, she saw Chu Feng again!

After that, she decisively fainted once again!

Chu Feng was speechless and kindly poured in energy once again, stimulating her and waking her up.

"Ah, save me!" Zi Luan opened her eyes and shouted.

Chu Feng smiled and said, "Don't be afraid, it's me!"

Originally, Zi Luan wanted to be firm and strong this time. She didn't immediately faint, but without a doubt, hearing those words made her heart collapse. The reason she was scared and fainting were because of him!

Could there be anything good about falling into this demon king's hands? Thus she fainted a third time.

"You really can't blame me for this," explained Chu Feng to the surrounding people with an incomparably good-natured appearance.

Only Li Feng and Zhan He, who had both dealt with him before, were scared. They secretly believed that this was absolutely his fault—it was premeditated and he was doing this on purpose.

Finally, Zi Luan regained consciousness once more. She discovered that she was lying on a grassy area with many sparkling and translucent petals dancing in the air. It was especially beautiful.

However, the second she turned her head she felt the whole world become a dull gray once more. This was because she saw that great monster sitting on the ground beside her and occupying the jade table that originally belonged to her.

The two of them were too close. She could feel Chu Feng's breathing as he drank in leisure.

Whatever the case, Zi Luan never imagined that the person patting her shoulder was really the Demon King Chu, nor could she imagine that he would be sitting at her side with such an intimate and gentle manner.

"We've really been brought together by fate. We meet again." Chu Feng smiled.

Fated my a*s! Zi Luan wanted to roll her eyes, put on an air of arrogance and exhibit her haughty "young miss temperament". "Who could be fated to meet you? Disappear to somewhere as far as your thoughts can take you!" She thought.

However, she didn't dare.

Chu Feng was in great spirits and had the manners of a modest nobleman.

Yet Zi Luan was still trembling. Seeing him so kind with a warm smile on his face made her increasingly scared.

This demon king was extremely savage that day—he ate Lie Shan and Zhu Wuque and killed Yuwen Feng, Chen Rong, and Qi Yu. He was simply an undefeatable monster.

She felt a chill run down her spine. It was with great difficulty that she was able to escape from the demon's hands, so how was it that she was back in his hands today!? Zi Luan felt resentful and apprehensive.

"Very well, chosen one of the natives. It's best to pull back when needed." A copper-skinned giant spoke. He was like a small mountain sitting there with his vitality surging like magma.

The copper-skinned giant spoke to Zi Luan, "Saintess, come over here."

Chu Feng ignored the copper-skinned giant. After he sat on the jade table, he only shot a glance at Zi Luan and poured himself a drink.

Zi Luan was hopeful yet nervous. She hoped that the copper-skinned giant could suppress Chu Feng, but she didn't dare go over without getting results first. She feared that Chu Feng would swat her to death as soon as she moved.

In truth, she was thinking too much. Although Chu Feng had attacked her back then, he still took her alive, so why would he let her die? After all, he needed her to exchange for the secret book.


The copper-skinned giant grinned, showing off his meter-long white tusks. Then he quickly and violently extended a large hand, bringing with it a gale and sending sand and rocks flying as he grasped for Chu Feng!

He attacked while still seated and didn't bother to get up. He was considerably arrogant and acted rather casually.

Chu Feng could feel that this copper-skinned giant was no simpleton. The blood and vital breath that rose from his skin was like red-hot molten iron that destroyed the surrounding peach trees and limestone.

The giant burst forth a terrible might that was even stronger than Zhu Wuque, Yuwen Feng, and Zhan He. He was a formidable character.

Chu Feng didn't get up, but rather he raised a hand to meet the incoming attack. A dramatic shock came with "dong" sound like metal and stone colliding as the copper-skinned giant's large hand sent forth a piercing lightning-esque beam.

The copper-skinned giant's pupils shrunk. He felt an unbearable pain and said, "No wonder you dared to come alone."

In reality, his heart was pounding. His arm was hurt by the spiral ripping apart inside. He'd already been injured! If they were to attack one another again, he wouldn't be able to hide the condition of his injury any longer - his entire arm would be ripped open.

Chu Feng smiled at him, exposing his white teeth. Then he suddenly brandished his fist. Passiveness wasn't his style, and he hadn't dared come here only to be mistreated. He had confidence.

The copper-skinned giant let out a roar and suddenly stood up. In the blink of an eye, his whole body glowed with a golden light as his ancestral blood awakened. He transformed into a colossus, and his whole body was bright and resplendent as if he had been cast in gold.

The millennium-old peach trees surrounding the area were pulled up by the roots, and even limestone weighing tens of thousands of kilograms were swept up by his golden vital blood and hanging in mid-air.

At this moment, his divine power was enough to pull up mountains.

The giant's golden pupils opened wide to reveal a divine light, and his fists, as large as millstones, smashed forth to meet Chu Feng's attack!

At this moment, the void was twisted, and the surrounding rays of light were swallowed by this golden fist. The energy was strong and the aura was terrifying. This fist could easily crush a mountain to pieces in one hit!

However, with a "pop" sound, this domineering golden fist was punctured by Chu Feng' own fist. As though it were leaking air, the fist dimmed down as blood flew in all directions.

The giant fell back due to the pain of his whole arm being split apart—the spiral force had almost twisted off his entire right arm!

He staggered as blood rushed forth.

The giant, with his ancestral blood, could easily pull up mountains and his vital blood surged. There were rarely people of his own generation who could match his strength, yet in the end, his arm had nearly been broken off by one person's fist. This made him abnormally scrupulous of Chu Feng, and his heart was filled with fear.

All around them, many divine sons and saintesses had chilly complexions and stared at Chu Feng with strong hostility. They saw that he had come alone and had long since planned to kill him.

In an instant, the area's temperature fell rapidly as though it had frozen over. Even the tender and glistening flower buds withered and danced down in droves like a rain of flowers.

"Very well. Guests from afar, sit down," a man spoke. He was shrouded in mist and a bit indistinct, but many people revered him.

He was Fu Huang who had grasped the Deity Demon Slaughtering Record Breathing Technique. This was a variation of the Deity Breathing Technique and its strength was without peer.

As soon as he spoke, the atmosphere immediately lost the tension as all of the divine sons and saintesses displayed deference.

Within the white mist surrounding Fu Huang were traces of primal chaos qi. Its energy was just like an abyss capable of devouring the heaven and earth; it was extremely frightening.

Chu Feng knew that this was one of the leading figures and was indeed unfathomable. Speaking in terms of power, he had currently far surpassed everyone else. He was an exceptionally dangerous person.

Chu Feng felt an oddness in the other party's overflowing energy and had suspicions that he'd mastered an astonishing method of constructing energy forms. There were fine symbols hidden in the white mist between his mouth and nose.

He didn't care whether his presence surpassed others or he was peerlessly confident. At the very least he wasn't attacking him now. Chu Feng smiled as he lifted up his cup, hinting at Fu Huang, and then drank.

At this time Zi Luan got up, too ashamed to keep lying down. Pretending to faint now would be unrealistic. How could a saintess such as herself faint for such a long time?

Chu Feng was all smiles and very enthusiastic as he said, "Come, sit by me. Were you scared just now? Actually, don't think I'm such a bad guy. I'm the most kind-hearted person there is! How about I tell you this. Right now, if anyone dares to have any designs on you, I promise I won't beat him to death!"

Zi Luan trembled. This demon was actually pampering her and he was so passionate she couldn't stand it.

However, when she thought back on it carefully, she was a bit proud of herself. So what if he was a monster? Right now he was treating her in a pleasant manner and being particularly attentive to her.

Clearly, Zi Luan's pride had gotten the best of her once more and she saw Chu Feng as one of her admirers.

She wiggled her waist and sat behind him with a humph. She then said while curling her lips, "Let me go right now. There are some things you don't understand. I see your attitude is quite good so I can tell you. My father is… Never mind, I won't tell you. My elder brother is Zi Xiao, one of the geniuses of the Immemorial Temple and he's never been defeated!"

"Since you put it that way, can I raise the price when I sell you?" Chu Feng's eyes were blazing as he became increasingly enthusiastic. He said, "Come, let's talk this over slowly. Don't be afraid."

In an instant, the fine hairs on Saintess Zi Luan's body stood on end. All of her pride and self-confidence disappeared. As it turned out, this monster was only treating her well so he could sell her and ensure that the deal went off without a hitch.

She simply wanted to cry, half out of fear and half out of anger.

Once Chu Feng finished "pacifying" Zi Luan, he turned his gaze to the other evolvers. Among them were many people who especially caught his attention.

Aside from Fu Huang, there was a woman named Xu Jing and a man named Yuan Mo. He observed them carefully with an attentive gaze.

Aside from them, there was also a woman named Lan Shi. She was an outstanding beauty with a face like a painting, almost as if she had walked out of a picture scroll. She was extremely beautiful.

Chu Feng paid close attention to her not only because of her beauty but also because of her astonishing spiritual power which vaguely flowed out like silk threads. It was exceptionally rich, powerful and almost substantial.

Additionally, Ji Ling's spiritual power was also very strong like a small sun, though it was slightly inferior to Lan Shi's.

At this time, Zi Luan saw that he was paying attention to Lan Shi and immediately regained spirit as she said, "Demon Chu, how about you let me go and I'll recommend a candidate. If you can capture her and the news gets out, people from all over the heavens who want to buy her will line up shore to shore."

Chu Feng revealed an astounded look as he listened then said, "That excessive, huh?"

"Yes, because she's a disciple of the Heavenly Music Pure Land. She just gave her first performance and became extremely popular. She has a voice like the sounds of nature and is well-liked by young people."

Zi Luan let out the secret and told him of the situation.

Some evolvers in the cosmos specifically researched sound waves that were compatible with the spirit. They trod a road that was different from the masses, but once they reached the peak, a single word from them would become the law.

For example, many incantations and holy words were initiated by their predecessors.

One could say that people of this field were extremely terrifying.

As of this era, they were compatible with symphonies and founded even more extraordinary hymns and such. The wider their road became, the more active they grew and had several holy lands to their names.

Both Ji Ling's Heavenly Note Sect and Lan Shi's Heavenly Music Pure Land had famous reputations.

This was especially true of Lan Shi. After she gave her first performance she attracted the attention of many saints and passed the evaluation with her perfect heavenly voice, a voice many of that school longed for. Her voice resonated with the spirit and mixed with it.

Regardless of whether this gift was for self-cultivation or upgrading other peoples' spirit through singing hymns, its effects were astonishing.

Added to that were Lan Shi's outstanding looks. She had a beauty that could captivate even the birds and beasts and exceeded even that of the natural world. Because of that, she became a rising star right after her first performance.

All she needed to do was sing a hymn and there would be a full house. Her popularity was astonishing, and every time her tickets would sell out ahead of time.

Of course, for her, this was a kind of cultivation. At a concert, she could borrow the audience's vigorous spirit flames and use it to refine her own spirit. This had an immense benefit for both herself and the others.

Chu Feng was silent. If she were to be put on earth, she would be a famous singer with tremendous potential.

Clearly, Lan Shi felt his gaze. In truth, she had been constantly observing Chu Feng and saw the passion in his eyes. Although she curled her lips in secret, there was a sweet and pleasant smile on her face.

Chu Feng thought, if he could sell this Lan Shi, he could definitely exchange for an even more astonishing secret book!

Ever since he received the World's End Close at Hand and experienced the sweet taste of its power, he wanted even more. He came to this island on a hunt to suppress those divine sons and saintesses who would oppose him and then sell them all.

He had already made his plan, and in the near future, he would prepare to become a notorious human trafficker!

Lan Shi asked him why he had such a happy smile on his face.

Chu Feng earnestly said, "I'm a huge fan, so I'm extremely happy to see Fairy Lan Shi!"

Zi Luan silently cursed. How despicable! A huge fan? Did he want to pursue celebrities? This human trafficker certainly wanted to hunt the newest star of Heavenly Music Pure Land.

Right at this time, Fu Huang spoke and chatted a bit with Chu Feng. There was no anger. Everything was tranquil and natural.

Finally, Fu Huang lightly sighed. "Brother Chu, please select a grave as soon as possible. A young deity of the top-ten planets has said that he wants you dead. It's best if you make early preparations!"
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