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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 490: Proactive

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Chapter 490: Proactive
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The soil on Mount Longhu was dark-red. According to an ancient record, this place used to be the Taoist capital—it was once dyed red with blood and the color never faded away ever since.

Atop the mountain, there were fields of jade-green bamboo emitting green radiance.

Additionally, there were seas of Masson pine trees, the rustle of which one could hear for far away. Some of the trees had mutated to become silvery white and, moreover, it was a field of snowy white. From a distance, it resembled a land of ice and snow.

At present, the mountain had become much more grandiose and majestic, as though a true dragon and a vicious tiger had entrenched themselves here. It was tall, motionless and had stood there for many years without awakening.

Chu Feng frowned after finding a large number of divine sons and saintesses hiding around this area. It wasn't just a few of them, but an entire area filled with hidden traps.

He would definitely be surrounded and killed if he dared appear!

"It's like a dragon pond or a tiger's lair!" Chu Feng's brows locked into a frown. That was because he had sensed that attacks domains had been set up in the area in front of him.

He possessed the Fiery Eyes and could see through the truth. There was dense metallic qi in front suffusing the entire mountain. They had deduced terrifying offensive domains emitting killing intent.

If he walked over directly without knowing the situation, it was quite likely that he would be ambushed and killed!

That was a broken metallic calabash actually spewing out such dense sword intent from its mouth. By the time it actually gushed out in full force, it would be extremely difficult to defend against.

Strand after strand of golden light appeared in Chu Feng's eyes. After careful observation, that golden calabash was extremely old and it seemed as though it had been dug out not long ago.

Normally speaking, it was very difficult to bring along a weapon exceeding one's realm when crossing over. Chu Feng reckoned that someone had encountered a great fortune and dug out this broken weapon.

Soon afterwards, he took the long way around and arrived in a different area where he saw a level road with no one guarding it. It would be quite easy to charge into the mountain.

However, the moment Chu Feng stepped forth, he felt his hairs stand on end. He believed his own intuition and stopped immediately—there was great danger ahead.

His eyes lit up as though they were burning with a flickering blaze. He green glistening bamboos, mountain rocks emitting energy mist and some creatures moving about in their midst. The vegetation here was clean and fresh.

Moments later, Chu Feng shivered and his hair stood on end. There wasn't any problem with the place at first glance, because this was real scenery.

But if the entire mountainous forest were to be concentrated, this was an unfurled painting scroll which had covered and replaced the mountain.

There were real plants, soil, and rocks in this painting. Hence, it was fairly difficult to differentiate.

Chu Feng sighed secretly. It was fortunate that he had the Fiery Eyes or else he would never have seen through this dimensional space. It was simply too realistic.

That was a tattered painting scroll containing a dense smell of earth and seemed to have been unearthed not so long ago. Chu Feng trembled—there were so many historical remnants on earth. The land was once filled with countless orthodoxies and now it seemed some people had found such fortunes and dug out certain things.

This enlightened him!

He observed again and again. In the end, he felt more or less relieved because both the calabash and the painting were obviously defective. He saw through them with the fiery eyes and realized that he could find loopholes within such ancient equipment, effectively defending against them!

He sighed in relief at this time.

Chu Feng changed a number of positions and found people guarding every path, preventing him from setting foot on Mount Longhu. This area had been covered by an inescapable net and they were simply waiting for him to appear.

Chu Feng has come. At this time, the dao child sitting below Jun Tuo in outer space was holding a white sea conch and transmitting his voice to those on earth's surface, telling them Chu Feng's actual location.

Chu Feng cursed out loud. "Jun Tuo you old turtle, you're becoming more and more shameless. You're taking part in the young people's conflict at such an age. Do you think you're so bold or that you're very young? Do you still have any shame?"

Chu Feng wasn't satisfied. A stately saint was acting so tastelessly without consideration for his status.

Naturally, Jun Tuo didn't see it this way. If he could do Chu Feng in, his five pure-blooded descendants might be saved. Those five starcore turtle eggs might be able to survive.

They would definitely be eaten if he let Chu Feng enter Mount Longhu!


In the distance, some divine sons and saintesses had charged over toward the area in order to surround and hunt down Chu Feng. The entire world was poised to kill Chu!

Unfortunately, Chu Feng couldn't meet them in battle and simply turned to flee. An array of magnetic stones flew out to obstruct the pursuing powerful characters. He didn't hope to counterattack and kill them in this area—the other party had already opened their pockets wide and just waiting for him to charge in. Their set up was perfect.

Chu Feng blocked the way with magnetic stones as he fled into the distance just like that!

There were a lot of people here, but they had failed to catch him in the end. Some sighed in anger; it was too regrettable.

Chu Feng was fairly decisive and had already left. He reappeared in another region and began to slowly recover the energy he had consumed while dealing with these people. He simply refused to believe they would keep waiting there all the time.

"Brother, rest assured. They don't dare enter Mount Longhu!"

He naturally had contacts inside Mount Longhu because the group of Kunlun demons was all there.

"Although Fairy Yaoyao is in deep sleep and won't reappear, no one dares charge in for fear of breaching the agreement."

Chu Feng became even calmer after hearing these words.

Several days later people were surprised to find that the Black Tiger Saint Child had disappeared. In the end, some tiger bones were found in an area 500 kilometers away; he had been killed and eaten.

The Golden Mammoth Saint Child and Kun Goat Saint Child gasped after hearing this. One of them had lost legs and the other his kidneys, but the Black Tiger Saint Child had lost everything.

One didn't need to think much to know that this was Chu Feng's doing. He had announced this on the Origin Beast Platform last time!"

"This is too excessive! The Black Tiger Saint Child was harmed, so we must avenge him!"

Some people were causing a big commotion, but their actions weren't that proactive. With so many people encountering accidents, everyone would feel apprehensive.

In the end, on a raining evening, Chu Feng secretly arrived near Mount Longhu again.


This time he was taking real action. He chose a weak area and attacked with great ferocity.

It was unexpectedly quite easy because some of the divine sons and saintesses had retreated during these days. The area he had chosen wasn't that powerful in defense.

That was because, as these people saw it, Chu Feng had eaten the golden mammoth, kun goat and Black Tiger Saint Child outside. His strength was gradually recovering and he would be progressively more capable of playing a game of attrition with them. Thus, It held little meaning for them to surround and block this place.

There hadn't been any true major battles on Mount Longhu and everything ended calmly in the end.

"That's wonderful. Brother, you've finally killed your way in safely. Quite lamentably, we weren't of any help at all." The group of great Kunlun demons felt guilty.

"No rush. The world is still awakening. We can take things slowly!" Chu Feng had been on an eating spree these days. Especially after eating the Black Tiger Saint Child, his flesh and blood had plumped up and he was no longer that withered.

But he still felt quite weak. After greeting the group, he went directly to Yaoyao's residence, utilizing his domain methods to approach rapidly.

Chu Feng had successfully charged into Mount Longhu, causing all the divine sons and saintesses to be greatly dissatisfied. They had always wanted to work together and kill him, but things had ended in such a way.

At this time, Zhan He, Li Feng and Zhi Luan were the most delighted. There weren't any restrictions in their bodies as Chu Feng had said and they were in good condition. They hadn't fallen into the so-called living hell.

"This bastard. He actually scared us!" The three sighed in relief.

On Mount Longhu, Chu Feng was cooking starcore turtle eggs and, at the same time, pointing towards outer space. "Old Turtle, see? I'm going to eat quasi-saint eggs now. One with each bite, I'll start from the fifth egg to the eighth egg!"

Jun Tuo was absolutely furious in outer space. He revealed his dharma form and gazed coldly at earth, but he retreated in the end.

That was because he couldn't enter. He had caused a big ruckus last time and lost all face after being challenged by Yaoyao. He left because his last wish was gone now that the five starcore turtle eggs had been eaten.

"Evil creature, I'll definitely kill you!" Jun Tuo said these fierce words just before leaving.

Who else could make a saint lose composure like so?

Chu Feng's body blossomed with silvery light after he had eaten the starcore turtle eggs. The origin spring of life overflowed with great intensity and replenished all of his requirements at great speed.

During this short hour, Chu Feng's body was glowing and had completely recovered. His entire body was lustrous and translucent as though he were made from suet jade.

His pair of eyes was incomparably spirited, his face handsome and his figure tall—he was becoming progressively extraordinary.

At this time, he had a head of long, glossy, black hair which fell to his waist. It was no longer dry and each strand was sparkling.

"This feeling is too wonderful!" Chu Feng observed the situation of his body. His vitality was thriving like the ocean, rolling, churning and emitting thunderous noises.

At this moment, Chu Feng's every movement contained a type of demonic-god-like aura. It was as if he had reached a terrifying realm and transcended life to become a god or demon!

Naturally, he knew that he was still a human. However, he was incomparably powerful.

The five quasi-divine eggs were equal to five future quasi-divine beasts. The vitality contained within them was too abundant and it resuscitated him completely, pushing him to his peak state.

When Chu Feng circulated his breathing technique, he could hear the blood flowing through his body. It was like thunder, it was like the majestic sea. It was enough to shock everyone.

"Yes, I'm currently at my peak. I can now take a look at the might of my peerless painting scroll."

Before he began, Chu Feng activated a regional domain, set up the Dragon Locking Pillars and laid down numerous types of magnetic stones. He deployed layer after layer of domains to avoid outer realm life forms from prying on him.

Chu Feng brought out some weapons—all of them were taken from the divine sons and saintesses—and tossed them in the vicinity.

Afterwards, Chu Feng opened the painting drawn with his vitality has the paper and his spirit as ink. The hundred most powerful stars flickered while the other galaxies were only blurred.

Chu Feng stood at the very center and suddenly shook this painting. With a boom, the weapons around him were all disintegrated and turned to powder.

Chu Feng put away the painting scroll immediately, incomparably satisfied.

He didn't even need to continue because he was already confident about it.

Chu Feng knew that there were all kinds of famous "painting scrolls". There were also some claiming to be peerless and thus had entered the terrifying rankings.

Just what rank would his own painting scroll achieve among those peerless paintings when it was revealed to the world? He was somewhat expectant!

However, Chu Feng didn't stop. He didn't even stay a while to catch up with the great demons and immediately set out again.

He went to Mount Zijin in Jiangnan in order to refine the cinnabar fruit. But in the end, he gave up after refining one.

The Revered Eight Trigrams Furnace wasn't naturally formed but was instead set up by a person. It couldn't refine those legendary divine medicines and saint medicines.

Afterwards, Chu Feng brought the saint medicine and once again snuck into Mount Tai's secret realm.

That was because he had only drawn fifty of the stars in detail last time and the remaining fifty were only rough outlines without any divinity.

This time, he would complete all of them!

Chu Feng walked out one day and one night later. His face was pale, but his expression had become unperturbed—there was an unhurried calmness to him!

Mission accomplished!

His peerless painting had been completed perfectly.

With his vitality as the paper and spirit as the ink, a peerless painting scroll would condense and immediately shatter all enemies with just a light tremble!

At the same time, his energy form had also become stronger. The hundred coarse stone balls had become even more simple and unadorned.

They were only part of the scenery in the painting!

"Something's happening over the Eastern Sea?"

Chu Feng was astonished after receiving this news. A primordial evolver's holy land had been found in the ocean and might come into being recently.

Taking his opportunity, many divine sons and saint children had gathered in the Eastern Sea.

It could be said that this was a major assembly. That was because it was the first time many divine sons and saintesses from different galaxies were meeting formally for the first time to discuss important matters.

"Fu Huang, a person with connections to the ten great planets and someone who had minor success in the Heavenly God Demon Slaughtering Record, was one of the leading figures in this assembly," Chu Feng whispered. He was quite calm even after learning about these circumstances.

Someone would surely bring up old matters during this assembly in hopes of killing Chu Feng. That was because they couldn't leave the previous matter unsettled.

"Then I should head to the ocean and join this assembly!" Chu Feng headed over proactively and no longer hid away.
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