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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 489: The Saint Children Cried

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Chapter 489: The Saint Children Cried
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Chu Feng's human trafficking reputation resounded throughout the Origin Beast Platform.

This was a member with a gold account. What's more, he had successfully captured multiple divine sons and saintesses!

Not long ago, the momentum of the auction was quite shocking.

He became a hot topic for discussion and it was impossible for him to not be talked about passionately. However, now that he was being evaluated, one could say that it was two days of fire and ice.

On one side, many people exclaimed in admiration and hoped that the freak who dared to scold saints and kill goddesses would continue to "create disaster" on that planet and humiliate the holy lands.

At the same time, there was a group of people who ruthlessly criticized Chu Feng. They were itching to peel his tendons from his bones and reprimanded him as an uncivilized native, saying that his ways were barbarous. They said that he completely lacked the self-cultivation of a civilized planet's evolvers and was utterly vulgar.

One side supported him while the other disdained him. They had completely different attitudes.

"Haha! I say, it turns out that the people opposing the Demon King Chu are disciples of the relevant holy lands. I'm guessing there were people from those clans who were captured." Someone was exposing them.

"Oh, those divine sons and saintesses went to ambush Chu Feng, but they were captured and killed. They brought trouble on themselves, so who can they blame?"

There was an uproar on the Origin Beast Platform.

At this time, Chu Feng's situation wasn't good. His face was like a gold leaf, and all that was left of him was a layer of skin containing his bones. His original appearance was already indistinguishable.

His vitality had been used up, his spirit was exhausted, and the wear and tear on his body was too great. The life source that he'd lost needed to be replenished immediately, otherwise he could be mortally wounded.

He had ripped through the dozens of shackles in just a short while—this was unprecedented! This was something that should have been done over many years, yet he had completed it in one morning. The evolution was too fierce, and the internal dissipation of energy was terrifying.

Add to that the repeated battles and enduring the heavenly tribulation, he was almost left with no way to survive.

Now Chu Feng's lips were chapped, his hair was dry and yellow, and his eye sockets were deeply sunken. The surface of his body was cracked like tree bark and stained with dried blood—he was now like a living skeleton.

There was no blood that could flow through his body. He was like a wretched mummy.

Chu Feng was deep in the mountains of Shandong, hiding from monitoring from outer space. Here, he had arranged a domain to conceal his body. Even so, in this way, he was occasionally detected by the dao children under Jun Tuo, after which they would divulge his trail.

"Jun Tuo you old tortoise. You may be a saint, but you have no sense of shame. You spy on me and you make the dao children inform those who want to kill me." Chu Feng's voice was hoarse.


Not long afterward, Chu Feng charged into the folded space and killed a gold-scaled python that had attacked him by surprise. It was very strong with sufficient blood energy and vigorous vitality.

However, Chu Feng recovered only a bit of his vitality after eating this golden python. His body was still parched, and he was very far from the necessary amount for recovery.

Also, because he had broken into the folded space, his figure was now exposed. The dao children under Jun Tuo pointed him out to the others, and some divine son-level characters rushed over.

Chu Feng took a deep breath and disappeared in the blink of an eye. He ran wildly to a place suitable for laying down a domain, disappearing from the saints' eyes.

Afterwards, he left calmly with some black magnet weaponry at his side, which were the weapons that Chen Rong tried to kill him with. They were covered densely with symbols and were compatible with things like the floating magnetic stones. He formed a domain and separated himself from the outside world.

Just like this, he carried the domain through the mountains.

"Apparently I need to seek out an extraordinary treasure." Chu Feng knitted his brows. A top-notch treasure could conceal his aura and make it so even the heavenly eyes could not see through.

However, weaponry of that level was priceless.


Off in the distance, an energy beam swept the ground and turned an entire mountain to dust. The machine race beings were attacking the region pointed out by the dao children.

Chu Feng utilized the mobile domain to implement a crafty escape plan and leave this mountainous area. They couldn't find him and thus launched frantic attacks.

"Machine race!" Chu Feng's sunken eye sockets emitted beams of golden light. Last time, this race had suffered heavy losses after Yaoyao slapped and destroyed who knows how many warships. Obviously, they were settling this score with him.

"It's such a pity I can't eat them since they're all made of metal!" Chu Feng hesitated for a moment but did not attack. They were not worth exposing himself.

His top priority was returning to Mount Longhu and eating the five quasi-divine beast eggs. Thinking of them now, those things were a huge source of replenishment and would be most effective for him.

"The life aura of the rising sun and the beginning of all things is the most vigorous. Divine eggs are also like this. They are the initial form of life, and as such, the purest parts of their lifelong vigor have not yet been scattered. They're all contained in the nutritious egg." Chu Feng's eyes were like those of a wolf, emitting a green light. He really wanted to get back to Mount Longhu right away.

This saying made some sense. In ancient times, alchemists extracted bloody human placentas precisely because they discovered the strong life substance contained in them.

Chu Feng endured his hunger and exhaustion as he quickly crossed through the mountains and hurried south towards Mount Longhu.

He knew that place had already become a dangerous spot and there would certainly be traps laid out. As soon as even a hair on his head entered, divine sons and saintesses would already be sharpening their swords for battle!

However, he still pressed onward.

To him, the five divine beast eggs were a life-saving medicine that could make him return to good health and recover his life origin. This was not only because they were the beginning form of life, but also because this type of race had a long lifespan. Their life source was so strong it could shock the world!

Nothing suited him more than this thing. It was incomparably nutritious.


Chu Feng encountered a bloody battle within the borders of Henan. He had not been discovered ahead of time but rather had accidentally run into a chance encounter. Several saint children were walking together when they encountered him.

Chu Feng was miserable during this battle. Several holes appeared on his body, but no blood flowed from them - it had long since dried up.

Of course, it wasn't as if he didn't gain anything. After the large battle, he ran away madly holding a golden mammoth leg above his head!

That was a mammoth. Upon evolving to a certain level its skin was like gold, and it contained a huge volume of vital energy. It was the saint child of this race, and yet now one of its legs had been stolen.

From behind came the furious roar of the golden mammoth. The other saint children chased violently, but in the end, they were unable to kill him on the spot and he escaped.

"The flesh of saint children grade experts is so nourishing." Chu Feng hid within a domain as he grilled the five-thousand-kilogram golden mammoth leg.

He ate every bit of it and didn't leave a single piece of meat behind. His whole mouth was filled with fat, but he still felt hungry and had not eaten his fill.

All of the barbequed golden meat was refined into vital essence and absorbed into his body. He further refined it into life origin and used it to replenish his own life. His shriveled body finally swelled a bit and the wounds on his body also started to drip blood, which he had no choice but to take care of.

Now Chu Feng's eyes revealed an ominous glint. He opened the spatial bottle and took out the sealed-up Bai Ling and Yuan Kun, throwing them on the ground.

These two were comparatively unlucky. Bai Ling was the first to be sold, so in the beginning, he was seized by Chu Feng and taken into the jade bottle. Meanwhile, every bone in Yuan Kun's body was broken, and he too was put into the bottle.

Chu Feng had regrets. If he had known that there would be changes earlier, he would have imprisoned Zi Luan as well as she had also been bid for. Unfortunately he had played the part too deeply back then. He had made the divine sons pull the chariot and the saintesses stand in attendance and the result… was tragic.

"I'll eat the two of you. Maybe my wounds will heal!" The expression in Chu Feng's eyes was terrifying.

Bai Ling's scalp immediately went numb in a fit of fear. Was she actually going to be eaten? This was so cruel she could cry. She was most likely the first saintess to be eaten on this planet.

"Alas, someone traded you for the World's End Near at Hand. Even though it's only one volume of this exceptional writing, I still can't bear to eat you." Chu Feng let out a sigh.

As one of the peerless volumes in the field of agility, it was a rare and treasured book that could only be chanced upon but not sought. It was highly profitable to trade a saintess for it.

At this time, Chu Feng had calmed down. He had already guessed that Bai Ling's parents and clan were most likely trying to save her. Otherwise, who would be willing to suffer such losses on a trade?

Then he looked at Yuan Kun and said, "You've been sold off cheap. As long as you conduct yourself with integrity, I won't breach the contract and eat you."

The diamond ape race's saint son Yuan Kun was furious. Sold off cheap… Was he that worthless!?

In reality, it was mostly because Chu Feng still had stamina. He hadn't reached the end of the line and still had a long road ahead. Otherwise, in a life or death situation, even if Yuan Kun was a diamond ape and a humanoid creature, Chu Feng would roast and eat him in order to save his own life.

After a short period of time, Chu Feng put away Bai Ling and Yuan Kun and set out once more. He was silent, and this time he deliberately went hunting. His target was the saint children who had surrounded him not long before.

After half an hour, Chu Feng burst out in an attack at the mountain ridge and carried out his slaughter!

He finished the matter quickly and didn't stay behind.


He was quite successful. In only a moment, he was running away with a golden mammoth leg in tow. He escaped right after successfully cutting off the leg because he wasn't doing this in order to kill and win a battle; he was doing this for meat.

"Owww…" The golden mammoth cried out miserably, torn with grief.

The other saint children were furious. This native sure had guts. He had sustained such severe injuries and was nearly as dry as an extinguished oil lamp, yet he dared to come and counterattack them.

However, they stared blankly as they watched that guy escape without a trace, utilizing domains to prevent their pursuit. The aboriginal escaped into the famed mountains and at that point disappeared.

Not long afterward, the golden mammoth, full of grief and indignation, denounced him on the Origin Beast Platform. "That native is despicable, low-class, and shameless. He stole two of my legs in succession. This bandit! This savage! This bloody executioner!"

He was sitting in a wheelchair as he said these words. The other saint children had pushed him forward, and his legs were gone.

Everyone was speechless and didn't know whether to laugh or to cry.

However, he wasn't finished yet. Only an hour later another tragedy struck. The golden mammoth saint child's tears and snot flowed as he denounced Chu Feng's savage acts.

"Oh God, oh sin, that savage person mounted a raid again. That despicable, shameless, low-class thief stole my third leg…"

The golden mammoth saint child was really crying, and this time he wasn't trying to garner sympathy. He sat in his wheelchair and brandished his only remaining leg as he said, "Demon King Chu, I surrender. Don't come, I beg of you! I withdraw from the operation to encircle and annihilate you!"

Everyone on the Origin Beast Platform was dumbstruck.

"Fragrant Elephant Divine Son, please cross over and quell this hunt. For the sake of the elephant race, please protect the laws!" Many of the elephant race exploded, and one after the other they requested the divine son to come into being.

The so-called Fragrant Elephant crossed the river was a metaphor for the cultivation of the Mahayana Bodhisattva. However, there was a race like this in the universe, and their power was terrifying.

Whether or not the Fragrant Elephant Divine Son had come into being was unknown, but following this was another saint child filled with grief and indignation. He was one of the saint children together with the golden mammoth saint child. He was currently knocking his head against the ground, so ashamed and resentful that he wanted to kill himself.

The Capricorn saint child from the depths of the starry sky, Kun Yang, had just been raided by Chu Feng. He had not broken any legs or hands, but even more tragically, his two thousand-kilogram goat kidneys had been cut out ruthlessly and accurately by Chu Feng. He'd ran away lifting them over his head.

Up until now, this combined will of the people had been thoroughly disbanded!

Kun Yang was on the Origin Beast Platform with hot tears rolling down his face as he announced to Chu Feng. He said that as long as his kidneys were returned, he would be willing to pay any price.

As a result, Chu Feng quickly logged in and replied directly, saying, "So sorry, you should have said something at the moment. I just grilled and ate them."

To finish, he used his hand to wipe the oil off his mouth.

Kun Goat fell apart on the spot and cried so hard that he fainted.

With a good-natured appearance, Chu Feng solemnly promised on the Origin Beast Platform that he was quite willing to have friendly communication with any divine son or saintess.

"I'm serious. Look, the golden mammoth saint child previously denounced me, and afterwards, he begged me to give up. I was very cooperative and gave up right away. I haven't attacked him since."

Upon hearing this, the golden mammoth saint child cried once more from his wheelchair. He lifted up his remaining front foot and rocked it back and forth.

The Origin Beast Platform was in a complete uproar.

Some people laughed out loud, some viewed him as the enemy, and others came together to request all the divine sons and saintesses on Earth to unite and punish the demon.

"That guy... I'm talking to you, black tiger. I heard your body contains some great supplements. Do you want to do battle against me?" Chu Feng gave a warning to a very active saint child who was always contacting other people.

The tiger race's supplemental object was suspected to be… Tiger penis!?

What fight!? It would certainly be a surprise raid! Everyone cursed in silence.

On that day, the black tiger saint child's thighs were trembling, and he kept feeling a frosty air run through a certain part of his body. He didn't fear death in a decisive battle; he feared being the target of a surprise attack because then he would "lose something". He didn't want to return to the Origin Beast Platform crying and complaining.

Just like that, Chu Feng approached Mount Longhu!
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