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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 488: Heaven is the Second

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Chapter 488: Heaven is the Second
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The group on the Origin Beast Platform witnessed Chu Feng getting struck by lightning. Everyone became extremely excited as though they'd been injected with chicken blood and began to cry out incessantly.

Chu Feng had long since put away his photon computer. Otherwise, he would surely be enraged after seeing this scene.

But he could still guess how the people would react after pondering for a moment.

How unlucky! Chu Feng was furious after losing so much face.

He was just talking with his hands behind his back about how peerless he was and how his life was as lonesome as the snow. In the end… he was struck by lightning!

As expected, one shouldn't be too complacent or pretentious. Chu Feng felt that this bolt of lightning had nearly made him into a classic reverse teaching material.

"Quick! Come and see! He's really been struck by lightning!" The group of people on the Origin Beast Platform were delighted at his misfortune instead of sympathizing with him. They were oddly excited and began to call their friends to watch together.

Judging from the trend, it was almost becoming a celebration.

"I just know it. Such a pretentious person will definitely get struck by lightning. It's come true instantly, see?"

"A divine son to pull his chariot and saintesses waiting on him at each side. This was simply too ostentatious. He was just standing on the chariot and looking down at the world, but now a heavenly lightning had descended… blasting him until he was emitting green smoke from all over his body.

The group of people was extremely delighted and began to dance in joy, all were beside themselves with excitement. Everyone was happy to see Chu Feng in such a miserable condition.

Everyone had sympathized with him when he was weak. But now that he had swept through all the divine sons and saintesses with great ferocity, everyone felt it wonderful to see him take a loss.

"Grandpa, that brother said life is as lonely as the snow. What does that mean?" A young girl on the Origin Beast Platform asked her grandfather.


A series of lightning fell and struck Chu Feng flying with blood all over his body. Everything turned red.

The girl's grandfather replied with a serious expression, "Just like that. So lonely that one becomes drenched in blood."

The little girl was beautiful and pure. She shook her head and said, "Wow! Then I don't want to be lonesome in the future. He's so pitiful to be bored to the point of bleeding!"

The group on the Origin Beast Platform was petrified and then broke into roaring laughter.

Additionally, many immoral people sent these scenes and conversations to Chu Feng so that he could enjoy them in leisure.


The summit of Mount Tai became rather brilliant amidst the blossoming thunderbolts. Meanwhile, Chu Feng was struck until he was spewing out green smoke.

"Goddammit, wasn't it said that green smoke atop the ancestor's grave means prosperity for the descendants? Now I'm emitting green smoke myself, but it's so miserable!" Chu Feng cursed. He had been struck tumbling across the mountain with his skin and flesh torn open. It was simply too tragic—the greater half of the vitality he had restored by eating the pangolin had been used up.

But he was also quite surprised because he could now endure the lightning he had feared so much in the past. It couldn't kill him.

This might also be related to his energy form. The stone balls shot out one after another to contended against the lightning. He wasn't willing to get struck passively.

An evolver at his level could crush a big mountain with a single stomp. It was naturally quite astonishing now that he was resisting the thunderbolts with all his might.

But the lightning wasn't just a single bolt—they came in clusters against him—each containing over a dozen bolts which bombarded him indiscriminately.

Chu Feng's hair was like mushy grass and many parts of his body were charred black. There wasn't any undamaged part on his body apart from his white teeth.

Additionally, he saw that Zhan He had escaped. The latter was flying away at great speeds and rushing towards the distance. Only afterwards did he stop to observe the brilliant lightning around Mount Tai.

"Zhan He, come back this instant!" Chu Feng said in a deep voice.

"Keep acting. You're being struck by heavenly lightning and yet you're trying to act so cool with me. I want to see how you'll survive this!" Zhan He said in anger.

Naturally, he was also quite intimidated. This was a heavenly tribulation!

Ordinary people had no qualifications to provoke such a calamity!

"You're rebelling? Come back now or you'll suffer when I catch you!" Chu Feng shouted.

Afterwards, he also saw that the cosmic-level model saintess Li Feng had also run. Moreover, she was making fun of him by recording the scene and sounds in the sky with her photon computer.

A young girl, four or five years of age with large watery eyes akin to onyxes shouted, "Life is truly bloody lonesome."

Chu Feng's eyes were frozen. Listening to her juvenile voice, he almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

Afterwards, Li Feng vanished decisively without even turning back.

As for the saintess Zi Luan, she was the least courageous. Although she had escaped to a safe distance, she hadn't disappeared completely out of fear that Chu Feng would chase and kill her.

"You… stay right there!" Chu Feng threatened with a malicious voice.

Zi Luan was incomparably fearful of him. Normally, she was a proud lady but was the weakest at such a juncture. Her body froze in the distant sky and didn't dare continue escaping.


However, a bolt of heavenly lightning broke the balance. It blasted onto Chu Feng's body and caused blood to splash out in all directions. Bones were even showing on some parts of his body. It was a truly a miserable scene.

Zi Luan saw the situation and decisively revealed her true form, a violet bird of great beauty and grace somewhat resembling the luan. She flapped her pair of lustrous violet wings and flew away.

"Little bird, you dare?!" Chu Feng shouted loudly. He tore shot through the sky and chased after her despite the series of lightning descending upon him.

That was because she was a saintess which he had planned on selling. He had to use her to exchange for a whole set of theory classics and treasured volumes on energy forms.

Zhan He and Li Feng hadn't been sold yet and had been left for himself. He could deal with them later, but he was about to conclude the deal with Zi Luan.

Chu Feng's body was full of blood and seemed, from a distance, as though he were riding the lightning. He resembled both a demon and god—it was extremely frightening.

Zi Luan let out a shrill scream. She was shocked out of her wits mostly because she had been suppressed by this demon king since earlier on. Chu Feng had captured her alive and left an unerasable impression of terror upon her.

Presently, she was trembling with fear. She ran away while crying and began to sing mid-flight,

"I'm a little, little bird…"

Everyone on the Origin Beast Platform was petrified.

"Daughter, you're such a disgrace! Do you really fear him so much?!" On a certain hospitable planet in the cosmos, saintess Zi Luan's father's had turned a dark red with white steam rising from his nostrils.

In Immemorial Temple, Zi Xiao covered his face with his hands. He simply couldn't bear to watch any longer. What a god-like performance! How could he, the heavenly talent of a generation who could look down on all divine sons and saintesses, have such a sister? This was simply too spoiled and squeamish.

He knew that this video would soon start to spread.

"Sister, where is your pride? Where's your young miss temper? Aren't you always arrogant and bossy usually? Bring out your empress style and curse him! Why are you singing?!" Zi Xiao was so angry that he wanted to curse out loud.

"I'm a little, little bird…" Saintess Zi Luan spread her wings and sang with a sobbing tone. She was simply too scared and almost about to fall out of the sky.

Chu Feng witnessed this scene and revealed a peculiar expression. He was so surprised that he thought this was an act. How could a saintess from a high-ranking planet be scared to such a degree?

But it was obvious that he was a terrifying demon king in Zi Luan's eyes.

"Ha...ha…" Chu Feng laughed out loud.

But he shouldn't have celebrated so soon. He was struck by a shower of resplendent lightning which sent him flying onto Mount Tai, unable to rush out!

"I'm a little, little bird… little, little bird…" Zi Luan was out of her wits. But in the end, she discovered Chu Feng rendered immobile on the ground.

Her eyes turned round at that moment and spread her wings to escape.

Chu Feng glared, but he couldn't chase after her. In the end, he shouted, "It's no use even if you run away. I've inserted profound magnetic needles into all three of your bodies. If you don't come back obediently in three days, I guarantee you'll fall into living hell!"

Afterwards, there was no more afterwards… he could no longer speak after being drowned in lightning. He was in a miserable state as lightning nearly turned him into a shriveled piece of charcoal.

At this time, there was no one around except Chu Feng and the lightning.

It was completely silent on the Origin Beast Platform. Everyone revealed solemn expressions because only some geniuses would undergo a lightning tribulation even in the present age of brilliance.

But it seemed this native's heavenly tribulation wasn't simple at all and terrifying to an unprecedented degree.

Additionally, he had drawn out so much lightning at the carefree realm. It was extremely abnormal!

"This is an evildoer! His talent and potential are terrifying!"

"Could it be that this withered planet which had been in decline for countless years was going to rise again?"

The group of people couldn't laugh at all and their expressions were solemn!

"Look, he's actually using his energy form to blast back at the lightning. He can still forcefully endure. This is shocking!"

Everyone immediately came to suspect that the heavenly tribulation was brought about because his energy form was too extraordinary and terrifying. It had incurred the heaven's wrath.

However, Chu Feng was cursing out loud, greatly displeased at the might of his energy form. That was because he simply couldn't draw out their power in his state of severely deficient vitality.

"Smash your lungs, you villainous heavens! You bully me during my lack of vitality, huh? If you really have the guts, come challenge me after a few days when I'm at the peak of my vitality. From then on, I'll be the eldest and the heavens will be second!"

Everyone felt speechless after hearing this. That was indeed arrogant and greatly suited his recent violent and unrestrained display.

Moments later a shocking news was spread across the Origin Beast Platform. Chu Feng's energy form had actually charged into the origin form dark horse rankings and, moreover, he had reached the top 200!

This was absolutely terrifying! One had to know that the dark horse rankings was a ranking of terrifying energy forms that had suddenly risen to power. Any one of those on the list was enough to frighten a starfield.

"Moreover, the ranking of the stone energy form seems to be climbing and is maintaining an upward trend. All of this is because it's still hidden under the water and hasn't revealed its true appearance!"

The Origin Beast Platform was shaken by this.

The top 200 in the energy form dark horse rankings was a frighteningly brilliant achievement even in the boundless starry sky. It made everyone's eyes go blurry.

"His fame from before is empty and doesn't count for much. It was only good for laughs. But now that his energy form's ranking has come out, he can be considered to have gained some reputation!" Someone sighed.

The lightning receded and the terrifying thunder slowly died down. Eventually, all of them disappeared.

Chu Feng's hair was completely disheveled, his body was entirely charred and he was all skin and bones with exhausted vitality. Additionally, his shriveled skin was cracked and he was in a horrible state.

He had finally gotten through it and endured the heavenly tribulation in a suboptimal state. Moreover, the lightning intensity had exceeded his imagination.

Others wouldn't know but chu Feng had felt it. The lightning contained special energy particles and possessed astonishing destructive power. After they washed over his physical body, it felt as though he had been cut by a big knife.

"It's about to end! Finally!" Chu Feng let out a sigh of relief.

However, a terrifying feeling emerged in his heart as he moved his body rapidly. A giant beam of light shot down with the last streaks of lightning to assault and kill him.

The visitor's timing was too good and had struck just as Chu Feng's vigilance was starting to relax. At the same time, the beams of light were hidden among the final bolts of lightning and had almost reached his back.

Chu Feng was scratched sightly during his evasion, producing a terrifying bloody groove on one side of his body. But not much blood seeped out from it.

He suddenly turned around and saw a machine race expert in the process of retreating.

"Courting death! Where do you think you're going?"

Chu Feng was furious and chased him down. Unexpectedly, it wasn't just a single machine race member who had come. All of them carried terrifying weapons which swept towards him.

Although Chu Feng was weak, his heart was full of killing intent. He shifted his body quickly and began a great massacre.

An array of coarse stone balls flew out and blasted upon the machine race members, causing sparks of fly out in all directions. The explosion was terrifying and before long the metallic monster was completely destroyed.

"Our divine son is about to descend soon. You can wait to die!" The machine race member wasn't satisfied on the verge of his death and his linger voice echoed through the mountains.

"This mixed-blood descendant. Let's go!"

At an extreme distance, the experts of the Xilin army said coldly. They felt that their chances weren't too great even if they charged over. It was best to retreat for now.

"I want to cancel the order. Saintess Zi Luan is no longer with you and thus our transaction is null!" Zi Xiao immediately contacted Chu Feng.

Chu Feng reassured him and said, "Rest assured, I'll definitely capture her and send her to you via the Wormhole Express Company. She can't escape!"

"No, I don't want her anymore. You don't need to capture her anymore!" Zi Xiao was anxious.

"How can you not want her anymore? We've already reached an agreement and you've already placed an order. You must take or and I will definitely capture her. You can't cancel this deal!" Chu Feng glared.

"I'm abandoning this. I don't want her!"

"You're trying to act shamelessly. Impossible! I will definitely capture her. Or else I'll have the Origin Beast Platform preside over this and administer justice to continue this deal!" Chu Feng threatened.

He then added, "If she didn't have a high bid like Li Feng and Zhan He, I probably won't bother to go chase after her. But now, I'll go hunt her down immediately!"

Zi Xiao was completely dumbfounded. He and his father had gone into a bidding war and finally bought back Zi Luan. In the end, not only did they not save her, but, on the contrary, formed a reason for Chu Feng to capture her?!

Zi Xiao was crazy. He wanted to cry out loud in exasperation. He felt that he was… harming his sister!

Chu Feng staggered back after shouting and couldn't even stand still. He collapsed on Mount Tai and only got up after a long time. Afterwards… he ran away!

"Dammit! He's so weak! We should work together and chase after him. Don't let him get back to Mount Longhu.

Some people began to shout immediately.

That very day, some divine sons and saintesses started working together as one to capture the demon. That was because this native looked had treated the divine sons and saintesses of the outer realm with too much disdain. He had actually captured and sold them in an unrestrained manner. This was unbearable!

The entire world shall kill Chu!

Many people attacked that day.

"Everyone, it's meaningless to resort to violence. Let's make peace." Chu Feng appeared on the Origin Beast Platform and announced with benevolent intentions.

"You have the audacity to say violence is meaningless? The entire world shall kill Chu!" Some people didn't buy it.

"The world shall kill Chu? I think it's me killing the world! Just you wait. When I capture you all, I shall sell all of you!" Chu Feng responded ruthlessly and ran away dragging his wounded body.
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