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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 486: Notoriety Shakes the Heavens

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Chapter 486: Notoriety Shakes the Heavens
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"Duke Chang Lin, some saintesses are being auctioned off on the Origin Beast Platform. Among them is a saintess from the Gentlewind planet, Li Feng, who is the descendant of a holy maiden."

In a duke's residence on a hospitable planet out in the cosmos, a servant was reporting to his superior and catering to his wishes.

"You mean that brawling platform?" Duke Chang Lin spoke poorly of it because, when he was young, he had been beaten until he knelt on the ground and admitted defeat. It became a stain on his life and a source of extreme shame and humiliation. That was why he hadn't logged on for the past few centuries.

The servant was unaware of these old affairs. Beaming with joy, he explained what was happening on a certain savage planet on the edge of the universe. Multiple divine sons and saintesses had been captured and were currently being auctioned off.

At first, Duke Chang Lin was quite irritated, but in the end, he calmed down and said, "That holy maiden once suppressed my ancestor. Now her descendant has become a prisoner, and what's more, she's the saintess of that orthodoxy. Oh, this is interesting. I'll bid!"

In another galaxy, there was an origin of life.

On this rich, powerful, and splendid planet was an evolutionary institute with a name that could shake the heavens—the Immemorial Temple!

It was one of the most famous institutes in the entire universe!

It was so famous because behind it were beings at the Heaven Illuminator's level of strength!

The Immemorial Temple was situated in an area of the starry seas. Many talents from the hospitable planets of nearby galaxies came here to further their studies. Even outstanding talents from holy lands and the dynasty of evolvers would come here for study and social interaction.

There was no lack of divine sons, saintesses, princes, and others of extraordinary origin who came here to research and study. They were all beings of famous reputation on their respective planets.

Otherwise, they simply wouldn't qualify to enter and pursue studies at the Immemorial Temple.

Today there was quite a bit of unrest in this evolutionary institute with a famous reputation that spanned the cosmos. Many people were paying close attention to the Origin Beast Platform.

Some students' eyes burned with admiration, envy, and hate.

Other students were truly filled with great bitterness and deep hatred. They watched their photon computers carefully while grinding their teeth and clenching their fists tightly.

Among them was a quiet area of the Immemorial Temple. Here the rosy clouds were rising and the immortal qi was dense. The incomparably rich scent of divine medicine wafted about on the surface of the lake and in between the cliffs.

This was a closed-off area that only the strongest students qualified to enter. Here, they sought enlightenment from the notes of the past experts and underwent evolution.

A group of students was waiting here for some important people to come out of isolated meditation. The people in isolation were all male and female disciples shrouded in divine rings. Of course, there were also a few exceptionally stunning students.

Finally, they waited until some people came out in succession. They came with great momentum—red clouds rushed to the sky in some areas while others were covered with vast purple clouds. In others, white mist rose in spirals amidst the calls of dragons and phoenixes between the immortal mountains.

"Dao children, goddesses, apprentices, you have finally come out from isolation. Something big has happened!"

Some people rushed to report to their superiors. The reason these people had come out from isolated meditation was that someone had rung the "Dao Bell", causing these people to awaken earlier and come out of this area.

"What is it?" A man concealed in a purple cloud that pervaded the air and covered mountainous area walked out. His purple hair danced in the breeze and his expression was like lightning, but his figure was a bit obscured as he stood in the mist.

"Senior Zi Xiao, your sister Saintess Zi Luan has been captured. Now…" The person reporting did not dare say anymore.

"She is a most mischievous person and has never been willing to make an effort. What qualification does she have to be called saintess? I remember before I went into seclusion, she was making a racket within our clan. She wanted to go exploring some savage planet but was stopped by our family. Is she not at home? What trouble has she caused now? Who captured her?" asked Zi Xiao. He did not care much at all. With his family's strength and his own reputation, any normal person would certainly let her go after capturing her.

"She might… be auctioned off!" someone mustered up the courage to inform him.

"What!?" Zi Xiao was shocked and did not dare to believe his ears.

Before long, the group of dao sons and goddess-leveled people who had just come out from isolated meditation learned of the general situation. They quickly logged on to the Origin Beast Platform.

This kind of event was happening across multiple galaxies. Even people who originally didn't pay much attention were now being informed by people around them and rapidly logging in.

One could say that today, the Origin Beast Platform emerged the winner. Chu Feng auctioning off divine sons and saintesses couldn't compare to their earnings. There were countless active users, and the platform was incredibly lively.

"Ah, that's really my little sister! You thief, how dare you!" After Zi Xiao logged in, he couldn't bear it even with his level of self-restraint. He wanted to kill. His little sister was being auctioned off!

The most detestable part was how countless people were haggling over the price.

In a different starfield, Duke Chang Lin changed color as he said, "Oh, this Li Feng is indeed outstanding. Such a tall figure is a rarity. She really did inherit that holy maiden's genes; she looks just like her in her youth. I'll bid!"

In a secret area of Mount Tai.

Chu Feng's complexion was quite rosy, and his original appearance had come out. After eating the pangolin saint child, he had enriched his vitality, and he supplemented his life force. This made him no longer as weak.

However, right now, his mouth and tongue were dry. No matter how he marketed the divine sons and saintesses, nobody traded with secret books at the level of the World's End Near at Hand.

On the Origin Beast Platform, a group of slick customers was calling out for him to lower the price, saying that his quite was unreasonable.

"Brother, you're too ruthless! The thing you want can be passed on as a secret canon of an orthodoxy. Forget about the World's End Near at Hand, now you still want an exceptional combat technique. This is an unequal trade! There's no way to reach a deal!"

A section of the World's End Near at Hand, known as one of the unique writings of the speed field and incited quite the ruckus. Fortunately, this was only one book. Even if it created an extreme controversy, it was unlikely to turn the heavens upside down.

But now while Chu Feng was selling Li Feng and Zi Luan, he unexpectedly wanted an exceptional combat technique. Who would agree?

These exceptional volumes could be discovered but not sought, and that was to say nothing of the secret skills in the field of combat. They were even more valuable; after all, evolvers' powers were supported by these methods, were they not?

"Ruined pages will work too!" Chu Feng settled for the next best thing.

"There are none, brother. If this kind of method were to be spread it would lead to the extermination of a person's entire family. Which exceptional expert would bear to leak their own secret method?"

"Brother Chu Feng, if you do manage to get a book of World's End Near at Hand, you must quickly go to burn incense. This kind of series of secrets is an absolute good fortune. However, there are numerous variables in a day without a turnover. You won't necessarily be able to get it."

Chu Feng's expression was fluctuating wildly. Naturally, he knew that there were no fools under the proverbial lion's open mouth. Nobody would be willing to pay too high of a cost.

He was only trying just in case there happened to be an old codger with a young heart who was willing to bid on divine sons and saintesses and "keep up appearances."

Unfortunately, he was very disappointed."

"How about this: this time I'll sell them as a bundle. It's not just one saintess, now I'll sell Li Feng and Zi Luan together. Whoever has first-rate combat techniques can exchange one secret book for two saintesses from high-level planets!"

Chu Feng clenched his teeth. Using his own words, this was a gift that would make him cough up blood. Now he was selling two for one.

Off to the side, Saintess Zi Luan felt incredibly wronged. This proud woman was now both angry and scared. However, she didn't dare resist or say anything out of fear that Chu Feng would eat her.

Li Feng's chest was also moving up and down as her breathing became increasingly urgent. She wanted to fight for her life, but she also didn't want to die. The people who had fought fiercely against Chu Feng just now had become skeletons after having been barbequed and eaten.

"Little brother, these exceptional volumes are all passed down within orthodoxies and all of them have great origins. Under most circumstances, they're very difficult to trade." At this time, Duke Chang Lin spoke, wanting to attack. He continued, "However, there are other methods. Among them is a theory that states carefully selecting the one that suits you is the strongest and will encourage you to create a method for yourself. Yes, here I have such an ancient evolutionary theory book. This has already become a school of thought. As long as you have a decent breathing technique, you can actually create and evolve your own formidable combat techniques. You can add on, create more, and perfect them. This ought to be quite good."

Chu Feng's heart stirred when he heard these words. He had grasped an ultimate breathing technique. Perhaps he could evolve a world-shaking technique in the field of combat!

However, he did not dare expose a change of countenance. Instead, he said, "Well then, sir, could you please sell me a first-rate breathing technique?"

Duke Chang Lin opened and closed his mouth, at a loss as to how to communicate.

The others on the Origin Beast Platform were also speechless. What was a breathing technique? Once you grasped it, you could have everything in the end!

This kind of ancient book was more valuable than anything. It was the foundation for a teaching!

The reason why the top ten planets could continue to exist throughout time and continue to stand was because of their breathing techniques. Those were supreme inherited scriptures.

In many people's eyes, Chu Feng was a native of a savage planet and wasn't an expert in anything. He didn't understand this kind of general knowledge. Who would sell a breathing technique? That was the equivalent of selling the foundation of an orthodoxy!

Chu Feng said, "Since it's like this, then why don't you trade that kind of ancient theory book you mentioned, sir? I'll see if I can walk this path of creation. However, I certainly can't trade two saintesses for it. One will suffice."

"I also have that kind of ancient book! My grandfather's younger brother once thoroughly researched this school's theory!" Someone made a bid via a secret transmission.

"I have personally written notes of a person famous for this kind of theory, and I have many ancient books. However, you'll need to trade two saintesses, my young friend. One isn't enough."

Chu Feng let out a silent curse upon hearing this. How could all of the bidders be old men? Also, they were all very greedy.

He shook his head and said, "I'll only trade two saintesses for an Exceptional Technique of the combat field or a first-rate breathing technique."

At the Immemorial Temple, the group of young dao children and goddesses who had just emerged from solitary meditation looked like they had just seen a ghost.

As for Zi Xiao, he was furious. With a swat of his palm, the lake beside him evaporated. From head to toe purple clouds raged toward the heavens. Someone dared to auction off his little sister!

What's more, the circumstances were so desperate!

"I must save little sister Zi Luan. How could a person as youthful and pleasant as her be profaned like this!? Everyone who's willing to go kill the demon, let's leave together and set foot on that savage planet!

Many people yelled not only because they couldn't stand Zi Luan falling into the hands of a demon, but also because they were friendly towards Zi Xiao.

However, something even more shocking happened that left people stupefied.

Chu Feng made the two saintesses display their talents. It was all to increase the bidding price and trade for rare secret books.

He stared at Li Feng. This was truly a supermodel saintess. Her figure was incredible.

Now Li Feng was resentful. This demon king had unexpectedly forced her to dance in order to give prominence to her tall and thin figure.

"As for you, the one called Zi Luan, your true form is a fearsome bird, so why don't you sing us a song? Yeah, sing "I'm a Little Bird" for me."

Upon hearing this, Zi Luan immediately felt so angry she could curse. Although she hadn't put much heart into her cultivation, as the direct descendant of this race she still held a high position because her older brother was a talented genius.

"You dare not to sing?" Chu Feng cast a sidelong glance at her.

The fine hairs on Zi Luan's body stood up. This was because she couldn't forget that Zhu Wuque had been slapped to death for not singing that song "Conquest".

The person before her eyes was too savage—she thought of the miserable condition of the Yin Sparrow race's saint child and trembled on the spot. She put on a bold face and prepared to sing.

If Chu Feng knew what she was thinking, he would certainly curse. To hell with 'Conquest'! That was killing someone to silence them. Even if Zhu Wuque wanted to sing it would be out of the question. He couldn't let him sing!

"I'm a little, little bird. I want to fly, but no matter how hard I try I can't fly high…" Zi Luan sang with a suave and melodious voice that was quite dreamy. It was so pleasant to hear that it exceeded expectations.

However, she felt incomparably wronged and was unable to be proud any longer. She also didn't dare taunt Chu Feng and call him a savage native anymore. She could only unwillingly sing the opera.

The results were surprisingly good, and the bidding price shot up rapidly!

At the Immemorial Temple, Zi Xiao was seething in anger. This was truly… absurd!
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