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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 469: Miserable Geniuses of The Same Generation

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Chapter 469: Miserable Geniuses of The Same Generation
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These qualities could be innate, but could also be acquired after birth. In any case, a woman like Yao Yao was bound to attract people's attraction regardless of where she went.

Chu Feng had already gathered these profound speculations despite being in contact with her for such a short while.

She had made a crowd of divine sons and saintesses kneel before her and looked down on disciples of the Great Ten. How breathing taking could she have been during that time? Who could defeat her? Who could even enter her discerning eyes?

In that kind of era, one by one, the prominent geniuses rose to power throughout the bright heavens and moved unhindered through the boundless starry seas. Yet Chu Feng could imagine that, in the end, they were suppressed and kept in check by Yao Yao.

Her charm was unparalleled, but as it happened, she was also very domineering. He assumed that those divine sons must have been wrought with complicated emotions, wanting to approach her but were themselves too trifling. And those saintesses? They were probably vexed to exist in the same era as she did.

Soon afterward, Chu Feng informed her that he had picked up three mysterious seeds from the foot of Mount Kunlun. He also told her in what ways they were special.

He had a lot of questions that he wanted to thoroughly understand from Yao Yao.

"Oh? Such seeds actually exist? Germinating and growing overnight, then blooming and bearing seeds before withering. They can also make flying swords and treasure jars? Interesting."

Yao Yao contemplated over this and expressed bluntly that she had never met these three seeds before.

This astounded Chu Feng. Even Yao Yao was unaware of these seeds?

"I discovered them within crevices at the bottom of Mount Kunlun. There was also a three-inch-tall stone chest acting as a container to preserve the three seeds," informed Chu Feng in detail.

" Ah, Kunlun. That place is an ancestral vein that has existed for many years since ancient times and is naturally remarkable. It already existed before we rose to power and before this planet was ranked as the 11th planet. It's rather mysterious." Yao Yao nodded, looking pensive.

"In the starry skies, peculiar seeds which blossom to form weapons can be found elsewhere, but they take much longer to mature. Even if you brought them to me now, we won't be able to figure much out. After all, their levels are still quite low. But with the Earth recovering, the quality of mutant soil will rapidly increase. You should cultivate them, again and again, to let them evolve, and see how they mature in the end."

Speaking of this, Yao Yao's big eyes were bright and lustrous. She was incredibly gorgeous as she gave a slight smile and said alluringly, "In fact, if the Earth's mutant soil can't keep up with the rate at which these seeds are evolving, you could totally break out along the star passages. Why should you wait for them to break in? You can go in the opposite direction of the star passages too and invade their lands. Presumably, those evolver sects must have an extraordinary foundation and hence higher quality mutant soils, which will be sufficient for the three seeds to evolve!"

Yao Yao's reasoning was rather bold and unexpected. It matched her manner and style.

Chu Feng agreed with her. He had thought about it before and mulled over it. But at that time, he was too weak and didn't dare enter the star passages. That was seeking death itself.

And now? He was on the verge of going to the Pilgrimage Grounds and marching into the carefree realm. Accompanied by his domain methods, perhaps he really could counterattack when the time was right!

"Your innate talent in the field of domains is rather strong. Don't let down Uncle Sagemaster and the crystallization of this life's efforts. The piece of silver paper you obtained on the moon involves many important things. Mn, as you are proficient in domains, it will be smooth and easy for you to overcome those Taoist lands when the time comes. In fact, you could probably sneak in without anybody noticing, pick up the highest quality mutant soil and then make a quick escape after you're done. That's right, there are ways to do this. It's feasible!"

Yao Yao laughed. Her beautiful and radiant demeanor at the moment dazzled Chu Feng so much that he could hardly open his eyes.

When Chu Feng came to, he nodded and said, "I had similar notions before. As I evolve once again, I can slowly set it into motion."

On thinking of these possibilities, Chu Feng's heart and blood raged. Those orthodoxies which came from the starry skies bullied others intolerably. He could easily go in the opposite direction of the star passages and dismantle their domains. He would pillage their lands so that he could plant his own seeds!

If he did indeed reach such a powerful stage, maybe he really could occupy a couple of monasteries and bring down some evolver sects.

"Sister, what kind of great medicine do you need to make you… come back to life?" Chu Feng raised a sensitive topic. He looked at the woman in front of him and really couldn't tell that it was just a strand of consciousness. She was unique, exquisite and exceptionally quick-witted. She looked as though she were made of flesh and blood. How could it not be her real form?

It was heartbreaking to recall her death in the battle back then.

A person as incomparably talented and exquisite as her had actually met such an early demise. If she were still alive, she would've already illuminated the heavens!

Yao Yao shook her head, and said, "It requires too many things, all of which are strong divine medicines and panaceas which can only be encountered serendipitously. Some are legendary; there are written accounts of them but no one has ever seen the real thing. "

Chu Feng questioned intently. He insisted on gathering them for her, doing everything he could to help towards her resurrection.

"An immortal peach ancestral root with the most intense medicinal effects, the Nine Orifice Tribulation Flower, the Myriad Star Grass and the Fruit of Destiny. The rest are too difficult to find. We'll talk if you can find these first."

Yao Yao told him with a calm and tranquil expression. It was as if she didn't care about her present situation. Neither was she overjoyed that Chu Feng wanted to help her find the divine medicine.

Chu Feng was shocked. Sure enough, it would be difficult.

But on careful consideration, everything would vanish and forever fade away after death. How could one be resurrected? Unless the items were heaven-defying!

It was said that divine medicine could give life to the flesh and bones of the dead, but that was an exaggeration. Even heaven-illuminating experts couldn't possibly save someone once they had died.

To be brought back to life by divine medicine, one must still have retained that last breath and not pass away completely. They had to retain a wisp of vitality.

Yao Yao admitted that her real body was completely dead and that her spirit had been preserved by the legendary "Gold of Longevity". That aside, all was a deathly stillness.

Chu Feng's expression was grave as he inquired about the nature of those great divine medicines in detail.

The immortal peach ancestral root didn't need further elaboration. It was located in Kunlun, the home of the Gods, and was the only medicine that definitely existed on Earth. Unfortunately, the Earth was only just recovering. This meant that they had to wait for the root to be fully restored and bear fruits with the strongest medicinal effects.

On mention of the Nine Orifices Tribulation Flower, Yao Yao looked rather offbeat. This was because it had once appeared during her era.

Legend stated that this item would only appear by chance within thunderbolts and it was hard to come by one even with the passage of countless eras.

Its flower bud was shaped like a stone man. It was simple and ordinary, but the moment it blossomed within the terrifying thunder, even the lightning would lose its brilliance. It was exceptionally was dazzling and magnificent.

Back then, Yao Yao had crippled one of the heaven-chosen dao children of the ancestral orthodoxy. In the end, that person had unexpectedly obtained the Nine Orifices Tribulation Flower. Not only was his cultivation restored completely, but his strength had also advanced by leaps and bounds and became even more terrifying. He was valued by everyone and people believed he was destined to illuminated the heavens.

When Chu Feng heard of this he took in a gulp of cold air. That man was truly persistent, and also very lucky!

"And then? Is he illuminating the heavens now?" Chu Feng asked.

"And then, he didn't have much 'and then' left. He was incredibly confident in himself and came to find me. He was disrespectful to me and was deluded in trying to make me his dao companion. In the end, I crippled him once again." Yao Yao said relatively calmly.

Chu Feng was dumbstruck. This was completely different to what he had imagined. Such a lucky and persistent heavenly-chosen figure, as well as one of the top ten strongest dao children. Yet, in the end, he had been crippled once more!

Soon afterwards, Chu Feng once again inquired in detail after the origins of the latter two medicines.

The Ten Thousand Star Grass didn't actually grow in space, but in fact, originated from the core of a planet. Situated in what resembled a sealed rock cave, its location was rather bizarre and there were millions of strands of starlight inside the cave. It was incredibly extraordinary.

Reportedly, the Ten Thousand Star Grass could only be formed when star remnants accumulate in a cave deep within a planet's core.

It wouldn't necessarily be formed even after many years. When it did appear, it was wildly fought over as it could baptize a person's body into a myriad star physique. When the moment came, that person would be able to devour the heavenly celestial essence night and day. Their accomplishments would be unimaginable!

It had not been seen for many ages. Fortunately, it had appeared several times before in the past.

The Fruit of Destiny was an even rarer occurrence. Its name reflected the phenomena of returning destiny and could truly change one's fate. It was also what Yao Yao needed most.

This medicine was even stranger than the others. Occasionally, a single plant would grow inside a rock, but it would be hard to detect even if one were well-connected throughout the entire world and possessed unrivaled ability.

Back then, an old farmer was making a millstone when he cut open a rock to find a fruit inside. After he ate it his fate was directly transformed. As a result, he proceeded onto the path of evolution and became an exceptional almighty expert of the generation.

Chu Feng was rather astonished when he heard this. The latter two medicines could only be found under the ground or inside rocks?

Yao Yao nodded and said, "In fact, that also applies to the ancestral peach root. Back then it was dug out from a rock cave beneath Mount Kunlun before later being transplanted onto the ancestral mountain."

Chu Feng was flabbergasted. Those rare and precious divine medicines and panaceas were all produced underground? He couldn't help but inquire in further detail.

"For example, the fluids naturally formed within rocks could produce the sound of dogs barking, dragons groaning and phoenix crying. This could increase a weapon's spirituality.

Rare magnetic divine fruits might develop inside a star core and, once consumed, it can give someone the ability to transform into an incomparably horrifying origin magnetic sacred physique. It's an extremely terrifying physique!"

Yao Yao gave examples of more than a dozen different medicines formed underground and inside rocks and stones, all of which were divine.

In those days, that man who had transformed into his origin magnetic sacred form made enemies of all those from the four corners of the Earth. There was no one who could match him, as he had an astounding constitution.

In the end, in his encounter with Yao Yao, she had to put in a significant effort before she managed to overthrow him.

Chu Feng lamented. It was truly a tragedy for those who were heavenly-chosen to live in that era.

"As a domain researcher, I will strive to become a grandmaster or higher in the future. Then through these mountains and rivers, underground and in the starry skies, there will not be a single divine medicine or sacred fruit that can't be gathered by me. I will definitely collect all the things you need, sister!"

"Enough for now. I don't have a lot of time." Having said that, Yao Yao raised her head and looked into the sky once more.

Then without waiting for Chu Feng to ask any other questions, she told him that he could bring his family and friends into Mount Longhu. Here she would ensure their safety.

"As for you, it's up to you whether life or death awaits you. Your path is under your own feet."

On hearing this, the concern hidden within Chu Feng's heart immediately ebbed away. With his friends and family safe in Mount Longhu, he didn't have to worry about being threatened.

But at the same time, his heart and mind trembled. It felt as though Yao Yao was bidding farewell to him. What was she planning?

Yao Yao noticed he was anxious and said, "I'm fine. It's just that I just have no way of protecting you."

Then, she laughed. She looked at his spatial bottle and said, "Ah yes, you have quite a lot of loot, some of which are things I need. Turn them in."

Chu Feng was stunned. To one's surprise, the loot he needed to turn in was the saintess, Li Lin!

He really didn't know what to say!

As for Li Lin, she had no idea what was going on. However, she assumed that she was finally escaping Chu Feng. It was probably safer to be with a beautiful near-imaginary woman than that devil king.

"Yes, I'm confiscating this loot since I needed an obedient yet witty maid by my side. That lynx and magpie really didn't know how to look after others."

Chu Feng couldn't say much, and could only offer the girl.

He was rather open-minded about it. He would just subdue another dozen saintesses after going to the Pilgrimage Grounds and evolving.

In reality, as Chu Feng was casually pondering over this, those creatures from the outer realms stirred restlessly upon many star passages behind each and every famed mountain. Due to the news they had received, they were all eager to come into being!

This world was about to fall into turmoil!

A perilous situation was on the verge of striking through the sky!
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