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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 467: The Path of the Strong

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Chapter 467: The Path of the Strong
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"One, two, three… a whole eight eggs. This is a literal bastard!" [1]

Chu Feng's words caused the entire Origin Beast Platform to go quiet, followed immediately by an uproarious laughter. Many had thrown away all respect for the saint's dignity and were laughing their heads off.

Princess Yao was fairly satisfied with Chu Feng's well-coordinated follow-up. Her large glistening eyes glanced askance at outer space.

In outer space, Jun Tuo was so angry that he was trembling. The stone chariot he had been sitting on was rumbling and surging with primal chaos. The scene was incomparably terrifying.

At this time, he was so stifled and upset that he could almost spit out a mouthful of blood.

"You evil creature! You chose the path to destruction yourself! When, one day, I flatten his planet I will annihilate your nine generations!" Jun Tuo roared. He had lost all composure and was extremely resentful.

As an ancient saint, he sat high above the heavens and was hidden behind the primal chaos. Which race would dare provoke his great imposing might?

But his lungs had almost exploded since he had arrived outside of earth—he had been provoked time and time again. There were flames raging in the depths of his heart and smoke rising from his nostrils.

Chu Feng paid him no attention and was hesitating. "Shall we begin eating from the first egg to the last or in the reverse order?"

The eight quasi-divine-beast eggs were flowing with a resplendent silvery glow. They contained vigorous vitality within them and were doubtlessly great supplements.

Many people on the Origin Beast Platform were drooling. Quasi-divine beast eggs could only be chanced upon and not sought after. Who would bear to eat them after getting their hands on them? They would surely hatch the eggs and raise a quasi-divine beast.

More importantly, who dared eat them?! If a mature quasi-divine beast were to find out, it would definitely seek relentless vengeance!

"Deity Chu, please don't eat it. I'm willing to exchange a breathing technique for one divine egg!"

"Ah, I'm willing to trade a golden lotus for a starcore turtle egg!"

Within moments, the entire Origin Beast Platform was restless and in an uproar. Many people had fiery eyes and wished to trade with Chu Feng.

That was because they knew Chu Feng could also connect to the Origin Beast Platform. He had a photon computer in his hands.

"This old man is a great alchemist. I'm willing to trade it for three times the dosage of treasured medicine!"

The group of people spoke out in hopes of obtaining the starcore turtle eggs.

"Aren't they just a couple of quasi-divine beast eggs? The legends are simply overexaggerated. They merely contain a strand of vigorous origin vitality and have no effect on high-leveled evolvers." Yaoyao played it down. "If they do mature, for instance like that ancient turtle who's lived since antiquity, they would contain much more energy essence. Although old turtle meat is disgusting, they are indeed divine level supplements."


Jun Tuo was about to cough up blood. Such an obvious indirect insult! That was a blatant taunt!

On the Origin Beast Platform, many people were speechless. A being who had been living since antiquity was undoubtedly a saint. Up till now the starcore turtle race had only a single saint and that was Jun Tuo.

Doubtlessly, many young men had a favorable opinion of Yaoyao Becomes Immortal. She was akin to a celestial being.

"These starcore turtle eggs are useless?" Chu Feng asked.

"They're quite effective for you. The home planet has awakened and myriad lifeforms were growing rapidly, including evolvers and a year of cultivation here equals ten to a hundred years outside. However, there will still be a degree of internal dissipation or even spiritual consumption.

Princess Yao pushed out with her hand as she brought up this topic. The entire area became covered in mist and vanished completely from the Origin Beast Platform. The images from Mount Longhu could no longer be projected.

In truth, many people knew that the multitude of divine sons and saintesses had flocked here because they thought highly of the potential of rapid evolution.

There was a sage root under the ruined earth and it would awaken sooner or later. At that time, it would bear a sage fruit. This kind of fortune was unimaginable!

The stars that were ranked towards the front, for instance, the top-100 stars would definitely have a sage tree. But throughout the years they had already formed conventional regulations as to how the fruits should be distributed. Even the divine sones and saintesses were given only a limited quota.

In truth, the most important point was that myriad life had their own dao and their own rules. The will of the planet would suppress them all and not allow for an imbalance. That was why evolution had to follow a step by step procedure.

However, the rules were different for this once-powerful planet that had declined but had suddenly awoken. During the early phase, all life and their evolution would grow frantically and there wouldn't be a ceiling in the short term. The will of the planet wouldn't suppress them.

In truth, this didn't conform to the rules of the great dao.

This kind of fortune would only appear on once-glorious ancient planets that were recently awakening.

The mother star itself was evolving after its revival and wouldn't form a great dao suppression. That was why a year of cultivation here could equal ten to a hundred outside.

In the beginning, when Yellow Ox had just descended, he once told Chu Feng that cultivation and evolution here was highly advantageous. It was enough to make people go mad.

Naturally, many could only gaze from afar despite knowing how good this place was because traveling the star passages was extremely perilous and they would still have to pass through the gates of hell after arrival.

Yellow Ox only explained vaguely and hadn't gone into the details. Now that Yaoyao had mentioned things briefly, Chu Feng suddenly understood the details.

The earth's will was recovering. There would be a golden period on the short term and it mustn't be missed. It would be a lifelong regret if one were to miss this opportunity.

"Your one year of cultivation can already compare to ten years for others. Additionally, your speed of evolution has surpassed most of the people on earth. It so happens that we can supplement all of the subtle deficits with these eggs." The princess laughed.

Chu Feng was speechless. He clearly felt himself to be in great spirits.

"This is related to potential and future achievements. It's enough to supplement all of your internal dissipations," said Princess Yao.

"Thank you sister goddess!" said Chu Feng before bringing out pans and pots from his spatial bottle to cook the eggs in boiling water.

The first time, he only put in one egg. He wanted to taste it.

At this time, Princess Yao waved her hand and the area could once again be sensed from the outside.

Many people's eyes were frozen after seeing that Chu Feng was really going to cook the starcore turtle egg. He wasn't kidding?! Was he really going to enjoy quasi-divine beast eggs?

Some old people felt severe heartache. They wanted to say he was wasting natural resources. That was a quasi-divine beast! How could he eat it just like that?

"Tsch, what's the big fuss? This isn't a divine beast egg. Arent quasi-divine beasts used for food?" Yaoyao Becomes Immortal once again stated her opinion, kicking up a huge tempest.

This made the group of old fogeys swallow their anger.

As for Jun Tuo, he was bleeding from the corner of his mouth. He simply couldn't hold back the fury any longer. He had come here with a large force with the intention to fish. He was waiting for the survivors to appear so that he could go back and slaughter them.

He hadn't expected to lose descendants once again!

These eight starcore turtle eggs represented their retaliation!

He wanted to enter earth and kill that lady, but it was impossible. He couldn't force his way in.

There was one thing Jun Tuo didn't understand. Even his home planet had no more pure-blooded starcore turtles. How did the princess' uncle get his hands on eight whole eggs?!

On Mount Longhu, Chu Feng had been cooking for half a day but couldn't cook it through. In the end, he threw away the pottery and activated his energy flames to immolate the egg.

After several minutes, the turtle eggshell began to crack apart and suffuse the area with an aroma. It had finally been cooked through.

Princess Yao said carelessly, "Try it out and see how it tastes. If you like it, I know a certain dead star with a nest of starcore turtle eggs within. We can go and dig them up later on."

In outer space, Jun Tuo had finally realized the origin of the eggs. It turned out that they were sealed within an ancient star he didn't know of and recently dug up.

He was now incomparably apprehensive. Could there be a second nest of such eggs? If it was really true, he would summon up the courage to exchange benefits with the princess.

Jun Tuo wanted to contact the princess in secret. If there really was another nest, it was fine even if he had to lower his head temporarily!

Many old fellows on the Origin Beast Platform were shaken. Yaoyao Becomes Immortal had grasped Jun Tuo's weak point. At the same time, some famous individuals wanted to contact her for a trade.

"It tastes like chicken egg. Apart from the fragrance, there's nothing especially tasty about it." Chu Feng spoke thus on Mount Longhu.

Such words caused the Origin Beast Platform to erupt with a commotion!

The starcore turtle eggs were being described as having a chicken-like taste? How casual was he? Was this a shameful defeat or a low-keyed braggery?

The Origin Beast Platform was restless. Some old men were beating their chests because they felt it to be such a shameful waste!

Many young people were envious and jealous. That was a quasi-divine beast egg! It could be considered an answered prayer if one could have a single bite, but this person was being picky about it. Wasn't he afraid of being struck by lightning?!

In outer space, Jun Tuo finally couldn't endure any longer. He jumped out of the chariot and looked down toward earth with eyes like flickering lightning. He had revealed his true form.

He wasn't tall, but he was indeed strong. His countenance couldn't be seen clearly behind the primal chaos. He let out a low growl!

The princess nodded and said, "It's indeed such a taste. A pickled starcore turtle egg would taste relatively better as a side dish."

Many people were petrified after hearing this. She was even so experienced in eating this?! This demonic immortal sister was too heaven-defying! It seemed she had eaten her fair share in the past.

Many people on the Origin Beast Platform were howling as if they had been injected with phoenix blood. They admired this unconventional and heaven-defying lady greatly. Many people began to idolize her. She had bullied an ancient saint until he had almost gone crazy, but, in the end, he didn't dare accept her challenge. How stunning and tyrannical was she?!

Although Chu Feng said what he did, he also felt the medicinal effects immediately. Silver light burst out from his entire body as a dense origin qi raged through his flesh and blood.

Yaoyao becomes immortal waved her hand and hid the entire Mount Longhu from the Origin Beast Platform. She didn't want others to probe the scenes that would follow.

At the same time, she gazed up at the sky and said, "You should leave. What meaning is there in staying?!"

In the sky were the three saints, the two dao children, the Nine Yin Sparrow and the leaders of the machine race and Xilin army—this time, they had lost all face.

With that Yaoyao waved her hand and enshrouded the entire area in a white mist. At the same time, she brought out an azure-gold umbrella and covered up the area. Even saints wouldn't be able to see inside!

"There's not a lot of time. I'll tell you the important points, so listen carefully." Yaoyao was smiling faintly as always. However, Chu Feng was shaken—even though it was burning inside his body amidst the surging silver light and origin vital aura, he calmed himself down to listen attentively.

"The shackled realm is very important, but it's also the most easily overlooked!" With just that single word, Chu Feng became incomparably solemn. He didn't dare miss a single word.

"It's widely known that severing twelve shackles is enough to bring you into the carefree realm. This isn't wrong. But if you really want to become a supreme expert and step onto your own peerless path, this is incorrect. It's a lie and a trap to lead people astray."

Yaoyao's hair was lustrous and her eyes were charming. She was smiling faintly and her style was peerless. Everything she spoke of were major requirements for becoming a saint and could be considered secret inheritances.

Chu Feng inquired, "How many shackles are there in the human body?"

"Some say 36, some say 49 and others say 50!" Yaoyao replied with a smile and told him that it was different for each classification standard. Some people only looked at the big shackles while others count in the small, unnoticeable ones.

"You must sever all the shackles if you wish to be peerless under the starry skies!" Yaoyao warned him.

Chu Feng frowned immediately. He had only opened twelve shackles at the moment, so didn't it mean that he still had a long way to go? Just how long would it take?!

"To people of our human race, it's very difficult to several all shackles under normal conditions. They have to understand where the shackles are and then undergo many years of refinement. Additionally, one can also undergo a baptism with a saint medicine. That will open up all the shackles completely without going through them one by one! That is provided that you can endure the process and not die!"

"I can endure!" Chu Feng said with great resolution. He then said, "Do the peaches of immortality and ginseng medicine from the sacrificial altar in the Pilgrimage Grounds count as saint medicine?"

"That's right, go and obtain your own fortunes!" Yaoyao nodded.

Chu Feng said, "I heard sister went to the depths of Mount Kunlun alone to visit the home of myriad gods and that you wanted to pick the immortal peaches growing from the ancestral root to revive a certain person. Why don't you follow me to the Pilgrimage Grounds and take the immortal peaches there?"

"The person I wanted to save is myself. But even if I wait until the ancestral root bears immortal peaches, the effect on me isn't very good. I need too many, too many. The ones in the Pilgrimage Grounds didn't grow from the ancestral root and those offerings have been sitting there for countless years; their effects have dissipated by a fair bit. They're completely ineffective for me but more than enough for you."

Yaoyao was still smiling even when she said the one she needed to save was herself. She showed no sadness and seemed to view life and death lightly. She was completely cut off from sorrow and grief.

Chu Feng's heart was shaken. She wanted to revive herself? He was startled for a short moment, but he had already formed a resolution in his heart. He would try his best to revive Yaoyao!

"Even if you use divine medicine to baptize yourself, severing dozens of shackles in one go would leave a lot of internal dissipation in your body. So, these eight quasi-divine beast eggs will be very useful for you. That race possesses a long life and is the most suitable for this purpose. It can prevent your body from leaving hidden disasters and troubles," said Yaoyao.

Chu Feng immediately understood that the eight so-called divine eggs were used for this purpose.

There were many things Chu Feng wanted to ask. Whether it was regarding cultivation or the past matters, he wanted to ask Yaoyao clearly.

"You have your own methods and path. I don't want you to repeat my path. Otherwise, I'll just withdraw from the world myself!" Yaoyao said directly.

Chu Feng was said, startled, "I have too many enemies recently. Many divine sons, saintesses and those experts from Penglai. It's like the world is full of enemies!"

"Ha! A world full of enemies?! Back then, I was peerless throughout the heavens. Not only did I flatten all of my peers, but even those so-called old monsters and old antiques couldn't do anything against me! If I wasn't cut short, I would've become a heaven-illuminator by now!" Yaoyao glanced askance at him, her red lips brightly colored.

Chu Feng had been excited. He suddenly raised his head and said, "I've also announced on the Origin Beast Platform that I'm unrivaled under the heavens!"

Yaoyao replied, "This isn't something you say, but something you do. If you don't have a world full of enemies and suppress a sky full of opponents, how will you be able to look down on the starry skies? How will you face those old monsters? You have to know that even my father's generation was defeated! The only way is to get stronger!"


[1] The word 王八 = turtle/cuckold, 蛋 = egg and 王八蛋 mean bastard. A cuckold's offspring is naturally a bastard. The humor is based around these three words but it's difficult to bring along in the translation.
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