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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 466: Devouring the Starry Skies

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Chapter 466: Devouring the Starry Skies
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Princess Yao logged into the Origin Beast Platform and directly turned on challenge mode. Her access privileges were extremely high, and the text she sent out carried a piercing golden glow. The whole platform could see it.

"Jun Tuo, meet me on Life and Death Platform Number One! See you there!"

Golden symbols appeared and blossomed in everyone's photon computers, after which they were displayed for real in 3D. There was an indescribable aura to them.

There was a brief period of silence, and then the Origin Beast Platform erupted like a volcano. Just like a body of water breaching a dike, many people poured in and started shouting.

The Life or Death Platform One, which had been silent for years, had unexpectedly appeared once more and was now available to the public. Was there going to be a big fight receiving widespread attention!?

One must know that it had been unused and collecting dust for a long time. Once it was used, it was either a fight between saints or a power struggle between the strongest characters of the universe. It was certain to cause an earthquake.

Every battle received great attention and made the heavens tremble.

This woman named Yaoyao Becomes Immortal had unexpectedly opened the Life or Death Platform One as soon as she logged on, and she wanted to challenge Jun Tuo.

Outside of Earth, Jun Tuo's face went dark and the qi of primal chaos surged in his war chariot. It was obvious that his heart was disturbed. He was furious, but even more so, he was afraid.

The Origin Beast Platform was quite special. It could resonate with people's spirits and was no different from a physical battle.

"I am an ancient saint, how could I make a scene with you? You have no right to challenge me!" said Jun Tuo coldly and indifferently.

This was because he saw that Life or Death Platform One had a restriction. Terrifying flying runes were carved into it; similar to the Equality of All Life domain, it would bring the challengers onto the same level.

How could he possibly compete with this woman while his hands and feet were tied? Even if he was the ancient saint, he still felt uncertain because back then, this woman had been too dazzling!

"No, right? Are you joking?" Princess Yao smiled coldly, and her hair flew upwards as she looked disdainfully at the saint from the corner of her eye and said, "In a fight on the same level, I am unparalleled in the starry skies! I'll behead you like a chicken!"

Such flamboyant words immediately created an uproar on the Origin Beast Platform. Many people started loudly clamoring after they heard it and called for them to quickly start the battle, saying that they would see them on Life or Death Platform One.

"You're no saint. In the end, you're just a powerless ant. It's beneath me to pay attention to you!" Jun Tuo's face went dark and his voice went ice cold. He wouldn't take part in this no matter what.

Back then, when this woman was in power, there were saints who would suppress their skills to exchange pointers with her. In the end, they were defeated with nothing left to say.

According to reports, later on, there were saints who didn't believe in heresy and challenged her in private. In the end, they were defeated as well.

Jun Tuo was a person of that generation. Why should he find trouble for himself? Winning didn't matter, but if he lost, how could he show his face in this world?

Before, he really didn't understand. Even if saints suppressed their dao skills, they still shouldn't suffer such defeat!

Unless this woman already understood the territory of saint-level beings and comprehended enough. It seemed she could cross into the saint realm whenever she wanted but never took that step.

This was Jun Tuo's previous guess. If it were so, then he definitely did not dare to battle against this Princess Yao. In the end, this woman was too powerful.

She might be very extraordinary. She wasn't a saint, but she still had the power to slaughter them!

"Timid. It suits your starcore turtle race's personality perfectly." Yaoyao Becomes Immortal's words played things down, but to the spectators, it sounded like a clap of thunder.

She disdained saints like they were nothing in her eyes.

At this moment, Yaoyao Becomes Immortal had put on a golden mask. Her face was hidden, but the confidence and aggressiveness of her countenance could still be felt by everyone.

"Throughout the heavens, I am without rival!"

This was not the first time Yaoyao Becomes Immortal had said these words. Not long ago someone called it into question, but now, seeing her in this kind of a rising stance, and then seeing Jun Tuo avoiding battle, everyone realized that there was some degree of credibility in her words!

Now, not only was there an insurrection on the Origin Beast Platform, many places throughout the heavens were in an uproar and were unable to achieve tranquility.

Some saints came out in succession. There were those who had existed for countless years, and there were also newly-advanced saints.

"It's really her!" exclaimed a being that had lived since ancient times with a complicated and quite rueful expression. This was because he had lived through that period of time, and even though he was now a saint, he had still been suppressed and shamed by Yaoyao Becomes Immortal.

There was another saintess whose pupils had contracted. She was positive that she had seen Princess Yao, not an impersonator. Her heart pounded. In those days, she wasn't a saint. After the war on Earth had started, she and a group of top-notch divine sons and saintesses had gone to kill Yaoyao Becomes Immortal. The resulting campaign was miserable, and aside from herself and a few others, everyone else had been killed.

Back then, Princess Yao always wore snow-white clothes and her good looks were peerless. Between her hands was the carnage of divine sons and the fall of saintesses. She was like an immortal demon!

Even though it was a long time ago and this woman had already reached sainthood, every time she dreamed of those events, she couldn't help but feel her heart tremble. It was like a nightmare, and she could still feel a chill in the depths of her heart.

"Why haven't you thoroughly died? How can you reappear alive? Even if it's an obsession, it still should have dissipated!" Even though she was a saint, she still felt disturbed. She feared that one day, Princess Yao would really defy the heavens and come back.

Yaoyao Becomes Immortal's laughter was a bit cold and irreverent. She stated, "Jun Tuo, since you're afraid, I'll allow you to call on helpers. Is three enough? If not, then invite nine! If you still feel cowardly, then I have nothing more to say!"

This was like the sound of immortal lightning from the Ninth Heaven exploding on the Origin Beast Platform. It shook the heavens, and all parties could no longer sit still. Everyone felt their mouths go dry and their souls tremble.

Nine invited saints plus Jun Tuo himself was ten saints!

Was this woman crazy? Who dared to do this? Who could do this? She wanted to slaughter the saints despite not being one. What's more, it was one against ten. It was sheer insanity!

"Do you dare?" asked Yaoyao Becomes Immortal once again.

At this moment, everyone felt her confidence. Under her golden mask, she was in high spirits, and she had that kind of aggressiveness that could swallow the stars and shake people's hearts!

The Origin Beast Platform was quiet.

Outside the Earth, Jun Tuo felt a stagnated fire being held back in his chest. Angrily he said, "I already told you, as a saint, I cannot be bothered to pay attention to you!"

"Heh, heh... " Princess Yao was laughing. To Jun Tuo's ears, it was undoubtedly a taunt.

Yaoyao Becomes Immortal wore her golden mask, and her satin hair shone brightly. Her figure was tall and perfect. At this time, she used an immortal gold chain to bind her left arm.

Everyone was stunned. What was she doing?

"I'll fight the ten of you one-handed!" Her voice was extremely pleasant to listen to, but on people's ears, it was like the star river breaching its dike. It carried too much force.

The Origin Beast Platform seethed with noise and excitement like raging waves beating against the shore.

At this time, the Saber Saint appeared again and said, "Speaking out of conscience, if senior Jun Tuo really dares come to Platform One, he will die without a doubt. He is far from being Yaoyao Becomes Immortal's competitor."

A saint had spoken, and to their surprise, he had spoken like this...

In an instant, countless people started shouting. The boiling cauldron of voices was truly earth-shattering. It was a giant mess.

Jun Tuo's face was as dark as a pot. He had been undermined by a saint and this carried more influence than anything else. He felt his lungs were about to burst from anger.

"Sir, Princess Yao has appeared once again. It may be possible that she still lives!"

In a resplendent part of the heavens, there was a famous person controlling a broken and empty shuttle who had appeared in a tranquil place.

This place was the outer realm and not on a vital star. It was in the boundless universe and all the stars in the sky glittered with an eternal radiance.

A young man sat cross-legged in silence. He respired the glow of the sun, moon, and star. He was connected to all the heavens. Following his breathing, groups of stars would sparkle and almost seemed to be trembling.

He was comprehending heaven-illumination!

His eyes were closed, and he did not open them. Only two words came from his mouth. "Yaoyao!"

In an instant, the area was submerged into a primal chaos. He became increasingly fuzzy and hazy, and then the stars in the heavens glowed, resonating with him.

When he said "Yaoyao", his voice had a force. Its willpower was firm, and it was different from the Origin Beast Platform possessor Lin Qi.

At that time, glistening teardrops had formed in front of Lin Qi's eyes. He knew he would never again see that young woman who had formerly worn clothes whiter than snow. He was gloomy and calling out lightly.

"Sir, she had previously been engaged to you. Aren't you going to…"

"I know!"

On the Origin Beast Platform, everyone felt fear and trepidation because one after one they had seen traces of some saints appear on this platform. This startled and petrified many people.

They knew that the saint had come for Yaoyao Becomes Immortal. He wanted to see with his own eyes whether or not it was really her!

At this time, Yaoyao Becomes Immortal no longer paid attention to Jun Tuo. Even though she had been speaking to him a while ago, she already disdained to pay him any attention. This made Jun Tuo's face go red, revealing a desire to kill.

But what could he do? He could only conceal his anger. What if he really went onto the Origin Beast Platform and was unsuccessful in his task? He didn't dare do that.

Jun Tuo had said the battle was beneath him, but in the end, it was actually Yaoyao Becomes Immortal who disdained to take action and ignored him.

"Greetings Mistress!" [1]

At this time, a young man appeared on Life or Death Platform One. He was very handsome and scholarly, and his manner was refined and courteous. He greeted Yaoyao Becomes Immortal with great respect.


Many people were startled. Another person was now on the platform, and he had unexpectedly addressed Yaoyao Becomes Immortal. It was shocking.

"I am yet to be married. You dare engage in slander and blasphemy!?"

Yaoyao Becomes Immortal's smile was indifferent, and she directly attacked. Nobody had seen her move, but the handsome young man was already sent flying into the star obelisks on the edge of the battle platform.

"He's the quasi-saint Zhao Heng!" someone cried out in surprise as they recognized the young man.

At the same time, the people were amazed to discover that on Zhao Heng's face was the distinct mark of a high-heeled shoe. It branded the left side of his face and left a bruise.

A quasi-saint unexpectedly couldn't evade and was directly sent flying. This made many people's scalps explode.

When they found out his identity, people were even more scared.

"Quasi-saint Zhao Heng. Isn't he one of the disciples of that man who is on the verge of illuminating the heavens?"



Zhao Heng's face turned red, and his body was stiff. He stood up straight and in an instant became tranquil. He looked at Yaoyao Becomes Immortal and said, "Princess!"

"Ah, there is a flame of anger in your eyes and resentment and indignation in your heart. You actually want to fight with me, is that it? I'll satisfy you!" stated Princess Yao. She crossed over in a single step.

Quasi-saint Zhao Heng did not dare to get careless or hastily attack because he knew full well how terrifying this woman was. But inwardly, he was also excited because he wanted to use this as a pretext to ponder on the dao.

And then, after just one exchange of blows, there was no more "and then".

Yaoyao Becomes Immortal's hands were filled with a white mist, and with a flash of sword qi, quasi-saint Zhao Heng's head fell on the ground. After that, it transformed into a rain of light and disappeared.

It was too fast! In just an instant, the battle was decided!

"What a pity. If both parties' spiritual forms followed along the vine of a thousand stars and entered the Origin Beast Platform, then life and death could really be separated." Yaoyao Becomes Immortal was regretful.

Everyone had been stunned for a long while. A quasi-saint—one of that person's disciples—had been decapitated by her as soon as he showed his face. This kind of technique was too heaven-defying.

Afterwards, Yaoyao Becomes Immortal logged out and left.

Jun Tuo the ancient saint was very angry. In a short period of time, he had completely lost face. He had been challenged by that woman, and after all was said and done, he did not dare accept her challenge. People throughout the heaven were certainly laughing at him.

However, it still wasn't too late. On Mount Longhu, Princess Yao saw Chu Feng and said, "Let me get you something to eat."

At this time, Chu Feng's heart was like billowing waves striking the heavens. Now, he too had the photon computer in his hand. He had witnessed everything from beginning to end, and his feelings were hard to put into words. Yaoyao Becomes Immortal was too breathtaking.

"Mn, I had people from the depths of the heavens mail this thing over. You can only receive one on the Star Passage, and can't take it into Earth's space."

Princess Yao revealed a smiling expression and took Chu Feng into the depths of Mount Longhu's folded space.

There was a live broadcast on the Origin Beast Platform, and everyone was following it closely.

Outside of Earth, Jun Tuo was also watching.

"Yes, this is a nest of quasi-divine beast eggs that a certain uncle got from the depths of space not long ago. I'm giving it to you as a gift. It's quite the nourishing item." Princess Yao revealed a faint smile as she said this.

Chu Feng opened the jade and stone box, immediately discovering eight silver white eggs that emitted glowing rays of light which surged to the skies.


In a flash, Jun Tuo cried out with a fiery rage that could burn the nine heavens!

This was because he recognized that those were starcore turtle eggs. Their race's population was sparse and on the verge of extinction with no more pureblood descendants. But, there on Mount Longhu, eight mysterious eggs appeared just like that. It astonished him, and afterwards, his vision darkened. He had almost fainted despite being a saint.

"How do you eat this?" Chu Feng wanted to ask if he should fry it or boil it.

However, Yaoyao Becomes Immortal glanced at the sky and laughed as she said, "There are so many! Of course, you should throw one, boil one, smash one, fry one…"

Chu Feng wiped away his sweat and instantly felt laden with grief for the eggs on behalf of Jun Tuo.

"Intolerable bullying!" Outside the earth, Jun Tuo felt he was about to explode!


[1]The word 师娘 refers to one's master's wife. There is no such word in English.
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