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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 465: The Peerless Immortal Yao

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Chapter 465: The Peerless Immortal Yao
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The mysterious woman's clothing was extremely modern. She wore the newest style of dress, which exposed her exquisite, snow white shoulders, and a girdle that gave prominence to her impressive and beautiful curves.

The power in the palm of her hand was terrifying. Her palm split the void and swatted 150 battleships to pieces one by one. The explosions were splendid and beautiful!

What kind of strength was this? With a wave of her slender and lily-white hand, battleships that could cross the starry skies burst into pieces. How much power did that snow-white hand hold?

She was slender and elegant. Her skirt went to her thighs, and one side was deliberately cut out to form an asymmetrical beauty and expose a pair of perfectly straight, pale and long white legs.

On her feet, she wore a pair of crystal high heels, making her flawless and astonishing figure even more graceful and refined. Even the nine-heads-tall figure of legend was greatly inferior to her.

It was precisely this kind of extremely fashionable lady who had stunned the people watching the scene with her combat strength—they were scared out of their wits.

In the distance, there was another group of battleships. Inside, the members of the machine race and the Xilin race were dumbstruck and trembling. A chill emerged from the bottom of their hearts. What kind of person had they encountered?

Chu Feng was also stunned. He looked at her modern attire and then at her performance. He was simply a confused mess.

This had originally been a classic beauty who had been sealed since ancient times. Yet now she had the appearance of a fashionable young woman.

This sister wasn't just talking big—she unexpectedly had remarkable magic powers!

Chu Feng had always thought that he had been conned before. He felt that this woman, who was beautiful beyond words, was quite adept at scamming people and had completely deceived him. But looking now… he felt dizzy.


The woman blew a breath of air. It was light, slow, and even a bit languid. She said, "Finally I can vent my anger. You dare to rely on these beetles to try and stir the winds and rains? Back then, my family dismantled and researched the machine race's warships. There's actually nothing great about them."

As soon as she said those words, the pupils of the machine people in the distant warships shrank. They were thoroughly frightened and became increasingly uneasy. They felt they had encountered an incomparably terrifying existence.

Chu Feng's mouth twitched. He was fully aware that even if this young woman really possessed remarkable abilities, she also loved to brag. It was that kind of bragging that made one go dizzy and believe it to be all true.

Last time, he was poisoned deeply. At that time, he had believed her to be a celestial being and wanted to follow behind her.

The mysterious woman gathered together her sparkling hair. The beautiful and almost ephemeral countenance revealed an indifferent and slightly cold smile as she looked ahead at the fleet of battleships.

"Xilin clan I don't have anything more to say to you. I'll smack you all to death!"

She attacked as soon as she finished speaking. Her lustrous, lily-white hand stretched forward once more and struck toward the distant air. "Bang, bang, bang..." Another eighty battleships exploded into pieces in succession.

The energy wave was terrifying and undulated like the waves of a vast body of water. In the end, the burning energy radiance was absorbed by Mount Longhu.

The spirits of the machine race were trembling. There were people from the Xilin clan on those battleships and, in just a split second, their ships had perished along with them.

It wasn't that they didn't want to escape, but rather that they couldn't move. This part of the sky was now like a swamp, and all of the battleships had sunk into its depths, unable to move.

"Sister Goddess is indeed an immortal phoenix among humans." Chu Feng swallowed a mouthful of saliva as he praised her. His mouth and tongue had indeed dried up while watching. Before this woman, the machine army that had been chasing him down completely collapsed in just one blow.

There was no need to doubt the mysterious woman's beauty. When she revealed her face for the first time, it immediately made those in that high-level restaurant in Shuntian fall completely silent. She immediately caught everyone's eyes because her beauty was truly too outstanding, and.

Even the great demon Manchurian Tiger and the black yak wanted to shamelessly pursue her. And even Chu Feng, with his level of self-control, found his eyes somewhat fixed upon her during their first meeting.

According to the Great black yak and others' assessment, this woman was the kind of demoness one would only see once every few generations.

Of course, when they finally learned of her identity, both the black yak and the Great Demonic Manchurian Tiger were so scared they nearly turned and ran, never again daring to comment on her appearance.

Such a peerless beauty actually also possessed an equally stunning strength. It was truly incomprehensible.

"Her Majesty the Princess is actually alive! The peerless Immortal Yao's elegant manner is still same as it was back then," said the Hundred Transformations Saint Yuwen Chengkong.

"Ah, even a small-fry like you dares exhibit your holy powers in front of me. The affairs of the world really are inconstant. It's quite comical. I remember back then when I swatted the heavenly knights' second in command to death, you were shivering off to the side. If I hadn't gone to chase and kill the leader of the heavenly knights, you all would have been dead."

The mysterious woman sneered rudely as she exposed these old affairs from the past. It was unknown if they were true or false.

To say nothing of Chu Feng, even those on the Origin Beast platform had broken into a commotion. A saint had once trembled in fear in front of this woman! Just what was her identity?

"Oh heavens. Who is this beautiful, immortal sister? Her haughty attitude clashes with the heavens. It's enough to scare people to death!"

At the same time, many people were discontented and rebelling because they were only able to get a hurried glance at this mysterious woman's features. They couldn't see clearly, and they only felt that she was incomparably stunning before she was concealed yet again.

This was her own method. They weren't able to capture her figure, but they could hear her voice.

At the same time, the people behind the Origin Beast platform were shocked. They were spellbound, then they severely admonished the people under them saying that even if they could capture her appearance, they must not release it.

"The Peerless Immortal Yao of those years still lives? Back then, you… didn't you die in battle?" said one of the possessors of the Origin Beast platform. His voice was shaky and great fluctuations raged in his heart, unable to calm down.

As for the people on the Origin Beast platform, everyone had gone crazy as they continuously inquired about her background, wanting to get to the bottom of the matter.

"Who is this woman? She appears to have a huge influence. She's called the "Peerless Immortal Yao." Is she of the demon clan?"

"She's not from the demon clan. I seem to have heard of her. In ancient times, there was an extremely famous woman who had the "Yao" character in her name, but she was actually human."

"The Peerless Immortal Yao, I remember! When a certain saint passed away, a letter was released that seemed to have mentioned this name. She was a princess of a supreme evolver dynasty from the rank-eleven planet. She's a human, but her name has a "Yao" character. She's extremely brilliant, and in the past, she had lit up the whole sea of stars and was thus called the Peerless Immortal Yao."

Needless to say, it was hard to conceal the actual historical facts. It was impossible to know the details of some old past affairs, but some odd bits and pieces could still be caught.

Within a few moments, the mysterious woman's background was partially revealed!

"Ah, Your Majesty surely jests. That sire man in the heavens must be very happy that you live," said Yuwen Chengkong.

"As far as trash like you are concerned, I couldn't be bothered to take notice of you. Now, I still don't feel like paying attention to you," said Princess Yao coldly.

Chu Feng sighed in secret. This woman was really aggressive. She berated a saint to his face and made light of it with contemptuous disregard. It would seem she really was an extraordinary character back in the day."

"Ah, Princess, today I have already achieved sainthood. Meanwhile, you have let the years slip by while accomplishing nothing. You've been wasting your time." Yuwen Chengkong said this in a neutral voice.

"Not to mention sainthood. Even if you can illuminate the heavens, you had once kneeled at my feet back then. Yet now you dare to be so insolent? In those days, the masters of the person you followed were all defeated by my hand. Back during that era, who in this area of the starry skies dare disobey?" Although Princess Yao was incomparably beautiful, her aggressiveness was also without boundary.

As soon as these words were said, the Origin Beast platform was shaken. Everyone was stunned, and monstrous waves welled up in their hearts.

"Mmm, some of the Xilin race survived? Go to hell!"

On Longhu Mountain, Princess Yao glanced back and stared into the distance. Once again, she slapped out with a rumbling sound and the fleet of battleships was crushed to pieces and transformed into energy beams.

"The machine race colludes with the Xilin clan and have descended here. Do they think themselves rulers? Do they think they can kill anyone they want, do anything they please? They must also die!"

At this time, Princess Yao opened her mouth and blew out a breath of air. The snow-white mist was like thunder as it surged forth. In the end, the battleships that filled the sky all burst into fine powder.

Chu Feng's eyes were fixed on the scene. This young woman really wasn't boasting, and she only relied on herself. He surmised that if no saints descended, she would be unrivaled throughout the whole world.

"Sister, you really are peerless and incomparable!" Chu Feng exclaimed in admiration, appropriately flattering her.

"This is nothing. Back then when I did battle with those of the same rank, I was known to be peerless under the starry skies!" Princess Yao was not modest at all and spoke thus.

On the Origin Beast platform, everyone was flabbergasted. This princess was truly awesome, terrifying, domineering and also breathtaking. However, wasn't she boasting a little too much?

Not long ago, the aboriginal Chu Feng had also said these kinds of words, and many people had ridiculed him. Now, a goddess from the same planet was also talking like this. It really made everyone speechless.

"I'm afraid it is not true. Back then there were still some people who could vie for splendor with you. For example, your fiancé." Obviously, Yuwen Chengkong was intentionally provoking Princess Yao.

Princess Yao only sneered and said, "He's already dead to me! Besides, if anyone was willing to compete with me for splendor, why did they not jump out back then? You're just a group of frogs in the universe's pond!"

This was mocking the entire group. Chu Feng dumbfounded—this sister was indeed brilliant beyond compare, but with this kind of rising self-confidence, he reckoned she would be ridiculed by a large group of people. He felt quite resentful.

"A princess of an eliminated orthodoxy dares to boast shamelessly. No matter what you say, you're still powerless to defy the heavens. No matter what you say, this isn't your era!" The ancient sage Jun Tuo finally opened his mouth. It was clear that he had lived through that era and knew the princess's graceful bearing from the old days.

"Ah, the starcore turtle. I wondered who it was. You've certainly lived a long time, but your strength is still nothing much. Back then, you were beaten up by my housekeeper like a stray dog. You were so alarmed and in dire straights. In the end, you barely escaped this calamity with your life. Today you've come to reveal yourself before me? Back then, the housekeeper brought back a piece of starcore turtle meat. Frankly, the flavor was nothing special! I presume it was you?"

Every time Princess Yao opened her mouth, she would inevitably expose some old affairs. She was really jabbing into the depths of some people's hearts.

The ancient sage Jun Tuo snarled, and a palm swatted downward. He wished he could just kill her!

However, at this time the Earth's domains lashed back, and terrifying runes emerged. After the sage really attacked, the counterattack domain arranged personally by the Sagemaster was triggered and began to advance torrentially.

In the end, Jun Tuo let out a stifled groan.

Princess Yao sneered and said, "After all these years, you still can't deal with the domain arranged by the Sagemaster. You were even dealt a heavy blow! Sure enough, it's hard for the starcore turtles to produce a master."

This was an undisguised taunt.

This caused a commotion on the Origin Beast platform. People were certain that this princess had experienced splendid past events that normal people couldn't even imagine. She viewed saints as commoners!

"You will pay the price!" Jun Tuo said coldly.

"I think it's you who will be immediately paying the price!" Princess Yao said, laughing grimly. Then, she used the machine race's photon computer to log in to the Origin Beast platform. She was about to take action.

After that, someone on the Origin Beast platform saw an extremely ancient account. Someone named "Yaoyao Becomes Immortal" had entered.

"Oh, little Linzi really saved it for me. In the beginning, the Origin Beast platform was only small-scale, and it was just a battle platform for a small group of people. I never imagined it would develop this rapidly and its influence would be this great. Little Linzi, you're quite considerate to have saved this account for me."

She spoke thus to herself.

Afterwards, a certain possessor behind the Origin Beast platform was actually said in disappointment and frustration, "I've already grown old, and you're still so young, but… Is it really you?"

At this point, Lin Qi was incomparably gloomy and said, "I know, you've already died in battle. All that's left behind is an obsession. The former you was so stunning with numerous followers and everyone submitted to you with great cheer. In the final battle, you passed away—all that's left is a memory of tyranny and the desire for battle."

The possessor of the Origin Beast platform, Lin Qi, had already achieved sainthood. Additionally, he was the type of saint with the most terrifying strength. But at this moment, glistening teardrops appeared in his eyes as he said, "Never again will I see you wearing clothes whiter than snow. You were witty and breathtaking, your talent was without peer…" Now, the tears were falling from his eyes as he said, "The rumors are true. A piece of life-extending gold preserved your corpse and kept a shred of hope. Now, your tyrannical obsessions walk the earth."

"Yaoyao." Finally, he called out gently. His voice was very low.

Note: In the original Chinese version, she is referred to as 绝代妖仙 or 妖公主, as her name contains the character 妖 (yao). The character 妖 can also be translated as "demon", making the people on the Origin Beast platform wonder if she's actually a demon.
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