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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 454: Seizing the Saintess

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Chapter 454: Seizing the Saintess
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On the other side of the monastic robe, Saintess Li Lin arranged six dusty stones into a pattern that, when connected together, looked like a six-pointed star. They were unexpectedly attached to the blood-red robe.

Chu Feng knitted his brows slightly. This beautiful woman also understood domains?

Those six dusty stones all had strong magnetic properties. Their magnetic field values were excessively high, and he felt they were quite out of the ordinary. He carefully probed, and his heart skipped a beat. These were no ordinary objects.

These were profound magnets, which could be refined into implements needed by domain researchers such as Domain Breaking Flags. Profound magnets were exceptional materials and were significantly more valuable than magnetic crystals.

Chu Feng's Fiery Eyes penetrated the monastic robe. The two light beams collided with it, and as he gazed at the six dusty magnetic stones, his heart trembled. These stones contained domain runes.

At this moment, he did not go to observe those things that would easily cause him to grow a sty. Instead, he attentively prepared for battle.


Chu Feng immediately attacked and shook out the monastic robe, making it jolt violently. He wanted to get rid of those six profound magnets.

He already understood that the six profound magnets were a kind of integrated component that was densely packed with runes. They could not compare to the four Dragon Locking Pillars, but the six stones could also form a formidable kind of domain.

Li Lin wanted to confine his use of the monastic robe. Without a word, she had already played a ruthless hand.

While Chu Feng was moving, Li Lin had a feeling, and a glistening yellow object appeared in her hand. It was rather simple and unadorned. She directly pressed it against the monastic robe.

That was a part of the Buddhist race's weaponry, a pestle!

"Mischievous girl!" Chu Feng's complexion changed. Previously, he hadn't taken her seriously, yet now he was incredibly serious. Saintess Li Lin wanted to confine the monastic robe and planned to seize it.

She used the Buddhist race's treasured pestle to deal with the robe, with six profound magnets used for support. If she was truly to have her way, Chu Feng's troubles would be much greater.


The monastic robe fluttered and flew up in an instant, fluctuating like a scarlet sea with waves that struck the heavens.

Li Lin was quite calm. Even though just now Chu Feng had been like a great demon king as he killed a group of carefree-realm evolvers, she was still unafraid.

This was because she knew that once the monastic robe that her opponent relied on was paralyzed, this so-called attacking the carefree realm as a shackled realm was impossible.

Bang, bang, bang...

The glistening yellow pestle in her hand glowed and repeatedly exploded on the monastic robe, resonating with it. She wanted to seize this treasure!


The large bell let out a pensive toll. Chu Feng shook the monastic robe while his own body charged over. On his head was a large bell inscribed with numerous beasts of the Twelve Xingyi True Forms, as well as the Flood Dragon and the Primordial Yak. Additionally, it was emitting an astonishing mist.

The six profound magnets had clung to the monastic robe, but it still exhibited a portion of its domain abilities, enveloping Li Lin in red light.

The Equality of All Life domain was fantastic, but because of the six profound magnets, it was unable to achieve its true potential. The magnets had a huge influence and rendered the monastic robe's domain unstable!

In addition, Li Lin also had the Buddhist race's treasured pestle in her hand, which could pose a serious threat to Chu Feng.

Obviously, Chu Feng realized the danger.

The cry of a flood dragon rang out. Chu Feng had utilized domain techniques to bring the two brass pillars up from beneath the ground. They were the Dragon Locking Pillars. With a whooshing sound, they flew into the monastic robe, directly heading to suppress the six profound magnets.

Although the two people still hadn't collided directly, it seemed both of them might encounter danger. The domain was raging, and nobody dared to be careless.

Boom! Boom!

There was a sound like rolling thunder as brilliant rays of light burst out from the red monastic robe. The sound was deafening.

One could see that the gold threads on the robe seemed to have come to life. They were surging and trembling as they interweaved together to form a glaring screen of light.

The six profound magnets also glowed. They were no longer dusty, and they made a great effort to calm down the monastic robe.

Li Lin held the treasured pestle in her hand and no longer targeted the robe, but rather directly attacked Chu Feng. Because she had already struggled free of the red light, she could preserve her carefree-realm capabilities.

Luckily, the Dragon Locking Pillars had come just in time. Although there were only two pillars, they were still able to obstruct her!


Everyone felt their hearts pounding. Chu Feng had started a massacre and swept away his enemies. He had just reversed the situation, but, in the end, Saintess Li Lin had suddenly attacked and caused him trouble.

Among the Earth's native evolvers, the young Xingyi master Xu Qing's mood was complicated. One minute he was making a fist, and the next minute he relaxed it as he watched Chu Feng attentively.

He had perfected his first arts, and his understanding of the Xingyi form of martial arts was rarely matched. As soon as he saw that huge bell, he knew that this was created by the Twelve Xingyi True Forms.

Xu Qing immediately understood that the person who had fought dirty against him was Chu Feng. He had knocked him out, snatched the true Xingyi scroll, and even threw him into the garbage bin.

It was truly ridiculous. It was intolerable!

Were it not for his fear of Chu Feng's strength, he would already have charged up. He definitely wouldn't let go of this person who had ambushed him. It was truly disgraceful and vile.

"The stately Demon King Chu attacking me from behind and striking me on the back of my head with a weapon? Have you no shame?" These were Xu Qing's words. Presently, he had almost cursed out loud.

He had always been silent and cautious, but now he was agitated!


At this time, a change occurred on the battlefield. The six profound magnets had been removed by Chu Feng. The monastic robe erupted with light and was completely liberated.

Saintess Li Lin's expression changed slightly. She used the pestle to extricate herself from the battle and dashed out toward the grassland.

Chu Feng chased after her. He put away the six profound magnets, shrunk the monastic robe, and wrapped it around himself. He was suffused with red light and his defenses became even more dependable.

At the same time, a golden thread flew out from the monastic robe like a thread and wrapped around saintess Li Lin as though it had a connection with her.

It wasn't a material object but a golden beam of light. It had already wrapped itself around Li Lin's slender waist and almost bound her up.

Li Lin activated the treasured pestle, wanting to break the golden beam of light, but failed. It was a divine magnetic beam and thus could not be broken. However, it could also not hurt her. They were tangled together and made it difficult for her to break free.

The two of them were shocked. They had been connected together by the monastic robe.

"Let go!" said Li Lin.

Although she looked very calm, a spiritual light flashed through the depths of her eyes. She wanted to break free immediately. She was a saintess who had come from another planet, yet she was tangled with someone like this?

"What do you mean let go? Perhaps today I could accomplish my initial desire of capturing a saintess and use her as a maid." Chu Feng went forward for the kill. He wanted to use the domain within the monastic robe to achieve Equality of All Life and seize her in battle.

Everyone who heard this was dumbfounded. Were they hearing things? Demon King Chu wanted to catch a saintess and have her be his maid?!


Li Lin attacked. Her beautiful figure erupted with pure and gentle brilliance as she activated her secret technique. She brandished the treasured pestle and smashed toward Chu Feng.

However, Equality of All Life activated when the two approached each other. She couldn't kill Chu Feng.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After numerous clashes, the two pulled back but they were still connected by the golden thread.

"Let's call it a day. What say you?" Li Lin spoke. She didn't want to be entangled with Chu Feng. For a saintess, this was already taking a step back.

"You attacked me first and now you want to leave just like that after seeing things aren't looking so good? How can things be so convenient?" Chu Feng wasn't willing to let go.

"Although this monastic robe contains the Equality of All Life domain, it also has an effective duration. Are you sure you want to keep going? When the domain goes into cooldown, you know the consequences." Li Lin exposed his secret on the spot.

In the distance, saint child Li Qing and the others revealed peculiar expressions. Once that happened, it would be a rare opportunity, and they believed Chu Feng wouldn't have any other hidden methods.

But Li Qing was still very calm and had no intention of attacking all the while.

"I only need to seize you before that happens," said Chu Feng.

"I'll admit defeat if this is a major domain like Deliverance of All Life. I'll also concede if it's an indomitable attack domain like the Sixteen-Foot Golden Body. But you're too conceited if you think you can take me down with this defective Equality of All Life domain."

Li Lin was still quite calm. Her skin was lustrous and her beautiful face revealed a wisp of chill as she faced this native who had announced that he would capture her as a maid. To a saintess, this was clear irreverence and taking liberties.

"There's nothing left to say. Let's see if I can take you down before the cooldown sets in or if you can laugh till the end!" Chu Feng attacked. He went along the beam of light connecting them and tangled with her.

Bang, bang, bang!

Li Lin felt quite uncomfortable during this battle. Her strength had been reduced and she had almost fallen into dangerous situations. She was forced to soar up and evade once again.

At this time, Chen Sheng, who had been nailed to the ground with the dark read spear, woke up. He was drenched in blood and extremely weak. He happened to witness Chu Feng chasing saintess Li Lin in an assault and immediately became wide-eyed.


Chu Feng opened his mouth and spat out a stream of metallic sword intent from his lungs, decapitating Chen Sheng's head. He then used his spiritual power to withdraw that spear.

He then temporarily let go of Li Lin and set to work around that black light, tossing out an array of magnetic stones in the process.

There was a Seal of Domain Suppression within that black light. It made Chu Feng's heart burned with desire. He felt this trip to Mount Putuo was the most beneficial. If he could obtain this item, he might have a chance to climb the altar on the Pilgrimage Grounds and perhaps obtain an enormous fortune.

He didn't dare charge into the light personally because he was currently activating the Equality of All Life and thus would be suppressed if he went in. He could only let it cool down outside.

Li Lin took this opportunity to flee but found herself bound by the golden light and unable to pull herself away from Chu Feng.


In the end, the black light faded away as the Seal of Domain Suppression went into cooldown. It turned into a black stone seal, silent and devoid of fluctuations.

With a swoosh, Chu Feng put it directly into his spatial bottle because this item was simply too important. He was incomparably excited, even more so than picking a basket of mutant fruits.

One had to know that there were Peaches of Immortality and Ginseng Fruits atop the sacrificial altar. Their value was simply unimaginable!

With his current domain attainments in addition to the Seal of Domain Suppression, he might actually succeed.

Afterward, he put away the two Dragon Locking Pillars.

"Brother Chu, let's stop here." Li Qing suddenly spoke.

"Saint Child Li Qing, I truly appreciate the goodwill you have shown today." Chu Feng wasn't just speaking nonsense. Li Qing hadn't attacked him at all since the beginning and had thus obtained his favorable impression. Additionally, he urged, "Why don't we work together and take down this saintess?"

Li Qing was momentarily speechless. This person was acting too familiar!

"If it's difficult for you, then let it be. I'll do it myself," said Chu Feng. He then put all of his attention and effort in chasing down Li Lin.

The saintess was extremely passive. She had been bound by a golden beam of light and couldn't run away from Chu Feng. And the moment he closed in, she would have to fight him under the effects of Equality of All Life.


In the end, she flew into the sky and wanted to run away.

As a result, Chu Feng was drawn along into the air. This also counted as him hunting her down.

Li Lin was hesitant. She wanted to head into a famed mountain and work together with the people from the star passages to suppress Chu Feng. But she didn't dare do so because Chu Feng would erupt with terrifying destructive power once they entered a famed mountain.

That was because there were various domains therein. If by any chance he was able to activate them, it would turn into his home ground!

At the base of Mount Putuo, the people broke out into a commotion; everyone was incomparably astonished. Chu Feng had killed numerous strong enemies in succession and now he was chasing down a saintess. This was a major incident capable of causing a huge commotion.

In the end, saintess Li Lin charged into the ocean and walked along the waves, traveling at great speeds. she was holding on with the intention to exhaust Chu Feng to death. He would surely die as long as she could do this for a time until the Equality of All Life lost effect.

However, it was a dangerous period for her. She and Chu Feng were linked by an unbreakable beam of light. Additionally, Chu Feng would catch up to her with minimal effort and force her to fight him.

"It isn't bad for you to be my maid. Normally, I'll have you massage my legs and back, pour tea, take care of my grooming…" Chu Feng shouted from behind.

Saintess Li Lin's face was full of black lines after she heard this. How was this not bad? Even ordinary maids wouldn't be this miserable.

"Oh, right. How's your skill with tea? How are your attainments in zither, chess, drawing, and calligraphy? It's said that a good maid must be able to go up to the hall and go down into the kitchen. I'm just asking casually, have you ever learned the feminine arts? Mn, and how about making the bed?"

Saintess Li Lin almost flipped out after hearing such words. She really wanted to turn around and fight to the death with him. She wanted to annihilate him completely!

"I have some suspicions. Although your face looks nice and your figure is just right, your skills are too lacking. Are you really a saintess? You're only at the carefree realm and not much stronger than those people I just killed." Chu Feng began to question her ability, implying that he wasn't too satisfied with the strength of this saintess maid.

Li Lin's beautiful eyes erupted with spiritual light as she turned back to glare ferociously at Chu Feng. But in the end, she kept on traveling along the sea surface and wasn't willing to stop.

She was somewhat resentful. She was a stately visualization realm expert who had directly summoned the courage and crippled part of her cultivation in order to cross over to this world. In the end, she was being taken liberties of by this shackled realm brat.

"I'm warning you. If you don't stop now, I'll directly have you warm my bed after I capture you!" Chu Feng shouted.

Li Lin raised her speed and, in the end, dived into the water. Since they had already arrived at the Southern Sea, she directly charged into the Southern Sea Dragon Palace.

Clusters of coral were glowing like lamps within this gigantic ocean city. It was extremely colorful and beautiful.


Finally, they broke out into an intense battle here. Li Lin retreated continuously while fighting.

"You want to have the southern sea dragon race take action?" Chu Feng frowned.

They had charged straight into the southern sea dragon palace and caused a huge ruckus.

When the southern sea Elder Dragon King understood what was happening, he rushed back from one of the ocean ravines. He was absolutely furious and said, "Chu Feng, you've gone too far with your bullying. You actually dare charge into my dragon palace. I'll cut you down alive sooner or later!"

He still hadn't known Chu Feng's battle accomplishments at Mount Putuo.


After killing their way out of the southern sea dragon palace, Saintess Li Lin finally fell into dire straits. Chu Feng had closed in on her and caught her off guard by striking away the pestle with his diamond chakram. She was quite fortunate in that the flame essence of extreme yang within the diamond chakram had been used up.


Chu Feng snatched away the treasured pestle.

"Where do you think you're going, maid?" Chu Feng cried out as he continued his pursuit.

Li Lin's expression was cold. She felt that the time it took for the Equality of All Life to go into cooldown was too long.

She suddenly turned around and engaged him in an all-out battle. She was a saintess of a certain planet and possessed great talents. She had been evading battle all along in order to exhaust the other party but became disadvantaged instead. Could it be that she was inferior to this person in a battle of the same level?

In truth, she was set back very soon. After exchanging moves with Chu Feng, she was still at a slight disadvantage despite being a saintess level character.

"Haha, the greatest desire of my life is about to come true!" Chu Feng laughed loudly.
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