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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 449: Reasoning With Punches and Kicks

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Chapter 449: Reasoning With Punches and Kicks
Translator: Alsey Editor: Chrissy

The old man exploded, leaving behind a pile of ashes where he once stood!

A cluster of glaring extreme yang essence flames spread out. That terrifying kind of temperature just now made people panic. Presently, the air was scalding and unbearably hot, suffused by waves of rolling heat.

Chu Feng waved his hand and used spirit energy to retrieve the diamond chakram. It was white and had a soft luster. It looked like a magnificent work of art.

The entire area was silent, and everyone was stunned!

An evolver from the carefree realm was killed just like this. With just one hit, he was burned to ashes. This could be counted as being annihilated in both form and soul.

All blood had left Chen sheng's face, leaving his complexion deathly white. He clenched his fist tightly and then released it again. His body was spasming slightly, and he had no idea if it was out of anger or fear.

"You…" He stared at Chu Feng with a look of resentment and indignation on his face. His body trembled slightly in both hate and anger. At the same time, he had some apprehension in his heart. This was somewhat frightening.

The people who had come out from the Penglai Immortal Island had always been conceited and considered themselves the orthodox lineage. How was he supposed to endure this now? The old man at his side had just been killed in front of everybody.

After his face went white, it eventually turned ashen. This was an extraordinary embarrassment for him.

"Brother Chu, what's going on?" Li Qing said. He was clad in ancient apparel with a wooden hairpin sticking out of his topknot. He looked quite different among the many people who were wearing modern attire.

He put down the tall wine glass and walked over with a slightly cold look on his face. They had agreed to put down their weapons to avoid a bloody conflict, but now someone had died.

As soon as he moved, several other people approached.

One was a woman wearing black clothes. She was also wearing ancient clothing, and the sleeves of her robe danced in the air. Her skin was lovely as if it were coagulated from fine jade. In her hair was a dangling golden ornament and several other hair accessories.

"Saintess Li Lin, what do you think?" Li Qing said to her.

This was actually a saintess!? Chu Feng was astounded.

Li Lin's appearance surpassed the others—her temperament was outstanding with holy light flashing through her pupils. Presently, she was looking over with cold intent.

"Saint child Li Qing, saintess Li Lin." Chu Feng looked over at them. Among this group, these two people held the highest positions and the strongest power.

Chu Feng was neither hurried nor relaxed as he spoke calmly, "That old man wanted to kill me, and he insulted my dignity. I had no choice but to justifiably defend myself."

Nearby, many people were speechless. How could he utter words like "justifiably defend"? He defended himself to the point of reducing the man to ashes! This was probably a first.

Chen Sheng's expression was gloomy as he went on the attack. "You deranged executioner, you murdered a man from the Penglai Immortal Islands in front of everyone. You must have quite the inflated ego to be this arrogant and conceited. You think just because you're the heaven's chosen that you can do such things? The way you throw your weight around is too vile!"

In any case, he first wanted to brand Chu Feng. He absolutely could not admit it even though his malicious provocation had led to this result, and even though he had indeed made that old man attempt to kill Chu Feng.

Chu Feng revealed an odd expression. He looked at Chen Sheng, then he directly walked over. Then, without so much as a word, he delivered a resounding slap to the man's face.

"Ah…" Chen Sheng let out a miserable shriek. He absolutely couldn't look at that face any longer. He simply couldn't believe that person was even more tyrannical than when he was smearing him.

Everyone was speechless. Was this person really at the peak of arrogance?

"Chu Feng, what are you doing!?" shouted Li Qing.

Li Lin also looked displeased. She revealed a chilly temperament and her eyes blossomed with a spiritual light as she stared at Chu Feng.

At their sides were several other people, both men and women. Their bodies overflowed with silky wisps of energy. It was very dense and of a high quality, proving their true strength.

In addition, there were a couple dozen outer-realm beings of the carefree realm standing further away. They were all slowly walking over.

"I'm reasoning with him," said Chu Feng.

Afterwards, he looked at Chen Sheng, who had just been slapped by him, as he rose from the ground. Towering above, he said, "The young master of Penglai's Chen family, is that right? Have I explained my reasoning well?"

"You… intolerable bully!" Chen Sheng was furious. This was public humiliation. He was struck down with a slap, what reasoning was there to speak of?

He was the young master of one of Penglai's bloodlines, one of the highest-ranking groups of native evolvers. He was self-reliant based on his noble blood, yet now he was being treated like this.

"Saint child Li Qing, saintess Li Lin, please uphold justice. This person is arrogant and despotic, and he has repeatedly acted violently. Both of you, please seize him!"

Chen Sheng still hadn't gone crazy under the panic and anger. As always, he wanted to borrow power and use the outer-realm beings to suppress Chu Feng.


In the next moment, he was sent flying once more. He coughed out a mouthful of blood, and a shocked expression covered his face. He was about to burst with rage because it was still Chu Feng attacking him. He had been sent flying by a kick to his chest, and he even heard the sound of bones fracturing.

"I #@% …"

At this moment, Chen Sheng exploded in anger and began cursing. He couldn't take this anymore! He had never suffered a loss or shamed in front of everyone like this.

"Heh, finally stopped pretending?" Despite the chaos, Chu Feng was calm and composed. He added on, "As before, I'm still reasoning with you."

After that, he did not wait for others to confront or question him, instead, he directly berated Chen Sheng.

"Do you think that by casually sowing discord and showing off your glibness, you can say black is white, or say that the dead are living? Just now, you maliciously made the old man kill me. That old guy even grabbed a chain used for tethering livestock and tried to bind me with it. He humiliated and targeted me. He wanted me to resist so that he can kill me. You speak as if such actions were so righteous and extremely reasonable. You feel quite accomplished from this, don't you?"

Once he reached here, Chu Feng paused a moment then said, "So, you speak your argument with saliva flying everywhere while I, on the other hand, will reason with you with punches and kicks."

"You…" Chen Sheng's expression was gloomy and almost twisted as he pointed at Chu Feng.

With a "thump", Chu Feng raised his leg once more and stomped down, followed by a cracking sound as Shen Cheng's finger broke. He let out a blood-curdling screech, and his arm was trembling as he staggered away.

"You pointed at me with that finger and humiliated me. All I can do is reason with you," said Chu Feng.

"Enough, Chu Feng! Don't you think you're getting too arrogant!?" Li Qing and Li Lin still hadn't said anything. A red-haired man at their side, who was more than three meters tall, berated Chu Feng. He looked very fierce with light beams flying out from his eyes like a searchlight. At this moment, he was extremely incisive and forceful.

"Actually, I don't want to say anything more. This is too dull. Most people here have already evolved to the carefree realm, and your divine perception is very keen. You should have sensed what just happened, yes? If not, there's a surveillance camera over there. You can go look to see what happened."

Chu Feng spoke in a pitter-patter—he was considerably direct, and after that, he didn't want to say anything more.

The group of people stared blankly. What could they do? He had even mentioned the surveillance camera. Everyone here was evolvers! Were they really expected to look at security footage like after catching hooligans fighting in the city?

"I still think you're being arrogant!" The red-haired man was tall and imposing. Just like that he approached and looked down at Chu Feng.

Chu Feng was undisturbed as he spoke, "What's your name, and which galaxy are you from? I don't know you. Don't be like Chen Sheng and enjoy giving people a bad label, it's really not a good habit."

All around them, the native evolvers were startled. They felt Chu Feng truly wasn't afraid of anything and was too casual. Even when faced with an outer-realm being of the carefree realm, his countenance was unchanged. He had even questioned and warned him.

Many people had seen that not too long before, this terrifyingly tall red-haired man had a delightful chat with Chen Sheng and the old man. Chen Sheng had invited him to be a guest at the Penglai Immortal Islands.

Now, the red-haired man had a slightly cold smile on his face when he heard Chu Feng say these words and responded, "You have quite the temper. Remember, my name is Zhu Chengkun."

"Zhu Chengkun, what are you doing!?" The saint child Li Qing watched him. He had noticed that Zhu Chengkun wanted to fight.

Zhu Chengkun was smiling as he said, "Nothing. I see the heaven's chosen possesses an extraordinary bearing and an intense personality. He's completely to my liking, so I want to give him a hand."

"Stop, don't make a move!" Someone beside the saint child Li Qing spoke, wanting to stop Zhu Chengkun.

"Oh, he just wants to give a hand. It's not a fight to the death, so it's harmless. We all want to see the graceful bearing of Earth's chosen one." Someone on the side said this, siding with Zhu Chengkun.

It was a man with an alligator tail. He had a broad mouth with tusks and looked just like a humanoid alligator. The light in his eyes was cold and eerie. This was a being from the Champsosaurus planet.

At the same time, many other people agreed and expressed that they wanted to see Chu Feng's methods.

Li Qing and Li Lin looked at each other. They knew that even if they had previously reached a common understanding that at the present stage they must not target Chu Feng, there would still be some people who wouldn't accept it. They were hostile and itching to cut off his head to exchange it for the saint bronze seal. Now, it was clear that they wanted to launch an attack.

There was a deep smile on Zhu Chengkun's face, and he no longer looked so cold. He was incredibly tall, and he had closed in with only a few large steps. He wanted to "weigh" Chu Feng, so to speak.

Even without Chen Sheng, he would have still come to cause trouble with Chu Feng, to say nothing of the current, readily available pretext.

This was because he had come out from the Mount Zhongnan star passage. He was Zhu Wuque's trusted aide, and he had orders to slaughter the native chosen one Chu Feng.

Who was Zhu Wuque? He was the beloved descendant of the Nine Yin Sparrow. He had the good looks of the quasi-sage back in those days, and his nature was grim and cruel.

Most importantly, the Nine Yin Sparrow had lodged the quasi-sage Golden Wolf's power to manifest its divinity and contact its descendent Zhu Wuque, instructing him to kill Chu Feng.

Thus, Zhu Chengkun started causing trouble. He had to pick a quarrel even without an excuse anyway. His heart was filled with killing intent, and he wanted to behead Chu Feng. He was of the same lineage as the Nine Yin Sparrow.

Some of the outer-realm beings at the carefree realm supported Zhu Chengkun "weighing" Chu Feng. This naturally caused Li Qing to furrow his brows. There was a difference in opinions, and he was also having some hesitations.

Presently, the native evolvers were all watching Chu Feng. At this tense and crucial moment, what would Chu Feng do?

Qi Honglin of the Pre-Qin Research Institute opened his mouth and said in a small voice, "Chu Feng, brother, you should take a step back."

Jiang Luoshen also frowned and said using spiritual transmission, "If you stand firm against them like this, it will cost you dearly."

A large group of people who knew Chu Feng, such as the young Xingyi Grandmaster, Xu Qing, and Princess Lin of the Origin Magnetic Immortal Cave also glanced at him. Some transmitted their voices, others revealed odd looks on their faces.

In their eyes, if Chu Feng insisted on being this unyielding after encountering a problem, it would most likely cause him a lot of trouble.

Chu Feng smiled but said nothing. Since he had already dared to come to Mount Putuo, he could not cower away. If he was scared he wouldn't have come!

To Chu Feng, these people weren't the kind you could shrink back from even if you wanted to. They've started targeting him long ago, and in the end, they still needed to be shown some genuine power.

Words like "put down your weapons to avoid bloodshed and conflict" were pleasant to hear, but Chu Feng was convinced that there was a part of this group who were certainly eager to chop off his head.

If he knew that this person was from the same lineage as the Nine Yin Sparrow and was particularly targeting him, then Chu Feng would not have to consider so carefully. He could directly battle against him.

But even now, he hadn't delayed too long and said, "Then let's fight!"

"Oh, it's lending a helping hand. How could I fight Brother Chu to the death?" Zhu Chengkun said with a laugh.

But deep in his eyes was a coldness—he had come here precisely to kill. His powerful body filled the air with a terrifying fog and fire as he closed in on Chu Feng.

He was not too worried about Chu Feng activating Mount Putuo's domain because this black bamboo woodland had already been cleared up by an outer-realm being.

Bang, bang, bang, bang!

Dirt and rocks flew everywhere. Since Chu Feng had a choice, naturally, he wouldn't relent. In an instant, he threw out four bronze pillars to seal off the area.

The four Dragon Locking Pillars even encircled him, to say nothing of Zhu Chengkun, who was directly covered in a dense fog.

"Huh!?" Zhu Chengkun was slightly angered, and he quickly pounced towards the position he remembered Chu Feng being in. He thought he was almost in reach and could certainly kill him with one hit.

However, after the four Dragon Locking Pillars were inserted into the ground, everything changed, and his attack struck empty air.

This wasn't the Ghostly Labyrinth from before. After being refined several times in the Revered Eight Trigrams Furnace, two layers of the four brass pillars' mystery had been unveiled, and they were much stronger than before. It was most suitable for locking up people.

As a domain researcher, although Chu Feng was also standing in the center, it would not cause any trouble for him. He had mastered the domain runes here, and at the same time, he also had the Fiery Eyes, which enabled him to see through everything. How then could he possibly be trapped in this upgraded Ghostly Labyrinth?

A dark red spear appeared in Chu Feng's hands. He had looted it from the Hundred Transformations Saint Child Yu Wenfeng's horsemen. At that time, he had seized many treasures and reaped plentiful rewards.


He used the dark red spear as a huge stick, swinging it around to smash directly into Zhu Chengkun's face, mangling him into a mess of flesh and blood until his face was spasming.

Even if this was an evolver of the carefree realm, he was unable to endure being suddenly whipped in the face by a huge metal stick. The sharp pain was difficult to bear.


At the next moment, his head was beaten once more. He was hit so hard that his body staggered, his skull was almost cracked, and he almost fell head-first onto the ground.

"Beings of the carefree realm can really take a beating huh!" Chu Feng lamented. In the domain created by the Dragon Locking Pillars, he was hardly influenced. His movements were natural, and his eyes could see clearly.

"Don't you dare!" Zhu Chengkun was furious. The two strikes from the stick had thrashed his face and skull. This was truly disgraceful.


Next, the icy cold spearhead came, almost entering his mouth. This made his hair stand on end. Being in this domain was too bizarre. His divine instincts had disappeared, and he couldn't even tell when danger was approaching.

"Ah…" He screamed and quickly fell back.


Chu Feng swung the spear once more, hitting him in the back of the head with an astonishing strength. This time, there was a slight breaking sound, and a crack appeared on his skull.

Outside, the group of people was flabbergasted, and their bodies trembled slightly.


Zhu Chengkun cried out, regretting his past deeds. He had been hit to the point of lying on the ground and almost losing consciousness. This made him startled and angry, and he felt there was no greater disgrace than this. However, at the same time, it created a feeling of powerlessness. He had thoroughly lost.
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