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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 446: High-Speed Evolutionary Era

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Chapter 446: High-Speed Evolutionary Era
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The string of words on the vault of heaven, although a little vague, could still be read. It was written in interstellar language, which was also the common divine language of the evolvers!

The consequences it caused were hard to estimate. The entities of the outer-realm in every famed mountain and every star passage on earth who saw it instantly became mute for a short while, and what followed was like the explosion of the starry sky.

Regardless of whether it was a common descender, goddess or dynasty successor, all were very agitated. For a moment, everyone was stunned and trembled.

Divine manifestation!

There was a saint in the outer realm who had manifested divine language to announce to the whole world. The fact that such a great number of people were mobilized to kill a native astonished everyone.

Some of them were totally muddled.

After that, there were screams like the force of a landslide and the power of a tidal wave as countless of people cried out in surprise.

Not only the outer-realms creatures but even the natives on earth were also looking up and reading those texts. They didn't understand, but there were descenders explaining the truth to them.

Soon afterwards, people from all over the world realized what had happened.

A saint had given the order to kill Chu Feng? Everyone was shocked at that moment.

Mount Huang, Mount Zhong Nan, Mount Lu... there were so many famed mountains and star passages in the world and there were countless people from other galaxies. Presently, all of their emotions were fluctuating wildly and they were unable to calm down.

A Saint Bronze Seal was an unimaginable bestowal. It could be used to save one's life and also to ask a saint to kill all of one's enemies.

Usually, the saints would fulfill the wishes of someone who held the bronze seal, as long as the requirements were not outrageous.

This so-called outrageous were things such as insisting on marrying a saint's descendant or requesting a saint's breathing technique. This was simply being too ignorant. One would be slapped into ashes if one dared to take advantage of a saint like this, even if the person had been bestowed a bronze seal.

Some of the divine sons and saintesses from all of the passages came from families with very long histories. These families had powerful backing and might still have living saints. But even if they were blood relatives, it was not likely for them to see these supreme existences.

At such a level, these saints were mostly in isolated cultivation and it would usually be a mortal's lifetime or even dozens of eras before they moved. It wasn't possible even for their own sons, daughters, and grandchildren to see them often, not to mention the hundreds of generations of descendants.

Taking action just to fulfill a descendant's wish was even more out of the question.

It was very rare to see a saint going into an action.

Even in the entire starry sky, it was extremely rare to find any traces of saints unless there were major events.

Of course, because of the personality of some saints, they might particularly favor one or two genius descendants. Hence, they might manifest from time to time, and not just once in several hundred years.

But in general, saints were hard to see and harder to see them to went into an action.

Therefore, now that there was a saint bronze seal being bestowed, it immediately ignited those in the star passages.

"Chu Feng, just what has he, the chosen one of the natives, done? He had piqued a saint and actually brought about a divine manifestation, demanding the divine sons of each star passage to kill him!" Someone breathed heavily with red veins filling his eyes. This outer-realm creature from behind a famed mountain wanted to chop off Chu Feng's head and exchange it for the saint bronze seal.

On another star passage, a certain saint child was fearful. He craved that saint bronze seal because the saint from the orthodoxy he was in had already fallen several thousand years ago and they urgently needed the protection of the bronze seal.

There was also someone who said with a shivering voice, "If I can get the saint bronze seal, I will ask the saint to kill the enemies that my clan is confronting!"

"If I have the saint bronze seal, I'll ask the saint to deduce our clan's flawed breathing technique and continue the glory of the clan!"

In each famed mountain, different people had different thoughts. But, no matter the case, the text on the firmament had indeed stirred up a huge storm.

However, there were some divine sons and saintesses on the star passages who were calm and had no expressions from the beginning to end.

Their underlings were anxious, they were worried that they would fall behind the people from other star passages. Someone asked for instructions, " Divine son, should we participate in killing Chu Feng?"

"Everyone wants to take action but there is only one Chu Feng. Can he be divided evenly?" A divine son answered with a question.

This was a major problem—if everyone's target was Chu Feng, there might be incidents in which the saint children would have to compete for the prey.

Although it was said that there was fierce competition between divine sons and saintesses and there might even be bloody life-or-death battles while fighting over the opportunities and fortunes of the planet, it still had to be avoided if it could.

Some of the divine sons and saintesses were very arrogant and conceited; they believed that they would become saints. In their eyes, the saint bronze seal couldn't compare to the legendary divine object on this planet.

"Oh, that Chu Feng really is extraordinary. He actually angered a saint." Some of the goddesses and saint children were guessing what had he done, all with weird expressions on their faces.

He had provoked a saint until he flipped out—this was enough to explain the issue here—the chosen one of the natives was extremely extraordinary, and it was most likely impossible to kill him.

"Ha! It would be rather comical if some or even more of those divine sons and saintesses fall while going to kill Chu Feng." There were also some who were sneering.

Because it would definitely cause a huge storm once characters such as royal daughters and dao children constantly fell!

In the folded space of various star passages, people from different galaxies had different reactions—some were eager to get into action, some were calm and cool, while others were sneering and waiting for a sudden change.

In the outer space, the quasi-sage Golden Wolf spat out a mouthful of blood. He was suffering from a backlash and even the tens of golden braids on his head had grown dimmer.

Although he hadn't attacked the earth, he had still suffered a counterattack by manifesting divinity like that.

A quasi-sage had actually sustained injuries from a counterattack. This definitely was a major event.

"Brother Golden Wolf, I'm sorry that I got you into this trouble, I will certainly repay you well in the future!" Nine Yin Sparrow said.

The quasi-sage Golden Wolf spoke, "You can't break your promise after a divine manifestation. If someone beheads Chu Feng, can you hand over a saint bronze seal as a reward?"

"My sworn brother, Yuwen Chenkong used to be one of the members of the heavenly knights, and now he has already become a saint. It won't be a problem for me to hand in a saint bronze seal."


The quasi-sage Golden Wolf suffered a backlash once more, but, this time, it was more serious. He spat out a mouthful of blood and sighed, "Have you ever thought what would happen if those divine sons and saintesses who went hunting for Chu Feng fail and are instead defeated by him?"

Some words need not be spoken. If by any chance, the divine sons and saintesses died, the impact would be enormous.

It could be dismissed if they died normally while fighting against each other. But it would pose a much more serious problem if they had gone to hunt down the native heaven's chosen due to a divine manifestation and were, instead, destroyed one by one.

This would mean that it was caused by the Nine Yin Sparrow's forceful intervention!

The consequences would be frightful once this matter was thoroughly investigated.

If by any chance, there were still living saints behind the families of those divine sons and saintesses, they would definitely target the Nine Yin Sparrow after learning about the situation. The consequences would be unimaginable.

The Nine Yin Sparrow's expression changed and said, "That's impossible! The evolutionary level of that traitor is still very low. The earth is likely to change rapidly due to our recent disruption and those divine sons and saintesses will soon be able to set foot on the main space of earth. With their tremendous strength, killing someone in the shackled realm is a simple matter."

The quasi-sage Golden Wolf nodded and said: "I hope so. In any case, we've already manifested our divinity and everything is too late!"

On Mount Longhu, Chu Feng looked up and stared at the firmament. It had been quite some time but he was still lost in thought.

"A saint has manifested, appealing to all the divine sons to kill me. Son of a bitch!"

Finally, Chu Feng broke out into curses soon after he had recovered. To him, a huge crisis was emerging. How could he survive if he were to be hunted down by a group of saint children?

Although he had made some bold claims before about hunting goddesses, fairies and the like, what could he do if a group of saintesses was charging at him? He could only run!

Otherwise, he would definitely be killed.

"Bastards in outer space, listen up! I will devastate all of your descendants from the star passages who are setting foot on earth!"

On the vault of heaven, the quasi-sage Golden Wolf and Nine Yin Sparrow were capturing the scenes of the famed mountains of the world, and unexpectedly saw Chu Feng's figure on Mount Longhu. Clearly, he was the subject of this matter and when they saw his agitated look, they immediately knew he was breaking out in curses.

After that, the quasi-sage Golden Wolf used his listening divine instinct and also let Nine Yin Sparrow listen in. Both of them looked sullen in an instant.

How many years had it been since they had heard a curse? Ever since they became a quasi-sage, they have been revered as gods by people and no one dared act irreverently. But now, they were being sworn at.

Both quasi-sages pulled a long face and stared at the native.

"You fools in the outer-realm, just you wait, it's not that easy to let me die. I will destroy a bunch of divine sons and saintesses and let you all regret about this!" Chu Feng pointed at the sky


Chu Feng was cursing to spit out all the resentment inside his heart and was becoming more and more content.

However, the faces of the two quasi-sages in the outer-realm darkened. In the end, they disappeared because they couldn't bear to listen anymore. They were afraid of hearing even more profanities.

They were magnificent quasi-sages and had never experienced someone cursing at them while pointing at their nose. The feeling was too weird.

Yang Xuan, Hu Qingcheng, and Qing Lan had already returned to the vicinity of the earth, by putting the dao fruit crystallization of clairvoyance and clairaudience to use, they saw everything vividly and heard everything clearly—all were stunned.

What they saw was Chu Feng scolding the two quasi-sages until they ran away. It really was… an outlandish scene.

At this time, in the folded space behind the Mount Longhu, people from several star passages were speechless, they heard it all with their own ears.

At last, Chu Feng himself also ran away.

He wanted to go into hiding and evade potential troubles.

But after only two days, he could no longer sit still or hide. That was because, in these two days, the change of the earth had sped up and every famed mountain was shining.

There were mutant fruits evolving on many of the famed mountains and their medicine efficacy were increasing rapidly.

"Pluck all the mutant fruits now!" Chu Feng decided and quickly started to travel all over the mountains and rivers to collect the appropriate fruits.

All of this was in order to evolve.

Back then, the Rubik's cube fell into the sea and sped up evolution in the oceans. The recent attack by the two quasi-sages caused an even bigger effect.

In only two days, the intensity of the energy on earth had increased by a significant margin!

A high-speed evolutionary era was coming!

Just in these two days, some carefree realm entities from the outer realm began to charge through the barriers of the folded space, poised to cross over the boundary.

"As expected, a lot of the mutant fruits are rapidly evolving and their medicinal efficacy has increased!" Chu Feng was pleasantly surprised, from Mount Longhu to Mount Yandang and then Mount Hua, he saw quite a lot of glowing mutant trees.

Chu Feng went forth in search of powerful mutant fruits. He wanted to take this opportunity to evolve himself as quickly as possible before those dao children and goddesses appeared.

On the fifth day, Chu Feng found some optimal fruits and started to gain some benefits.

As time went by, some more powerful mutant fruits appeared in succession.

Chu Feng suddenly became busy, he rushed to Mount Heng, climbed Mount Hua and went into the mysterious Mount Qinling. He traveled all the way forward to search for mutant fruits.

The high-speed evolutionary era had begun!

In the meantime, descenders of the Carefree Realm had finally shown up.
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