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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 443: Sanctification

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Chapter 443: Sanctification
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Within the cold starry skies, a mass of blinding light surged up and drowned an entire planet.

The solar system trembled from this; the quasi-divine Nine Yin Sparrow was about to annihilate an entire planet in its frenzy. It spat out a boundlessly vast amount of red, brightly-colored flames.

This was a major change—Yang Xuan, Hu Qingcheng, and Qing Lan witnessed this and were ineffably shaken. They were overcome by a great suppressive might, and even their spirits were about to collapse!

The borrowed the power of a wormhole technique to immediately retreat to the borders of the solar system.

Even then, their bodies were still drenched in sweat and they were unable to control the shaking. That red vicious bird, half the size of a planet, was too tyrannical and boundlessly terrifying.

The Nine Yin Sparrow was covered in frightening runes. Mushroom clouds surged up one after another and formed vortices of energy. It was enough to engulf an entire planet!

At this time, its vicious might was completely unrestrained and was poised to sweep over the entire starry skies, almost as if it were about to break the nine heavens!

Presently, all creatures on earth couldn't help but look up because that aura was simply too astonishing. It was like a great mountain pressing down on their hearts—it made them feel stifled. Some of the old and weak people suddenly fell sick.

"Heavens! What is that?!" someone exclaimed in a trembling voice.

Many people looked up at that moment and almost fell limp into the floor, shaking all over.

The firmament was scarlet red and the sun and moon were nowhere to be seen. There was only a sea of red brilliance which drowned the firmament and engulfed the earth, accompanied by an intense aura of baleful murderous intent.

At this moment, all ordinary people witnessed this scene of the earth being dyed red. The scene was extremely disastrous and shocking.

It wasn't subtle like just now. Currently, everyone could see the majestic scene outside of earth.

The only thing fortunate was that the domain runes outside of earth interweaved together and formed a colossal mire. It then transformed into a maelstrom which blocked out the scarlet glow.

Any other planet in this position would've been destroyed already!

The Nine Yin Sparrow let out a growl as bloody light rushed towards the solar system. This kind of energy could easily tear apart entire planets!

But here, it couldn't get through. Earth was tenacious and difficult to shake.

The Nine Yin Sparrow activated a secret technique. Its massive body erupted with intense baleful intent as it spat out a vast amount of flames from its mouth which once again enveloped the earth.

If news of this scene were to spread, it would surely shake the entire starry sky.

The quasi-sage beast attacked with such madness. This was too rare!

Such a vicious blow could casually wipe out an entire vital origin ground.


The world was covered in a bloody glow. Just as the flames were at its most astonishing, the planet finally erupted—it was like a sea of blood sweeping in reverse, like an ocean of lava surging into the sky.

The Nine Yin Sparrow's flames all spun in reverse and within the blink of an eye turned into a scarlet vermillion bird one third the size of earth.

It looked just like the Nine Yin Sparrow with its red physical body and its terrifying face. This was a vermillion bird, the legendary auspicious avian. However, in truth, it was even more ruthless than normal birds of prey and incomparably vicious.

"A flawless-grade Mirror Image Domain!" The Quasi-Divine Golden Wolf was startled. It retreated decisively and left the outer space.

This vermillion bird looked just like the Nine Yin Sparrow—it let out a long howl and erupted with killing intent, shaking the entire starry sky. Its sacred might pervaded the space and swept towards all directions.

One could see the nearby meteors being annihilated soundlessly. They all exploded in the blink of an eye.

That was because the two tyrannical vermillion birds had pounced at each other, both half as large as the earth. They fought intensively and directly fell into a bloody battle.

The Nine Yin Sparrow didn't want to fight at first—this was a mirror image of itself projected by the mysterious domain on earth. This kind of fight was terrible.

A flawless-grade Mirror Image Domain was too tyrannical—it immediately locked on and began to attack. It would be difficult for the bird to extricate itself for a certain amount of time.

"A sagemaster's work. He's indeed exceptionally talented!"

Outside of the solar system, Yang Xuan said thus with a pale face. Apart from a small number of existences, who else could produce such a terrifying domain capable of forcing a quasi-divine beast to fight itself?

Bang bang bang!

In the end, the other vermillion bird disappeared, but the Nine Yin Sparrow was also left stained with blood and its plumage shedding. It looked incomparably fierce as it stood in the distance.

If not for the entire solar system being ridden with domains, the outcome of a clash between two quasi-divine beasts would be unimaginable!

The Nine Yin Sparrow's expression was frosty. Although it was presently in its bird form, its face had taken a human shape. Its expression became increasingly vicious as killing intent flowed out from its red body and shook the starry sky.

At this time, people on earth had pale expressions. They felt exceptionally desperate and terrified because the domains were no longer isolating their lines of sight.

The gigantic vermilion bird was one third the size of earth and emitting flames from its entire body as it hovered in outer space. This had surpassed legends and was even more terrifying than a demonic god!

What kind of scene was this? Many people fell limp onto the ground, unable to withstand the fright!

Chu Feng's heart began to beat quickly. He stood on Mount Longhu glancing toward the outer space. He almost couldn't believe that such an enormous vermilion bird was hovering outside of earth and sweeping through the starry skies with its flames. It was comparable to a planet and enshrouded in a vigorous blaze. This scene was simply heaven-defying!

"So this is a demonic sage?!" He glanced at the sky and was momentarily lost in thought. He felt that the future path was becoming difficult. Once he stepped out of earth, the various life forms he would have to face were unimaginable!

The entire world was shocked!

Currently, the whole world was terrified as if doomsday had arrived.

In outer space, the Nine Yin Sparrow spoke not a single word. It spat out a black stone from its mouth and used it to suppress its surroundings. Within moments, the stone transformed into a giant tablet which could reach into the sky.

It transformed into a stone tablet as tall as the Nine Yin Sparrow. It resembled a tombstone and upon it were carved many names!

"The gravestone of the planet's ancestral saints. Do you want to destroy it too?!" The Nine Yin Sparrow said in an emotionless voice so cold that it almost seemed to come from the


It moved at the next moment, spreading its wings and flapping constantly like a pair of dancing sanguineous swords. It was truly terrifying.

Even the quasi-sage Golden Wolf's pupils constricted. He had heard of the Nine Yin Sparrow's "Nine Slashes". That was his perfected secret technique as a heavenly knight.

"Back in the year, I killed countless rebels. Today, I've come again!" The Nine Yin Sparrow spoke coldly.


The sky collapsed and the earth was split apart as the Nine Yin Sparrow attacked amidst ghastly howls!

Its wings slapped out in a mad display of his nine slashes. Scarlet sanguineous blades were hacked out and interweaved amidst the terrifying quasi-sage divine ability, poised to chop apart the earth's domains.

As expected, the earth calmed down. That was because that saint tombstone caused the domains to go dormant.

Apparently, the black headstone belonged to an extremely important character and earth's will had feelings of sentiment for it.

"Kill!" The Nine Yin Sparrow let out a growl. Its eyes were burning with an exceptional will to annihilate this planet and snatch away a certain legendary object.

Back then, it had missed this opportunity.


A scarlet vermillion bird wing descended with each attack. Heaven defying attacks gushed out like an awakening demonic sword from hell, poised to hack the world apart!

The Nine Yin Sparrow was continuously evolving into a vermillion bird, but it was never auspicious. In fact, it was more vicious and terrifying than any other bird.

The nine continuous slashes destroyed one planet after another, but the planet body ahead was able to resist it.

Brilliant lights surged up as if nine stars were exploding!

At the edge of the solar system, Yang Xuan, Hu Qingcheng, and Qing Lan witnessed everything through the crystallization of their clairvoyant's dao fruit. They were all indescribably shaken.

"Stars were annihilated as the quasi-sage attacked. How terrifying!"

"But this place is very special where a sagemaster was once born. Is the quasi-sage not afraid of a sage death?!"

The next moment, the earth awoke and no longer stayed dormant. It erupted with power even if the enemy had brought a piece of recognized tombstone here.


The tombstone immediately shattered.

Following which, the domain runes formed a field of spider lilies which bloomed throughout the outer space—the eerie blue flowers were both mysterious and frightening.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The field of spider lilies was like a snaking river which flowed towards the Nine Yin Sparrow. It was like a river of death which came from the other shore and was poised to take the Nine Yin Sparrow's life.

"Kill!" The Nine Yin Sparrow Growled.

Divine light interweaved in the area as its feathers erupted with light. All of them formed sword intent which shrouded the entire firmament with scarlet sword light which, once again, drowned the earth.

But no matter how strong it was, it couldn't compare to the blooming blue spider lilies. They took root in the void and formed a carpet of mysterious blue, flickering with an intimidating energy.

At the same time, the river flowing from the extremes of death transformed into runes and floated upwards, trapping the Nine Yin Sparrow within. It seemed to be able to reach any distance!


The domain symbols were too resplendent—the long river and the spider lilies were all materialized from runes and presently, they were activated and in full bloom. The terrifying earth had displayed one of its astonishing aspects.


The Nine Yin Sparrow roared. One could easily speculate how serious the problem was to be able to make a quasi-sage lose its composure.

Finally, the whole region was enveloped by blue radiance. The enormous bloody red vermillion bird was ripped apart and its feathers fell, drenched in blood.

"Sage death. It has happened once again?!" Qing Lan's countenance was drained of all blood as he exclaimed, his body trembling.

Blood splashed in all direction. That was a quasi-sage being dismembered!

If news of such an incident were spread out, the outside world would find it truly hard to believe. Sages were glorious even in death—flowers of energy would bloom, filling the void with golden lotuses and cause springs to gush out from the earth.

But now, it was being dismembered while soaked in blood.

In the end, the entire place quieted down and only some blood-stained feathers danced about. The enormous vermillion bird was no more.

Only after a long while, a cold and almost cruel voice came through to shatter the silence.

"I'm immortal!" The rain of blood and feathers gathered back together and transformed back into the Nine Yin Sparrow, but a mysterious item shattered and disappeared into the emptiness.

"A divine item that can take the place of a quasi-sage in death… such an item should be priceless and not even those sages who'd survived through antiquity might own one. Who would be willing to use such a thing? Yet it…"

Hu Qingcheng was shaken and puzzled.

An item that can replace a quasi-sage in death was unimaginably valuable and rare. It could even help an old sage with vigorous vitality block a lethal strike.

The Nine Yin Sparrow actually dared squander such an item? It was truly generous.

In the eyes of outsiders, this was a waste. No one could understand why it would come and expend such an item in a place where sage deaths were known to happen.

"A major storm is brewing. Someone is borrowing the Nine Yin Sparrow's hands to probe the earth's abilities. Perhaps a strong attack is imminent!" said Qing Lan.

The three suddenly looked back towards the depths of the cosmos.

A pair of gigantic eyes was closing within the cold starry skies. It was even bigger than the surrounding stars and extremely terrifying—anyone who glanced at it would feel their spirit stagnate and their vital signs temporarily disappear.

"What happened just now?!" Yang Xuan cried out as he came to. His whole body was drenched in sweat.

"Is there a reason the Nine Yin Sparrow is so fearless?!" Qing Lan had a premonition that an unimaginably terrifying incident might erupt here if something went awry.

"I must grasp this opportunity to turn around life and death. I must grasp this opportunity for sanctification!" The Nine Yin Sparrow's voice was cold, but its eyes were burning. It was completely fearless due to its backing.

That was because a second mysterious item shattered beside its body. Its blood-stained feathers reformed once again as it recovered to the peak state just as it was before.

This was an astonishing waste of resources—a second heaven-defying divine object had been destroyed.

"Come, help me become sanctified!" The Nine Yin Sparrow cried out loudly. Its eyes were scarlet red and carried a surging battle intent. "I once attacked this planet and killed countless rebels. What I couldn't perfect in the past, I will make up for today by seizing the fortune. Kill!"

It was extremely rare to see a quasi-sage so hysterical. It had almost gone mad and was erupting with boundless sanguineous light as it drove flames akin to a bloody ocean to attack the earth.

Boundless phenomena emerged around it at this moment, all of the scenes of the past massacres.

At that time, it was still an ordinary member of the heavenly knights. It was still far off from a quasi-sage, but sufficiently cold-blooded and exceptionally cruel as it murdered countless people.

As it rose to power, the massacre increased in intensity. It stepped forth atop heroic spirits and left countless bodies behind it with blood flowing like rivers.

The strange phenomena became progressively astonishing as it projected scenes which took place in the past.

A white-robed lady was in her most pure and resplendent age, yet she was inconsolable as she shed tears, hugging her brother who lay in a puddle of blood. The Nine Yin Sparrow from that era, in its human form, wore a cruel smile. He slashed out with a stroke of his sword and sent the young lady's head flying. He then advanced in larges strides, killing everyone in his way!

An old man with muddy eyes was begging for him to spare his grandson, but the Nine Yin Sparrow immediately grabbed at his skull and the old man's eyes soon dimmed down. Before death, he crawled onto his young grandson's body in hopes of protecting him, but both of them were killed in the end.

There were too many such scenes around the Nine Yin Sparrow which filled one with resentment. All of them were scenes of massacre—it had stepped across boundless skeletons and traversed across rivers of blood. Its countenance was cold and its nature was cruel.

Later on, it rose all the way to power through the long years. The age where it attacked earth had long since ended and now, it was even close to becoming a saint. However, after discovering a descendant of those it claimed to be rebels on a small planet, it still revealed its true form and annihilated that life source.

At this time, many evolvers witnessed those old scenes because the Nine Yin Sparrow was too resplendent and had even surpassed the sun as it projected the horrific scenes.

It wanted to be sanctified and, at this moment, could no longer hide its past.

Many people on the ground trembled and were boundlessly terrified. This was simply a demon with no conscience to speak of.

"You really deserve to be killed!" On Mount Longhu, Chu Feng clenched his fist as he stared fixedly at the firmament. His eyes were a faint red color as he glared at the Nine Yin Sparrow with extreme animosity.

He felt deeply because had gone to the moon and witnessed how the heavenly knights had killed the ancients in cold-blooded cruelty.

Now that he was seeing these scenes, he felt as if he were experiencing those things once again.

The nine heavenly knights including the Nine Yin Sparrow and Yuwen Chengkong had formed a sworn brotherhood and had always been chasing down and destroying those so-called rebels. All of this was in order to obtain a certain fortune.

Among them, Yuwen Chengkong's achievements were the greatest!

At this time, the bird spread its wings comfortably and laughed out loud, its vicious intent surging to the skies.

"Back then, even the glorious eleventh-ranked planet was breached, let alone now. The rumors of the sagemaster being alive, and that he will return, are all but lies! Do you think it's enough to deceive myriad ancients? Today, I've come once again. I've killed countless rebels here in the past and, today, I've come to destroy this planet. I shall perfect my fortune from the past and become sanctified herein!"

The Nine Yin Sparrow said in a cold and eerie voice. It was becoming increasingly hysterical—it had no fear at all despite being killed twice because there were numerous divine items on his body that could die in his place!

"Ah, I've felt it. The reversal of life and death. I can really be sanctified here!"

A terrifying incident occurred. After three reversals, its aura underwent an astonishing change. It had borrowed power of its death substitution items to defy the heavens and become a sage!

Many people on earth were astonished. This devil-like existence was actually breaking through and becoming a demonic sage here?!

Was there any justice left in this world? This was an executioner whose hands were stained full of blood with no conscience to speak of. It had murdered countless predecessors here and yet, it was here to achieve its supreme dao fruit. How could the ancestors rest in peace? There were bloody wounds in everyone's hearts.

To someone like Chu Feng, something like this was unacceptable!

He was boiling with fury—this was too unfair! Anyone could be sanctified, but why him of all people? Why must he rise to power here?!

"Success! I've finally become sanctified! This planet is indeed my land of fortune. It completed me in the past and today it has also helped me take that last step!"

The Nine Yin Sparrow was laughing. It appeared incomparably carefree, but in other people's eyes, it was that cold-blooded and sinister. He was actually about to succeed consummately!

"Who can kill him?!"

"How can he be allowed to become sanctified?!"

Someone like Chu Feng couldn't endure this at all. His entire being was trembling due to the intense anger. He felt it was incredibly unfair and was angry for the ancestors.

"Ha! The moment is nigh!" The Nine Yin Sparrow broke into a loud laughter as it shot a glance at the earth. "What sagemaster? You've long since exiled yourself to the far reaches of the cosmos and died in the bronze coffin, never to appear again. Today, I'm being sanctified at his native land! Afterwards, I'll wipe out all the rebels! What can he do to me? This can be considered a revenge for my ancestor!"

There was a great character from his lineage who was destroyed in the sagemaster's hands.

At this moment, many people on earth felt their blood run cold. Even if they didn't understand the matters of the past, they had come to know many things from the projected images and the bird's words.

How could such a person become a saint? People cried in their hearts. They were roaring in anger and their eyes were about to be torn apart. None of them wanted to see such an outcome.

"Haha…" The Nine Yin Sparrow laughed loudly as its body began to glow with specks of divine radiance. It was about to succeed thoroughly!

At this moment, a strand of mysterious aura arose from the earth. The domains changed anew and destroyed the Nine Yin Sparrow for the third time. In the end, it came back to life once again and began to produce such a fluctuation.

With a buzz, sheets of brilliance erupted as the domains personally laid down by the sagemaster emerged.

At the same time, an object silently flew out form Chu Feng's body. He was greatly astonished as he watched the item disappear into the firmament.

That was a page of silver paper, emitting a brilliant radiance.

Just as the Nine Yin Sparrow was at the critical point of its sanctification, the domains arranged by the sagemaster emerged and a silver heavenly book soared into the sky and a certain figure appeared therein.

That was a man with long silver hair and an incomparably handsome countenance. With eyes as profound as the starry skies, he stared coldly at the Nine Yin Sparrow.

"You… sagemaster!"

The powerful Nine Yin Sparrow was a quasi-sage who was soon to become a sage. However, it was trembling at the moment, and its voice was shaking. It couldn't help but let out a loud cry and even some of the sage radiance it had accumulated just now was dispersed!
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